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Altra Lone Peak 4 Review Facts

The Lone Peak 4 is the latest in Altra’s flagship trail shoe range, with a design that encourages a natural running gait and excellent support. These trail shoes are lightweight and supportive, achieving the perfect balance between responsiveness and comfort. The Lone Peak collection has been Altra’s bestselling shoes for a reason, and fans of the range are sure to appreciate the updates in their latest version.

With a flexible and breathable upper, a TrailClaw outsole for improved grip and quality cushioning and comfort, as well as Altra’s signature wide toe box and zero drop sole, the latest offering from Altra will not disappoint. Particularly popular amongst the backpacker and hiking communities, Lone Peak trail shoes have been a favorite for many for years. Maintaining the heritage, while addressing previous issues, the 4s are definitely worth the upgrade.

The perfect shoes are a subjective choice; your selection will depend on the shape of your foot, the way you pronate and your natural running gait. However, if you are considering investing in the Altra Lone Peak 4’s for your outdoor activity, this in-depth review will run through all the highlights and lowlights of these top-selling trail shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Versatile
  • Excellent breathability
  • Spacious toe box
  • StoneGuard rock plate for increased protection
  • TrailClaw lugs for improved grip
  • Issues with durability
  • Some issues with more technical terrains
  • Not true to size


One of the best things about the Lone Peak 4 shoes has to be their sheer versatility. They are the perfect choice for anyone who likes to run on lots of different trails and terrains. Whether you are training or racing, they will keep your feet safe and secure throughout your run whilst allowing you the space to perfect your technique.

However, if you are considering the Lone Peak 4s for trail runners, they are definitely better suited to smoother trails, and you may have some issues on technical terrain. Alternately, this shoe is the number one choice for ultra-light backpackers and thru-hikers, with thousands of reviews online suggesting that these are the best option for such purposes.

The heightened sensitivity and zero-drop approach, also means that these could be ideal for anyone who is looking to transition towards a barefoot running technique.


When you have miles to go on your journey, breathability is essential, and the Quick Dry Air mesh upper on the Lone Peak 4 ensures improved air circulation to keep your feet cool. This was echoed across the reviews online; with many users praising the breathable nature of these shoes, and suggesting that their feet stayed dry even in particularly hot and humid conditions.

Moreover, breathability is improved by the inclusion of a moisture-wicking liner in the midsole of the shoe. The spacious design also provides excellent airflow also serves to enhance breathability as it ensures plenty of room for the air to circulate.


Providing out of the box comfort, this is certainly an area where the Lone Peak 4s shine. The accommodating fit and Altra’s signature FootShape™ toe box gives your feet room to splay naturally; maximising stability and reducing over-pronation.

Several users have noted online that they had run for miles in these shoes with zero foot fatigue and without a blister in sight. However, padding is still fairly minimal, and a couple of reviews online have suggested that they actually preferred the comfort of previous models.

However, the majority of wearers have indicated that the inclusion of the heel cup, which aims to prevent shoes from slipping, ensures that these trail runners hug your feet comfortable throughout your journey.

Heel to Toe Drop

The Lone Peak 4’s feature Altra’s signature zero-drop sole, with no difference in height between the heel and the toes on this shoe. Altra suggests that this aligns correct posture and strengthens muscles in the legs, encouraging improved form and maximising technique and efficiency. If you are fairly new to running in zero drop shoes, they can be a little uncomfortable at first, and it can take some time for your feet to adjust.


Featuring a 25mm stack height, with EVA foam cushioning and their A-bound foam compound, the different layers of the midsole are sandwiched on the Lone Peak 4s together to ensure comfort and protection. The A-Bound™ compound is said to reduce ground impact and improve responsiveness, and it is made from recycled materials for improved sustainability.

This dual density midsole feels much more natural as you are running, moving with your feet and allowing for fantastic flexibility. The midsole on these trail runners is further supported by Altra’s StoneGuard, a rock plate that protects your feet and prevents injuries.

This plate has recently changed shape, it used to feel like a very distinctive strip of plastic in the middle of the shoe, and it is now in a similar form to the skeleton of the human foot for improved flexibility. This has been widely acclaimed by fans, but it has been suggested that this may be a little too thin; with several runners noting that you can feel a bit too much when running on surfaces with sharp objects.

