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Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch Review Facts

In the world of fitness having a way to track your daily workouts and exercise, goals have become a common thing. This is where Fitbit has always excelled. Their previous versions offered workout lovers the opportunity to track all the necessary rates, steps, and even progress with ease. As times have changed, other companies have started to change things up a bit by combining the use of trackers like the Fitbit with the technology of the popular smartwatches. Not wanting to miss out on such a huge trend, the Fitbit Blaze was born. The Blaze is Fitbit’s way of offering the best of both worlds to those who stand by what Fitbit provides their customers.

Whether you love going to the gym to workout or are simply a lover of doing your exercising around the house, having the aid of a Fitbit has almost become commonplace. Having help in keeping up with when you should work out, how much you’re doing, and what the workout is doing for you not only helps elevate your motivation but offers a level of assistance we’ve all come to love. That’s why the newly designed Fitbit Blaze is ready to take on the world. In this review, we will see what new things the Blaze has to offer by discussing both its pros and cons. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether you are ready to take the plunge and spend the money Fitbit is charging for their newest addition.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Color Screen
  • Great Exercise Tracking
  • Multiple, dependable strap options
  • Good battery life
  • Not water resistant
  • No built-in GPS
  • Doesn’t support third-party notifications
  • Expensive
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  • Logging a variety of exercises is easy. The design is user-friendly.
  • This watch quickly connects to Map My Ride to log cycling workouts.
  • It's easy to clean.
  • The touchscreen is easy to navigate, and the display is clear.
  • It's fun to connect with friends on challenges through the app.
  • Most buyers say their Blaze holds a charge for multiple days.
  • There are few complaints about the accuracy of fitness tracking. Most reviewers are satisfied with the consistency of the data.
  • The size and style works well for both men and women.
  • Different size bands are available to find the right fit.
  • The interchangeable bands make it fun to personalize your look.
  • When paired with a phone, it will display call and text notifications.
  • It only takes a quick turn of the wrist or tap to activate the screen.
  • Through the app, workouts are broken down to show more informative data.
  • The sleep tracking feature is convenient and accurate.
  • There are positive reviews from people with a variety of fitness and activity levels.
  • The app sends notifications when the watch needs to be charged.
  • The stopwatch and countdown functions are simple to use and have vibrate settings so it isn't necessary to continuously check the watch during workouts.
  • If your focus is on fitness tracking but want some smart watch functions, reviewers say this is good choice.
  • The GPS tracking accuracy may decrease when moving at a fast pace.
  • The watch face must be removed from the band and frame to be charged. Some reviewers have concerns about the face not securely fitting back in the frame over time.
  • There are reports of the battery draining quickly or losing charging power within the first year.
  • Software issues are a common complaint from buyers
  • Pairing with some Samsung devices has led to connection and syncing problems for some people.
  • There is limited availability. Many sellers have sold out or no longer offer this fitness watch.
  • A few reports of skin irritation are reported.
  • In bright sunlight the display can be difficult to read.
  • The display can only show short text messages. Longer ones will not be fully displayed.
  • Phone calls cannot be made or receive the watch. Text messages cannot be sent.
  • The charger is specific to this device. Other Fitbit chargers will not work.
  • There are limited clock display options.
  • This watch is not waterproof.
  • Reviewers note that dealing with Fitbit customer service concerning this watch can be stressful and time-consuming.
  • The font size on the display is difficult to read for some people, and it cannot be changed.
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One of the first things that will jump out at you when taking a look at the Fitbit Blaze is its style and design. No, this isn’t your normal Fitbit. This version is geared at combining the best of the fitness tracking world with that of the smartwatch universe. The result? Well, it may not be the best-looking thing to wear on your arm but its far from the worst. Many reviews compare the look and design of the Blaze to those of the earlier, first generation, smartwatches. The Blaze has somewhat sharp corners and a wide-screen that may not be suitable for everyone. If you’ve dreamed of having a fitness tracker, smartwatch combo that is dainty or not bulky, the Blaze may not the one you’ve been dreaming of.


Luckily, the bulky design of the Blaze doesn’t factor into the weight of the product. Most reviewers who chose to try out Fitbit’s newest tracker found it quite lightweight while strapped on. Many found this surprising. If you don’t mind the larger looking size but are determined to have a tracker/watch combo that is lightweight while working out, then the Blaze has you covered. While taking a run or going through a full body workout, you’ll barely notice the additional weight on your wrist but will find yourself benefiting from its tracking abilities.


Yes, the Fitbit Blaze is comfortable on the arm. With the ideal weight and comfortable strap, the Blaze makes a nice accessory for your wrist. This tracker is barely noticeable when you are taking on your daily routine. It is also a great starter for the less seasoned workout enthusiasts. This easy to wear, the comfy tracker will work newbies in without any issues at all.

Water Resistance

When choosing the Fitbit Blaze, it's important to keep in mind that unlike some trackers, it isn’t completely waterproof. Yes, it will stand up to a bit of sweat when you’re working out or a splash of water from your water bottle, but it isn’t able to stand up to prolonged exposure. In fact, Fitbit warns buyers not to wear in the shower or when swimming. To some, who are used to trackers they can take everywhere and never take off, this may be a bit of a disappointment. Those new to using fitness trackers may find themselves able to get into the swing of things without much of an issue. Either way, if you want to maintain the function of your Blaze, keep it as dry as you can.


