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Adidas Powerlift 2.0 Shoes Review Facts

In the sport of weightlifting, good footwear is sometimes overlooked as a necessity but a line of strength training shoes from Adidas has made it a priority with the Powerflift 2.0’s. While it’s certainly the underdog of niche footwear this shoe’s strong performance and overall stability cannot be denied once you hit the gym floor. Adidas took into consideration the importance of foundation that is needed in weight training and put in place a wide, yet solid weight-distribution plate coupled with a high-density EVA midsole. These squat shoes are detailed with a mesh upper and are made from 100% synthetic leather, a single instep strap goes over the top laces securing the integrity of the rearfoot. A textile lining covers the inside for added comfort and finishes with a 0.6 inch lifted heel making leg work that much easier. Soft to the touch and tough where it needs to be, the Powerlift 2.0 give every lifter what they need, stability and support. Below we take a closer look at the features of these heavy hitters and see if this is the right shoe for you!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish fit and color options
  • Comfortable
  • Runs true to size
  • Instep strap for tightness
  • Grips to floor well
  • Narrow toe area
  • Flimsy strap
  • Limited range of activity


As with most weightlifting shoes, the outsoles purpose is to make as much contact with the weight platform as possible for optimal grip and provide proper traction. The flat profile outsole of the Powerlift 2.0 is made from anti-slip rubber that is non-marking. Its wide design is rock solid, a stiffness that provides support while keeping the user planted firmly to the ground during a lift. One user claims they felt safer while going further into a workout because their feet felt perfectly attached to the ground, this is due to the traction pattern on the bottom transferring force from the sole to the ground and keeping both feet in place.


Strategically placed between the outsole and upper, the midsole consists of high-density EVA foam material that provides a spring-like cushioning for the foot. Weightlifting-engineered the midsoles in the Powerlift 2.0 are firmer than what you would find in a running shoe because the goal in this type of shoe is the least amount of foot movement and maximizing safety. EVA material can have poor longevity, with multiple uses deteriorating the foam, but luckily this Adidas shoe features a removable insole that gives the user an option to switch out for an insole that has added cushioning. This feature increases the life of the shoe.


Up top, the Adidas Powerlift is made of synthetic leather with a PU coating that improves the strength of the shoe and is easy to clean. The strong and durable upper fits snug around your foot improving stability while lifting heavy weights. This material ensures safety by reducing foot slippage, any type of ankle rolling as well as protection from falling weights. Laces are kept in place during training sessions by a loop fastened to the tongue of the Powerlift 2.0 and a single metatarsal strap improves support. Some customers note this shoe as having a narrow toe box with less padding which purposely offers more flexibility in the toes for bends and those with wider feet may feel a little squeezed in this area.


An elevated heel of 0.6 inches is something you’ll notice right away after putting these Powerlift 2.0’s on your feet, a feature that is important to weightlifters looking for more controlled squat depth. Some people choose to elevate heels during a workout session by propping feet up with a piece of plywood or steel plates. The EVA raised heel in these Adidas shoes takes that need away by providing greater maneuverability and can help improve form. Allowing the user to sit back and engage posterior muscles, heel height acts as additional support for those with knee damage and is known to improve ankle flexibility. Many users say they chose this shoe because the heel height is shorter than the average Olympic lift shoe but still gives enough to get a more fluid squat, but also warn that the softer material of this heel is somewhat compressible.


Incredibly light for shoes of this sport, the Powerlift 2.0’s synthetic leather upper makes it easier to walk around in. They're comfortable to wear for an extended period of time while keeping foot movement limited, but running, or jogging is not suggested because of the little amount of padding in the sole. Proper sizing is the key to comfort with any footwear and makes a difference in the performance of these shoes. Some users suggest sizing up if unsure about which size fits best but this trainer shoe runs true to size so guesswork should be minimal. Engineered specifically for lifting weights these shoes will fit snug but not as harsh as others in this category because there is still considerable range for flexibility in the toe area. With lighter shoes on your feet, you may feel exceptionally agile and empowered in your work out finding it to be a little easier than before. With a fluid, natural posture in any type of weight lifting session it will be hard to go back to regular running shoes or Chucks.


The market for weightlifting shoes will range customers up to a few hundred dollars, and within all of the Nike, Reebok, and other Adidas options the Powerlift 2.0 name says quality at an affordable price. There are newer versions of this Adidas shoe out on now and the performance of the shoe predicts more to come in the future, but the 2.0’s are a fan favorite. Other reviewers say these weight training shoes are perfect for beginners in weight training or the person that has experience and is looking to step up their gains, these are great quality for the price.


