Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

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Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Review Facts

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells is an excellent set of dumbbells to work out your arms, shoulders, abs, chest, legs, and back. This incredible model is like having fifteen sets of dumbbells in one compact form that can be adjusted from 5 to 52.5 pounds. The adjustments are in increments of 2.5-pounds till the first 25 pounds. The amazing aspect of this product is that they are operated with an easy dial. All of the plates rest in the holder, as you turn the dial on the end to choose the weight amount. The dial picks the weights that will be on the handle, and you simply lift it and use it. How simple is that? The clutter of dumbbells in a weight room or garage is unnecessary now that we have the technology of this outstanding Bowflex item. This is one of the most space efficient pieces of workout equipment we have ever seen. There is a durable molding around the plates to make them quiet and give lift-offs that are smooth. This ideal product comes with the BowFlex SelectTech App to help you learn about various workouts and watch trainers in action. We discuss all of these superb details and more in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • For your arms, shoulders, abs, chest, back, and legs
  • Durable molding makes for quieter workouts
  • Adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds
  • Has 2.5-pound adjustments
  • You can alter the resistance easily
  • Space efficient and the weight range is wide
  • No more clutter in the exercise room
  • Has the Bowflex SelectTech for workout information
  • Fifteen weights sets are combined into one
  • These are made of plastic mostly so the grip can be challenging
  • Replacing the dumbbell in the holder can be difficult when all weights are not engaged
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  • This is a great way to simplify your home gym.
  • The functionality of having multiple weights in one allows you to get a full workout without needing extra space for more equipment.
  • If you don't like to go to the gym or don't have time, this is a great solution for home workouts.
  • It's quick and easy to adjust the weights.
  • Most buyers say they have no regrets about investing in these weights.
  • A range of workouts can be done with this weight set.
  • These are compact enough to have in the office for lunch break workouts.
  • Some reviewers say that these weights have helped them get back into exercising regularly.
  • The weights are well-balanced.
  • The construction is sturdy.
  • The ease of adjusting the weights make this time-saving equipment, too.
  • Both men and women give positive reviews.
  • The available app adds motivation for different workouts and goals.
  • If there are multiple users, it is easy to transition the weights from one to the next.
  • These are a great bargain compared to buying all of the separate sizes individually.
  • You have to adjust both sides of both dumbbells to change the weight.
  • These are a little longer than standard dumbbells.
  • When you pick them up, they can make a slight rattling sound.
  • Some reviewers have had bad experiences communicating with Bowflex customer service.
  • Placing the weights fully back in the stand can be a little tricky.
  • When using the heaviest weights, the handles can get jammed in place.
  • Some buyers report that the dial can get stuck especially after a year or more of use.
  • A drop from a short distance can cause the plastic around the weights to break.
  • The grip is uncomfortably short for people with large hands.
  • The amount of plastic used leads to increased fragility over time.
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Part of the comfort with using the SelectTech 522 is from the ease with which you can use and keep these in small spaces and the other part is with actually using them. using them is simple and easy, as you just choose the weight amount you want and turn the dial to that number. It selects the weights that total that amount and you just lift the bar with them attached. The other comfort you have with this incredible model is that you can keep them just about anywhere. Workout in a bedroom, living room, garage, basement, or a nice outdoor shed. The beauty is that you have a full set of weights in one compact device. Create different workouts for your arms, shoulders, abs, chest, back, and legs. As a comfort for the ears and other people in the family, the metal plates have molding around them to keep down the noise of the metal hitting together. Regular weights always make the metal clanging noise that can bother some people. These will not do that.


The metal plates, their holder, and the dial are very sturdy and long-lasting. However, some care should be taken when you are putting the plates back in the holder and taking them out. The dial should be used with ease too and never forced to change if it is not working properly. Putting the dumbbells back in the holder carefully and not smashing them together will ensure that the rotating clip does not break accidentally. This will add life to the set, so you have it for years and years of workouts. The manufacturer has added a safeguard to the plates themselves to keep them in good condition. Around the metal plates is durable molding that makes for quieter workouts and lift-offs that are smooth. It cuts down on the wear and tear of the plates and the holder too.


Each dumbbell of the 552 set can be adjusted from 5 to 52.5 pounds very quickly and easily. It has 2.5-pound adjustments until the first 25 pounds, so you can build your routine gradually a little at a time. You can change from one type of exercise to another quickly. This comes in handy when you are following a trainer or an exercise routine that requires various weights be used. Changing up is swift and simple. By just turning the dial, you can alter the resistance easily. You will not have to sort through the plates anymore to find the right ones and then put them on the handle. This hard work is all done for you with the easy dial.

