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Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones Review Facts

The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones are high-quality, Alexa-enabled, and comfortable for long-term wear. This wonderful item has noise cancellation that is world-class on three levels and a dual-microphone, noise-rejecting system for voice pick-up and clear sound. Enjoy personalized settings, Bluetooth pairing that is hassle-free, and future update access with the included Bose Connect app. The superb design is foldable and adjustable with stereo sound. Phone calls come in quite clear even in places that are commonly noisy. This makes the fantastic device exceptional in work environments to block out motor noises from such things as heating and air vents, planes, trains, vehicles, and more. Many people purchase this SC 35 model just for the noise cancellation properties alone because they are outstanding. This fabulous model is Alexa-enabled for access by voice to information, music, and much more. The external Action button is used to listen to podcasts, music, access Alexa without having to look or activate a smartphone. This package consists of the headphones, a wired connection audio cable, a carrying case, and a USB cable for charging. The battery life and flexibility are great too. Charged, the headphones last for twenty hours or for forty hours in the wired mode. Re-charging takes less than three hours for a quick turnaround for more wireless power. The QC 35 Headphone model is an amazingly superior product with a high customer rating online and thousands of positive reviews.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very comfortable for long-term wear

Is Alexa-enabled for access by voice

Listen to podcasts, music, or access Alexa

Dual-microphone noise-rejecting system

Calls are clear in environments that are noisy

The headband is adjustable with a foldable design

Noise cancellation that is world-class on three levels

Includes an audio cable, a carrying case, and a USB cable

Bluetooth pairing and update access with Bose Connect app

Battery life is 20 hours wireless or 40 hours wired


A few people prefer the sound quality of competitor models better

Bluetooth connection gave some users trouble when paired with two devices


Bose is well-known for its excellent products and superior quality and is usually compared with other brands such as Sony to find the best products. Online customer feedback for this wonderful device includes some comments on this major brand of headphones against the leading competing Sony model. Many customers prefer the Bose over the Sony competitor model for enhanced performance and comfort. The sound has been described as being much more clear, crisp, and full, making the Sony device sound cluttered, dull, or muddy. It is more comfortable on the head and lighter, leaving the Sony model feeling heavy and bulky. Several buyers chose the Bose based on these features alone. The Bose controls are also more consistent than the popular Sony competitor model according to buyers. When it comes to head-to-head competition between the headphone brands, Bose seems to win with the majority of buyers easily.


Bose made this model of headphones lighter in some respects than competing models, but actually a bit heavier than their own previous versions of headphones. They are not bulky or geeky in looks or style and are streamlined to the head. Perfect for the intended use of long-time, all-day wear, this superb product is very comfortable. Customers say that there is not a lot of clamping with the earcups, so they are ideal for those that wear eyeglasses. One of the features that provide comfort is the switch that turns the device on and off. Previous models and competing models have a button to press for this function. A button can be pressed accidentally thus causing a hassle for the user to turn the device back on again when hit by error. The QC 35 has a manual switch for this function, which is a much-appreciated feature for the busy person on the go.


Flexibility is key when you have a busy lifestyle, so these wonderful headphones aid you with being flexible at home and on the job. The QC 35 model is Alexa-enabled for access by voice to information, music, and much more. Several external buttons give you many options for the various features of the device. The multi-function button can be held to access a smartphone’s virtual default assistant, such as Siri. If you prefer to do manual adjustments for noise cancellations using the low, off, or high choices, then access the Action button on the headphones to work without a virtual assistant. With the many options for voice commands or manual adjustments, you can customize this terrific product to exactly what you need.


The audio performance of this Bose product is balanced and steady at all volumes. Phone calls are clear even in environments that are noisy. The earcups surround the ears completely and do not just perch on top of the ears to give you an excellent performance of blocking out external motor noises and listening abilities for music and calls. The Action button is activated to listen to podcasts, music, access Alexa, and much more without having to look or activate a smartphone. This button is also used when you do not want to use Alexa for adjusting the noise cancellation levels. The QC 35 Headphones have a dual-microphone noise-rejecting system for voice pick-up and clear sound. Besides the amazing comfort of the device, most customers love the stable noise cancellation and connection qualities of this fantastic item.


