CamelBak Fourteener 24 Hydration Pack

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CamelBak Fourteener 24 Hydration Pack Review Facts

The CamelBak Fourteener 24 Hydration Pack is the perfect backpack for outdoor adventurists and mountain climbers. It can hold all of the gear you will need for a one-day trip hiking, trekking, or exploring in serene or rugged atmospheres. The main idea of a hydration pack is that it provides you with ample water for your trip. This one does that amazingly with its own custom-fit water bladder. The Crux reservoir can hold as much as three liters of water and has a bite valve, an on/off lever, and an ergonomic cap. Leaks will not occur with this water container because of the design, plus for every sip you take, you will get twenty percent more water from the superior Crux. The main top section of the CamelBak is insulated for snacks and foods you want to keep cool, such as sandwiches. There are ventilation tubes made of air tunnels in the inside back of the pack to increase the airflow when it is worn. Perspiration is decreased because of this feature, as well as keeping the insulated section cooler too. A structured belt and an internal frame sheet provide remarkable weight support for the user’s back. The CamelBak makes use of the hips in helping to brace some of the load as well. Many online customers were highly pleased with weight distribution and overall design of this wonderful backpack. It has a very high satisfaction rating with buyers and is terrific for so many circumstances. We are pleased to highlight the Camel/bak Fourteener 24 Hydration Pack for you in this useful review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Includes a double wing belt
  • Has a large overflow pocket
  • Comes with adjustable straps and hooks on the exterior
  • Quick access pocket is fleece-lined for phone or glasses
  • Has a separate section for water away from the gear
  • Does not include any side pockets
  • Not waterproof
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  • This is a day pack that works well for a variety of activities. Buyers like using it for hiking, biking, fishing, and more.
  • The materials are high quality, and it is built to be tough.
  • There is plenty of storage for a day trip.
  • You can store a helmet using the outside flap.
  • The closing lever on the mouthpiece is easy to use and works well to prevent accidental leaks.
  • There is a convenient lined front pocket for sunglasses.
  • For a minimalist backpacker, this has enough space to use as an overnight pack.
  • The design distributes weight efficiently making this comfortable to carry even when full.
  • The compression straps allow you to adjust the size based on how much you need to carry so objects don't shift around too much.
  • The storage is thoughtfully sized and located for ease of use.
  • There is quick and easy access to the water reservoir.
  • Reviewers who have tried a variety of hydration packs from other makers say they prefer this one.
  • Rock climbers have found this pack to have plenty of space for their climbing gear and a full reservoir of water.
  • It's easy to get on and off without having to adjust the straps much.
  • There is a decent amount of back ventilation to help you stay cool.
  • The hip belt helps distribute the weight and has a small pocket for quick access storage.
  • With the hip belt undone, some reviewers say the frame of the pack sits uncomfortably.
  • For people under 5'5", this pack may feel too long.
  • There is limited information on proper care provided with the pack.
  • Although many reviewers like the ventilation, if you prefer a pack that sits closely to your back, then this one will feel too structured.
  • Buyers believe a few improvements could be made to this pack such as adding a safety whistle and having a pocket on both sides of the hip belt.
  • The trekking pole attachment seems awkward and not completely practical for some reviewers.
  • Getting items in and out of the side pockets is difficult while the pack is on.
  • Some buyers complain that this pack is too structured and padded for its size and use.
  • In hot weather, there is still the possibility of this pack holding enough heat on your back to get sweaty.
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Hydration packs are all about making sure you are the most comfortable wherever you go. In it, you bring with you all of the essential things you will need on those long excursions away from home. The CamelBak can carry so much more than just energy bars and water. It has plenty of places to put rain gear and small things such as a phone, a compass, lip balm, a camera, a first-aid kit, and hand sanitizer. Anything you can think to bring will fit in this pack. The physical aspects that will make the pack comfortable are also many. The back panel has air support in the way of air tunnels that increase ventilation. These also add an element of comfort with cushioning the back too. There is a back support that is very well-made and supportive of the weight in the pack and your constant standing position when walking. It feels comfortable on the back especially for long hikes because of this support for the back and the hips. Your back will not get hot and sweaty with the ventilation tubes, and this extra air helps keep any cool things in the insulated pack even cooler. This pack sits well on the hips, and the weight is distributed with the load carriage, structured belt in the waist, and internal frame sheet. Many buyers commented on how well the pack is structured to use the hips and the back for the weight distribution of the load.


People use backpacks for everything now it seems. They take them to work, on plane trips, school, and vacations, but they are most appreciated and needed for outdoor activities and sports such as backpacking, trekking, and hiking. Some customers bought and used the CamelBak for going to festivals. It does not hinder movements through large crowds, is lightweight, and carries all of the essential things needed for this time away from home. It is made ideally for hiking rather than biking stated one experienced bicyclist. He claimed that it is too big for bike riding and does not sit well on the back for the bent position of riding a bike, plus it can be too heavy with stuff for that position. All in all, it is a flexible package that can be used in many ways to bring the necessities of life with you wherever you go. Some of the features that make it so flexible are the many pockets and compartments. The Camelbak has a right and left belt pocket on the waist, a storage pocket in the main section, a back, storage section, and a zippered section in the back. So many things can be put in these spaces that it would be impossible to name them all. The top section in the back is insulated to keep snacks and food cool for a long time. It is great for sandwiches and raw fruits and vegetables, as one reviewer noted. He loved taking this pack out for hikes and climbing just so he could enjoy what he brought along in his Camelbak.