Stability is key when it comes to whatever style of lifting you enjoy. Without it, you’d find yourself at risk for serious injury in this high-intensity sport. Adidas added a weight distribution plate so while you power through hundreds of pounds of weight pushed over your head, your hips and joints are also supported. When you do certain exercises where you need to push through the heels like overhead presses or squats, the features of this footwear help you use your energy more efficiently to lift up the bar. Having a strong foundation and base is what strength training enthusiasts look for in their footwear and the Powerlift 2.0’s provide that. The 0.6 raised heel increases flexibility within the hamstrings down to the calves allowing you to make those deep squat goals. For added lightweight stability, the shoes are finished with a flat rubber sole that is non-marking, and a traction pattern providing ultimate grip during walkouts.


These high-quality shoes provide a layer of protection between the lifter and weight, preventing serious injury. Accidents can happen and wearing the Powerlift 2.0’s made of durable synthetic leather covers the entire foot helping avoid missteps or a dropped weight. This shoe also doubles as a preventative measure for muscle injury. While performing difficult movements and heavy lifts, there’s always an increased risk of strain on the back and legs. With a shoe like the 2.0’s implementing support and providing a solid base during a strenuous workout will decrease that risk. Deciding on the use of a running shoe or casual shoe with an unstable base for the sake of convenience during weight lifting can put your body in odd positions potentially causing long term damage.


Fellow gym goers will be sure to notice the sleek and stylish design of this weight training shoe available in a number of great color options. This Adidas shoe comes in White/Black/Bright Blue, Green/Black, and Red/White/Blue, Pink/Black, Neon/Grey and is available in sizes 4-14.5. The shoes are put together in a classic Adidas design, with trademark three stripes executed in welded leather. Accent laces pop with color, ventilation holes are strategically placed, and strap mesh is accompanied by a retro style metatarsal strap that is placed over the upper part of the shoe. A flat ridged sole line sits above four notches that have been taken out of the raised heel. Inside a textile lining hugs your feet for an added touch of comfort. Be prepared to turn heads in whichever color you choose.

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These shoes are designed with long-lasting properties that you’d expect from an Adidas product. A polyurethane spray was used during the production of the Powerlifts to coat the outside of the leather and protect from abrasion and increase durability. The engineering behind the chosen materials will benefit lifters of all types for a long period of workouts, especially with proper care. This footwear is not meant to be used on a regular basis, such as running errands or used to warm up, they are specialty shoes and should be treated the same. It is suggested to wear a separate pair of active shoes while traveling to and from the gym and bring these in a bag to change into for your next workout using weights.


The support this shoe offers is another feature held high amongst weight trainers and reviewers of this shoe. The Powerlift 2.0’s incorporate a single metatarsal strap that adds an additional layer of mobility by securing the feet in position at the center of the midsole. A simple lace system weaves up the front and goes through a leather loop positioned on the tongue before a velcro strap bearing the Powerlift logo fastens in place. The strap improves stability and snug fit provides support from every angle, all of these factors succeed in preventing excess movement and keeps the user from buckling under large amounts of weight. A few customers noted irregularly long laces coming with this Adidas shoe which can be replaced if a shorter lace is preferred.


A specialty shoe designed for all variations of lifts and exercise squats these weightlifting shoes from Adidas have been primarily used to improve the form of squats, any type of Olympic lifts and can even be used while participating in CrossFit. It is not recommended to warm up or do any long distance walking or running while wearing the Powerlifts because of their poor arch support and stiffness that can leave feet sore. These shoes are not ideal for deadlifts that can put the wearer in a bad position by extending the amount of movement needed to make the lift. The elevated heel in the 2.0’s will improve mobility throughout lifts, increase chances to properly produce strength and sustain postures, this means you have the ability to reach new heights in a workout and attain those PR’s in style.

Key Features

-100% Synthetic Leather
-Non-marking Rubber sole
-Instep strap for added security
-0.6-inch high-density EVA wedge heel
-Flat-profile outsole
-Removable insole

Bottom Line

On weight training day, if you are a beginner and are looking to see if specialty shoes are right for you, starting with the Adidas Powerlift 2.0’s would be a great choice. A lightweight structure fitted with soft leather and a non-slip rubber base will boost your performance under the barbell and will help you to get the feel for a new stance with it’s EVA specialized raised heel. It’s tight fitting supportive style will give you the impression of wearing “second feet” all at a very affordable price. These shoes are trendy and come in a variety of different colors so there’s a style option for everyone. The downsides being a slightly flimsy single strap and limited activity use of this footwear are the least of your worries if lifting is your hobby. Some users unaware of the proper fit of weight training shoe shoes say the shoe runs a half size too small however they are supposed to fit true to size so it’s advisable to double check your size before ordering. The 2.0’s are an excellent investment to add to your collection of gym gear. Some choose to lift weights wearing Chuck Taylors and some even go barefoot, we think you will be satisfied if you choose the Adidas Powerlift 2.0’s.