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Yeti Tumbler Review Facts
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The Yeti Tumbler is double insulated, dishwasher-safe, durable, and free of BPA. It is made of kitchen-grade stainless steel that will not rust or puncture and a DuraCoat on the exterior that will not crack, peel, or fade with wear. Best used for travel and outdoor excursions and activities of all types, this tumbler will not leave water stains or rings on surfaces and will fit in all regular cupholders.

The MagSlider lid is the only one that uses magnets to lock in the beverage and make an entry for drinking very smooth. This lid is clear in color so the contents can be viewed at all times without opening the container. Drinks will remain either cold or hot until the very last drop, and ice cubes will not melt for a whole day. The No Sweat Design ensures that the exterior remains dry without condensation to keep your hands dry also. This insulated tumbler has a 4.5 rating online from buyers and over 2,300 mostly positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Free of BPA and is dishwasher-safe
  • Does not leave a water stain on surfaces
  • Ice cubes will not melt for a whole day
  • Will not crack, rust, peel, puncture, or fade
  • Best use is for travel and outdoor adventures
  • Drinks remain cold or hot until the last drop
  • Works as well as a metal thermos
  • Exterior will not sweat to keep hands dry
  • Fits in all regular cupholders
  • Fake products of poor quality are being sold to buyers
  • Condensation forms on the plastic lid
  • The lid o-rings could need replacing after a while


The Yeti brand is a very popular one known for its high-quality products that are durable, effective, and long-lasting. Of course, as with anything else, these items demand a higher price to go along with that greatness. Loyal buyers do not mind paying the extra cost because they know that Yeti products are very worth what they cost.

The rating for this 30-ounce Rambler with the MagSlider Lid would be nearly perfect if it were not for some negative reviews online. It stands currently at 4.5 with 2,389 reviews, but you will be hard-pressed to find any complaints about the genuine Yeti tumbler. The negative reviews come from people who mistakenly received fake products that are of poor quality.

They are not authentic and are, therefore, not constructed with the same materials or high-quality build as the true Yeti item. Each Yeti product comes with a registration code to ensure the authenticity of the brand. If you do not receive one with your purchase, then it is probably a fake item. Purchasing from Amazon or the Yeti site directly is one of the best ways to avoid this problem.

Key Features

-Walls are double insulated
-Has a clear, sipping, MagSlider lid
-Uses magnets to lock in the beverage
-Only lid that utilizes magnets on the lid
-Contents can be seen from the clear lid
-Stainless steel material is kitchen-grade
-No Sweat Design and DuraCoat exterior


Buyers can enjoy a huge selection of solid color choices with this Yeti product. In our research, we found many users who bought and are in love with the seafoam choice. It is a beautiful light teal or bluish-green color that both men and women seem to like.

It will be hard for anyone to just choose one favorite among this long list of hues. Often, people do not buy just one as they like to have one for home and one for work. Since it works so well for outdoor adventures and travel, there is a good reason to at least purchase three of them.

The colors available are black, camo, brick red, charcoal, canyon red, coral, harbor pink, olive green, navy, reef blue, pink, seafoam, sand, sky blue, stainless steel, Tahoe blue, and white. These are terrific for work purposes since they keep drinks so cold for long periods or coffee hot all day. The black, navy and red colors are most often chosen for use at the office, but any of the colors would be great!


Yeti products work so well for their intended purpose because only the best materials are used, and the construction is superb. Once you own one of these Rambler Tumblers, you will never go back to other brands. It is hard to say if the insulating properties are the best feature or the durability and longevity, but we can say for sure that both can be attributed to the stainless steel and a magnetic lid that this cup has.

This very tough cup has walls that are double insulated to keep the liquids inside at the right temperature, even if the cup is damaged or abused. Resistant to rust and punctures, this shatterproof tumbler can withstand rough treatment in a truck bed or anywhere else. You can drop it on cement or hardwood floors and there will not be any visible scars or dents. The durability is just one reason to purchase this tumbler.


Some things that most people require of a tumbler of this size are that it does not spill the contents, can be washed easily, is free of toxins, will not leave a water ring, and keeps the contents the right temperature for a long period. This is a lot to ask of such a simple cup, but then, the Yeti Rambler Tumbler is not just a simple cup at all.
It meets all of the mentioned requirements well since that it was designed to do. It is safe to be in the dishwasher or it can be washed easily by hand if you prefer.

This cup is free of BPA and is spill resistant. If the tumbler is dropped or held upside down with liquid inside, only a few drops will escape the top. You will find that even on wood tables or countertops, it will not leave a water ring or stain on the surface from condensation.

