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NYNE Speakers Review Facts

Do you want to have a small speaker set for your next outdoor party that has a loud clear sound? Well, look no further than the NYNE Speakers we highlight in this review. The entire device is small enough for travel purposes, yet it has an excellent sound quality that surprises most people. It is ideal for the outdoors with a full range performance and wireless form that makes backyard events, tailgating, and camping activities so much more fun.

The 20-watt NYNE Speakers include 4.0 wireless Bluetooth streaming with easy NFC pairing. The range of Bluetooth is 100 feet, and the sound quality is 2.1 superior with an active subwoofer embedded. The bass is rich, and the sound is pure to rival even a Bose product, according to recent buyers.

You can charge your smartphone on the back of the device and even accept hands-free calls through the system, as it includes a wonderful microphone built into the mechanism. It is so easy to stream music from tablets and smartphones with the NYNE Speakers that come with a rechargeable lithium battery with a playtime of ten hours per charge. Hidden in the speaker build is a nice handle for carrying it to increase its portability.

Learn more about this great product from our detailed review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Bass is rich with a pure sound
  • Said to be as good as a Bose product
  • Styling is unique and appealing
  • Great for the backyard, tailgating, and camping activities
  • Bluetooth streaming with easy NFC pairing
  • Compatible with devices that are non-Bluetooth too
  • Stream music from tablets and smartphones
  • Rechargeable with a playtime of ten hours
  • Customer service is known for not returning calls or answering
  • Possible troubles with charging and working after a few months

Key Features

-Hidden carry handle and USB channel
-Finish is rubberized, tough, and long-lasting
-Sound quality is 2.1 superior with an active subwoofer
-Four versatile plugs, Ac adapter, and a 3.5mm cable
-Dimensions are 13.5 x 6.3 x 7 inches
-Low weight of 6.65 pounds
-20-watt speakers that are terrific
-Button controls for power, forward, next, and volume
-Bluetooth range of 100 feet
-Calling is hands-free with the microphone built-in
-Large easy to use and see buttons
-Lithium battery for operation is included


Since the NYNE Speakers are portable, they are flexible to your needs for great sound anywhere and anytime. We discuss in other sections the many places that this fabulous product can be used efficiently. We will mention in this section that it is suitable any location indoors or outdoors with a small size and a fantastic performance.

The most versatile aspect of the splendid speakers is the inconspicuous carry handle that is hidden in the build. When not in use, it is not even noticeable, so it does not take away from the pleasing appearance of the versatile product.

The appealing finish is rubberized and tough to be durable and long-lasting so that the incredible speakers can be used anywhere you go without a problem of endurance. When you desire a simple set of speakers that you do not have to fight with to connect or find a place for that is out of the way of guests, you will be so glad you have this fantastic product. Just be ready to tell everyone where you bought it because they will surely ask you!


The NYNE Speakers have a sound quality that is 2.1 superior with the active subwoofer built-in. They give big sound and bass with the dedicated woofer, unlike most Bluetooth portable speakers. Buyers say that the bass is rich and there is a pure sound. This product does not sound cheap or overwhelming.

Most people claim that it is as good as a Bose product with a full sound not like other types of speakers that are portable. Even at a higher volume the sound is not distorted nor does not need to be placed near a wall to improve the sound quality. This is yet another element of the freedom and versatility that you gain with this set of speakers for your next party or event.

Whether you enjoy your music indoors, at the office, outside, or in the car, you will be pleasantly pleased with the excellent sound quality of this set of speakers that can travel anywhere. They connect so easily that it seems impossible to be real.


Offered in black and silver or white and grey models, the NYNE speakers set has 20-watt speakers that are terrific with a styling that is unique and appealing. Either one of these color combinations will fit in well with room décor or outside furnishings.

The overall dimensions are 13.5 x 6.3 x 7 inches with a 6.65-pound weight. For the small size and the economical price, customers are shocked when they receive this item and hear it for the first time. Such clear, loud sound from such a small set of speakers is not usual.

There are sizeable top button controls for power, forward, next, and two for the volume.
Included with the product are four power adapters that are international in use to go anywhere and anytime along with an AC adapter and a 3.5mm cable.

A three-year dealer platinum warranty is included with these speakers that have a 4.3 approval rating online from mostly satisfied buyers. You will be pleased with this product as many have already declared their affection for it. These speakers will make obtaining music for gatherings much easier than other models that can be too big or difficult to handle often.


