2XU Women’s Mid-Rise Compression Tights

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2XU Women’s Mid-Rise Compression Tights Review Facts

The 2UX Women’s Mid-Rise Compression Tights are made of elastane and nylon materials to help stabilize your body areas with the graduated powerful compression. Perfect for activities, sports, high and low impact training, competition, exercise recovery, and aches and pains in the legs, they have a waistband of mid-rise for an optimal and secure fit. Combining maximum flexibility, lightweight fabric, and powerful compression, the incredible fit is streamlined and sleek for the best style and comfort. Breathable, cool, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking, this 2XU product is offered in seasonal bold prints and solid colors. Two great features are the flatlock seams that prevent chafe and the sun protection of UPF 50+. The hamstring, calf, quad, glute, and abductor muscles are all protected with the flexibility and power of these excellent compression tights. We provide the full details of these features and much more in the full review of these superb mid-rise compression tights below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking, and cool
  • Fit is streamlined and sleek with mid-rise waistband
  • Flatlock seams prevent chafe
  • Sun protection of UPF 50+ and antibacterial
  • Protects hamstring, calf, quad, glute, and abductor muscles
  • Helps stabilize your body areas
  • Combines flexibility, lightweight feel, and strong compression
  • Offered in seasonal bold prints
  • Good for activities and sports of all kinds
  • Exercise recovery of dealing with aches and pains
  • For high and low impact training and competition

Waistband was not high enough on the belly for some people

Material can be too thin, sheer, and see-through


The manufacturer 2XU constructs high-performance sportswear for athletes around the globe. Founded in 2005 in Australia, this well-known brand for sports teams and athletes in over forty different countries has many loyal customers for their creations. With their superior products, they empower their buyers to perform and train the best. In the world of sports gear, 2XU has made quite a name for themselves with the varied and many apparel items they have perfected.


Promoting maximum breathability, these mid-rise compression tights are breathable and cool. This is due to the incredible lightweight materials that comprise the thin but supportive fabric. Included is the technology for moisture wicking, so you remain dry and comfortable for your entire workout or training session. They are ideal for the gym because indoors is a controlled environment. For outdoor activities and sports, you may need an extra layer of clothing if the weather is cool.


The fit of these 2XU tights is streamlined and sleek for the best style and comfort. They are lightweight and flexible with flatlock seams to aid with preventing chafe. The strong waistband is mid-rise for an optimal and secure fit. A few buyers commented online about the placement of the waistband on their stomachs. Some felt it was uncomfortable at first, but with wearing them often, they soon began to feel comfortable with it and like it. These are perfect for the gym, as they are not too warm or lined. Many women felt that the fit of this product, in their correct size, was too tight and sheer for public use. part of any activity, training, or sport requires a person to bend over or squat. Doing so in these tights for some people was uncomfortable because they exposed their backsides and shape too much. More than just a few people returned them because even the black color was too see-through for them to wear confidently during their activities. The waistband was not high enough on the belly or ended up rolled down during activities for a couple of other users. The fit may take some getting used to because they are to come to the middle of the waist. If you do not have a flat stomach, the waistband will probably roll or fold each time you bend over or squat.


Made to endure tough conditions and be durable, this ideal product will last for years of training and exercise sessions and workouts. They can be machine washed without any problems of the colorful designs coming off or peeling. Because the stretchy material is thin, it can be seen and not durable and very sheer. This was a common theme of displeasure online with a couple of women getting a few tears in the knees. Outdoor enthusiasts may find that these tights do not have enough compression for them. activities such as biking may have this concern. However, durability is not such a widespread problem as the thickness and comfort of the product with customers.


Probably the most ideal feature besides compression of these mid-rise tights is the flexibility you have in wearing them and moving in them. They give the freedom for dynamic multi-directional movements with the flat seams, plus this item is easy to get on and off. For lifting weights, exercising, and other gym and sports activities, you will appreciate the incredible support you feel from the superb compression and the ability to move your body as if you had nothing on. The high and wide comfortable waistband aids the body core with stability and enhanced technique. The waistband is actually a double thickness of the stretchy material to give added support in this area. Those women that are used to wearing high-rise tights will need some time to get used to the placement of this waistband on their belly.


