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Igloo Trailmate Journey Cooler Review Facts
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The Igloo Trailmate Journey Cooler has a capacity of 70 quarts and can hold 112 cold drinks such as soda or beer. It is ideal for any type of outdoor gathering, event, party, or campout since it can handle rough terrain such as sand. Durable and well-constructed, it is made with the Ultratherm technology for the lid and the body to be insulated for maximum performance and hold ice for four days well.

The tow handle is ergonomic, comfortably padded, and operates with the push of a button. The included features on this cooler are many. They include a butler tray for drinks and snacks that slides under the cooler lid when not needed and cupholders for quick access to drinks. Enjoy storage pockets on the exterior that are water-tight for the safekeeping of valuables and essentials and a docking slot for an electronic device.

There are bottle openers on the sides of the cooler and accessory holders to support beach umbrellas and fishing rods. Attached bungee cords are used to strap on quad chairs, towels, or other extras to bring to the campsite or event area. A food basket inside the cooler keeps foodstuffs cold but out of the ice and away from being damaged by the drinks. The Trailmate Journey Cooler is hindered with a bad overall rating for one single unfortunate reason. We tell you why below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Durable and well-constructed
  • Drinks and snacks serve on the butler tray
  • Lid and body are insulated to hold ice for four days
  • Great for challenging terrains such as sand
  • Carry other items using the loops to tie them down
  • Food basket keeps food cold and dry
  • Storage pockets are water-tight for valuables
  • Locking telescoping handle is comfortably padded
  • Telescoping handle was problematic for many
  • Customer service not helpful
  • Door hinges are not metal - breaking easily some said

Key Features

-Includes Ultratherm technology
-Made of polyethylene and polypropylene
-Tow handle is ergonomic - single button operation
-Has openers for bottles and cup holders
-Includes a docking slot for an electronic device
-Butler tray slides under the lid of the cooler
-70-quart capacity; holds 112 can drinks or beer
-Dimensions are 34.6 x 19.7 x 23.6 inches
-Weight is 43.5 pounds
-A storage compartment is water-resistant for essentials
-Accessory holders support beach umbrellas or fishing rods
-Oversized wheels have good clearance and traction


The Trailmate Journey Cooler uses the Ultratherm technology and polyethylene and polypropylene materials to keep all of your food and beverages nice and cold. It is durable and well-constructed to withstand many outdoor adventures and events over the years.

Many customers agree that this is the best cooler they have ever owned that has so many terrific features. One of them is its unique handle. It is a tow handle that is ergonomic in design and operates with a single button to extend for pulling. The grab handle is a triple point to reduce the effort of towing by half as much as normal coolers. This really helps those that cannot pull very heavy weight.

Since this Igloo Cooler can handle many terrain types, it is one of the easiest coolers to get to the campsite or place where you need to put it. One issue that buyers had with the build of this product is the hinges for the door. It seems that they are not made of metal, so a few people had the break easily with regular operation. This did not happen to a lot of people, but enough to mention the problem in this review to prospective customers.


If you want flexibility in a cooler product, then this is the one for you! We have never seen so many extras on such a cooler of this size before. We cannot even list them all in the same topic section because it would be too much. There is a butler tray on this incredible product that slides out from under the lid of the cooler to use as a table. Drinks and snacks can be served on the butler tray that is included on the telescoping handle.

When you do not need it anymore, just slide it back under the lid. There are cupholders also, so drinks can be reached quickly and easily on the top. It has openers for bottles on the sides of the cooler if you use bottled beverages instead of canned. Enjoy hands-free music, an e-book, movie, or other media with the docking slot for an electronic device. It will hold the device steady and upright for you to enjoy what you want to watch and relax.

There are other aspects of this product that you will love too. We discuss them below.


The Trailmate Journey has a 70-quart capacity that can hold 112 cold drinks such as soda or beer. Its dimensions are 34.6 x 19.7 x 23.6 inches, and the weight is 43.5 pounds. Yes, it does seem like it is heavy already without anything in it, but when you consider how tough it is built and how well the wheels move it along with minimal effort from you, it is well worth having for your next get together or gathering outdoors.

We found feedback from many people who said that they have come to depend on this cooler for their refreshments on a weekly basis for weekend trips away from home. It is a good size to carry just about everything you will need for your day, even extras strapped to the top to lighten your load and lessen your trips to the campsite.


