YI 4K Action Camera and Sports Camera

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YI 4K Action Camera and Sports Camera Review Facts

The YI 4K+ Action Camera, Sports Cam is one of the leading and most advanced action cameras in the world currently. It shoots sixty frames per second at 4K, produces clear quality video, and takes 12MP gorgeous still scenes in JPEG or RAW formats. This excellent device records at double the rate of well-known competitor brands and models and features live streaming and voice control commands. This compact sports cam has a unique face, sleek body, and a wide-angle lens. Because it is a revised model of previous versions, it is compatible with their accessories and also the accessories of the competitor GoPro. With the YI 4K+, you get the highest resolution and frame of any action camera being offered today. It features (EIS) Electronic Image Stabilization, a Sony IMX377 image sensor, and a touch display. This outstanding mechanism comes with its own USB Type-C Port and can also use a Memory Card for saving and transferring data. There is also the YI Action App that gives the user some useful accessories and capabilities to enjoy the product even further. The compact size is the surprising quality of this sports cam because it only weighs 3.2 ounces and can fit easily into pockets. anywhere and everywhere you go for trips, sports events, vacations, and activities, you will want to bring this incredible device along to capture the fun and excitement. All of these features and qualities of the YI 4K+ and more are discussed in detail below in our full review of this superb product.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Records at double the rate of popular competitors
  • Comes with a USB Type-C connector
  • Has (EIS) Electronic Image Stabilization built-in
  • Has a touch display, a wide-angle lens, and four photo modes
  • Weighs only 3.2 ounces and fits into pockets well
  • Records video in 4K/60fps and 12MP in JPEG and RAW
  • Does live streaming, capture of images, voice control
  • Compatible with the other YI 4K+ accessories
  • Has a sleek body, unique face, and compact design
  • Connects to YI Action App for accessories and downloading
  • You have to switch from internal to external microphone manually
  • Battery life could be improved as it does not last very long


Recording at double the rate of popular competitors, the remake of the YI 4K+ is one of the leading action cameras in the world. It is the most advanced camera for action offered currently and is compatible with both the older YI4K+ version and GoPro accessories. This excellent sports cam model is much better than the GoPro Series that jeopardizes shots and freezes up occasionally according to buyers. We noticed in the customer feedback online that several fans of GoPro have permanently switched to YI 4K+ products after purchasing and using this unique device. It is certainly a game changer in the world of action and sports cameras. This advanced company is making the changes to their unique products that buyers want to see in their camera equipment to make their images and shots look better and be easier to access. With the easy app and the compatibility of previous accessories, they are making the necessary alterations to please their customer base.


With an ultra-responsive retina touchscreen of 2.2” Gorilla Glass that displays everything brightly and crystal clear, this Sports Cam is amazing and flexible in its use. It has a wide-angle lens for those awkward shots where you may not have the best position, such as ball games or sports in huge arenas. This wonderful action camera works well in low lighting and gives great pictures and video in these instances. The technology of voice command lets you capture images hands-free, so you do not have to actually press the buttons to get the shots you want. It comes with a USB Type-C fully-reversible connector to save and transfer data quickly and easily. This may be one of the most versatile and flexible cameras offered yet that has the high definition and capabilities that users want and need.


Even though the manufacturer states that this durable action camera is small enough to fit into pockets and small spaces, buyers were surprised at how small this unique device really is. It can be difficult to set up and mount if you have large hands. The red click button gets pressed often by mistake with large clumsy hands when setting it up, according to some customers. With practice in using it and being careful with the controls, it is possible to navigate it well even with large hands. The small size adds to and is one of the main reasons this terrific camera is so versatile and flexible. It can go anywhere you do and does not add much in size or weight to a backpack or bag when traveling. For vacations and activity trips, such as camping, backpacking, and hiking, you would be hard-pressed to find a better action camera on the market that is as compact and has the same capabilities and superb features as the revised YI 4K+ Sports Cam.


Delivering spectacularly steady and smooth videos in as much as 4K/30fps resolution, this outstanding Sports Cam has stabilization that is built in. It shoots objects moving fast excellently because of the (EIS) Electronic Image Stabilization. You get the highest resolution and the highest frame of any current action camera with the YI 4K+ Action Camera. It consistently provides you the stability you need when trying to capture the images you want to remember the most and view over and over again later on. It is one of the fastest cameras with the best production of images currently being offered online. Its consistency is remarkable because it reliably takes shot after shot that looks great, even when the conditions are less than perfect. Several users were amazed at how well their video or images came out because they were not in the best position or had the most ideal lighting. The YI 4K+ compensates for these unfortunate discrepancies that you cannot control when filming. It is one of the qualities that makes this item so great.