Key Features

Has plenty of zippered pockets
Includes an insulated interior for food and snacks
Rides comfortably on the back and hips
Shoulder straps and adjustable belt give a custom fit
Has air tunnels on the back exterior to allow air flow
Is unisex and appealing to both sexes
Includes adjustable straps and hooks in many places
The fleece-lined pocket in the front for delicate items
Water bladder is stored separately from other gear
Can attach large exterior items such as trekking poles or rain gear


Offered in blue or black colors, the CamelBak is a unisex pack that appeals to both men and women. Usually, when one person of a family or couple purchases one of these terrific backpacks, the others in the family want their own too. Because they do come in different colors, it looks great when a couple has different colors and are backpacking, hiking, or trekking together. This way, twice the amount of gear, water, snacks, food, and essentials can be brought along for all-day trips. The CamelBak comes highly recommended by adventurists because of its style, size, load capacity, flexibility, and comfort. Many comments were made online by those who are professionals with occupations in the outdoors about this excellent pack. Leaders of hiking groups and tour and adventure guides find this is the best pack yet. They have tried and tested many models of backpacks while out on hikes and walks, and they feel that the CamelBak is in a class by itself for durability, comfort, and ease of use. It carries plenty, is long-lasting, and can take the everyday punishment that they put backpacks through on their tours and adventures. It is the style of pack that they find most useful for the items they need to bring with them.


As we have said, the CamelBak can be used for many types of trips and in various environments. Exactly how each individual will use it is completely up to them. The exterior attachments, for example, could be used for many things depending on who is using it and where it will be used. For the hiker, trekker, or climber, this attachment is ideally used for trekking poles, where it is easy to put them on and take them off. Those who use the pack for regular everyday trips on planes and such could use the exterior attachments to clip on keys, travel wallets, or flashlights. Carry everything with you with the many pockets in the pack, such as raingear, snacks, water bottles, sunglasses, and electronics. Whatever you think you will need to keep you satisfied during your outdoor adventures has a place in this backpack. It will hold three liters of water in its own special section and twenty-one liters of total cargo in the many compartments. You do not have to pack it completely full, but it will hold plenty of items if you decide to do that. Even with a full, heavy load, this pack is easy and comfortable to carry. Many users were surprised at just how well the extra weight distributes across the back and some on the hips. The design is amazing for making you comfortable as you wear the backpack.

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No one likes a backpack that bounces or moves around on their back when they are moving on their walks, hikes, and climbs. It is imperative that a backpack not prohibit the abilities of the user or make him or she feel uncomfortable in any way. The CamelBak can be kept close on the body to improve stability and not allow the bounce that is normally felt when a user is carrying water bottles. Some buyers said that with other packs, they always feel that bounce especially when the water bottles are only half-full. With the compact form and tightening abilities of this backpack, you should not experience such bounce or movement. It possesses a sternum strap that is adjustable to customize the fit to your body. Movement and swaying of the well-constructed pack are not allowed because of this feature.

Ease of Use

If a backpack is not easy to use and access the gear you need when you need it, then it is useless. The CamelBak is easy to use and give you quick access to every part of it, whether you are wearing it or carrying it. All of the sectioned parts have easy to operate zippers. They prevent the items from falling out of the compartments when you are moving and climbing. The simplest item of this pack to use is the water bladder. It comes with a custom fit container that can hold up to three liters of water. this will satisfy your thirst all day long. The Crux reservoir gives you twenty percent additional water for every sip when compared to other water bladders of similar build. It has a bite valve that is self-sealing and includes an ergonomic cap. Crux has an on/off lever that is leak-proof and easy to operate. The only way that water will leak from it is if you leave the valve in the on position. It perfectly fits the pack and provides you with the most water storage for the compact size it takes up in the backpack. Advanced hikers use the CamelBak for what they consider daily essentials in the woods and the mountains. One camping guide said he can fit his pack with an almost unbelievable number of items, including a big first aid kit, food for a day, a radio, a hydration pack, bear spray, light layers, rain gear, and extra small items in the smaller pockets. It really does hold a lot of gear for the compressed size of the product.

The Bottom Line

We love the CamelBak Fourteener 24 Hydration Pack, and so do the majority of the buyers who purchased it, according to their tremendously positive feedback online. It has the Crux water bladder that is kept separate from the rest of the other gear sections, plus a fleece-lined section for your phone or sunglasses, so they are not scratched. The insulated section inside is perfect for keeping food and snack cool for long periods, and the air tunnels on the outside against your back help keep the pack and you cool at the same time. Many zippered, exterior pockets are ready for anything you need to bring along for your trip, as well as attachments for bigger items such as rain gear and trekking poles. Adjust this backpack as you need to in order to be comfortable with the adjustable belt and shoulder straps to fit your form. The pack weight is carried with the back muscles and the hip for proper distribution. This impressive pack is as flexible and durable as it is comfortable and easy to use. It is loved and used by both men and women for numerous outdoor activities and sports, such as hiking, climbing, and trekking. We hope that you find it appealing as well and try it out for your next outdoor adventure.