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Coleman Canopy Review Facts

The great Coleman company has done it again with yet another fabulous product to help you enjoy your outdoor camping adventures even more. The Coleman Canopy is terrific for sporting events, campsites, and the backyard with its 13 x 13-foot shade dimensions and 10 x 10-foot structural footprint. It offers you and your group wonderful SPF 50+ UV Guard sun protection and a cool refuge under the shelter with roof vents for superb ventilation.

The poles are pre-attached, and the frame is made of steel to be durable and long-lasting. A push-button lever operates the single piece frame easily, and there are two kinds of stakes to secure the tethers and the feet. Once assembled, the Coleman Canopy gives stable shelter on asphalt, concrete, or grass surfaces and takes only a few minutes to put up or take down simply.

You get a wheeled carry bag that fits most cars to store and transport this fantastic canopy in. Unfortunately, this outstanding product with the great Coleman name has a lower satisfaction rating online, mostly because of customer errors with the shelter. We explain this issue in detail below, together with all the other pros and cons of the Coleman Canopy.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Gives stable shelter on asphalt, concrete, or grass
  • Anyone can put this product up easily
  • Good for sporting events, campsites, and the backyard
  • Three steps and three minutes for set-up
  • Frame is one piece operable with a push button lever
  • Has SPF 50+ UV Guard sun protection
  • Canopy dimensions are 13 x 13 feet; 10 x 10 footprint
  • Wheeled easy-carry bag fits in most vehicles
  • Steel frame with pre-connected supports
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Two types of stakes for tethers and feet
  • Must be tied down - will blow in the wind if not
  • Material will turn yellow if left in the sun for long periods


Coleman is one of those endearing companies that customers love because of their high-quality products. It is a name that you can trust for superior craftsmanship, materials, and design.

This 100+-year-old company has blossomed into one of the most respected brand names in camping equipment for the great outdoors. Almost everything needed for a wonderful outdoor experience can be found with Coleman.

The company offers so many products today. It certainly has come a long way from its humble beginning in the year 1900. This is when the founder, W.C. Coleman, as a young man was inspired by a gasoline mantle lamp that he saw in a drugstore window. His legacy continues to this day in the exceptional products offered such as this Coleman Canopy.


Several comfort features were incorporated into the design of the Coleman Canopy to make it safer and more accessible for people to use it.

The pre-attached lightweight poles have comfort grips to lock the structure into place. You never have to worry about connecting poles or trying to decide which ones go where since they are already combined for you.

They pop together where they are joined. The telescoping poles do not require overhead reaching to assemble since these are put together first and then lifted with the side poles for the complete structure.

The comfort grips are pinch-free and adjustable, so fingers remain safe for the setting up and putting down of the canopy. The roof vents help keep it fresh for everyone under the tent. Other canopy models that are without vents are much hotter and less breezy underneath.


For such a lightweight product, the frame of the canopy is quite durable and robust. It is a steel frame of one single piece that operates with a push-button lever. The feet are welded steel and are used in pulling the corner legs down to the ground with the foot.

We do have a Wind Protection section, but we want to mention in this section that the structure must be tied down or it will blow in the wind if it is not. This is true, especially on the beach. The problem is, it is hard to secure it in the loose sand.

Some buyers say that their canopies withstood 30-mile wind well when they had their up. The performance of this temporary shelter is so good that a few even went as far as to say that it is better than permanent canopies they have had in the past.

To prevent leakage problems of the rain coming through the seams in the roof even before it could happen, one buyer treated his canopy with a tent sealer. It is an excellent idea to secure your investment in the product.

One of the biggest reasons that this canopy has such a poor rating online is the many complaints of the material turning a yellow color and eventually tearing and coming apart. As Coleman states in the instructions with the item, the material will turn yellow if the structure is left outside in the sun for long periods.

It is not meant to be a permanent fixture. It is a shame that the rating for this outstanding product must suffer because many people insisted on using this perishable item as a permanent one and now have nothing to show for their money.


If the superb quality and enormous size of this Coleman Canopy is not enough for the economical price, you also get a large storage bag with wheels, multiple handles, and expandable zippers too. There are latches for all eight of the positions when assembling that are great, plus it comes with regular and heavy-duty stakes for the tethers and the feet, respectively.

It is the user’s choice whether or not to use the stakes for securing the canopy, but it just makes no sense why anyone would forgo this crucial safety step that takes minutes to do.

