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Garmin vivofit Fitness Band Review Facts

The Garmin vivofit Fitness Band is the original model in the vivofit series of fitness trackers that is still going strong in the competitive market of these excellent devices. It is a simple model that does not have all of the modern features for those of us who just want a monitor they can trust and operate easily. It has a comfortable, sleek, stylish, and lightweight design with an LCD display that is easy to read and navigate. This incredible product will monitor and track steps taken, distance traveled, sleep quality, calories burned, and activity level. This Garmin item will assign you an activity goal each morning to enhance your goals and can even be paired with a monitor for heart rate tracking. It is water-resistant to fifty meters of 164 feet, so it can be left on in the shower or during a rainstorm. The battery has a long life and does not need to be recharged. Connect with Garmin Connect app to view, share, and save your activity and health progress using Bluetooth technology. You get a large and a small durable wristband to ensure a good fit. We discuss the many details of these features and much more in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable, sleek, lightweight, and stylish
  • Band is adjustable and made of silicone
  • Shows when inactive for one hour
  • Tracks calories burned and metabolic base rate
  • Monitor your quality of sleep and rest level
  • Water-resistant to fifty meters or 164 feet
  • Syncs directly with a smartphone
  • Will assign a goal every morning
  • LCD display is easy to see and read
  • Has a long life for the battery
  • Does not have a backlight for viewing in the dark or at night
  • Will not accurately measure steps when walking with a shopping cart or baby stroller
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  • This is a great option for people new to fitness trackers.
  • It is easy to use and quick to sync.
  • The low profile and simple design make it comfortable to wear.
  • The display is large enough to easily read without being bulky.
  • The heart rate monitor helps better track activities such as hiking and biking.
  • The setup instructions from the Garmin website are fairly straightforward.
  • The heart rate monitor is comfortable while on. It stays secure and doesn't get in the way.
  • It comes with two band sizes to find the fit you like best.
  • This can be paired with Apple or Android devices.
  • Navigating through the data is simple and intuitive.
  • Buyers like having the time and date displayed on the band.
  • The battery life is impressive.
  • Reviewers are satisfied with how water resistant it is. It can be worn in the shower or in rain without problem.
  • Setting it up with the Garmin Connect app offers a variety of extra features.
  • Displayed information can be customized to show only what you want.
  • The inactivity meter is a great visual motivator to get up and move.
  • Many reviewers claim this fitness tracker has successfully encouraged them to become and stay more active.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • There is no backlight on the display. This saves on battery life but makes it hard to read in dim lighting.
  • It's no longer available from some sellers.
  • There are some complaints about software and app problems from early buyers.
  • This fitness tracker is fairly basic compared to others on the market.
  • The material of the band can cause sweating which can lead to skin irritation.
  • The heart rate monitor automatically starts and stops when it is put on and taken off rather than being able to control it from the tracker.
  • A common complaint is that the band can easily disconnect. Several reviewers have lost Vivofit because of this.
  • There are claims that the step counter is inaccurate.
  • This device does not count flights of stairs.
  • If you have no experience with fitness trackers or smart watches, there is a bit of a learning curve in getting it all set up.
  • The inactivity tracker can be a nuisance if you work at a desk.
  • There is no timer, alarm, or stopwatch.
  • The app does not work properly or fully with older operating systems.
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Comfortable and stylish, the vivofit is the oldest of this series of fitness bands and the easiest to use. Offered in many vivid solid colors of black, blue, purple, slate, red, and teal, it has a hidden clasp and is considered a small or medium watch. Replacement bands can be purchased that fit well, pus this model comes with a large and a small wristband to ensure a proper fir. The band is adjustable and made of silicone with a lightweight and sleek design that you will love and be glad you purchased. Many online buyers are pleased with how modern and trendy this fitness band is once they received it. although it does not have all of the features that other brands or models have, it is still a dependable and reliable device that is appreciated for its simplicity and ease of use. the more modern vivofit models may have other qualities that this one does not, such as a backlight, but they were all based after this excellent first model.

Key Features

-Comes with a large and a small wristband
-Shows total hours of sleep and periods of rest
-Monitors steps taken and distance traveled
-Water-resistant to fifty meters or 164 feet
-Syncs directly with a smartphone
-Works with Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, and Android
-Has an accelerometer and LCD display
-Uses Bluetooth for the data exchange
-Can pair with a monitor for heart rate
-Battery strength is indicated on the face


As is the duty of any fitness band, the main job of the vivofit is to support and motivate you to be more active during the day. It will monitor your activity and progress to give you accurate results and encourage you to do more and be more mobile with your everyday routine. It is like having a fitness guru on your wrist to tell you to do more for your own health. The move bar will motivate you during the day to not be idle and be active, as it will show red after you are inactive for one hour. Walking just a few minutes will reset it. the alert is by vibration and visual aid to get your attention. This incredible fitness band is affordable, motivating, and simple to do the basics of tracking your movements and health.


