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Libratone Zipp Review Facts

These days, Bluetooth speakers offer exceptional quality and excellent sound. They have fast become a popular wireless option for playing music, adopting the latest technologies to ensure premium audio. Having a portable wireless speaker makes life so much easier. Stream music from your phone, tablet or laptop, and play all your favorite hits anywhere you like.

The Libratone Zipp is packed full of cool features, ensuring that you can pump up the volume on your favorite tunes, without affecting the quality or clarity. Stream music via AirPlay, DLNA, or Spotify Direct, connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth or listen to your favorite internet radio stations at just the touch of a button. The 360-degree design allows for sound to be projected from every direction, improving your overall listening experience. It is the full package, with fantastic functionality and it looks as good as it sounds. Plus, you can even change out the cover to match your speaker with your interior design.

Committed to beautifully designed audio accessories, Libratone have certainly upped their game when it comes to the Zipp. Streamlining your streaming process, this wireless speaker is both stylish and versatile. With great battery life and improved, user-friendliness, you are sure to be impressed with the impressive sound quality and intuitive-touch operation that the Zipp has to offer. If you are looking to invest in a new Bluetooth speaker, check out our review of the Libratone’s Zipp and why we think that it is one of the best on the market.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Packed with top technology
  • 360-degree sound
  • Steam via Airplay, Spotify and DLNA
  • Connect to your phone with Bluetooth
  • Audio profiles to match your mood and location
  • Not very durable
  • Some issues with Android phones


Enhancing your listening experience, the Libratone Zipp speaker has been mainly designed for use indoors. It is a portable speaker that can easily be carried around your home to pump up the volume in whatever room you like. The design makes the Zipp ultra-versatile, as it can be placed anywhere in your space, without affecting the overall quality or listening experience.

Download the app to easily manage and control your music, iPhone users in particular with love compatibility with Airplay/ Airplay 2. If you want sound throughout your house, create a SoundSpace and connect up to six Zipps together or upgrade your listening experience and create a stereo set up with two. However, whilst this may improve the sound, this is not a necessity and you can easily use your Zipp on its own. It should also be noted that the speaker is not waterproof, which would have been a useful addition that would have increased the portability of the design. If you are looking for a speaker that offers increased durability and ruggedness, consider choosing one that has been purposely created for the outdoors.


The Libratone Zipp is a big speaker with a big sound, string instruments are played perfectly, the vocal tones are as smooth as butter, and the bass has meaty authority. It is a neutral but warm sound, with lots of reviewers commenting on the top quality arrangement. One of the best qualities of the Zipp has to be its ability to play music at a high volume, without your tracks sounding distorted.

If you are looking to treat yourself to a high-performance speaker to upgrade your at-home sound system, the Libratone Zipp could be an excellent choice. Enhancing your listening experience with increased accuracy and precision, the Zipp features a Neodymium Woofer, two Soft Dome Neodymium Tweeters, and two low-frequency radiators, as well as a single 360-degree reflector and a Class D, amplified Adaptive DSP. As a result, the Zipp is the perfect choice for anyone who prioritizes quality when listening to music.

You can even adapt your speaker to suit your music and mood, different audio profiles for a variety of different types of tracks. Whether you want to pump up the volume with Rock the House setting, enjoy a relaxed evening Easy Listening, or change it to Speech for your favorite podcasts. You can also change up the sound based on the Zipps location, such as the bookshelf or table profile. However, there have been some updates and improvements with Zipp 2 when it comes to quality. For example, if you are a big bass fan, the recently released Zipp 2 has been adapted to deliver improved bass notes.


The Libratone Zipp has a unique Scandinavian design, and it is a stylish contemporary- looking speaker. At the top of the Zipp, you will discover the light up tough display, featuring an illuminated nightingale, Libratone’s logo, right in the center. At the bottom, there is a sturdy silicone base featuring a USB port and your charging point.

Libratone named the speaker Zipp as a nod to the interchangeable covers. With a stylish twist, the semi-gloss thread fabric that covers most of the top of the speaker is replaceable, which is certainly an excellent addition. The speaker comes with the cover of your choice, but you can buy additional options from Libratone and change the color of your speaker to suit the room of mood. However, some have suggested that the process of changing your cover is not as easy as what Libratone would have you believe.


If you are looking to pump up the volume and get immersed in sound, the Libratone Zipp can be connected via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

If you prefer to stream your music, the Libratone Zipp has got you covered It is important to note, however, that connectivity will depend on the Wi-Fi network. If you use AirPlay or Spotify, the connectivity with Wi-Fi allows for a clear sound and easy listening experience. You can also download the free Libratone app from either Google Play or the App Store to fine-tune your listening further. Manage your SoundSpace, pick the perfect volume and easily set Audio profiles as well as all your favorites. If you are not connecting your speaker to a smart device through the app, there are 11 different volume options available.

