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Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat Review Facts

The Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat is a mid-sized mat made of durable PVC material that is ideal for Pilates and yoga workouts, classes, and sessions. Available in sixteen vivid bright colors, this cushion of high density is 4.5mm thick and weighs just 3.9 pounds. It provides unmatched comfort and cushioning, gives amazing joint protection, and is guaranteed to never wear out. The surface is fabric-like and slip-resistant, so it can be used on both carpet or hard surface floors. The underneath has traction dots to keep it in place, even if you work out with sneakers on, it will not move out from under you or wear down. Because it is made of tough and durable PVC material, it is a zero-waste mat of closed cells that will never fade, flake, or peel. Sweat or moisture will not seep into the surface, and it will last for many, many years of enjoyable exercise sessions. The PROlite compacts well since it can be rolled into a tight bundle and put in luggage or packs of medium size. It is an outstanding product that has customers thrilled they purchased it because of its marvelous qualities. We discuss these characteristics and much more in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Provides superior comfort and cushioning
  • Guaranteed to not wear out
  • Sweat will not seep through the mat
  • Will never fade, flake, or peel
  • Pattern of dots on bottom prevents sliding
  • Stands up to workouts with sneakers
  • Use on carpet or hard floors equally
  • Sixteen bright and vibrant solid colors
  • Surface is fabric-like and slip-resistant
  • Could be a few inches wider
  • The slick surface must be conditioned before using


The PROlite provides unmatched comfort and cushioning with its thickness, width, and excellent surface. This zero-waste light mat for yoga and Pilates gives wonderful joint protection and gives you superior comfort and quality. The whole mat weighs only 3.9 pounds, so part of its comfort level is that it is lightweight making transport and storage very easy. It is thick and wide enough to supply you with the surface area needed for any type of exercise movements. It is time to stop using those worn out mats you may have been using for years or the cheaper ones that use just to get by with your workouts and try this luxurious mat from Manduka today. You will not believe how much more you will enjoy your exercise sessions with it.


Guaranteed to not wear out, the PROlite will last for many, many years. The manufacturer states that it will last a lifetime and maybe even two. This just shows how tough it is to wear and tear that you put it through even with sneakers on. Sweat will not seep into the mat to breed bacteria because the surface is made up of closed cells. This guarantees that the material will not break down and it will remain free of germs every time you use it. Some users wipe down their mats daily after using them with a water and vinegar mix to keep it fresh and clean. It can be left out or rolled up after drying completely. This Manduka model is one of the most durable mats on the market today, so the investment will last you a lifetime.


The PROlite fits into luggage of medium size for easy travel with plenty of room left for other necessities such as clothing. It transports very easily because it is compact when rolled up. When at home, you have the option of leaving it out in a regular space for your workouts, or you can roll it up each time to get it out of the way of a high traffic area. For classes, it is ideal because of its great flexibility and durability of never breaking down or looking worn. even though it can go anywhere you do, you will probably end up purchasing more than one of these incredible mats to have one in the car for your classes and one at home to do your private routines.


The making of this mat decreases the amount of PVC that is directed to landfills. It is designed to last at least one lifetime because of the excellent craftsmanship, thereby reducing yoga mat consumption and turnover. Usually, for active yoga enthusiasts, mats will only last in good condition for a few years before they begin to show signs of wear. You will not have that problem with this terrific mat because of the tough materials and construction. Also considered protection for the user and the environment is a matter of the PVC material itself. When most PVC products are manufactured, toxic emissions are often released in the air. However, this mat is created with a process that does not do this. It is safety certified for humans by a certification agency of the textile industry in Europe. You can purchase and use this mat with the confidence that you are making a difference in the use of PVC, decreasing the landfill rate, and choosing a product that processes PVC responsibly.


When you use a mat for your workouts and classes of Pilates and yoga, you need it to be responsive to your needs. The PROlite is made up of closed cells for a couple of reasons. The foam of closed cells and high density gives you cushioning on all types of surfaces. Whether you choose to use a hard-surfaced floor or one with carpet, you will have the support you need from this product. Also, this construction guarantees that no moisture will be absorbed into the mat. Whether something is spilled on it, it gets sweaty from exercises, or from cleaning it, this Manduka item will not take in the moisture, wetness, or water that it is exposed to. It is best to not take this to the extreme and soak or immerse the mat in water, according to the manufacturer.


