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Editor’s Conclusion
Salomon impresses yet again with a Supercross trail runner that both looks and feels great. In addition, the Supercross 3 delivers on all its promises with superior technology and materials, a fact that I'm yet to argue with on most Salomon gear.

A robust and aggressive grip makes it easy to dig into dirt safely whilst providing all the flexibility needed for ground feel and plenty of push-ups. Trail running needs a secure shoe that isn't slippy or sloppy, and the Supercross 3 provides an incredibly personalized fit with the use of SensiFitâ„¢ technology and a snug heel fit.

The third time is a charm, and this upgraded model moves incredibly well with the right amount of flexibility, heel stability, security, and traction.

Of course, you'll want to learn more about the newest Salomon upgrade for yourself. So, carry on reading to find out more about the features that make this runner perfect for many customers.
Salomon Supercross 3 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Generous fit

Super comfy

Great traction

Uses Quicklaces

Abrasion resistance


Not waterproof

Lacks support for more demanding terrains

Key Features


The first noticeable thing about the Supercross 3 is the commanding grip that uses distinct and comprehensive lugs that sink into the ground with confidence and reassurance. Flexibility and responsiveness are never affected by the grip, with plenty of push-off for those times when you need a helping hand.

Using trademarked SensiFit technology makes sure the Supercross 3 wraps like a glove around your feet, adjusting as if modeled for your feet alone. This is essential for trail running as fast feet need snug shoes.

In addition, finding extra security in the heel is a pleasant surprise. A fact which enables you to move with improved stability plus reactivity. This makes the Salomon Supercross 3 an immense option for a trail runner.

Extra stability and energy management also come from using an Energy Cell+system, whereas the Quicklace lacing system allows for easy and quick lace-up when on the move.

Although the Salomon shoe provides plenty of support and grip for trail runs, they are not mountaineering boots. With foot protection classed as light, what they lose in grip and ankle stability, they make up for with a lightweight and flexible feel, allowing you to move swiftly on the run.

However, I would be wary of using these too confidently for any technical mountain walks or for dangerous descent where lacking ultimate traction and stability could result in injury.


How can this be a running shoe if it's not comfortable? Don't worry; this Salomon trail running shoe provides superior comfort with an Ortholite insole, which is super comfortable, hygienic, and allows for fresher feet for longer. However, this Ortholite insole can be thinner than EVA foam midsoles, potentially decreasing the comfort for super long hikes.

In addition, Salomon class this as a regular cushioned shoe, so although it is comfortable, it may not provide you with the extreme comfort to keep off soreness and fatigue from multi-day trips.

Extra comfort comes from the protective toe cap, keeping you safe from toe stubs and sharp objects. The soft, stitch-free upper sole is also very comfortable against, with less chance of chafing and irritability.

In addition, although labeled as standard width, Salomon recommends ordering a size smaller than your normal size. This size-down will ensure a comfortable fit, probably because the anatomical fit is labeled as generous.

Hugging your feet securely means the Supercross 3 can maximize energy transfer to the outsole while allowing your foot to stay comfortable and connected to the ground, creating extra comfort and support through those muddy paths.

I also like how the tongue is attached to the upper sole on both sides. This handy trick prevents the pesky need to dig through your shoes for stones while on the move.


I'm always a fan of the materials Salomon use, with their skill and expertise showing through the quality choice of material. A protect rubber toe cap and rubber sole allows for easier, securer running plus more comfort. Durability is evident through the ripstop upper, a material known for its durability and resistance to scratches.

The EnergyCell Midsole used for the Salomon Supercross 3 is a famous kit that Salomon often uses in their hikers and trail runners. This multi-functional EVA Foam Midsole provides a mixture of comfort and protection.


Salomon shoes are built to last using superior technology and materials, so worrying about their longevity is never an issue. Indeed, the Supercross 3 certainly looks and feels sturdy, well made, and durable. For example, using the ripstop fabric reduces scuffs and scrapes and means these should stay looking newer for longer.

However, Salomon does recommend this shoe is for occasional use, which usually means once or twice a week. This fact suggests the Supercross 3 is not as durable as some of Salomon's other ranges.

But with the promise of a minimum 2-year warranty on all its products, I think you'll probably still get your money's worth, and if you have any issues, give Salomon a shout.

Comparison to Similar Trail Runners

The Salomon Supercross is a superb outdoor shoe. Still, unfortunately, the cushioning may not be enough for some that quickly experience foot fatigue and soreness, needing something more cushioned for longer days on the trail.

The Salomon S/LAB Ultra 3 trail running shoe provides a comfort level so high you'll think you're wearing a road running shoe. With a highly breathable, lightweight upper and a midsole made of the most durable foam, you'll experience comfy cushioning and protection for long-distance use.

However, if you're looking for something with a more bare, minimalistic ground feel, I'd recommend trying out the Merrell Trail Glove 6. This Trail Glove version has a new design that imitates the shape of the bare human foot, ensuring it stays in a natural position to the ground.

With a barefoot, light, and minimalist style, you can experience a more lightweight, faster, and more responsive ride. The Trail Glove 6 also looks and feels nice.


The Supercross 3 uses Contagrip TD, built for maximum traction on varied terrain and durable enough to withstand the most challenging trails. Built with large lugs, the Speedcross delivers optimum grip to keep you grounded.

When running on the wet and muddy ground, the shoe's deep chevron lugs dig into the ground, anchoring you in place. This gives a solid base for push-off from when taking a stride and digging into the ground when braking and changing direction.

The Supercross 3 is a wonderfully comfortable and supportive trail runner with great features at a reasonable price. You'll usually find them retailing at around the $100 mark, and for an affordable price, you get a shoe that is well suited to a variety of landscapes.

In addition, you'll experience impact shock reduction due to the EVA midsole and quick and easy use with the Contragrip sole. In general, the Salomon Supercross 3 is a perfect trail running shoe for pretty much most off-trail adventures.