Although, some online reviews have suggested that the Zipp does not always have excellent connectivity, with some reviewers indicated that there might be some lag issues, particularly when the speaker is playing music via Wi-Fi. There have also been some issues raised with regards to the software available, with several reviews suggesting that the speaker can be quite laggy. However, there have been recent updates to the Libratone software, and they have developed it further in an attempt to address this. Also, if you are an Android user, the Zipp does not feature Google Cast compatibility. You will still be able to play your music via Bluetooth, but it may not have the same excellent quality. This has been echoed across several online reviews, with a number of users reporting that the Zipp works better with iOS devices.

The vast majority of comments online indicated that Bluetooth connectivity was top dollar and that the speaker comfortably picked up voices from one metre away. If you are looking to upgrade your Zipp experience, you could consider the Zipp 2, which also features Amazon Alexa and all of her amazing capabilities.


The Libratone Zipp features a 2, 400 mAh battery, which takes 2 hours to fully charge. It has excellent battery life, and it is reported that it lasts for around 10 hours. Although, many reviewers stated that their Zipp often exceeds this. If you want to check your remaining power, there are lots of different ways to see how long you have left. You can check by tapping the power button once with the indicator flashing up on the interface, there is also an alarm played through the speaker when you have an hour remaining, or you can use the app to see exactly how much juice you have left.

Another reviewer noted that unlike most gadgets with their universal USB chargers, there is a separate charger that can be used for the Zipp only. As a result, if you are going on holiday or taking your speaker on an outdoor adventure, you will need to carry this charger as well as your others. Plus, it is a pretty bulky setup and can limit your access to any neighboring power sockets.

Ease of Use

The Libratone speaker is super easy to use, and you can easily get it set up in no time at all! It will look good and sound great, making sure that all your favorite hits are played to the highest standard.

When you first receive your Libratone Zipp, we definitely recommend downloading the app for maximum control. You can also pre-set internet radio stations through the app, so when you want to listen to your favorite radio program, you will just need to press the heart logo on the touch interface. If you are streaming Spotify, Tidal or internet radio, there is no device necessary, and you can easily get to your favorite songs using the touch operation. However, there have been some issues raised regarding how you control your music through the speakers themselves. Several customers have indicated that this can be challenging and that it is much easier to manage your sound from your smartphone or tablet device.

Nevertheless, the ‘Hush’ feature has been particularly welcomed, and this is awesome! Simply, put your hand over the speaker to cause the volume to significantly decreases, increasing when you- take your hand away, It is an ingenious feature and so useful when your phone rings or somebody shout you from another room. The Zipp also comes with a leather handle which is great for portability. Handily, the base includes a USB port, where you can insert an external drive or charge your phone although it should be noted that this can drain the battery life.

Online reviews have noted that the Zipp does take some time to switch on, with an extended press-hold. With some users reporting that it can take up to 30 seconds to get your tunes playing. It has also been suggested that setting up SoundSpace can be quite challenging, and we would definitely recommend reading the instructions carefully before you begin. Overall, the Libratone Zipp looks good, sounds great and is easy to use. It is a powerful package, yet there are some limitations with regard to responsiveness and accuracy.


There are two different sizes to choose from the original Libratone Zipp and the Zipp mini. The dimensions of these speakers are:

Large- 10.3 x 4.8 inches

Mini- 8.8 x 3.9 inch


The Zipp is based on a modern Scandinavian design, it is a speaker that will easily fit into your lifestyle and overall, transform your listening experience. Although it is packed with the latest features, the Zipp is considered to be a mid-level speaker and it is relatively affordable when compared to similar models from different brands. If you are on a budget, the Zipp mini is slightly cheaper. However, with only $50 between them and the sound quality being significantly better on the larger Zipp, you may wish to spend the extra cash.

Bottom Line

While Libratone is a fairly new company, they are already well-known for offering great audio accessories. The Zipp sounds great, even when turned up full, and you can reach top note without your tunes sounding muddy. Offering understated quality, you are sure to hit the sweet spot every time with the Libratone Zipp!

Packed with technology and delivering a well-balanced sound, reviews have highlighted that the Libratone Zipp offers understated excellence. We know that in order to achieve that premium audiophile-quality, you can spend more than a thousand bucks on your sound system. However, this cylindrical drum speaker offers music quality that is reminiscent of a much more expensive setup. Effective as both a portable and a smart speaker, The Zipp delivers with ease and precision. There have been some concerns reported regarding ease of use, and the lack of water-resistance, but all in all, the Zipp speakers are certainly a worthy investment.