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It can be difficult to find pants that fit; they are usually either too short or too big at the waist. However, the Halle Pants from prAna are not that way. These hiker pants are ultra-versatile, stretchy without being clingy and provide a relaxed style that can take you from the trail to the town. They are mid-rise pants that are styled similar to trousers, with slightly wider legs and a double button front fastener. You can roll them up or down to the length that you require, and they also have an internal drawstring around the waist to ensure the perfect fit. The fit is exceptional, they are fashionable, and they have been engineered to move with your body. Stylish yet performance driven, the soft butter-like fabric used to create the Halle Pants has been purposely chosen due to its tough and durable nature.

Whether you are a beginner to the world of hiking, looking for the perfect pants for climbing, or just looking for backpacking trousers that will keep you comfortable for miles, the Halle Pants from prAna have to be one of the best options available. Whilst there are some limitations, and they may be a little expensive, read on to find out why I think that the Halle Pants are an investment that you will love for years to come.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Breathability
  • Adjustable length
  • Flexible
  • Super stylish
  • Limited pockets 
  • Expensive


The concept of Prana first originated in ancient Hindu literature, and it refers to the vital air that we breathe. In yoga, it has many different levels of meaning, from the basic life force that keeps us going to the energy that is all around us. Inspired by this message, prAna was first founded in California in 1993 on a promise to improve yoga and climbing gear, and the company is committed to providing clothing that is performance driven and eco-friendly.

Not only do the Halle Pants ensure performance and comfort on your adventure, choosing this brand can help make a difference due to their multiple social and environmental initiatives. Plus, they were also one of the first brands in the States to be Fairtrade Certified ™, maintaining their ethical standards throughout the manufacturing and production process. Everything that they do is characterized by their commitment to inclusion and sustainability, and overall, they are one of the good guys.

Key Features

- Stretch Zion fabric with a water repellent finish
- Versatile, cross-functional pants
- Articulated knees for improved flexibility and durability
- Roll up legs to customize the length
- Hidden and secure pocket on the right thigh
- UPF 50 Protection
- Relaxed fit


Durable enough to climb the face of a mountain, but stylish enough to wear from the trail to the town, the prAna Halle pants are super versatile and can be worn for so many different activities. Although they have been designed with hiking in mind, they are the ideal pants for climbing, fishing, or anything else.

If you are looking to cool off a bit or need to wade through the river, you can also roll the Halle Pants up. Personally, I love to travel in Halle Pants, the lightweight, breathable and comfortable nature makes them the perfect choice for going long distances by car, train or plane. Plus, they are wrinkle resistant; even after being crumpled at the bottom of a backpack, they retain their shape and do not need an iron.

Whilst they are designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking, some reviews have indicated that these pants are a little too heavy for particularly hot conditions. As I live in the UK, I don’t feel qualified to comment as we certainly don’t see the same kind of temperatures here and this certainly has not been an issue for me.

If you are looking for hiking pants for colder climates, prAna does have a lined version available, which is ideal for trekking in the winter. The relaxed fit on these pants means that you can also combine them with a base layer for colder temperatures, and they are a popular choice for those hitting the piste.


The lack of proper pockets on the Halle Pants is my only complaint. As someone who wears these at least once a week to hike, climb or just to go to the park with the kids, I just feel like proper front pockets would transform them from nearly there to ultimately perfect. To be honest, I just do not fully understand why companies think that women do not need functional pockets that will actually hold what we need them to hold.

This has been echoed by several reviewers online, who agree that these pants would have been better if they had larger pockets at the front. The front pockets are pretty useless to be fair, and most things will drop straight out as soon as you bend over. There is also a hidden pocket on the thigh, which is slightly larger but still not big enough.

Reports have indicated that prAna has improved pocket-size significantly in newer versions of the Halle pants, with several reviews online suggesting that it the right thigh pocket is now able to hold their smartphone.


The Halle pants are made from a stretchy Zion material that is 97% nylon and 3% spandex. The Halle Pants offer a flattering fit that hugs the body slightly, without constricting you in any way. They are designed like a classic pair of trousers that have been created to move with your body.

One user reported that she has even worn them for doing yoga, and she stated that she had no issues regarding mobility restriction. The material has a durable, water repellent finish, which offers some splash protection but is not completely waterproof. Light and breathable, this unique Zion stretch fabric is a favorite among climbers and intrepid adventurers.

Halle pants are great for traveling as they are wrinkle-resistant and should not crease when packed for your journey. They are also quick drying and feature UPF 50+ to keep you protected from the suns damaging rays. They are suitable for wear no matter the climate; however, they have been reported to feel heavy in hotter environments.

