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Apple Watch Series 4 Review Facts

The Apple Watch Series 4 is a re-engineered and re-designed beautiful device with a pin-and-tuck clasp and the largest Apple watch display. Enhanced for connection, health, and activity, it includes optical and electrical heart sensors plus improved gyroscope and accelerometer for detection of physical falls. You will be notified of a high or low heart rate and have emergency SOS at your fingertips. It has a GPS and a 16GB capacity along with being touchscreen sensitive and water-resistant to 164 feet (5 meters). Workouts are detected automatically and as many as five metrics can be set up at once. New technology to this version is new hiking and yoga workouts and even pace alerts and cadence for runners. All of the usual activity tracker features are included such as taking calls, getting notifications, receiving messages, and listening to music. The Series 4 comes with a case, two bands of small and large sizes, a USB power adapter, and a magnetic charging cable. The many exciting features are almost too many to describe, but we will discuss the details of the most important ones in the full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Data does not have to be manually transferred
  • Display is 30% larger; speaker is 50% louder
  • Enhanced connection, health, and activity
  • Features the largest display for an Apple watch
  • Detection of physical falls; emergency SOS
  • Notifications of high and low heart rate
  • New hiking and yoga workouts
  • Pace alerts and cadence for runners
  • Set up and view as many as five metrics
  • Water-resistant to 164 feet or five meters
  • Face scratches easily because it is made of aluminum
  • Battery life decreases as more apps and usage is increased


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  • The screen is larger than earlier models of Apple Watches, but it isn't too bulky.
  • Reviewers like the display and watch face options.
  • The features work quickly and there are no complaints from reviewers about delays in the touch screen or tracking.
  • The design is sleek and stylish.
  • Buyers say all the functions and features make this watch worth the price.
  • It is easy to transition from earlier versions to the Series 4.
  • The built-in safety functions are a major selling point for buyers.
  • According to reviewers' experiences, the fall detection works fast and efficiently.
  • In the case of an emergency, through this watch EMTs are able to access all relevant health information that the user has loaded into the health app.
  • Reviewers like the different color and band options.
  • This watch works well with iTunes, iPhones, iMessage, and other Apple devices and software.
  • With this watch, you don't have to worry about missing a call or message when you don't have your phone near you.
  • There are multiple safety and wellness features to help users who need more significant health tracking such as the ECG and heart rate rise and fall alert.
  • The emergency SOS calling works.
  • Having this watch has helped motivate buyers to be more active.
  • There is a very large array of features, functions, and apps to make this watch what you want it to be.
  • It's comfortable to wear.
  • Watch bands from previous generations of Apple Watches fit the Series 4.
  • For reviewers familiar with smart watches, the Series 4 is easy to set up.
  • Apple continues to develop more software and apps for this watch.
  • This watch is designed for people who use Apple products. It will not work well or fully with devices from other makers.
  • The touch screen can scratch easily.
  • There are some quality control problems reported from a few buyers.
  • Some complaints about delayed replacement of defective devices are noted.
  • Although rare, there are reviewers who claim some of the data tracking is inaccurate.
  • Numerous buyers say the battery life is inadequate.
  • Several reviewers claim their device was not waterproof as advertised.
  • Some reviewers are not satisfied with the watch band saying that it doesn't fit all wrists and comes undone too easily.
  • There are limited watch faces to choose from.
  • Not all advertised functions are programmed into the watch. Many are apps that need to be downloaded.
  • There is a learning curve for setting up all apps and displays for new Apple Watch users.
  • This is not strictly a fitness tracker. For buyers whose main focus is fitness tracking, this may seem too bogged down with other functions.
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Unlike most other activity trackers that are made of a tough and durable case that does not have issues with damaging, the Series 4 from Apple scratches easily because it is made of aluminum. You will most likely need a screen protector to prevent this from happening to your device. The screen protectors are sold separately and should be put on immediately after receiving the product. Just like smartphone screens, this item will receive much use and be in the line of fire on the wrist for all types of hits and bangs that can damage it during the day and night.


With the freedom to use as many of the available apps you want, you will have great flexibility in using this sophisticated item. Plenty of apps available for sleep and exercise are offered on the offered sites for the tracking and monitoring of your health and activity. One appealing feature of this device is that your data does not have to be manually transferred to the phone for analyzing and viewing. The incredible product sends your workout and activity data to a smartphone to see the trends and details of your overall information. When compared to a Fitbit watch, one user said that this model is smaller but heavier than the Fitbit model. This makes it easily fit into your lifestyle better. The band options are another versatile aspect of this watch. Choose from a number of bands that can be purchased separately to alter the everyday look of the watch. Two rubber bands are included of varying sizes for a perfect fit, but you will want to change the look of this special tracker now and then.


While some activity trackers make you purchase a monitor for heart rate separately, the Series 4 has it already installed. It is accurate in readings of heart rate even when compared to a professional reading. A few buyers claim that it is more accurate than Fitbit HR for this desired feature. Included is a GPS and a capacity for 16GB of data for you to use for apps and activity tracking. Another aspect of some other devices is that workouts must be loaded manually to the smartphone or computer before you can view the results and past information. The Series 4 detects workouts automatically, so you do not have to do this anymore. Apple responded to this want of customers to be freer of the work of owning one of these products and have more time for the activities and exercises themselves. It is a large technological improvement in the right direction.


