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Furbo Dog Camera Review Facts

The Furbo Dog Camera is made just for dogs, so it is not like other pet cameras you may be used to using. It operates with the technology of Amazon Alexa and Dog Recognition Technology that detects dog-related events. More than 5,000 professional trainers for dogs and vets highly approve of this incredible device, plus it has been advertised in many magazines and on TV shows of popular stars. You can see your dog, toss them treats, talk to them, and be alerted when they bark at home while you are away. It allows you to see the whole room and everything in it both day and night to detect behavioral problems, watch their activities, and make them feel like you are there with them. the full HD 1080p camera has 4x zoom, a 160-degree angle that is wide, and terrific resolution.

The outstanding cylinder-shaped device is 5.9 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches in diameter and weighs just 2.09 pounds. Included with the product when you purchase are the company’s app and a free trial of Smart Alerts, Cloud Recording, and a Doggie Diary that captures daily photo collages. A sample pack of dog treats comes with the camera for you to try for free. With thousands of reviews from buyers online and a good rating from happy customers, the Furbo Dog Camera is a wonderful item for dog lovers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Hugely popular from well-known sources

Works perfectly day or night

See the whole room and everything in it

Toss treats, talk, and be alerted for barking

Behavioral patterns can be tracked

Comforting and made just for dogs

Dog trainer and vet approved


The action of the treats will possibly scare or stress skittish dogs

Treat dispenser does not always work on cue

Connection, service, and app problems


The Furbo Dog Camera has had plenty of exposure in magazines, on TV, and social media sites. Its wonderful features and fun qualities have generated quite a stir with thousands of people purchasing this incredible device for dogs online. There is plenty of popularity from well-known sources such as Buzzfeed, Forbes, Wired, Today, Popsugar, and The Ellen Show. The ratings are good for this terrific product, but they are not great. It is unique among such items because it is made especially for dogs and not just any type of pet.


Flexible to your needs as a dog owner who must leave their beloved pet alone at home to go to work, shop, vacation, or run errands, the Furbo has some fantastic characteristics. It includes an alert for selfies, so when the pup is facing toward the camera, you can get the most adorable selfie photos of their loveable face. When someone is near the camera and comes into view, you will be able to see them also. The superb camera gives a wide view of the whole room and everything in it. Both of these features can be turned off or on as you want them. The night vision and regular day vision are clear and great for all monitoring anytime. You will enjoy the freedom to confidently leave your home and pup and not have to worry about how things are without you there.


The treat tossing action of the camera is the most fun and responsive performance of the Furbo. It will toss solid dog treats to your pet when you are not there. Just fill the mechanism with the canine’s favorite treat to play the simple and fun catch game. You can fill it with over 100 dog treats to play catch with the pup. Treats that are round and 0.4 inches in size are the best for this item. The durable mechanism comes with a sample pack of treats for you to try for free. Recommendations for suitable treats that will do well in this product include Crazy Dog Train-Me Mini, Natural Balance Mini-Rewards, Nutro Mini, and Zuke’s Mini. There could be some issues with this function of the Furbo, depending on the personality and stability of the canine. When the treats are launched there is a motor sound that could scare some dogs that may be skittish in nature. Other dogs look forward to the treat coming out when they hear the device making the noise. They will even get close to the item in anticipation for their reward. Some people say that the treat dispenser does not always work on cue as it should. Sometimes nothing comes out and other times, it may send out more than one treat at a time.


The Furbo model is cylinder-shaped with the dimensions of 5.9 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches and a weight of 2.09 pounds. It permits you to see the whole room and everything in it perfectly both day and night. The full HD 1080p camera with night vision has 4x zoom and a 160-degree angle that is wide. All people and pets whether they are moving or not will be seen from your phone and captured on video. It is an ideal size for placing out of the way of the animal to keep them from knocking it over or trying to use it as a toy.


Made just for dogs to see them, toss treats to them, talk to them, and for you to be alerted when they bark at home, this wonderful dog camera is one of the best on the market. It is not like other pet cameras since it has the technology to just be for canines. Activities of the dog will be detected, such as cord chewing and jumping on items like furniture. Behavioral patterns that are indicative of separation anxiety can be tracked also, such as feet licking and constant pacing. This Furbo product makes the pup feel like you are always there with the ability to speak to them through the device. It is a constant mechanism for monitoring the well-being of the pet and its surroundings when you cannot be there in person.