Moreover, the Stretch Zion material is great for anyone from travelers to trailblazers and will ensure comfort for most outdoor pursuits.


Providing the performance and durability that you need on the trail with a style that could take you to town, fashion is certainly an area where the Halle Pants outshine their competitors. Cut in a similar manner to classic trousers, the Halle Pants from prAna are the smart and versatile choice for the traveler.

Many reviews online have highlighted the way in which these pants are perfect for hiking but can be worn anywhere. Furthermore, out of all the hiking pants that are currently available on the market, the prAna Halle pants are certainly some of the most fashionable and stylish.

The Halle Pants are available in a selection of muted colors and offer a modern but relaxed fit. However, more color options would be great! The 3% of spandex in the material ensures that these pants are form-fitting, but they do not cling to your body in any way.


The prAna Halle pants are impressively functional and flexible, making them suited to a whole host of outdoor activities such as climbing, biking, and hiking and so much more. The stretchy nylon and spandex Zion material allows for a wide range of leg movements and strides and fit extremely well under a harness for abseiling or climbing.

Offering 4-way movement, these pants will not restrict your mobility. The mid-rise waist also allows generous flexibility and movement, whilst the straight leg and articulated knee ensure full motion without any restriction.


The DWR coating on prAna’s Halle Pants means that they will provide some waterproof protection, but many reviewers online have highlighted that these pants are not very quick drying. After getting soaked, it can take around an hour in the midday sun before they are dry. Whilst the water will roll off the fabric to some extent, they will get wet quickly in a downpour.

Therefore, it is recommended that you wear waterproof over-trousers as an extra layer in wet climates. However, if you are just wading through a river, you can just roll up these pants and head on through.


The durability of the prAna Halle Pant is excellent. With several users reporting that they had been wearing their Halle pants for several years. They are easy to wash and maintain and particularly resistant to wear and tear. However, there have been some issues reported regarding the durability of the plastic buttons that are used on the Halle pants.

Some have suggested that these are easily damaged and/or lost, but you do get a couple of replacement buttons. Some online reviews have also noted that they are prone to pilling in high wear areas, such as the inside thighs. It should also be highlighted that prAna recommends that you wash these pants on a cold wash only, and washing warmer temperatures potentially impacting on durability. Additionally, the use of Scotch guard fabric also means that these pants are dust-resistant, and dirt will brush right off.


The Halle Pants are fairly breathable, but not quite as cool as similar pants from other pants. The stretchy Zion fabric used is moisture wicking, in that it will wick the moisture away from your skin towards the surface, where it will evaporate to keep you cool. However, online reviews indicate that the breathability of the Halle pants is limited due to the use of this nylon based stretch fabric.

Several customers have suggested that the Halle Pants are not breathable enough in hot conditions and reportedly feel relatively heavy. As a result, the Halle Pants from prAna could be considered to be better suited for cool or moderate climates for optimum mobility and comfort.


The vast majority of reviews online state that the prAna Halle pants are true to size, but some have suggested that they are a little bit big. These prAna Halle pants fit and flatter a whole host of sizes from 0-16 with a plus size selection of sizes 18-22. In addition to this, you can choose between three different leg lengths: short, 30in, regular, 32 in, and tall at 36 in.

The pants also feature an internal drawstring, negating the need for a belt. There have also been some reviewers that have suggested that these pants stretch quite a bit after a couple of hours of wear, so when you first try them on it is better if they are a little tight.


These pants are definitely on the pricey side, but they are likely to last for years to come. With so many five star reviews online reporting that their Halle pants are worth every penny, it seems that comfort is worth the price.

If you are looking for the perfect pants for rock climbing that are flexible and durable, they could certainly be considered an investment. Plus, I’ve worn my Halle Pants frequently for quite a while, and they are still pretty much like new.

Bottom Line

The Halle Pants are stylish, comfortable and available at a great price. Offering a chic style throughout your trek, they combine both fashion and functionality. They provide the comfort levels that we associate with yoga pants, whilst still providing the levels of protection and durability that are needed for hiking. The nylon and spandex based fabric ensures slimline and feminine fit whilst allowing full mobility without restriction.

Whether you are trekking through the backcountry or the city streets, the Halle Pants are stylish and sleek, and with such a wide choice of colors and designs available, you are sure to find the perfect pair for you. Although there have been some issues regarding their waterproof nature, a lack of proper pockets and potential pilling in high wear areas, I will continue to recommend these to anyone who is looking for performance pants that will stand up to the elements.