We want to mention a support problem that many customers are encountering online from the customer support service of the manufacturer. When contacting the customer service by phone or email, buyers were never answered or contacted about their concerns and were left with no recourse but to abandon getting any help.

We did not see any comments that included a customer receiving aid from this department. Amazon does what it can to resolve the minor problems, but the more significant issues must be handled by the company itself. Hopefully, if you purchase these NYNE speakers, you will not need to contact the department with any problems. It is a straight-forward product that should not require any special care or aid with the operation.


Ideal for the outdoors with a full range performance and wireless form, the NYNE Speakers are great for backyard events, tailgating, and camping activities. Bring it out for parties outside of a few people or plenty because the sound is great for all to hear.

Hooking up larger speakers for a fantastic sound can be cumbersome and problematic for your outdoor groups and gatherings, so make things very simple with this portable speaker set. Usually, the dispersal of sound outdoors, especially for groups of people and large areas, is not good. However, this little product can really belt out the music for your next party or function to surprise everyone.

They will certainly ask where you bought it and how much it cost. we saw one remark from a buyer that said they brought this product to their job to use in the office for everyone, and the boss was so impressed that he is giving everyone one of these NYNE Speakers for Christmas. Now that is a great boss!


Several similar models of speakers can be compared to this product that have almost the same size and features. The one that it is most common to is the NYNE Multimedia BassPro Splash-Proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker in price, size, and weight.

The NYNE Speakers differ in a better customer approval rating, four times the number of online reviews, a USB connection rather than wireless, and an AC power source in addition to a battery.

Both have Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, and their appearances are quite alike too. It will be hard to choose one of these speakers over the other. However, it looks like customers have decided that this model of NYNE Speakers is the better choice because of the overwhelming number of reviews and sales.


Included is 4.0 wireless Bluetooth streaming with easy NFC pairing for devices with a long-range of operation. The Bluetooth range according to the manufacturer is 100 feet, but the optimal range of functioning is about 33 feet.Even outdoors, your guests and friends will be able to hear the music from that distance, so the speakers do not have to be close for the best ambiance.

This fabulous item is even compatible with devices that are non-Bluetooth too for wonderful compatibility. It will easily stream music from tablets and smartphones and can even be connected to laptops and other devices. The versatility of this speaker set seems almost endless as you adapt it to your lifestyle and preferences.

Ease of Use

You can charge your smartphone with the included USB port on the back of this fantastic product and even accept calls through the mechanism. The music will stop when a call comes through, so you and your caller can be heard clearly and uninterrupted. The calling is hands-free with the microphone that is already built into the device.

You just press the button for bass when a call comes through and speak using the microphone. There are largely easy to use and see buttons on the top for skipping songs or pausing them when linked to such sites as Pandora. This is one of the easiest devices you could buy that is so flexible for your music needs and so portable to fit into any environment and surroundings.

Use it in the backyard, at the beach, at the pool, at a tailgate party on the car hood, while camping, or out on the patio with friends and family. There is certainly no wrong place, as this device has terrific sound anywhere.

Power Source

The lithium battery for this NYNE Speaker set is rechargeable with a playtime of ten hours and included with the product.A USB cable is also provided for your charging needs. This gives you plenty of time to have continuous music for your event or gathering for everyone to enjoy.

We did see some complaints about the speakers not working after a few months with regular use. customers had problems charging the unit and getting it to work properly again. These remarks were not many, but enough to make it something to ponder for future buyers. With the included AC adapter, you can use the battery power or just plug in the speakers for continuous play at home or work. Again, the versatility of this item is its best and most well-liked quality.

Bottom Line

You will wonder how you ever did without this little set of speakers in your life, especially for parties, gatherings, and events during the year. It makes setting up music for groups so much easier than fighting with more substantial and more complicated devices that do not have the same bold and clear sound as the NYNE Speakers. The only problems we found that buyers are having is with the manufacturer’s customer service department and some charging and functioning issues after a few months for some people.

There are so many positive comments of the clarity and boldness of the sound from the NYNE Speakers that it is an excellent purchase for anyone who wants to have a good set of speakers in a portable form. You can take this product anywhere and have music wherever you go. This is not possible for all speaker models because outdoors the sound quality is usually not good at all.

That is what makes this set so special because the sound does not deteriorate when outdoors or among groups of people. We like the size, quality, built, performance, and style of the NYNE Speakers.