As if the outstanding performance of the QC 35 Headphones were not enough, you will also experience high-quality comfort and style with this fabulous product. Made of high-quality materials such as protein synthetic leather and extra-soft Alcantara, the fit on the head is comfortable and snug. The headband is adjustable, and the device is a foldable design. Of course, the sound is in stereo for the best listening quality for your podcasts, calls, and music, and the noise cancellation properties are the best. Several people commented online about how stylish, trendy, and modern this headphone design is. You can wear these comfortably and confidently on the job to block out the motor noises that bother you and distract your concentration. Even though they can be deemed as a bit pricey, the quality is so good that buyers are purchasing two sets to use for home and work, instead of carrying them back and forth. Once you try them, you will realize how much noise you were having to tone out with other headphone models to focus completely on your work.


By far, the most popular use of these wonderful headphones for buyers is the noise cancellation quality. It seems that there are many noises in and around work sites that drain a person’s concentration, making them have difficulty focusing on the task or chore at hand. People use headphones to block out these motor noises, but most models leave you desiring a better product. The QC 35 is one of the best, or the best according to some customers, at doing this function. It has noise cancellation that is world-class on three levels for an enhanced listening experience in almost any environment. You choose the amount of cancellation you want with a selection of three levels. Voices can still be heard, which is great for on the job use. Many people want and need to block out motor noises of air blowers, engines, road noises, and planes. It is wonderful to block out noises and be able to focus completely on your tasks and duties. This Bose product allows you to go deeper with no external noise into your work, music, and passions. The noise cancellation feature stops all noises without delay or white noise. The call and music aspects are superb as well, but it is this noise quality that has most people excited about the QC 35 and telling others of the excellence of the product.


Overall, when compared to previous Bose and competing models, QC 35 is a much better product. When compared to the Quiet Control 30 model of headphones, they both have a microphone system and noise cancellation, but the QC 35 is Alexa-enabled, and the QC 30 is not. They both have music sharing and the Bose Connect app, but the QC 35 has only three levels of noise cancellation and the 30 has twelve levels. The QC 35 has twenty hours of battery life and the 30 only has ten hours. Compared to the Bose QC 25, the QC 35 has a much higher satisfaction rating from online buyers by only about half the amount of online reviews. It is also twice the price, slightly heavier, and larger in size than the QC 25 model. The QC 35 has Bluetooth capabilities and the QC 25 version does not. Compared to the Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones and the Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, the QC 35 model has a better customer rating and plenty more reviews. The QC 35 is the same price as the Sony but more than the Beats model. The QC 35 outperforms all of these products with its terrific additional features as well.


You will not have to purchase anything extra to use, charge, or enjoy the SC 35 Headphones right away. They come with the accessories of a wired connection audio cable, a carrying case, and a USB cable for charging. You can use the connection cable to listen to music or calls uninterrupted all day long without using battery power. The battery and the charger will provide you quick charging abilities for days of use without having to charge again. all of these accessories pack nicely into the durable carrying case for the best convenience and portability.


Enjoy personalized settings, Bluetooth pairing that is hassle-free, and future update access with the Bose Connect app. The NFC and Bluetooth pairing allow you to pair your device and the headphones easily and quickly with a simple process using voice prompts. With the Bose app, you can get music sharing, adjust the noise cancellation level, personalize your settings for the headphones, get music share enabled, manage connections for Bluetooth, and access future updates for the software. This wonderful device gives you complete control with just the one easy-to-use app. If you just want to use the headphones for noise cancellation mainly, then the use of the product can be enjoyed without connection to the app. It is there for when you need it and want to use the features and qualities provided by the manufacturer.

Power Source

For the long-time use of this superb device, the battery power is quite good. Enjoy as many as twenty play time wireless hours with the lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. The included cable for audio can also be used for as many as forty hours in the wired mode, so you can listen for the entire day. The battery charges fully in about 2.25 hours for one of the quickest charge times for products of this category. You can also listen and use the SC 35 without any battery power with the included connection cable for prolonged and trouble-free use.

Bottom Line

The two main complaints from customers online concerning the Bose QC 35 Headphones are the sound quality and the problem of connecting two devices at once with the Bluetooth technology. Neither one of these comments were made by plenty of people to be widespread issues, but enough to mention them in this review. You have the capability of connecting the headphones to devices at once, such as a computer and a smartphone to transfer back and forth between the two at the same time. Some people had issues with doing this properly. The sound quality might be better according to some buyers that prefer the competing model of the Sony product that is similar in features. This was not a major concern for those that purchased the QC 35 for the outstanding flexibility and noise cancellation qualities that it possesses. As a matter of fact, we found that the terrific noise cancellation feature was the most appreciated among buyers and the very aspect that made them chose this Bose item over the Sony model. For work, play, or home use, there probably is not a better model of headphones with the superb qualities of the Bose QC 35 Headphones.