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Nike Pro Leggings Review Review Facts

When it comes to the world of athletic wear there are a lot of options for protecting your lower half but as much info on how exactly these garments will look or fit. Luckily, the Nike Pro Training Tights will make it easy to decide; these tight-fitting pants are made from a Dri-Fit material that keeps your legs dry and comfortable while compression fibers help hold muscles in place. Available in a multitude of colors, the flatlock seam and design lines on these leggings highlight muscle area and reduce chafing. The Nike Pro Training Tight is suitable for a wide range of activities and will keep you going on the longest trail or held tight on a powerful yoga pose. The multi-use of these nike pro yoga pants is reason enough to want to slip into a pair right away but before you do it’s good to pay attention to sizing and other factors for ultimate comfort. Nike does well to produce quality and long lasting products and these tights prove that. We will go over all of the exceptionally great features of the Nike Pro Training Tights in our comprehensive review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Good 4-way Compressive stretch and support
  • Soft material wicks away sweat
  • Flat seam reduces irritation  
  • Good base layer
  • Machine washable
  • Potentially see through
  • Thin fabric can easily tear


With grassroots in the hippie era of Southern California and a home base currently in Oregon, Nike is a global brand that consumers know and trust. Comments on their products highlight the quality of the materials they use, their versatility and many say they would and do plan on buying Nike products in the future. Nike products range from men and women's full wetsuits to kids' soccer cleats, they have their own series of Apple Watch and have even recently ventured into Unisex clothing options, blazing the trail for innovative athletic wear to come.

Nike Inc. includes other well-known brands such as Converse, Hurley and Jordan, all of these products are available on their website. They claim to keep a close eye on their team of professional athletes and turn those ideas into contemporary products for the everyday athlete to take advantage of. The “Just Do It” marketing campaign is a core component to their brand and is synonymous with the word Nike as much as the “swoosh” image they adorn onto all clothing and fitness products making it a household name. Nike offers a 30-day return policy on all of its products, with a receipt and Nike+ members pay no shipping according to their website.


An ideal base layer, these tights are made of a polyester blend fabric with a noticeably soft texture that transports the common elements of exercise such as moisture, heat, and sweat away from the body to the outside of the garment. The heat and moisture then evaporate into the air, keeping the user comfortable and dry throughout their workout. This fabric also uses ventilation made from mesh that runs along the inner thigh and outer calf where sweat would sit and instead allowing heat to escape and cool air to enter the body.

You’ll notice after first putting on Dri-fit it has the same softness as most cotton, however, this polyester blend will remain light unlike cotton and keep you feeling clean. The compressive fit to the nike pro leggings improves circulation by squeezing high impact areas in the legs such as glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves while the user is active and keeps you comfortable by minimizing muscle vibrations.


Available in XS (W), S, M, L, XXL, and XXXL these nike pro pants run mostly true to size but according to other reviews, it does depend on your specific body type whether or not you will get the full benefits from this garment. It is recommended when ordering online to take a look at a sizing chart such as the one Nike offers and compare measurements to the available sizes. A pro tip from one reviewer suggests for a normal to athletic build that ordering the normal size should work well, and for a larger or muscular build to order a size up. However, when ordering a larger size the leggings can fit in an uncomfortable way, and may not be as supportive in the waistband.

For newbies, compression pants are meant to fit snugly and in that case, it’s normal to feel a little squished at first so if they are available locally, try on a pair of leggings or tights before purchasing to get a better feel for the fit. Taking personal measurements of the narrowest part of the waist, inseam, fullest part of the hips, and inside leg length seems to have a higher success rate in ordering the correct size. provides size guides for men, women, and children to compare and give you a little more confidence in your choice.


Made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex and used as a base layer for other athletic-wear, naturally, the Nike Pro tights will be thin and at times flimsy material. You will be hard press to find someone who wears compression gear not stressing the importance of care and maintenance of these delicate but tough tights. Dri-Fit can be machine washed and won't shrink or wrinkle but to maintain the fabrics wicking ability it must be washed inside out without fabric softener. Fabric softener causes build up that blocks the static electricity needed to keep out moisture as does drying the tights in high heat. Air drying is suggested and even preferred by some users to help extend the life of the product but a tumble dry on low works too.

It is suggested to wear shorts or another layer over tights depending on activity to negate contact with sharp objects such as brush or rocks that might tear the fabric. No matter what sport or leisure activity you find yourself in while wearing these nike mens leggins, with proper care you can expect to enjoy it for a long time.