Two sizes of the display and touchscreen are offered for the buyer of the Series 4. Choose between the 40mm and the 44mm size when you order, but with either of them, each is much larger than any other Apple watch currently produced. If you will use many of the features and the face of the watch for the majority of your data viewing, then it would be wise to get the larger version. It is only slightly bigger but well worth the larger space for touching the icons and features on the face.


Re-engineered and re-designed for enhanced connection, health, and activity, the Series 4 features the largest display for an Apple watch with the new Breathe face. The display is 30% larger, and the speaker is 50% louder than previous models. This beautiful and well-constructed watch has a pin-and-tuck clasp, aluminum case, and an S4 Sip with a 64-bit processor and a dual core. It has several improvements over the Series 3, which we address in the Version section. As Apple learns what its customer base wants from their innovative designs, the more they enhance and recreate their products to fit perfectly into your life. The Series 4 is loved by many customers because of its excellent features, accuracy, and modern design.


Some of the aspects of support with the Series 4 are optical and electrical heart sensors, Digital Crown with haptic feedback, and emergency SOS. You can also depend on notifications of high and low heart rate to remain current on your heart health. The gyroscope and accelerometer are improved for detection of physical falls to aid you in an emergency. So, as you can see, this activity device is mindful of your current physical state in the most watchful way, as it can tell when you have fallen or need medical care or help from others. it is full health safety at its best.


Of course, the uses for this incredible device are too numerous to mention, but the ones you may enjoy most often are the clock display, taking calls, vibrating alerts, notifications from text and email, and listening to music. It is touchscreen sensitive and allows you to set up and view as many as five metrics at a time for tracking. Runners will love the pace alerts and cadence features to help them monitor and improve their performance. New to the Apple Series family is the ability to monitor the activities of hiking and yoga workouts. As the features increase for this model of watch, so does the happy customer base that loves this company and its technological innovations.


When compared to the Series 3 watch, the advancements are clear and much-appreciated by customers. The case is of the Series 4 is larger at 40mm or 44mm than the Series 3 of 38mm or 42mm. The display area is larger at 759 square mm or 977 square mm compared to the Series 3 of 563 square mm or 740 square mm. The Series 4 dual-core 64-bit processor is twice as fast as the S3 processor of the Series 3.
Series 4 has an electrical sensor for the heart with the ECG app, which the Series 3 does not have. The Series 3 has an optical sensor for the heart, while the new Series 4 has a second-generation heart sensor, plus the Series 4 has fall detection and Series 3 does not. The Series 3 just has Digital Crown Series 4 has Digital Crown and haptic feedback. So, to summarize these improvements, the Series 4 has a faster processor, a larger face, a larger case, continual monitoring of the hear rate, a heart rate app, fall detection, and better overall performance.


As far as being waterproof, Apple does not really state that this device is indeed waterproof, meaning that it can take being submerged in water. it does say that it is swim-proof and water-resistant to 164 feet or five meters. From this, it is safe to assume that you can wear it in the rain and while showering, plus even wear it during swimming. Seems like it is waterproof to us but note that the word waterproof is not actually used to describe the endurance to water.


The Series 4 comes with a case, two bands of small and large sizes, a USB 5W power adapter, and a magnetic 1m charging cable. The only other things you will probably want to purchase are the screen protectors for the touchscreen display to prevent scratches and possibly other bands. Many bands are offered online that are suitable for this device. They are simple and easy to change often, so you can swap them out every day if you want. You will be using it for a long time, so you might as well enjoy it to the fullest with some extra colors and designs of bands for different outfits and places you go.


The accuracy of the Series 4 is one of its strong points because even when compared to professional equipment, the data retrieved is right on the mark. Included in this product are a barometric altimeter, an optical sensor for the heart, an electrical sensor for the heart, improved accelerometer, improved gyroscope, a sensor for ambient light, and a louder speaker. All of these qualities work together in unison to provide you with the excellent features you want and need. One note from customers about the sleep quality feature is that it is obtained through one of the several sleep apps available. it is not an actual aspect on the watch itself.


With the many possible apps, you can choose from to use on your tracker, you can enjoy personalized coaching, head-to-head competitions, monthly challenges, friend activity sharing, achievement awards, and motivation to close the activity rings displayed on the watch face. Every day you will find more and more to do with this special device because it is complex and multifaceted. There are so many to pick from that you will be surprised at the supply.


The Series 4 connects to Apple Podcasts and Apple Music, uses Siri Shortcuts for app connection, and Bluetooth 5.0. enjoy receiving messages, phone calls, and the use of the walkie-talkie function because of this ideal connection. The manufacturer states that the battery life for this product is 18 hours on a single charge. As we all know, battery life will decrease with the number of apps that are loaded and with overall daily usage. You could get to the point of having to charge the device daily depending on the usage and app load.

Bottom Line

It seems as though Apple has another technological marvel on their hands that is becoming increasingly popular and well-loved by its enormous customer base. The excellent Series 4 has several welcomed improvements over the Series 3 with the main ones being a larger display and a faster processing time. The few problems that customers are having are the shortened battery life and the fresh aluminum face that can scratch easily. Purchasing a screen protector will solve the latter issue. The battery life and how often you must charge the device will depend greatly on how many apps you put on it and how often you use the features included. With more usage and apps comes a shorter battery life on a single charge. This is true of any of our much-used electronic products. The Series 4 is accurate, multi-functional, fast, loaded with features and possible apps, and so easy to use. The numerous positives far outweigh the negatives here, so jump on board and enjoy the newest Apple Series innovative wonder. See more apple products on our site such as apple AirPods with charging case.