When you are looking for a good cooler that is reliable, you want one that is going to consistently keep everything cold inside and be able to hold ice for long periods. The lid and body of the Igloo Trailmate Journey are insulated for maximum performance to hold ice for four days. This is not just the manufacturer boasting about their product since we did see buyer testimony to this fact. Ice can last for three to four days according to customers, which is marvelous! What helps this fabulous item keep everything so cool is that it is elevated from surfaces that are hot.

It does this with the Cool Riser Technology for better performance. More added characteristics include a storage compartment that is water-resistant to keep essentials that are pocket-sized dry and safe. This is good for jewelry, money, IDs, credit cards, keys, phones, and any other small items that you do not want to lose. You also have accessory holders on the cooler to support beach umbrellas or fishing rods. We noticed in some buyer reviews that a few users improved holders making them more permanent for such uses.


The most supportive part of any cooler that has the ability to move is the wheels. Without them, people would have to carry the cooler to where it is to be for the fun. This can be very cumbersome for coolers that are fully stocked and iced before they get to the final campsite. Thank goodness manufacturers have thought to put wheels on these outdoor necessities for us! This superb Igloo cooler has oversized wheels that are never flat. They have a ten-inch ground clearance and superior traction so they can handle many challenging terrains such as sand and soft dirt.

You will not find but just a few negative remarks about the terrain that this cooler cannot handle. The big wheels just go over anything that comes in their path. Plenty of users loved this aspect of this item. The Trailmate Journey comes with a warranty good for one year from the manufacturer, plus it is so easy to keep clean. Just wipe it down on the outside and the inside too when you clean it out. You will not need another cooler product for many years once you have this one. you will be flooded with questions of where you purchased it because it has so many splendid qualities.


Offered in the colors of black, blue, or brown with some other minor coloration blended in, this 70-quart ice chest has several other features, as if we have not mentioned enough already to make this one terrific purchase. There is a food basket on the inside to keep your food item cold but dry and out of the melting ice. It also serves as a separator to keep food from being tossed around with the more rugged cans or bottles of beverages below. The food is well within reach and will not be hidden or mashed by the drinks. The storage pockets were briefly mentioned before, but we wanted to add it here too since these are water-tight and on the exterior of the cooler.

Anything you put in these compartments will remain easily accessible and be out of harm’s way of getting wet. You can carry other items on the cooler such as quad chairs or towels using the loops to tie them down. These bungee cords work well to carry the things to the campsite that would cause you to make another trip to the vehicle. Whatever extras you have to bring along most likely can be tied to the cooler for it to haul it for you easily. When you get it to the place of enjoyment, it will gladly serve as an extra seat too.

Ease of Use

We are going to mention in this section the problem that has caused this incredible cooler to receive such a bad rating from buyers online. There is only one issue that could have been avoided by the company that is making customers so unhappy and dissatisfied with this product. It is the telescoping handle. This handle is supposed to extend with the click of the single button for pulling the cooler to where you want it. In the manufacturing of it, this part was either damaged or not finished properly. This has resulted in many people receiving handles that do not work correctly. Without the handle to extend and use for pulling, it is hard to use. This handle is also responsible for the butler table operation too.

A few users that understood the mechanics of this cooler took their apart, found the problem, and fixed it. Others tried to send theirs back but ultimately had many issues with the not-so-helpful customer service people. This flaw in the production is the reason there are so many negative reviews online and why the coolers were returned numerous times in hope for one that worked properly. It is believed that the problem is fixed now, so future customers should get handles that function well. When the handle does work correctly, it is comfortably padded to make it easier to pull.

Bottom Line

Only a couple of people complained about the non-metal hinges on the lid of this cooler. Those that had the unfortunate experience of the unhelpful customer service folks had the problem of the non-functional telescoping handles. They tried to get replacements or refunds from the company who seemed to be too overwhelmed by the number of people complaining. The telescoping handle is responsible for the workings of the handy butler table and to pull the cooler to the area you want it. It did not work for plenty of buyers because there was a flaw at the factory that a few users fixed on their own by taking the handle apart and repairing it.

Otherwise, this 70-quart cooler is excellent in keeping your food and drinks cold and ice frozen for up to four days straight. The many added features are handy to have for outdoor events, plus it is tough and durable for many years of use. The large wheels can handle many unsuitable terrains, and everyone will ask you where you got it because it is so great. The problem of the handle is supposed to be fixed currently, so it is probably safe to order the Igloo Trailmate Journey Cooler now. We recommend that you do because it is one terrific piece of gear for any outdoor event, party, or gathering to do more than its share of the workload.