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ASICS FuzeX Running Shoe Review Facts

The ASICS FuzeX is a premier running shoe. The soft cushioned midsole is ideal for absorbing the shock on your joints and muscles from hard concrete and track surfaces. The water resistance upper is great for those brisk spring and fall runs when the weather is a bit damper and wet. The upper also features a great antibacterial lining property for those runner’s who like a clean foot environment or enjoying getting out there sans sox for their runs and jogs. While ideal for gym and track environments, this shoe is also light-rail worth for those mixed city runs.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stable Stride
  • Trail Worthy
  • Antibacterial Properties in Upper’s lining
  • Water Resistant
  • Poor Breathability
  • Snug around Toes
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  • The price is reasonable.
  • Cushioning is well-distributed throughout the insole.
  • The colors are bright and true to online photos.
  • Overall, the balance of cushion and support is liked by many reviewers.
  • Buyers who suffer from plantar fasciitis claim these have helped relieve that pain.
  • Reviewers use these for a variety of workouts from walking and jogging to zumba and spin classes.
  • The snug support is helpful post foot surgery.
  • The fit works well for people with narrow to average width feet.
  • There are positive reviews from people over 60.
  • These shoes have helped keep knee and foot pain at bay for some people.
  • Reviewers like the amount of ankle support that these provide.
  • Although not super light, these don't have the weight of some other cushioned running shoes.
  • Reviewers with high arches like the arch support.
  • These shoes have helped some buyers ease back into running after a long break.
  • Reviewers with heel spurs say these are comfortable.
  • The sole is not have a lot of grip.
  • The upper is not well-ventilated.
  • For some reviewers, the tongue is too long.
  • There are mixed reviews on the width, but many reviewers say they are not designed for wide feet.
  • There are limited reviews from avid runners.
  • Reviewers report receiving damaged and stained shoes from some third party sellers.
  • Durability issues with the sole are noted by buyers.
  • Lighter colors on the upper show dirt and stains easily.
  • These are not as supportive as some other Asics running shoes.
  • The narrowness and stiffness of the upper has caused foot squeeze and fatigue for some reviewers.
  • Although rare, there are complaints that the sole squeaks on some surfaces.
  • The upper is stiff and requires some break-in time to loosen up.
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The ASICS brand is one that has been around for over seventy years. Having built a reliable company and notable consumer base, their shoes are well crafted and known around the world. Their work is most admirable in their athletic shoes which they have now partnered with the Paralympic committee through 2020 as part of the Paralympic Movement. As large as a competitor as any of the other major brand names, the company’s humble beginnings and commitment to quality began with their handmade basketball shoes that debuted on the Japanese market in 1949, and have they continued to expand their brand and create new products well into the twenty-first century. Their running shoes are ideal and well crafted, not mistaking their consumer base or market as completely interchangeable. ASICS has continued their tradition of providing care and thought into who will buy their shoes and how the will use them every day, promoting the quality that countless runner around the world know.


The midsole keeps the mentality of firmness on the outside and soft comfortability on the inside. The allows for a cradling effect to take place on the runner’s feet in this shoe, giving a sense of comfort to each stride. This cradling effect also increases stability in each runner’s stride giving a greater sense of confidence. This design is also more noticeable to heel strikers who will find each stride a little more stable and balanced. When your feet connect with the ground the more durable outside rubber provides a firm step and the soft midsole reduces that strain of the impact offering a gentle approach to continuing you run. This soft design is welcoming as a whole keep strides comfortable and confident during the duration of someone’s run, as well as reducing impact strain thanks to the FuzeX gel technology that is implemented in the shoe.


As mentioned above the outsole maintains a firmer design than the midsole and is notable in the shoe's performance when running. The outsole’s performance in the cradling effect comes from this firmer design that is implemented around the center of the shoe’s sole. This firm and durable rubber create the cradle that the gel is able to relax in and thus cradles the runner’s feet on every stride. This durable material is designed with comfort and stability in mind using the midsole’s gel as a relief so that the outsole can focus on strength and support. The strong durable rubber is also responsible for helping to increase the shoes overall lifespan. By making the outside areas of the shoe’s sole more durable to the general wear and tear it may experience on multiple runs it allows the runner to consider this specific shoe as an investment and not one that will require multiple purchases or replacements in unreasonable amounts of time. The durable rubber keeps the midsole’s gel safe and doesn’t tear or breakaway from initial contacts with the ground. This creates a longer lasting outsole that doesn’t diminish the quality of the shoe over time.


This shoe itself is suitable for a couple of different terrains but isn’t an entirely off-road runner shoe in itself. The firm and soft designs help with the support of the shoes making it an ideal purchase for people who may have weak ankles. The support can be noticeable not just within the confines of running as a sport but also as a general gym shoe that can be enjoyed. This doesn’t pull away from this running shoe’s multiple terrain capabilities but actually helps highlight its dexterity. The shoe’s tough outsole makes it a solid match for runner’s who plan on doing mixed terrain runs. The durability of the outsole allows it to withstand the more demanding features of light nature running while the softer midsole allows the runner to quickly adapt to the high impact strides of urban runs on concrete surfaces. This allows the shoe to be something you might use as part of cardio warm up on your way t the gym and not have to worry about changing out or switching pairs when you arrive as and transition into a weighted or other alternative work out.


