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Drone DJI Mavic Pro Review Facts

The DJI Mavic Pro is part of the Drone Mavic Pro series and operates with joystick controls or tap-based commands. The app-controlled drone comes with three batteries, a charging hub, five propeller replacements, and a nifty shoulder bag to hold everything. Good for outdoor or indoor use, this excellent aerial drone allows you to record footage from the air in 4K with its wireless range of 22,704 feet. It will recognize gestures for selfies, avoid and detect obstacles, and capture video and photos or fast or slow-moving objects. This wonderful collapsible quadcopter has the technology of ActiveTrack, FlightAutonomy, OcuSync, and Obstacle Avoidance. You will be amazed at the stabilization it has in the air and the high-quality images that it captures. There are many reviews that equal a high rating from mostly satisfied customers of this outstanding device.

Editor's Pros & Cons

All directional controls and is app-controlled

Joystick controls or tap-based commands

Hovers for 24 minutes without any wind

Slow-motion footage, selfies, or fast-moving objects

Record footage from the air in 4K

Can operate it commercially if registered

For outdoor or indoor use and simple to maneuver


Complaints on Company customer service 

Some people did not receive all parts in the combo set


The Mavic Pro has landing legs as part of the landing gear which is included and a propulsion system that is optimized. Obstacle Avoidance is technology for long-range transmission for signal relaying. Part of the features of the collision avoidance is that the device makes a 3D map of what it must avoid and where it can go as far as 98 feet ahead. It measures distances accurately to 49 feet and is more accurate than avoidance sonar-based technologies. To prevent air accidents or mishaps, this wonderful model determines a way to avoid obstacles and adjust its own route. If it cannot determine an avoidance route, then it will stop and hover until you give it commands of what to do. One of the fun modes that you can try once you have the hang of this terrific drone is the Sport mode. It is for fun to give you some experience with drone racing and will show you the incredible durability and stability of this product. You can expect to be able to enjoy this item for many years to come.


With all directional controls and four rotors, there is an operating frequency of 2.4 gigahertz. You can operate the Mavic Pro with joystick controls or tap-based commands on your smartphone. This fabulous drone has a holder for a mobile device with a maximum width of two inches. Autonomous modes of flight are Waypoint navigation, return to point of take-off, auto-landing with low battery, landing, hover, and follow the user. Unwanted movement is voided with the opposite movement of the Mavic and the camera, so you get the video that is the smoothest. This quality allows you some fantastic shots that are not as possible with other similar models of drones. It does this with advanced algorithms and special brushless miniature motors.


Using ActiveTrack technology for tracking, this amazing product recognizes and detects many common subjects, such as animals, people, and vehicles. You can mark the subject and then fly around that object to get a large variety of great shots. Choose where you desire the subject in the photos as the drone is tracking it to get the most interesting photos. It has three possible modes of Trace, Profile, and or Spotlight. In Trace, you can trail in the front or behind the subject or circle around as it is in motion. Fly the drone along with the subject in Profile mode and fly anywhere as you are trained on the subject in Spotlight mode. Portrait shots are possible by flipping 90-degrees. Enjoy precision landing in which the drone will return exactly where it took off for the flight. It does this by taking a video of its launching spot as it takes off and uses it to land in that area again.


As a compact and foldable product, the dimensions of the drone are quite small at only 32.7 x 78 x 1.2 inches and an overall weight of 1.62 pounds. It has a wireless range of 22,704 feet, plus the maximum time of flight for this model without payload is 27 minutes. Enjoy the field of view of 78.8 degrees as you pan the skies looking for marvelous aerial shots and subjects. The minimum and maximum temperatures for proper operating are 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which should be heeded promptly. You will have operating or battery life issues if you do not follow these directives of the proper temperatures.


The stability and the speed of this splendid drone go hand-in-hand as some of the best qualities of the product. The maximum speed is 40 revolutions each minute and the minimum distance for focusing is only 19 inches. This makes aerial selfies very possible and fun to create. It can hover wonderfully as long as 24 minutes without any wind, and by using the Tripod mode, you can fly at a slow speed of 2.2 miles per hour. In this mode, the sensitivity of the controller remote is dulled for precision and accurate framing. This is good for flying inside or in small areas where the regular flying speed is not possible. The Mavic Pro will run at a maximum speed of 40 mph and have increased responsiveness and agility. Use this mode to capture video of a fast-moving subject. It will not blur photos or shake even in winds of 15 to 20k knots, which is quite amazing if you think about how small this drone is and the strength it has to fight such a strong wind for stability.