This is the top-selling pet camera in many countries, plus more than 5,000 professional trainers for dogs and vets highly approve of this device. It is the perfect gift for those who want to look at their dog throughout the day and interact with them too. This terrific item works with the technology of Amazon Alexa and includes a speaker and a microphone. The cover is made of pretty bamboo wood that looks great in any room or with any type of décor. The treat tosser and barking sensor are located on the front of the device to monitor the pup’s actions and give out the treats. The device comes with a warranty for one year to ensure your complete satisfaction with its performance.


Monitor your dog with the HD camera night and day with the wide-angle view and night vision. The Furbo will not pick up general sounds and motions falsely and can aid with separation anxiety for dogs. It gives you smart alerts in real time to let you know if the pet is in distress. This excellent mechanism can alert you to other things going on in the home too, such as smoke alarms and CO detectors going off. It is worth having it for the peace of mind when you are away from home and worried about your dogs. Unfortunately, it can stress out and scare a dog that is not accepting of the device. There is a training video you can watch and some basic instructions on how to introduce the item to your pet to help with this.


Compared to other pet camera monitoring devices the Furbo has three times the online reviews as any other competing model and a better overall rating. It is more costly than the TOGE Pet Camera and the PetCube but less expensive than the LOVOOM Pet Camera. Assembly is not required for this model or the PetCube, plus the Furbo has the best resolution along with the PetCube. This model and the LOVOOM do not have mounting options but the TOOGE and the PetCube do. The PetCube and the Furbo both have the technology of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and the others do not. The Furbo is certainly much more popular with plenty more exposure than the others, and it has a fairly good rating that beats these competitors.


The Furbo Dog Camera has a barking sensor that will send your phone a notification when the dog barks. This sensor can be adjusted according to sensitivity. It allows you to know what is happening at home using the app and to be able to speak to the animal to soothe them. This superb item will alert you to a dog barking that would possibly upset neighbors while you are away since it includes Dog Recognition Technology that will only detect dog-related events. The Furbo can help you discover reasons your pup barks when you are away or let you look at what they do by themselves when you are not there. It is a perfect way to ensure their safety and to keep you from worrying about them alone at home or with sitters.


A stable Wi-Fi signal and Internet connection are best for good performance when using this wonderful dog camera. It uses the Furbo app that connects to most Android and iOS devices easily. Included with the purchase is a free trial of Smart Alerts, Cloud Recording, and a Doggie Diary. This is a subscription that you can renew or cancel anytime, and you do not need the subscription to operate the device. The Doggie Diary will take the best daily highlights of footage and make it into a 60-second collage reel. It can be saved into the album to keep. Some buyers had connection problems and issues with the service disconnecting when they were away. Others had problems with the app working properly. These were not widespread issues, but they need mentioning to potential buyers that are shopping for a dog camera.

Ease of Use

Set-up is quick and easy for the Furbo Camera. Just plug in the USB cord to an outlet, download the app, and connect to the Wi-Fi in the home. Use the included training advice and video on how to prevent the animal from knocking the product over when they interact with it for treats or upon hearing your voice. It will help you to teach them how to be calm when the treats are dispensed or when they hear you speak through the mechanism. For those who had to contact the customer service of this company, there are many comments and stories of how great and helpful the customer service is. This means a lot because we all have problems with products every now and then. A great customer service team can make the difference between a buyer being happy or disgusted with an item.

Bottom Line

Skittish pups that scare easily will most probably not appreciate the Furbo Dog Camera when it makes its operational sound to toss out the treats. The treat dispenser was problematic for some buyers as well as the service, connection, and app features. These were isolated incidents of mechanical failures that were easily solved by the wonderful customer service staff of this fantastic company. You really cannot beat for the cost of a device that will show you the whole room where it is placed when you are away from home and the daily activities of your pooch. It will also give you plenty of opportunities to snap some selfie photos when they near the camera in anticipation for their treat to pop out. You have the peace of mind in knowing that they are safe because you can see them at home, plus you can speak to them to make them feel like you are still there with them. for pet owners that must be away from home a lot, this amazing product can relieve stress and anxiety for both you and your dog on a daily basis. Thousands of satisfied dog owners already have theirs, so you need to get yours too!