Even though these are simple tights for activities and sports, they afford the user several important mechanisms of protection. They are antibacterial and chafe-free, meaning that even with heavy sweating, you should not develop rashes or skin irritations from the material. the flatlock seams are much better than regular garment seams because they will not leave an impression on the skin or present in awkward places on the body. For those of you who plan on using these incredible tights outside of the gym, they will guard the skin with sun protection of UPF 50+ to prevent sunburn, rash, and exposure to harmful UV rays. The flexibility and power of this product protect the hamstring, calf, quad, glute, and abductor muscles with the exceptional compression. By giving these major muscles the support they need, you will not feel as tired and achy after workouts and sessions, plus the chances of developing cramps in these muscles are highly decreased.


By being responsive to your needs, this marvelous 2XU product makes you feel so comfortable and energized. The blood flow is maximized during activities with the graduated compression, and muscle warm-ups happen faster before exercise. Fatigue is decreased with less oscillation of muscles, and muscle soreness is decreased. Overuse injuries that are long-term are decreased, and you receive enhanced power output from just wearing these impressive tights. You have so much to gain by wearing these both during and after your sessions. Once you start wearing them, you may never want to stop. Wearing them under regular pants during the day can help your leg and core muscles with daily activities and even on the job. For those who walk a lot for their occupation or have highly physical jobs, you could benefits greatly by using these tights each day.


Made to maximize the performance of athletes by increasing the circulation, stabilizing muscles, and speeding recovery, these mid-rise compression tights use the magic of graduated powerful compression. They gentle hold and squeeze the body as you move about during your activities. It would not seem like something so simple could do so much for the way you feel and perform, but these tights do benefit the user greatly. They help stabilize your body areas and can prevent leg cramps with the compression. This item will not make you suffocate during workouts of high intensity and sweating because they are breathable and light.


Made of stretchy and breathable elastane and nylon materials, this 2XU sports item is offered in seasonal bold prints for versatility in workout garments to wear. The majority of the styles are colorful exciting designs on the legs and waist of a solid color such as black. They will add some diversity to your regular workout or exercise clothing to make your sessions more fun and enjoyable. Created from the 2UX signature fabric of Power-Weight-Flex (PWX), they combine maximum flexibility, lightweight feel, and powerful compression in one unique, effective, and fashionable pair of tights. Ideal for high and medium impact, the compression profile is strong and graduated. You may not feel the full force of the benefits at first, but you will soon realize a decrease or elimination in tired sore muscles and leg cramps. Your stamina and energy level will likely rise because of the enhanced support your major muscles will receive from wearing these excellent compression tights.


During workouts and training sessions, you need all the support you can get for your muscles that are pulling very hard for you. With compression, you can go farther in your performance than ever before in a healthy and comfortable way. Compression technology is proven to increase speed recovery and performance. The graduated compression encourages circulation and decreases inflammation to aid with recovering faster and training harder. Even those recovering from sports-related injuries will benefit widely from wearing these tights. Customers say that this model of tights stays on the waist well, plus it is supportive and flattering to your shape. They also aid with sore muscles from previous workouts and weightlift training sessions.


There are so many reasons why people wear compression tights, as they are not just for sports or weight training. They are ideal for these two purposes and were probably the main goal of their creation, but many users just love the way they fit and feel for everyday use. those who have injuries or are prone to injuries of the muscles may wear them regularly too. These compression tights are good for activities and sports of all kinds for coverage and comfort because they support the major muscles. Great for exercise recovery of dealing with aches and pains, they fit snug but not constricting on the lower core and legs. These marvelous tights are great for high and low impact training and competition with their body firming and streamline fit of the comfort Powermesh waistband. If you like the feel of these tights on your legs, you will want to wear them everywhere, as they are perfect even under clothes to support your muscle groups for all they do for you.

Bottom Line

As with any type of clothing item, these mid-rise compression tights from 2XU have negative comments about the fit and feel of the garment. We do not all have the same body shape, size, and build, so this is to be expected of anything that must fit on the body. With a garment that must fit tightly but not in a constricting way, the room for error is even smaller. Women who have a small, thin, muscular build will experience an ideal fit with these excellent tights. Tall women can order a tall size, so the waistband is positioned correctly. Some women without flat stomachs will possibly experience the waistband rolling down or folding when they bend. The fit of this 2XU product is not so much the problem as the sheer fabric is for many women. Without a lining, when the person bends over or squats, the entire derriere is seen is all of its proportions. This makes women feel uncomfortable and exposed in public places, such as a gym. It is possible if these were lined, that this would not be such a problem. They are almost see-through because of the thinness of the material. Other than that particular concern, we feel that these mid-rise compression tights are comfortable, flexible, supportive, and breathable for the activities, sports, and daily wear in your busy lifestyle.