The band of the Fitbit Blaze is another feature many reviewers find themselves liking quite well. The Blaze itself fit well into the bands that are included. Whether you are a fan of the elastomer band or the metal band the Blaze comes with, you’ll find switching them in and out is no issue. It is also possible to buy additional elastomer bands if the need arises, or the interchangeable leather band for those who are a fan of that option. No matter which band you decide on, you’ll find your Blaze fits snuggly and doesn’t cause any issue thanks to the dependability of the interchangeable band options.


The face of the Fitbit Blaze is a bit larger than those of previous models. The sharp edges give it’s appearance more of a watch feel than other versions. That can be expected since this design is considered Fitbit’s tracker/watch hybrid. The face also features a full-color display that was quite favorable to the reviewers who tested this product. This color display made seeing their tracked movements easier. On the side of the display are the easily accessible buttons that allow you to switch modes. With the location of these buttons, you’ll find yourself having no issues reaching over to check your stats no matter how hard you are working out.


The size of the Fitbit Blaze is one of the few things that seemed to leave reviewers less than impressed. Many saw the size of the display and overall unit as a bit gawky. Those who are used to a streamlined tracker or watch, may not find this version suitable for them. If you don’t mind a bit of a retro look and feel, the sizing will not be an issue considering it doesn’t affect the comfort or the overall weight of the product.


It is in the features where the Fitbit Blaze truly excels. This piece of technology brings together all the best uses of a tracker and the functionality of a smartwatch. In this section, we will discuss a few of these features to give you more of an idea of what to expect when you purchase yourself a Fitbit Blaze.

The Blaze comes with a 3-axis accelerometer. This type of accelerometer is used to measure acceleration in three different directions. This allows the Blaze to easily calculate your movements and rates when on a run or during other activities.

This version of the Fitbit also comes with an optical heart rate monitor included. This monitor is used to easily track your heart’s rate while you are going through your exercise routine or long run. Knowing this information helps you track your progress by knowing whether you are reaching your intended goals.

An altimeter is also included when purchasing the Blaze. This feature is used to determine your current altitude. This is great for mountain runners or those who like stair climbing in their workout. An altimeter can help determine how high you’ve climbed.

Also included is an ambient light sensor. This helps control the amount of energy used by your Blaze by detected the amount of light available outside. This information is then used to alter the display screen to its best display options.

Breathe exercises are also included with the Blaze. Unlike the other exercises, the tracker keeps up with these breathing techniques are used for well-being more than the typical features of this tracker.

Most of these features combine with one another to help the Fitbit Blaze determine the exact number of calories you’ve burned throughout the day. This will help you optimize your workout and get the best benefits possible from your Blaze.

The Blaze also comes with a number of smartwatch features this combo is popular for bringing into the world of fitness tracking. Things like incoming calls, messages, and even your calendar can be accessed through your Blaze if you have it connected to your smartphone. These features can be a bit hit or miss according to reviewers. Yes, these features work but often notifications come in late. If you are expecting an important call or message, not knowing it has been received can be somewhat annoying.


Like other Fitbits, the Blaze works off the Fitbit app that must be downloaded to your smartphone. Once the app is downloaded you will then need to use your Bluetooth connectivity to pair your phone and your Blaze. Once this is done, you’ll find the apps on your tracker easy to access. Swiping right or left will bring up what you need. Most basic exercises are included in the app. Biking, weights, and even running are all included. When changing activities, the Fitbit is designed to pick-up on the changes and handle it automatically. Many reviews did suggest doing this manually, however, considering in some cases it took a bit of time before the Blaze caught on to the changes.

Included in the Fitbit app you’ll find a number of activities that will aid you in reaching your health goals. This app takes everything into consideration when it breaks down your activities into calories burned or other exertions completed. You’ll find several apps that not only help you track your activities but help you develop complete workouts to help you start the perfect workout routine for you. If you are of the competitive nature, you will love the Friends option in the app. This allows you to connect to others and see their accomplishments and workouts, giving you a boost to keep you your hard work and stay at the top of your game.


The Fitbit relies heavily on its app to provide you with everything you are looking for in a tracker. Luckily, you’ll find it is compatible with both iOS and Android technology. This means no matter the type of smartphone you use, Bluetooth capabilities can easily get you up and running with the Blaze. In order to properly use the Fitbit app, you’ll find connecting to one of these types of phones is a must. This makes the Blaze’s connectivity abilities crucial. Most reviewers feel reaching this connection is quite easy. The on-screen prompts walk you through the entire process making it happen quickly and without issue.

Battery Life

Often with smartwatches or other technology that offers full-color displays, battery life suffers. That isn’t the case with the Blaze. Considering its use of a full-color screen, you’ll find the battery can last a significant time. According to Fitbit’s claims, the Blaze can last up to five days, with moderate use, on a single charge. During testing, most reviewers found this claim to be true. The only issue many had with the charging of the Blaze was that it could only be done with a proprietary dock. Luckily, one comes included.

Best Applications

It’s easy to see what the best applications of the Fitbit Blaze are. If you are new to a healthy lifestyle, or a long-time follower of the best workout routines available, you’ll find this piece of gear is great to have on hand. During runs or other forms of exercise the Blaze tracks and keeps up with all your activities. You’ll also find making use of its smartwatch features can make your day easier. Being alerted to incoming calls and messages during times of heavy activity allows you to stay connected while working on living your best life.

Bottom Line

If you are a fan of tracking your fitness goals, accomplishments, and achievements, the Fitbit Blaze is a great tool to have. By combining this great tracker that is both comfortable to wear and functional, Fitbit has brought the worlds of smartwatches, phones, and trackers together. By using the multitude of features included, you’ll find yourself loving your daily workouts and pushing yourself to reach the next level.