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GoPro HERO5 Black Camera Review Facts

The GoPro HERO5 Black – Waterproof Digital Action Camera is a revised model of the HERO4 Black camera that has improved stabilization, imaging, and the addition of being waterproof up to 33 feet (10m). It has 1080P at 120fps to 4K 30fps and connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for image cloud sharing. This excellent user-friendly device comes with a rechargeable battery, USB-C cable, mounting buckle, adhesive flat mount, and adhesive curved mount, so you can capture images that you experience in your activities and travels. This version has voice control and operates with just a single button on the top of the device. The capabilities and options for using the HERO5 Black are expanded with the QuikStories technology and the downloadable app. As a modern digital action camera, this GoPro model is one of the most popular devices on the market today. We explore the many features and capabilities of this superb version in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Is durable and rugged equipment
  • Is mountable to your gear to capture live video
  • Touchscreen is very user-friendly
  • Has voice control and QuikStories technology
  • Has complete control with just one button
  • Allows cloud auto upload
  • Creates 12MP photos and 4K video
  • Has modes of lapse, burst, and single
  • Connects with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Waterproof without housing to 33 feet (10m)
  • Freezes up sometimes when using the Quick Capture
  • Battery life could be improved


This GoPro camera equipment is quite rugged even without the waterproof hardware casing. It is durable enough to take with you for all of your outdoor adventures, whether they are on land or underwater. It is mountable to your gear such as bikes or boats to capture live video. One of the improvements to this model is the tougher casing to make it more durable and long lasting for the consumer. Let’s face it, the most exciting shots and video occurs when we are outdoors participating in our many adventures, vacations, and sports activities, so we need an exceptional digital camera that is rugged enough to take the bumps and knocks along the way.


The simple touchscreen is easy to use on this GoPro model as it is very user-friendly. You control everything with just the one large button on the top of the camera for the easiest operation ever. The only thing that is easier is the voice command option. The HERO% Black has voice control to give you control that is hands-free with voice commands. Even though other popular brands have this feature too, it is almost a requirement when you consider the technology that is possible today. There are many times in your activities, sports events, and travels that you will need to operate a camera using just your voice. Like the smartphones today, it is just a necessary feature that we have grown accustomed to having without smart devices. Installed in a digital camera, you have the flexibility and freedom to get the video and images that you want the most.


Playback and preview your shots, trim the footage, and change settings with the HERO5 Black Camera. You can view the images right on the screen or wait until you link up with the app to do your editing and trimming. The image stabilization is one of the main functional changes to this updated model of the HERO series. Your shots and video should be clearer and more vivid because of the improvements the company made. It now has the capability to cloud auto-upload your work for you to view later and for others to see it as well. Transform shots into a video by sending the footage to your phone via QuikStories technology. Your still shots can become an exciting video stream with this advancement. For the stability of the video option, the several mounts that come with the camera give you plenty of chances to capture the scenes you want to remember most. These mounts give you a stable platform to hold the camera as you operate it by voice with the voice commands. Your hands and body can be free to participate in the action as the camera rolls on.


Create 12MP photos and 4K video in the modes of lapse, burst, and single with this exceptional GoPro device. It has a touchscreen in the rear built in, as well as one in the front. This comes in handy when you mount the camera on your equipment and you want to operate it or see the image you are shooting from the rear of the camera. Much like our smartphones with the reverse shots we can take, it operates to take those more advanced shots. You will find that even though this digital camera looks simple and easy to use, it does have some professional and advanced features that will be appreciated by those that are seasoned in the field of photography and have some skills in the field. This model has 1080P at 120fps to 4K 30fps with a touchscreen that is 2.0 inches wide. With it being waterproof to a good depth, you can capture some amazing shots and video while scuba diving, fishing, and swimming in shallow waters or swimming pools. The action never stops when you have such a modern digital camera to track all of the fun action.


As an action camera that captures still shots and video images, the HERO5 Black is one of the most popular models on the market. It has some of the best features such as various modes for the video and an easy-to-use screen for preferences. Use the Quik and GoPro mobile apps for downloading and editing video and make favorite changes to your images. Sharing of your work is also possible through the cloud, as this device connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can show your images to family and friends this way easily and quickly. Anywhere you go, the HERO5 Black will be a simple piece of gear to capture the great moments of your activities, travels, sports events, and adventures. It is one of the easiest digital cameras sold today, especially for novices and beginners.