This Garmin product does not do all of the things that other fitness bands, but it does handle the basics very well. It tracks calories burned during the day along with the metabolic base rate and can monitor your quality of sleep and rest level in the sleep mode. This terrific item shows total hours of sleep and periods of restful sleep and movement. This information is great to know and track because sleep is an activity that determines our health and response rate during the day. If our sleep quality is poor, then we need to know about it for action to be taken. We often underestimate the significance of sleep and its beneficial stages. The vivofit also monitors steps taken and distance traveled. It is quite accurate with this, as we will explain later in another section below.


Waterproof and water-resistance are two different things entirely. Waterproof means that an item can handle being submerged in water and at great depths. This has more to do with the pressure of water when submerged that the actual leaking in of water. water-resistant means that the product can handle some type of being wet or submerged in shallow water. The vivofit is water-resistant to fifty meters or 164 feet. It can be left on in the shower or during a rainstorm without any problems or ruining the device. Some buyers go swimming or take a bath with it on with no issues. If you are willing to risk your fitness band, then go ahead and try it for the water activities in your life.


Reliable, durable, and accurate, this excellent fitness tracker is spot on for obtaining your personal activity information. Users have tried to trick it for steps taken but shaking it or acting like you are walking will not fool it. Counting your steps to check that it works well also equals accurate results, as it is always correct. Once you have established that you can trust the vivofit to give you data you can depend on, you will enjoy it more and rely on its information to make your life healthier. One comment about the step counter that was repeated many times by customers online was the fact that if you are walking with a stroller or shopping cart, your step count will not be correct. This is because of two things, but one more than the other. The main reason is that the arm that has the tracker on it is not moving on the handle of the stroller or cart you are pushing. When you walk without something to push or aid you, your arms swing in motion that the fitness band picks up as a step taken. Also, even if your steps would be recorded somehow, you do not take the same stride of a step when walking with either of these things. Steps tend to be smaller, therefore, you are not exerting as much energy as if you were walking without them. this is not a fault of the fitness band. If anything, it shows you exactly how well it does work that it knows the difference of free walking and walking with an aid.


The Garmin vivofit uses Garmin Connect to share, plan, and save your individual milestones. View your individual progress and gain virtual badges for your goals. The Garmin community can be accessed with a computer or mobile device with the mobile app, as it syncs directly with a smartphone. This adds a competitive level to your health monitoring to make it fun and challenging. Fitness does not have to be boring and uninteresting. The one aspect of this syncing is that customers did not like is that you have to sync each time to update your stats. This does not happen automatically as with other models. If this is not an issue for you, then you will love this superb device.


Compatible with Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, and Android operating systems, the vivofit is not GPS enabled and does not get mobile notifications. It has no altimeter and does not track multiple sports either. This item does have an accelerometer and uses Bluetooth for the data exchange. Technology has progressed much further than the first appearance of this quaint device, but as you can see, plenty of people still value it for its simplicity, straightforwardness, and accuracy. It is an original that can still compete well with the several modern versions that it inspired.

Ease of Use

Suitable for any type of outfit or wardrobe style, this marvelous fitness band that is always on can be suitably worn with casual or formal wear anytime. The vivofit is so easy to use that you will understand all of its functions and capabilities in no time at all. This incredible device will fit into your lifestyle making you wonder how you ever got along without it. It will assign a goal every morning that is compatible with your activity level once the band is used to your routine. Goals are altered and become progressively harder as you become healthier. These challenges are meant to be as fun as they are healthy to increase your activity level. You can also pair it with a monitor for heart rate tracking for numerous activities.


The LCD display is easy to see and read. Plus personal stats and the time are viewed simply and quickly. This Garmin device does not have an alarm and does not operate with a touchscreen as more modern devices do. One issue that was mentioned by several customers online is the fact that this original model of vivofit does not possess a backlight. This bothered some people as we are all used to having our devices be readable in the dark or at night. if this feature is important to you, then try the vivofit 3 which does have the backlight and the same incredible aspects of this initial vivofit. Of course, the vivofit 3 also has a higher price.

Power Source

The battery and the life of the battery is the most appreciated quality of this original vivofit. The manufacturer claims that the battery will last for more than one year of continuous use. this is a long life for a fitness band battery that never needs to be recharged. Online buyers say that the battery is indeed long-lived, as they have had them still in active good service after two years. This is a huge plus when others around you at work, school, and home have to charge their fitness trackers each week or even sooner. You will be free to do and think of other things than battery life. The battery strength is indicated on the face of the band for monitoring.

Bottom Line

The two main issues with this original fitness tracker from Garmin is that it does not have a backlight and it will not count your steps when you walk pushing a stroller or a shopping cart. Neither one of these aspects is the fault or a problem with the excellent device. When you change your pace of walking or your hand does not swing as it should for normal strides, then the product is right to not count those as steps. This initial model of vivofit does not have a backlight because it just was not a feature when this model was created. If you do not need to see the time or other data in the dark or at night, this should not be a major concern. This vivofit device is still going strong even though the company has already produced the vivofit 2 and vivofit 3. This speaks volumes about its accuracy, dependability, comfort, and simplicity that is appreciated by those who just want a tracker that is reliable, economical, and easy to use.