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Coleman Xtreme Cooler Review Facts

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler is one of Coleman's affordable and reliable multiday, large volume coolers. Thanks to its 70-quart volume capacity and thick walls with heavy insulation this cooler is able to not only store a generous amount of goods but will be able to keep them cool and fresh for multiple days. The cooler boasts very useful ice retention, allowing you to use it as your primary form of food storage for a multitude of different activities. The sturdy and tough lid is easy to clean but also comes with built-in cup holders and has a weight limit of 250 pounds, so it can operate as an extra place for someone to sit if they don't have a chair. The No-Crush Handles are also ideal for letting you carry the cooler without the worry that you're going to injure your hands, this is thanks to the positive stopping angle that the cooler is designed with.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 5 Days of Ice Retention
  • EZ Clean Lid
  • Have a Seat Lid
  • Great Insulation
  • Cup Holders
  • Lid hinges aren't solid metal
  • Body is made of plastic
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  • Most reviewers are impressed by how well this cooler keeps food frozen or chilled.
  • With proper pre-chilling, it can keep ice for multiple days.
  • Some buyers have used their Xtreme Cooler for years without issue.
  • The lid has a good, sturdy seal.
  • It isn't too heavy making it easy to maneuver around a campsite or in and out of a vehicle.
  • Different colors and sizes are available.
  • This is a great value for the price.
  • According to many buyers, it's durable and can handled some rough transport and camping use.
  • Reviewers who are particular about keeping food at safe temperatures have been satisfied with this cooler.
  • The cupholders in the lid are very convenient.
  • There are very few complaints about the drain or plug.
  • There are a lot of positive reviews from people who have used this cooler in hot climates.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It lives up to Coleman product standards.
  • The hinges are not as durable as the rest of the cooler.
  • There is no support for the lid when it is open.
  • If empty, it takes two hands to open.
  • Although rare, there are some complaints of the handles breaking over time.
  • Children can have some trouble with the lid. To get a proper seal with the lid, some force must be used.
  • There are complaints of receiving the incorrect size when purchased online.
  • There are mixed reviews on the length of time it can keep food and ice frozen.
  • The position and angle of the handles make it difficult to be carried by one person without straining the connection of the handles.
  • The lid doesn't open more than about 90 degrees.
  • There are a couple of reports of the lid warping after being stored in direct sunlight.
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The Coleman brand has been in operation since 1900. Having survived some of the most turbulent times both economically and socially they've been able to demonstrate decade after decade why their brand deserves to be a household name. Originally starting their business by selling gasoline pressure lamps they've now diversified their market to include almost any camping supply and outdoors equipment you could need. From coolers to stoves, to tents the Coleman brand has continued to be one of the most reliable brands on the market. Their brand name has grown and become so ubiquitous with quality that they now lease the name and logo to Johnson Controls for that company's heating and air conditioning services. They have almost 120 years of experience has solidified the company's strive for quality products, and this cooler falls in line with that ideal. Much like other products this company sells, this cooler will be a great choice for weekend camping or a family day at the beach.


This cooler has a few features that are primarily going to improve your quality of life when using it and make the cooler a premier and affordable choice. First is the 70 quart capacity of this cooler. A pretty decent size it's not going to be as small and handheld as your lunchbox cooler that carries just a soda, a sandwich, and some chips but it will still be fairly easy to move around. 70 quarts is going to allow you to stock it with the necessary refreshments and food you'll need for a weekend-long camping trip or a nice day at the beach. All of this stuff will stay nice and cool throughout the day as well because of the cooler's 5-day ice retention stats. Due to the cooler's thick insulation, it has the ability to retain the inside temperature for an extended period of time and prevent outside heat from making its way in. Feeling this cooler up with your choice of supplies and some ice will pretty much guarantee that wherever you choose to go, you're food and drinks will stay cold for the better portion of 5 days.

The cooler also has a thick and sturdy "Have-a-seat lid" and EZ-Clean lid. By designing a thick and durable lid that still has a smooth surface you can use the cooler as a viable seat for individuals under 250lbs and be able to clean it easily should something spill on it. The smooth easy to clean lid is especially great because anyone who has had to deal with scrubbing down the textured lid of a cooler before can attest to the frustration and elbow grease that has to go into getting any dirt and grime out of the little divots that cover the tops of those type of cooler lids. The "Have a seat" sturdiness of the lid is really just an extra bonus. Most people are going to find themselves leaning up against their cooler at somewhere at some point in time, but knowing that you can simply use it as an extra chair makes life that much easier when you're looking for a spot to relax during a day under the sun. And of course, the best part about using the cooler as a seat is that it also comes with built-in cup holders. So rather than having to put your drink on the ground, you can simply set it to the side like you would with any other camp chair. In regards to relaxation, this really does leave you asking for much.