The upper of this shoe is where runners will see some intuitive and well-thought pros of this shoe come into play while a greater sense of the possible con(s) become more obvious as well. The shoe’s water resistant design is part of what allows it to be used in different terrain environments and damper or wet conditions keep the shoe and runner’s feet dry in relative conditions. This is a great feature however is counteracted by the tapering the shoe has towards the toe as well as the material that the upper is made out of. This shoe itself does not use a mesh upper that some other running and athletic shoes feature. As a result, the tapering in the upper becomes noticeable especially for runners with wider feet. Runners may notice that their toes and feet will feel snug and while there is still some mobility for the toes it is not something that is likely to go unnoticed. It should be noted though that the liner does also feature antibacterial properties to help keep the shoe foot environment clean. For the runners that are more concerned about how sweat and microbes might accumulate or prefer running without socks on this lining can be seen as a bit of peace of mind. The upper leaves some to be wanted for comfort when regarding larger feet but makes up some ground when considering sanitation as well as keeping feet dry on damper days.


The support this running shoe provides is ideal for runners and gym goers who have weaker ankles and need the little bit of extra help. The uppers design combined with the midsole and outsole gives a snugness that helps keep those weaker joints in a more stable position. This gives the shoe the necessary support light daily runners may be looking for when starting out and conditioning their body, as well as the sought after support regular gym-goers, may be searching for when lifting or performing other exercises. The shoe’s ability to cradle your feet is well received and felt by wearers and should not go overlooked when considering a purchase. While more professional and intense runners may find a rigidness that they no longer require as part of their shoe’s support construct, novice and amateurs alike can enjoy this feature. The tough outsole and soft midsole will help in keeping the foot in place and firm within the shoe through this cradling effect while reliance on the tighter upper helps keep runners’ weight from shifting during their strides so that they don’t lose their balance and experience injuries that were otherwise preventable.


The breathability trade of on this running shoe is a bit of a toss-up. The upper is not made with a highly breathable mesh material like you might find on other athletic trainer’s and running shoes, but the material that was used for this shoe helps make the shoe water resistant and more comfortable and reliable in damp conditions. This means that while you won’t get as much heat relief and your feet won't’ breath as much you will still be able to keep your feet dryer and better protected from the elements. The upper of this shoe also trade out breathability in exchange for antibacterial properties incorporated into the uppers lining. This means that should your shoes experience unwanted moisture or your feet do just heat up more you should be safer from experience the build-up of bacteria around your feet while running in the shoe. For any runner that has experienced this in other running or athletic shoes, this can be a great trade off in regards to sanitation and peace of mind even if it does mean trading the more breathable mesh material for a solidly lined upper.


Considering the Fuzex modest price point as well as the mixed terrain and casual use of these running shoes they’re optimal for different kinds and levels of runners. The shoe’s proficiency in casual environments is notable due to the ankle support exhibited by the combined design of the midsole and outsole. This allows for less serious runners and cardio enthusiast to use the shoes as a regular or casual gym wear shoe as well as a pair of shoes that they may use for ever day running and treadmill use. This diversity is one of the best bangs for your buck features of this shoe's price. The mixed terrain aspect of the shoes also allows for them to be used in more challenging running environments such as light forested trails, through the winding paths of city parkways, or any other less paved out trails runners may encounter along their routes. This means for relatively cheap you can expect to use this shoe for a diverse experience that allows you to tap into almost every aspect of your environment whether you find yourself running in the more concrete urban locales of a metropolitan area or the cleared terrain along a river or in your local park. The omittance of mesh fabric on the upper’s material also helps keep this shoe water resistant, something a lot of cheaper shoes struggle with. This helps guarantee dryer runs in environments that might be damp or during the wetter months throughout the year. The material also helps in the shoes multiple terrain styles and increasing the longevity of the shoe across less traditional track terrain and into more demanding mixed runs, without having to worry about replacement.


Users will find that this shoe maintains a light multipurpose use. The water-resistant non-mesh upper design allows for it to be a running shoe that will be reliable in the wet and damp conditions many people will experience during the spring and fall months. It’s tough and durable outsole counteracts the light gel used for the midsole, extending the shoe’s usable lifespan and making it a reliable option of mixed terrain runs as well as urban runs. This feature will allow you to seamlessly transition through city landscapes as well as the less cleared and paved parkway trails that you may incorporate into your routine. The shoe’s solid material and inexpensive pricing also make it a viable option for the casual cardio enthusiast and regular gym goers. The shoe is a more than acceptable workout shoe and one that allows gym-goers to incorporate cardio running into their workout outside of just the standard treadmill training they may be tired of. The ankle support mentioned above also makes it worthwhile when considering the type of support you’re looking for during lifting or cross-training workouts.

Bottom Line

Overall the ASICS Fuzex running shoe is a great multipurpose running and athletic shoe. It’s design features and durability feel rather geared to individuals who find themselves running on nontraditional tracks, making it a great option for runners who live in urban areas and often find themselves running routes that are heavily paved with concrete. The water resistance and tougher upper section make it just as viable for damp and wetter conditions and also allow these types of urban runners to enjoy the more scenic aspects of their environments such as parkways, cleared river trails, and the winding roads they can find around town. The shoe’s cradling midsole and outsole combinations make it an ideal option for heel strikers who are looking for a bit more comfort as well as helping to keep weaker ankles stable throughout use. This added stability also make the shoe a premier option as a casual gym shoe or everyday runner and reliable regards to its general support. It can be used as pre or post gym running hoe that you can wear to the gym for your workouts as well as just a general gym shoe you might wear while lifting. The shoes antibacterial properties also make it a more sanitary shoe ad optimal for individuals who enjoy completing their runs without wearing socks helping to prevent the buildup of bacteria in the foot environment.