The YI 4K+ Action Camera has a Sony IMX377 built-in image sensor and captures 12MP films and pictures of full HD high-quality footages. It weighs only 3.2 ounces, has a touch display built-in, and uses ports of Memory Card Slot and USB-Type-C Port. Buyers love the high performance from this device for all of their personal and professional shots. People that take photos for a living are even impressed with the quality of the images and video that this incredibly small device can produce. It is a little marvel that is shocking customers and making them so glad that they purchased it for themselves.


This is the first action device to record video of 4K/60fps video and also includes four various photo modes. It does live streaming, RAW capture of images, voice control, EIS 4K/30fps and has the possibility to work in 4K/60fps. This action camera can be used professionally quite well because of the high quality of the video and images. It offers plenty of frames and resolutions and is compatible with the accessories of previous YI 4K+ models and GoPro devices. The downloadable app for a smartphone adds to the flexibility and uses of this product and adds to the enjoyment of the user. Because of its compact size, you will want to take this incredible device everywhere you go to capture the images of your world.


This wonderful model has the same design that is compact as the YI 4K+ versions before it. It is compatible with the same accessories including the handheld gimbal and the waterproof housing. This improved model has a sleek body, aesthetic advanced materials, unique face, and small design to fit into small spaces and pockets comfortably. The new advancements enable it to be more flexible and versatile while offering you the same terrific performance in capturing the moments of your life. The speed, resolution, and photo quality are improved as well from previous models.


This terrific Sports Cam features an easy-to-use app and many compatible accessories.
The YI Action App is reliable and allows you to download videos and images quickly, edit them, and share them on social media sites. Some people did not like the accessory package and are getting their own extras to supplement their cameras. This was not a widespread comment or issue among buyers, as most of them appreciated the added advantages of the app and the accessories it offers to the user. As the technology of action cameras steps into the future, the possibilities of great shots become more accessible for the beginner and novice camera user. You do not have to be a professional to use or enjoy this wonderful Sports Cam. However, it does take shots and video so excellent that professionals are in awe of its outstanding abilities.


At sixty frames per second at 4K, the YI 4K+ produces crisp clear quality video and captures 12MP brilliant still scenes in JPEG or RAW formats. You will be overjoyed at the beauty of your images and film in even the toughest environments and lighting. This device compensates for the negative side effects that may be present to make the shot not so perfect. The large and bright touch screen is 2.2” and highly-responsive, so you can view the images and video straight from the camera. This retina screen gives a convenient preview, playback, and fast control experience right in the field. Action camera technology just doesn’t get much better than this currently, especially for the novice user.

Ease of Use

This Sports Cam is one of the simplest and most easy to operate cameras that you will ever see. It does not use extensive power and does not need editing afterward or stabilizers that are high-end. You can edit and crop your photos and video using the downloadable app, but chances are that your images will be great without it. Changing the settings is easy as well as switching the modes to shoot, playback, and preview. With the simple buttons on the device, you can alter what you need to quickly and accurately. It does have a microphone that can be switched from internal to external. One buyer commented that a good improvement to the next revision of this model in the future would be to make this function automatic. Currently, you have to make this switch yourself manually on the camera. Another complaint that we saw that was not mentioned by a lot of people was the short battery life. This was not a widely discussed topic among reviewers, but another person mentioned that the battery life was longer than they anticipated. The battery life may be a concern for you and this is why we mention it in our review.

The Bottom Line

Even with the negative comments of a short battery life and the manual manipulation of the internal and external microphone, we agree with most of the customers who are enjoying this incredible Sports Cam to the fullest of their abilities. It is an excellent piece of action camera technology that is rapidly advancing to give users what they crave. We all want better photos, video, and images that are excellent in quick time without the work and knowledge needed for professional-looking images. Outstanding devices, such as the YI 4K+, are giving beginner and novice users these capabilities with their excellent products. This unique product is one of the first compact sports cams with the flexibility, stability, and performance of a much more professional device. It gives you the high-quality images and shots you want and the user-friendly technology to make it happen easily. The majority of online customers are excited with this revised action camera and all that it offers. We also feel that it is a great mechanism with the advanced features you will love and appreciate. We look forward to many more ideal products from this truly innovational manufacturer.