Key Features

-Create different workouts for your whole body
-Durable molding around the plates
-Can be adjusted from 5 to 52.5 pounds
-Has 2.5-pound adjustments until the first 25 pounds
-Weight range is wide and flexible
-Comes with the Bowflex SelectTech App
-Has a terrific dial system to combine fifteen weights


A couple of negative comments online were made by customers who did not prefer these dumbbells over others they had in their possession. One was that the 552 model is made of plastic mostly so the grip can be challenging. This was an isolated comment, but we wanted to mention it just in case the quality of the grip would be a deal-breaker for you in purchasing this set. We are guessing that the buyer meant that the hand would slip on the smooth plastic handle because of the weights. We don’t really see where the material would matter in this case, as the handle would be smooth no matter what it is constructed of. The other comment concerned placing the dumbbell back in the holder when you finish a session or workout. When all of the weights are not engaged on the handle, there will be some plates remaining in the holder. When you try to place the dumbbell back in the holder, you must guide it between the plates that stayed behind. This can be tedious to do after a hard workout, but we do not see this as a problem large enough to warrant passing this product by.


The wide range of weight and the compact form make this dumbbell set quite efficient with space. For their capabilities and workouts possible, you just cannot beat this small size. you would need so much more space to have all of these different weights in individual form. They would cause clutter and be a clumsy burden when trying to find certain ones. To have all of them in one form on the handle is an amazing invention. Other manufacturers are creating their own dumbbell sets just like this one because the technology is relevant and needed. We don’t all have the room for a whole regular set of dumbbells, so products like this one that gives you the same item in less space are hot products that customers love.


It is hard enough to stay motivated and with an exercise or workout routine that you do not need to be distracted or discouraged because of space considerations. With the SelectTech 522 model of dumbbells, you will have no more clutter in the exercise room or space where you work out. It gives you the freedom and support that you need to remain positive and focused on your goals of keeping in shape and doing well in your workout plan. Because this is like having fifteen sets of dumbbells in one in one amazing device, you have the latest technology to succeed and do well.


Whether you are just starting out with weight training or have been doing it for years, you can use the SelectTech 552 in your routine. Use this set for light exercises of raises and curls or heavier ones of lunges and shrugs. You can experience a wider range of exercises because of the large range of weights. Ideal for bodybuilding and strength training, this model will have you wanting to try new workout ideas because you have the capabilities of so much in so little space. For any type of activity or training that requires lifting weights, the SelectTech 552 is perfect. We noticed in customer feedback online that often when a husband purchases these weights, his wife will start to experiment with them too. They are very inviting because of the modern and stylish way they look. Even older kids may be attracted to them because they look fun. This is perfectly fine because there are small increments up until 25 pounds with this set, so you do not have to lift heavy amounts to benefit from this superb set.


When compared to other Bowflex SelectTech models, the 552 version is not the most ideal product competitively. We compared it to the other popular models of Bowflex, which are the SelectTech 1090 and the SelectTech 560. Against the 1090 product, the weight range of the 552 version is much less, and the number of possible settings is two fewer. In comparing the 552 to the 560, the 560 version has Bluetooth connectivity, and the 552 model does not. The 560 product has the 3DTrainer App in addition to the Bowflex SelectTech App, but the 552 version only has the Bowflex SelectTech App. The 560 model also has one more setting than the 552 model.

On the positive side, the 552 product has a lower price than the 560 item, excellent reviews and more reviews than the 560 version. The online customer approval rating for the 552 was nearly perfect, while the rating for the 560 was just adequate. There are literally thousands of more people buying the 552 than the 560 model just based on the number of reviews posted alone. The 552 model is also better looking because it is rounded and in three colors of black, grey, and red. The 560 is oddly square and in just one color of black. From this information, it is quite obvious that a lower price and a more pleasing appearance far outweigh the above features that the 552 model does not have, and the others do. Many more people are purchasing and loving the 552 version than of the other Bowflex models of dumbbells.


With this set of dumbbells comes an incredible app to help guide your workouts and give you the confidence to keep going. Use the Bowflex SelectTech App to journal workouts, watch workouts lead by trainers, and build your own workouts. This can really keep you on track and give you many ideas of how to improve your training in ways you may not have thought about. It also comes with a warranty for two years on the parts and plates. You would have to contact the manufacturer directly for a claim on these.

Ease of Use

With the terrific dial system of the SelectTech 552, fifteen weights sets are combined into one. This greatly decreases the number of dumbbells in the workout space. Selecting the weight desired is as easy as turning the dial. It gives you the versatility of having plenty of weights in just one compact set and is a great investment in your training future. Many comments online of buyers who are very happy with this set said that they were tired of going to the gym or having to workout with larger sets of dumbbells to get the workout they wanted. Now, these people can safely stay at home and train in the privacy of their own house or garage. As an investment, it can be the start of your own equipment, thus saving you hundreds of dollars in club or gym fees. Get one thing at a time and eventually have your own gym if you desire. It just takes determination and perseverance, just like training does.

Bottom Line

When compared to other Bowflex models, the SelectTech 552 is better in price and appearance but lacks some of the features of the other versions. Thousands of customers do not seem to mind, as they have been buying this excellent item in droves. For the freedom and flexibility to work out in small spaces, this terrific product cannot be beaten. It gives you the use of fifteen various weights in the compact space of one and with the simplicity of a dial to select the plates for you. Both men and women are flocking to purchase this outstanding model of dumbbells, so you had better hurry and get yours too!