Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds

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Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds Review Facts

The Jabra Elite Active 65t True Wireless Sports Earbuds provides you with 100% wireless calls, music, and sports with excellent adjustable sound. With the technology of 4-Microphone and EarGels, you will have the experience of a lifetime with this remarkable device. Your calls will be crystal clear, and the fit will be snug with personalized comfort. The Elite Active comes with three sets of EarGels in different sizes, so the mechanism stays in place and feels comfortable. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the outstanding performance is of the same high-quality. It uses the Jabra Sound+ app to personalize the device with the music profile, voice assistant, charge amount, noise filter, and much more. You have simple access with a single touch using Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. Included with the Elite Active are a charging case and Amazon Music Unlimited free for three months. There is an accelerometer to monitor your workout performance and fitness in addition to the call and music capabilities.

Using wireless stability that is third generation, Jabra decreased the music and call dropouts with this latest model. Also improved is battery life and charge time. The battery will last for five hours with just one charge and for fifteen hours with the charger case attached. You get 1.5 hours of battery for every fifteen minutes of charge, making the Elite Active one of the fastest charging devices on the market. We discuss the complete features and details of this superb earbud sports model in our full review below

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comes with three pairs of EarGels in various sizes
  • Custom fit will not fall out and feels great
  • Works well indoors or outdoors
  • Technology of 4-Microphone for crystal clear calls
  • Uses an accelerometer to monitor workout performance
  • Charging case and free Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Connects with the Jabra Sound+ app
  • Voice command using Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant
  • Five-hour battery or fifteen hours with the charge case
  • 1.5 hours of battery for every fifteen minutes of charge
  • Adjustments make the devices push in on the ears
  • You cannot use the left one alone without the right one


The fit of the Elite Active is customized because of the EarGels that are included in multiple sizes. It comes with three pairs of EarGels of large, medium, and small for a custom fit that will not fall out and feels good in the ears. Experience enhanced stability for the ears with the fit design that is secure. It might take some time to get used to the EarGels that hold the earbuds in place. A few people found them uncomfortable at first but then got used to them or at least their ears did. You can wear these for hours without any pain in the ears from wear and you may even forget you have them on. They are some of the most comfortable earbuds on the market today, and the fact that they will securely stay in the ears no matter the activity level is a huge plus.


Indoors or outdoors, you will get and maintain the best connection possible for call, music, and sports. Oftentimes, earbud models will cut out or lose their connection when nearby machinery or when outdoors where there is plenty of exterior noise. This is not a problem with the Elite Active. It can also take much abuse from bangs, wear, and knocks, and even if dropped hard on solid surfaces. It comes with a warranty for two years against dust and sweat from the manufacturer.


Besides the flexibility that these earbuds offer you, they are flexible in how you can use them. The right earbud can be used solo according to customers but not the left side. The control for volume is on the left and call and power control is on the right. However, going without the left earbud takes away the power to alter the volume. It is so simple to set this device up and operate that you will not need a user’s manual according to buyers. You have the freedom and versatility to adjust calls for the sounds you hear, including your voice to make them natural and comfortable. Also choose how much of the outside surrounding sounds you want to hear. You can personalize the music you hear with the customizable equalizer using the app and Jabra Sound. With all of these choices and adjustments possible, you can really make the Elite Active personalized to your unique taste.


With each new model of earbuds that Jabra creates, the technology, possibilities, and comforts for the user increase. This excellent model will not lose its connection to a phone and will not skip the beat or sound when listening to music. It has been tried during work outs, biking, hiking, conference calls, planes, and cars and never quit or lost connection. This is pretty incredible when you consider the large number of disturbances that are possible today both indoors and outdoors. The volume can be very loud if you need it, but in most cases, you will never go beyond the medium sound adjustment. This excellent volume control was mentioned in many feedback comments from customers as one of the best features they liked. Even when you are outdoors with exterior noises, you will be able to hear your phone calls and music very well.


The Elite Active has wireless stability that is 3rd generation to decrease music and call dropouts. The sound is excellent, according to users. It features the technology of 4-Microphone for crystal clear calls and crisp-sounding music that will have you surprised. It is a plus that such great sound can come from these small nuggets of technology. They will keep you connected and give you the flexibility and stability that you need throughout your busy life.