The most stable part of the drone is its ability to capture excellent shots and photos with its superior technology. The included video formats for encoding are MOV and MP4, and the image file formats for image file are DNG and JPEG. The camera gimbal is included along with a burst mode of a burst rate of 7 frames each second. The maximum supported bit rate is 60 kilobits each second. It shoots video of 4K at 30 with 30 frames every second and Full HD 1080p with 96 frames each second. This allows the possibility of great slow-motion footage. So, whether you are wanting slow or fast motion footage or photos from such objects in motion, the Mavic Pro can handle it all beautifully.


The Mavic Pro is a compact, collapsible quadcopter used for images of high-resolution. It allows you to record footage from the air in 4K with its built-in compatibility for the camera. Gray in color, this terrific aerial drone is part of the Mavic Pro series with image stabilization that is hybrid and an integrated camera. It features FlightAutonomy technology, Obstacle Avoidance Technology, and fabulous stabilization in the air. An OcuSync transmission in the remote control permits a 7km range of flight, plus the quality of the photo footage is excellent. Users say that this is not a beginner drone model because of the advanced qualities, sophisticated capabilities, and the high cost. there are more economical and easier to manage models that novices should start with before trying to tackle this advanced system.


Good for outdoor or indoor use, this fantastic drone avoids and detects obstacles, can recognize gestures for selfies and can be operated commercially if you register the device with the FAA. Plenty of people are doing this that have purchased this item to get into the commercial business of flying drones. To get great selfie shots, use the drone in Gesture mode and physically pass in front of the device. It detects you instantly. Make it follow you or raise your hands to make it move around after you. To take the selfie shot, use your fingers to create a box shape. The lights below the device’s arms will signal, and then it will take the shot in three seconds. The possibilities are vast with such an aerial product, which you will discover with experimenting and watching others that have videos online.


Included with this model are three batteries, a charging hub for the battery, five propeller replacements, and a shoulder bag to hold all the parts and the drone. You have enough extra batteries to have charged ones on hand when you need them in the field. It can be difficult to get the item and pieces in and out of the bag as it is a tight fit, according to users. Some buyers did not use the bag that comes with it but employed a camera backpack instead to have extra room.


You will be astounded by the high-quality of the photos and footage that you will take with this compact drone mechanism. Almost everyone is just amazed at its superior high-definition production. The video resolution is 2160p (4K), and total megapixels are 12.71. This model does not record audio, have 3D capture, or have a microphone, but it does possess an integrated GPS and a memory card that comes with it. The image resolution display is 4000 x 3000, and the image sensor type is CMOS. With the autofocus qualities and First-Person View (FPV), the video frame rate is 30 times each second.


As an app-controlled device, the Mavic Pro works with the company’s mobile app, for readouts, settings, viewing the video, sharing and editing footage. All footage is seen there in real-time, plus you can use the full assortment of controls for the camera there and fine tune the device. Favorite shots can be shared and enjoyed from your phone to Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Even on the community site of the company, SkyPixel, your photos can be shared with aerial imaging. Connect a device or phone to the Mavic for the control center app using the built-in Wi-Fi connection and HD streaming.

Ease of Use

Even if you do not have any experience with flying quadcopters, you will be able to figure the operation of this one out quickly. It is not marketed for beginners, but it is not so hard to learn since it has simple controls and functions. It is best to watch plenty of YouTube videos on how to operate these drones well to increase your proficiency and enjoyment with it quickly. The maker recommends that those that are 18-years-old and older are the recommended age level for operation of the Mavic Pro Combo Set. It comes partially assembled and with a one-year warranty on labor and parts from the maker.

Power Source

The battery is a lithium polymer battery that is high-energy and custom-designed. Make sure to charge the batteries just before you use the product since they can drain quickly if you charge them ahead of time and store them. this was a tip from a buyer online, so we thought it a good idea to pass it along to potential future buyers. There were a few documented cases of people receiving drones that did not work properly or did not work without being plugged in. These were not widespread incidents, as you can tell by the fantastic approval rating.

Bottom Line

Some customers received combo sets of this product with parts missing and several that contacted the customer service department were dissatisfied with the response and care they provided. Since this product has a high approval rating from the majority of buyers, it is safe to assume that it is an excellent item for quadcopter fans to have and enjoy. It certainly has all the features and capabilities that you would want in such a drone and a whole lot more. We think it is a good investment for those that desire the activity and thrill of operating an aerial device. There are a few other models on the market, so do your homework before purchasing, as these models can be quite expensive.