Most people purchase this item to keep their drinks cold with or without ice and not usually hot drinks, but the Yeti can keep liquids hot all day too such as coffee or a nice clear broth for sipping.


The thirty-ounce capacity size of this Tumbler is ideal for most people because they want a large enough container that they can fill and have to sip on for a good portion of the day. This is what makes it so perfect for the office or for camping, hiking, and backpacking.

All of these instances do not allow several trips for replenishing a smaller container. With ice inside the tumbler, you will have a drink that is cold the whole day long. You might think that thirty ounces are too much, but for those that try to meet their water requirement for a day, it is terrific.

Sometimes just buying a nice tumbler, such as this one, is all the motivation you need to drink your water for good health. The diameter of the lip is four inches and the cup is 7 5/8 inches tall, so it ideal for most people for capacity and for grip.


The truly marvelous aspect of this insulated tumbler is the MagSlider lid. It is the stable part of this item and what makes it spill proof, easy to use, and functional. The technology uses magnets in the lid to lock in the beverage. It is the only lid that has this feature. The magnets in this sipping lid allow for the closing and the opening of the lid to be simple and smooth.

One of the first things that you will notice upon receiving your Yeti tumbler is that the lid is clear. This is so the user can always view the contents inside. You can monitor the ice and the level of the liquid without having to open the container. The magnet in the lid comes off, so cleaning is easy.


The stainless steel of this product is kitchen-grade and 18/8 to keep contents hot or cold as you wish. Ice cubes will not melt for an entire day, and drinks will remain hot too. It includes a DuraCoat on the outside to keep the color looking great and long-lasting.

One of the best qualities of the Yeti Rambler is that it will not crack, peel, or fade with wear. It has been field tested for durability to guarantee your satisfaction if you do decide to get one. this is probably the best tumbler that you can purchase currently that has such a good response from buyers and is so reliable for performance.


The best-recommended uses for the Yeti Insulated Tumbler are all outdoor adventures or travel, however, it is perfect for school, work, and regular home use too. We found many different ways that people are using this incredible product, such as those that want ice water by their bedside for late night or early morning. It goes where you do to give you the hydration you need. Some remarks that we noticed in customer feedback are important for future potential buyers to know.

When the lid is open, its space is wide so spills can possibly occur. The lid is not leakproof claimed a few people, but it is spill proof. This means that it will put out a few drops of liquid if it is dropped or knocked over, but the liquid will not come out more than that. The lid is plastic and will sweat with ice and cold liquids inside, but the tumbler will not. Lids are sold separately possibly because of being lost or that the O-ring could wear out with time.


The main purpose and function of this insulated cup are to keep your beverage either hot or cold inside. This the Yeti Rambler does very well. Drinks will remain either cold or hot until the very last drop. Even in temperatures that are a triple digit, you can count on your drink or water remaining very cold. One customer still had very cold ice water after the cup was in a hot truck for more than eight hours.

You can refill the liquid in the cup that has ice in it several times during the day and never need to replace the ice. It remains in a frozen state for a long time. This is ideal for those that like to have iced coffee all day long, as the ice will not melt for very long periods. When compared to other plastic tumblers, the Yeti product is twice as effective at keeping ice frozen inside. Some users say that it rivals a metal thermos with a metal lid for performance in temperature accuracy.

Ease of Use

The Rambler has a tapered design to be suitable for all regular cupholders. The No Sweat Design and the DuraCoat that are used in the construction of this item work together to give you an outstanding experience. The No Sweat Design makes it where the exterior will not sweat, so hands remain dry when holding the product.

You will have a terrific grip when holding the cup thanks to the DuraCoat that is applied for endurance, durability, and appearance. The high quality of the Yeti Rambler can be experienced simply by holding it, as it even feels sleek in the hand.

Bottom Line

While there are no major issues with this product, the ratings for it are affected by the existence of fake duplicates. Some customers mistakenly ordered the Yeti Rambler that did not come from Amazon or Yeti and received fakes that are of poor quality. This is why the 4.5 rating is not much higher. Condensation does form on the clear lid of this product but not on the walls of the tumbler, and the o-rings could need replacing after it has been used for a while.

These are not flaws of the item but are just circumstances of the build and materials used. Along with everyone who has purchased the Yeti Rambler Insulated Tumbler, we think it is an excellent product. If you do decide to purchase one, you will most likely be buying several more for family, friends, and yourself. They are splendid!