The large feet are beneficial when setting the shelter up, as you can step on them to extend the poles easily. Buyers say that sidewalls are not available for this 13 x 13 model with the company, but you can make some yourself quite easily with shade cloth measured out to the side measurements.


The whole point of purchasing this canopy is to protect you and your group along with the supplies and gear you accumulate underneath it. You are protected from the sun and the rain when this structure is erected. It has exceptional sun protection with SPF 50+ UV Guard. Use this structure wherever you need reliable sun coverage.

Assembled the Coleman Canopy gives stable shelter on asphalt, concrete, or grass. Several customers mention problems they had with setting it up on a sandy beach, but in all fairness, the company never states sand as one of the places they recommend for putting it.

There is excellent air circulation with the two-way roof vents, and rain will run off the sides and not collect in the top, as we have all experienced with some structures in the past. With the large size, the eaves overhang to give you a larger area of shade for a smaller footprint space.


What makes most customer choose this superb canopy over so many other choices online is not so much the name, but more the considerable size of the Coleman Canopy. Most other structures of this nature are just 10 x 10 feet in diameter.

This one is 13 x 13 feet with 64 square feet of shade coverage. The center height is 8 feet and 4 inches, and the side height is 6 feet. What is important to note is that the footprint (or framing) of this shelter is only 10 x 10 feet making the shade you get three feet more around than other models.

It weighs 37 pounds, which is heavy for some but not for others, and the legs are thicker than competitor models. The steel frame is 28mm thick, so it is heavier than most other canopy shelters of this type. Some people complained of the weight of this canopy, but if you think about it, 37 pounds is not a lot for such a large shelter as this one.


As the manufacturer states in the instructions, you receive with the canopy; this structure is not for permanent use. It is only meant to be a temporary shelter for events that are only a few days or is taken down after each use.

Customers will notice quick a deterioration of the canopy if it is left out in periods that expose it to the sun for too long. This is one of the main reasons this product has such a bad overall rating online, but it is not the fault of the product or the maker. You should not try to make this temporary shelter be something it is not, which is permanent.


Whether this Coleman Canopy is genuinely waterproof or not is an ongoing debate with buyers. Some say that it is great when it rains and everything under the canopy remains dry, while others say just the opposite. At the seams, the shelter can leak, but if it does for everyone continues to be known.

Not many people commented on this in their reviews, and the few that did were some of both sides of the argument. One buyer treated the seams as we tell you in another section, so of course, his canopy did not leak at all. It may be worth doing this when you receive the product to prevent problems further down the line.

Wind Protection

How the Coleman Canopy handles the wind that can come up even on a bright sunny day is not crystal clear with buyers. You have those that claim it can withstand 30-mile winds and others that say just a breezy day at the beach will tip it over if it is not staked.

When you consider how dangerous a 13 x 13-foot shelter could be if the wind took it, it boggles the mind why anyone would go through the trouble to set this somewhat expensive item up and then not put the stakes in the ground to hold it secure.

That is just irresponsible to the people who will be using it and anyone in the vicinity that could be harmed by a considerable toppling structure. Coleman provides two kinds of stakes to hold it down, so please be sure to use them if you decide to get this item.

Ease of Use

It takes just three simple steps to set this Coleman Canopy up in only three minutes. Of course, the more people who help out, the faster it goes up and comes down.

This hexagon-shaped shelter is excellent for sporting events, campsites, and the backyard. Bring it with you for family outings, picnics, and barbeques all during the year. It includes a wheeled easy-carry bag that will fit in most vehicles.

One buyer online says that the negative reviews of broken canopies and ripped fabrics must be from people who are handling this item wrong. It should last for many years of regular use and be very easy to operate. The material will undoubtedly be damaged quickly if it is left in the weather elements for too long a stretch.

Bottom Line

When a trusted, reputable company such as Coleman has a product with a satisfaction rating of 3.8 online, it is sad to witness. What is worse is that the negative reviews are mostly from people who have lost their canopies due to their negligence.

Coleman states very clearly in the instructions that this is a temporary structure that is not to be left out in the sun and rain for days at a time.

The majority of those giving a bad review did that, and now they have yellowed canopies or ones that have deteriorated significantly. This is no fault of the company or the product.

The faithful followers of Coleman know the unique items that this company manufactures, and this canopy is no different. If you need temporary shelter for your events and gatherings, then this is one to consider seriously. Don’t leave it out to ruin, please.