The GoPro HERO5 is a revised version of the GoPro 4 Black with a higher bit rate and more detailed imaging. It also has improved image stabilization and is now waterproof. As the technology of action cameras advances each year, manufacturers keep adding the functions that users love and taking away the ones they don’t. in this way, it is hoped to create ideal action cameras that will be suitable to the majority of users and their preferences. However, it seems as though technology is moving at such a fast rate that the company already has the HERO6 Black and the HERO7 Black on the market currently. Even though some customers are not happy with the advances of this HERO5 version, it is a step forward to what everyone really wants. GoPro is making the progress to create highly-functional products that their followers want and love.


This GoPro model is a waterproof action camera that is digital with a durable design. The amazing thing is that it is waterproof without the necessary exterior housing to protect it. this is one of the major improvements over the previous HERO4 Black model. It is waterproof without housing to a depth of 33 feet (10m). Few people who had trouble with some of the other features of this camera did not want to trust the waterproofness of the device. Some buyers used it underwater and the screen fogged up. The warranty does not cover damage from water stated one user. It might be best to buy the insurance if you intend to use this action camera underwater without a housing. A couple of customers felt the camera was too expensive to experiment with the waterproof feature and ruin their new cameras. If the waterproof detail is important or necessary for you, then you may want to check out some other brands and models.


The weight of the HERO5 is not the lightest digital camera on the market. The YI 4K+ Action Camera is lighter by one ounce and a bit smaller in size. this device weighs in at 4.2 ounces while the competing brand is 3.2 ounces. When weight is a concern, customers may have to go with the lighter competing model. Even though it is only one ounce, when you are carrying a backpack or duffel while traveling, it can make a difference in your load weight. For activities such as camping on foot, backpacking, hiking, climbing, and trekking, it is an important fact.


This incredible digital camera comes with a rechargeable battery, USB-C cable, mounting buckle, adhesive flat mount, and adhesive curved mount. With these simple accessories, you can get some wonderful shots and video while you are in motion. You can mount the camera to your outdoor gear to get continuous footage while you operate it by voice command. You will not have to purchase a cable for recharging the battery because it comes with one. Once you get into using the mounts for video, you will really start to enjoy using this device for all of our outdoor adventures. According to online customers, the built-in microphone is not great and is considered a major drawback for some users. Other competing brands of similar devices also have terrible microphones, so it is possible that the technology has not caught up with these small mechanisms yet to have a good microphone. Previous models permitted the use of an external mic, but this version is not compatible with that. The only other option is to purchase the compatible external mic from the manufacturer, which is quite expensive and possibly not worth it. a few customers were truly upset with this problem. Contacting the company did not get any positive results.

Ease of Use

One of the major improvements of the HERO series with this version is the use of the single button on the top for all functions. The one-button design does make it simple and easy to operate but may possibly have the user go through unnecessary modes to get to the ones they need. One buyer said that you cannot change the main settings without the screen, as you could with previous models. Some of the features can be manipulated without the screen, but the more advanced ones cannot. This will limit the capabilities and flexibility of this durable camera. The HERO5 Black is good for novices and beginners to use and enjoy, even though it does have some advanced functions. One person recommended that beginners who do not need to use this camera for difficult shots or extensive video should look into getting the original HERO camera that would be cheaper and simpler to operate. This is a good idea, especially if you do not need the underwater capability that comes with this one.

Power Source

The HERO5 Black comes with a USB-C cable for recharging the included battery. Even though the website says that a charger does not come with this camera, it later states that it does in the listing of what comes with the device. Having confusing wording does not help the potential customer use the information correctly. Some say the battery life could be improved greatly, while other people stated that it has terrific battery life. For extended vacations and outings where there will be no plug-ins or electricity to recharge, the battery life is an important feature. The functions that you access when you use the camera will greatly determine how fast the battery life is used. One customer claimed that they could actually see the battery percentage draining quite fast. If this is the case, then users will not be able to depend on this device for remote pictures and video.

The Bottom Line

The majority of online customers love the GoPro HERO5 Black Digital Action Camera. We agree that it is one of the better models currently being offered. However, in our research, we have discovered that the technology and advances of the YI 4K+ technology are making great strides and turning heads. GoPro seems to be pounding back with their latest models that are ideal for almost any type of video and image capturing. The HERO5 Black is a great model that has a few concerning issues. Hopefully, with the extended versions of the HERO series, GoPro has put these to rest.