The durable material of high-quality will never fade, flake, or peel since it was created with sustainable engineering. You would think with the suggested sea salt treatment to make it less slick that this model would break down or tear, but it will not. You can trust that the surface will remain in tip-top shape with much use. Manufacturing of the PROlite is emissions-free, non-toxic, and 100% free of latex. This makes it safe for you to use every day, as well as safe for the environment. Even those with knee and back problems, will appreciate the superb padding of this magnificent mat and the comfort it can give. You can enjoy your workouts and classes, knowing that the PROlite will be your most reliable piece of exercise equipment.


The manufacturer recommends breaking the mat in to get the slickness off of it. To do this, it suggests rubbing the PROlite down with sea salt a time or two. Some users tried this to only find that the mat was still slippery when doing their yoga. A few people claimed it worked like a charm, but others were still slipping on their mats at class and at home. Online suggestions and customer recommendations say that a mix of the 409-household cleaner and Dawn dish soap is a better solution. Scrub this mixture onto the mat several times and then rinse and dry. It will remove this slippery film from the mat to make it have the traction needed. This treatment will allow you to use the mat with confidence in the beginning. You will not have to wait for it to have that broken-in feel and traction that comes with long-time use regularly. Another buyer says that the 409 works well alone too to help you eliminate the slippery feel. Although it takes some time to do, these treatments give you the stability you need in a mat immediately.


The bottom of this Manduka model has a pattern of proprietary dots to keep it from sliding. This gives you the traction you need to make any workout movements without the mat slipping out from under you. It stands up to workouts with sneakers and will not move. You can use it on carpet or hard floors equally as well. It is heavy just enough to remain in place where you need it but can roll up tightly and compactly for easy carrying and storing. It is the terrific top fabric layer that provides you with impressive traction and the bottom of the mat that keeps it steady for you always.


For Pilates and yoga classes and sessions, this is one of the best mats on the market currently. Plenty of buyers cannot say enough about how they are enjoying this mat. They are so glad that they purchased it and would do it again. It can be used away from home and at the studio because it travels and stores well in almost any type of bag or pack. The PROlite offers unmatched support and joint protection with its material and thickness. Any type of workout other than yoga or Pilates, such as aerobics, that you must do on the floor for exercise or stretching, this is a wonderful mat to have.


Available in sixteen bright and vibrant solid colors, the Manduka PROlite is a cushion of high density made of durable PVC material. Its color selection of beautiful colors will make you want to have more than one of these mats. It is 4.5mm thick with the dimensions of 71 x 24 inches. The surface of this mid-sized mat is fabric-like and slip-resistant. Its top does not become sticky even when it is wet from perspiration, plus it comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. The higher cost does deter some people from purchasing such a high-quality mat for their workouts, but once they do, they are not sorry. It is an investment in your comfort, confidence, capabilities, and flexibility in your sessions.

Ease of Use

The manufacturer recommends a sea salt scrub to improve the surface traction quickly of the PROlite because there is a layer on the top that can be slippery. Using the mat a lot is the best way to break it in but not the fastest. We have already given you another method of taking this layer off in another section that seems to work a little better than the sea salt method. The PROlite can be wiped down after each use with an all-purpose mat wash for best practice to remove any dirt or sweat. The vinegar and water wash is also good for this too. You should never submerge, shower or soak the mat in liquids or water states Manduka. To store the mat or compact it for transport, it is best to roll it up with the fabric-finish side or workout side on the outside of the roll. This will ensure that the corners will be flat when you lay it out the next time. Hopefully, some of these user tips we found in our research will make your use of the PROlite much more enjoyable.

Bottom Line

We love the Manduka PROlite as do the majority of buyers online who cannot stop singing its praises. A few people think that it can be a few inches wider, and the initial treatment for the slippery top layer can be an issue. Because this is made of PVC material, the slickness must be decreased with one of the three suggested methods. This is necessary to do the more difficult Pilates and yoga moves, so you will not lose your traction on the mat. Choose from the sea salt method of the manufacturer, the suggested 409 cleaner scrub, the 409-cleaner mixed with Dawn liquid soap scrub, or simply just using the mat plenty to wear it off. Either of these methods works well, but the scrubs work faster than the usage solution. The PROlite will provide years of enjoyable sessions for you since it is durable, comfortable, highly-portable, and flexible. The huge selection of colors is a pleasurable plus!