User comments online say that the Elite Active is the best on the market for wireless interaction and enjoyment. When on a call, you can use your normal voice as if speaking to someone that is physically in front, plus the other caller can hear you just as well. People are completely satisfied with this brand and are leaving other popular models and brand names for the excellence of this Jabra product. When compared to the competition, it is clear to see who is making the improvements to their models that customers want and need in their lives. This terrific model is offered in the two colors of copper blue or black titanium to give you a choice of style and fashion. Not only does the Elite Active work well, but it looks very good too.


Using an integrated sensor called an accelerometer for motion, the Elite Active can monitor your workout performance and fitness. This capability adds to the excitement in owning one of these incredible devices that do so much already. When paired with the app and your smartphone, you can see all of your vital stats from the earbuds. This model comes with a charging case and Amazon Music Unlimited free for three months. Use it with or without the charging case, as it adds plenty more battery power than a single charge. Jabra certainly wants you to enjoy their latest earbud product and give them a chance to show you exactly how clever their technology can be.


When compared to the Jabra Elite 65t, the Elite Active 65t is a much better item. The Active has the sports component and the 65t does not, and the battery of the Active takes much less time to charge. The key features of the Active is the rapid charge and the accelerometer, while the key feature of the 65t is wind noise protection. The Active is protected with the warranty for dust and sweat, and the 65t is protected for dust and water. They are similar in all other respects and qualities.

When compared to the Jabra Elite Sport model, the Active has a longer battery life and less charge time. The key feature of the Sport is the heart-rate monitor that is built in that the Active does not have. The Sport does not have voice command and uses the Sport Life app for its equalizer, while the Active uses Jabra Sound+ app. The Active is more expensive and bigger than the Sport also.


The Jabra Sound + app helps you personalize your new Jabra device for the 100% wireless calls, music, and sports you will enjoy. You can customize the music profile, select the voice assistant, monitor the charge, change the amount of nearby noise that is heard, and much more just by syncing with the app and your smartphone. Changes are always happening with the app for improvement to make your experiences better states Jabra. This company really does strive to give its customers the technology that can make lives better and more enjoyable. We know from our research into the buyer feedback and comments that people are noticing the major differences in their impressive models and the ones they thought were good before they tried Jabra items.

Ease of Use

Simple operation with voice command makes the Elite Active a true joy. It has access with one touch using Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to give you better control and flexibility when you need it most. So many qualities and characteristics of this device make it incredibly easy to use. you will not even need the user manual that you get because the app is so simple to navigate. Customers love the great sound, good fit, and the fact that it will not fall out even when exercising, working out, or jogging. The buttons are easy to press, it goes in the ear smoothly and painlessly, and it looks much nicer than other brands and models that are being offered currently by other brands. The only negative comments that we encountered online concern the problem of not being able to use the left earbud only, and if you do use only the right one, you lose the controls on the left one of the volume adjustment. It seems that the company chose to use the right one for solo listening because it has the more important controls of calls and music. You could not operate the device without these controls, but you can function without the volume of the left one. this issue is not really a problem, as the maker did find a way that you could use just one earbud efficiently.

Power Source

The Elite Active battery lasts for five hours with just one charge or for fifteen hours with the charge case. You get as much as 1.5 hours of battery for every fifteen minutes you charge with the case. Customers say the battery charge is super-fast, and they are absolutely thrilled with it. this model not only beats the competitor brands and models in this feature but also some of Jabra’s own trusted models as well. when you can power up enough on your lunch break at work to get you through the rest of the day for calls and music, you know it is worth it. Make the most of your time with this extraordinary sports earbud model from Jabra.

Bottom Line

We think that the Jabra Elite Active is an excellent sports earbud model that has taken advantage of all the latest technology that can be applied to it. The only negative remarks that we found, besides some connection issues, were about making adjustments and using only one earbud. When you make adjustments to any brand of earbud, it will press on the internal ear slightly, so this is not a problem with this model in particular. The company made it where you can use the device with only one earbud but only the right one. they could have easily not made this possible at all, making you use both at all times. The left one cannot be used alone because you would then lose your call and music functions. Maybe with future models, Jabra will make this more flexible. They are certainly leaps and bounds ahead of the game with their innovative and exciting products.