Nike is partially responsible for perpetuating the athleisure trend with many styles and color options that are available for their entire line of fitness clothing. The Pro tights are available in Black, Carbon Grey, Cool Grey, Vintage Green, White, Off-White, and Obsidian. With all of these color choices and slight variations of accent colors there is certainly something for everyone and choosing a color might be difficult at first but it’s good to weigh facts with aesthetic. Choosing a darker color for exercise is smart for many reasons. Not only is it more flattering but you will also avoid the embarrassment of obvious sweat stains and revealing undergarments that is common while wearing these nike tights alone.

Also, reviewers have noted these are NOT squat proof in lighter colors such as white or light grey, meaning undergarments will easily show. A good way to test this theory without trying the pants on is gently stretching the fabric and if you see white it will surely be see-through. It seems a better option to go for black, darker grey, or even a fun pattern to show personality in thin fabrics especially when wearing solo.


Perfect for a wide range of climate conditions, this breathable Nike product is adaptable in how and when you decide to wear it. Ideal for leisure, work, exercise, and most sports whether they are performed inside or outside. Due to the second "second skin" fit, the outcomes are limitless and may be worn in almost any setting. The Dri-Fit fibers in the stitching permit all the more venting when the body overheats and the delicate material dries quick and wicks sweat and dampness away.

Since it is a thinner material, on warmer days it can be worn as a great base layer. When the weather outside is cooler, you can layer over the nike pro dri fit leggings with shorts or even a loose-fitting pant. With such a significant number of ways you can blend and match the Nike Pro tights, there is no wrong way and it shows that they will stand as a staple piece of clothing in any fitness wardrobe.


True to Nike’s deluxe brand style the Pro Training Tights are offered in an array of solid colors with different accent options for every personality type. You can wear these compression fit tights under a pair of shorts as a great base layer keeping you comfortable and supported all day or rock them boldly on their own with a longer t-shirt or sporty hoodie. This flexible garment is one that men and women will love to wear because it looks great in the gym as well as street-side. A branded wide mid-rise elastic waistband with well-enforced gusset seams keep you carefree from fabric shift during high-intensity workouts. A seemingly hidden mesh panel runs along the inner thigh and calf for breathability and well-enforced lightness. The flatlock seams will prevent irritation while highlighting key muscle areas for a flattering finish with a brand exclusive Nike check.


The flexibility and popularity of such a versatile product like the nike pro dri fit leggings leave the uses almost endless. They are great for workouts at the gym, weightlifting, and running outside in any season. You will love them for walking the dog, doing chores around the house, keeping brunch dates or completing errands in comfort. It can be layered for playing basketball, soaring down the soccer field, and hiking in the summer to keep the body from trapping warm temperatures against the body so you stay cool. You will continue to find many ways to enjoy these multi-use nike pro pants because of the way they can be used alone or with other various layers.

The mesh panels and Dri-Fit material features keep you well ventilated and fresh during any activities or sports. Many users have commented on the lightness and love the extreme comfort they experience while wearing Nike products even in leisure settings like walking to get coffee or working from home. One customer even says wearing these tights felt like a constant breeze on their legs. Easily worn and matched with other garments as any type of pants or leggings, the Nike Pro training tights offer many possibilities of wearing it with almost anything.

Key Features

-Nike Dry-Fit Fabric allowing free movement
-Flatlock seams preventing irritation
-Compressive fit supporting muscles
-Mesh panels on inner thighs and lower leg for breathability
-Wide elastic waistband
-Thin polyester-spandex material trapping cool temperatures

Bottom Line

Nike continues to be a staple in the closets of pro athletes and everyday athletes because it is a brand that holds itself accountable for the products they create and the Pro Training tights are an example of that. Wearing clothes that perform as good as they look can be the difference between a mediocre workout and a really successful one. It’s versatile uses, comfortable fit, an assortment of interesting colors and strong material make it a popular choice among buyers. After putting them on you will instantly enjoy a soft material that feels great and will actually perform while you’re working hard and excessively sweating.

The downsides to a thinner “second skin” material are its inability to hold tough to tears or scrapes and have reported ripping easily when coming into contact with concrete or stray branches. Due to its compressive fit, aggressively putting the Nike Pro tights on is also a concern, as is common with nylons pulling too much on the waist or tight fabric can cause an unexpected tear. Slowly sectioning the material as you pull them on is recommended to extend the life of your Nike product. According to customers, these nike pro combat leggings will maintain shape after multiple washes when treated properly so you know they are a garment that will last. Overall the Nike Pro Training Tights look great and exceed expectations as a fitness garment, so there is no doubt that you will enjoy them for many times to come.