The cooler has also been designed with what Coleman calls "No Crush Handles." By using a positive stop angle on the cooler's side handles they've designed a hand and carrying system that will help prevent you from crushing or pinching your fingers. Any circumstance where something like that happens can be extremely painful, but when the fool weight of an object you've packed full of a couple of days worth of rations decides to jam your finger it can hurt more than you can believe. The purpose of these No Crush Handles is to prevent that, and the positive stop pretty much guarantees that you'll be able to get a grip without having to watch out for your fingers.


This cooler is going to have a great all around use style for you and your family. Because of its high-quality insulation and 5-day ice retention, it's a premier option as a long weekend camping cooler. You can fill it up on Friday with food and drinks plus some ice and no that everything will stay fresh all weekend until you get home and clean it out on Sunday. While it won't be as portable as a lunchbox style cooler it's still going to serve you far better in this situation, and its ability to keep things cold is going to outclass most smaller coolers. It's also a great option for fun beach days or as a drink cooler for backyard cookouts and barbeques. Its 70-quart capacity allows you to stock it full of refreshments for when you're having a good time with friends and the sturdy lid can double as a spare seat for someone to sit on.

At the beach you can count on cold beverages and easy to grab snacks only a few steps away from the water and even when the hot sand is passing between your toes the cooler itself will stay ice cold. Similar to other situations the cooler's ability is great at the beach as well letting you relax outside of the water without having to get your entire body covered in sand.

Key Features

Some of the best features of this cooler are going to be its No Crush Handles, the EZ Clean Lid, and the fantastic 5 days of ice retention. The No-Crush Handles are going to be a great choice whether or not you're someone that has ever had the unfortunate experience of crushing or pinching a finger in the handle of a cooler, or anything else for that matter. Designed with a positive stop angle, the No-Crush Handles are going to allow you to get a grip on the cooler when you want to carry it without worrying that any part of your hand is going to get caught between the handles and the cooler. This angle gives the handles a bit of a flare outwards, and you'll also notice that your grip may rest with the handles a bit more firmly in your palms rather than riding with all the weight of the cooler on the inside of your knuckles. The EZ Clean lid feature is a simple but well-received design. By creating a smooth texture for the top of the lid you'll now be able to wipe down and clean of the exterior of the cooler with a lot more ease than you may have otherwise. A lot of coolers have hit the market with texturized lids that while they may provide more grip, make cleaning and maintenance a little bit harder. The divots and crevices that dirt and other grime is able to get into on those types of textured lids are practically everywhere, requiring a lot more effort and a decent bit of scrubbing before you'll be able to get some spots clean.

The amount of ice retention tells you a couple of different things. It lets you know that whatever you put in the cooler is going to keep from getting warm or hot for a significant amount of time no matter what the outside temperature is like, it lets you know that the cooler itself is well insulated, and that insulation is fairly thick so your cooler walls may be a bit more durable because of that. This is great to know when planning fun beach days but comes especially in handy when you start to look at longer weekend camping trips. Rather than run the risk of your ice melting or having all your food spoil this cooler can pretty much guarantee solid ice and fresh food for up to 5 days.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this cooler is going to be a great investment and a reliable product. Boasting the Coleman brand name it comes with the knowledge that you're making your purchase from a company that has an established history in providing quality products intended for camping and outdoor uses. The thick walls of the cooler and insulation will help guarantee that your food and beverages stay refrigerated for up to 5 days, retaining ice for most if not all of this time. The solid build of the cooler as well allows for the sturdy lid to be used as an alternative seat or camping chair when someone's looking for an extra spot to sit and relax while you're all having fun. The No Crush Handles a probably the most ideal handles designed for a cooler thanks to their positive stop angle. This angle is going to e comfortable for carrying your cooler around whether it's full or empty and will also help prevent you from pinching or crushing any part of your hand in the handle. With how heavy coolers can get it's always best to be able to carry them as safely as possible. This cooler also has a volume capacity of 70 quarts allowing for you to load up for a number of different activities and purposes. Whether you plan on having a fun day at the beach with friends and family, or you need to be stocked up on enough food to last yours through a weekend of camping this cooler is going to be able to provide for you.

It's easy to clean thanks to the smooth top, which is designed to allow you to just wipe dirt and grime away: something that most people take for granted until they have to scrub into between the textured grooves and bumps of other gripping cooler tops. This cooler is a reliable piece of equipment and comes at a realistic price. Investing in good times and comfort is never the wrong move.