Although there is no built-in arch support as such on the Lone Peak 4s, the shoe does have enough cushioning for the majority of users. However, if you suffer from low arches or plantar fasciitis, these are not likely to be the right sneakers for you. Furthermore, it should be noted that some reviews have suggested that this comfort in the midsole does not last.

Quite a few people have suggested that these shoes tend to wear down and deaden quickly. This has been a pretty common issue reported, and there is a chance that this can seriously impact the shoe’s overall longevity. These issues with the A-Bound foam have been reported for many years, and it seemed peculiar that Altra has yet to address it when we are on the 4th model of their flagship trail shoe. However, their most recent update has seen much better reviews in this area, with one runner stating that he had easily run 100 miles and the shoes offered similar comfort to when he first got them.


The Altra Lone Peaks 4 outsoles are made from a MaxTrac compound for improved grip on a wide range of different terrains. This is a sticky rubber that is reported to cling to the surface, with Altra stating that it even offers excellent traction on a wet rock. This is also improved by the new lug pattern, which has been praised by fans due to the fact that it not only provides excellent grip but also improved ground feel.

The TrailClaw design features aggressive lugs in a chevron pattern on the heel and forefoot and hexagonal lugs located under the metatarsal. The lugs are around 4mm deep mostly, but they are deeper in the arch of the foot to improve effectiveness over uneven terrains.

However, reviews online report that the traction on the soles of these shoes is not quite as good as what Altra make them out to be. One reviewer stated that they had difficulty on wet rock, and several reviewers online indicated that the grip on these shoes is not satisfactory. The durability on the outsole has also been questioned, and several users have stated that the outsole adds quite a bit of unnecessary weight to the overall shoe.


The upper design on the Altra Lone Peak 4s has been constructed using their Quick Dry Trail mesh, a breathable material that will ensure that your feet stay cool and dry throughout your adventure. These shoes also now feature an overlay, which starts at the bottom of the heel and goes over the top of the shoe to offer increased support and also improves previous issues with the fit. The entire upper certainly feels sturdy and secure, and many users have highlighted increased durability due to the use of thinner ripstop nylon. The design of the upper has also improved the overall versatility of the shoes, ensuring better performance on more technical trails and increased comfort, even when running downhill.

The well-padded gusseted tongue also offers extra comfort as well as increased protection, as it helps to prevent debris from entering the shoes. Furthermore, the new tongue bridge adds additional support, improving stability and helping to prevent slippage. Previous complaints regarding heel slippage have been addressed with Altra’s Heel Claw, a design which reinforces the heel to promote a snug fit. For improved sizing, the laces also have extra eyelets so that you can easily achieve the right fit for you. The upper also includes gaiter attachment points, which are compatible with Altra’s excellent gaiters and perfect for those more technical trails.


Durability is definitely an area in which the Lone Peak 4s are sadly lacking. As we have previously mentioned, several reviewers online have indicated that the midsole does not last, and there have also been some issues reported regarding the outsole and the heel collar, with some stating that this tends to wear out after 100 miles or so. Obviously, durability will depend on the environment that you are wearing the shoes in, but trail runners should last on average 300 miles, and many users have indicated that these do not last as long as other shoes from different brands.


The Altra Lone Peak 4s are not waterproof, but Altra has improved issues regarding drainage with their latest model. They have included two small holes located into the toe cap to prevent water from building up inside the shoe. Reviews online have indicated that they do drain well, but, these trail-shoes are not waterproof, and several customers online have pointed out that they can take a particularly long time to dry.


The Altra Lone Peak 4s are relatively heavy trail runners, with the men’s size 11s weighing in at around 23.9 oz. This is much heavier than previous models, and it is considered that the majority of the weight added is due to the improved outsoles. However, most users have suggested that these shoes do not necessarily feel heavy on your feet, and many have indicated that you will be surprised by how light they feel.


The comfort and performance of any shoes are dependent on choosing the right size, and if it is possible, we would always recommend trying your trail runners on before you buy them. This is particularly important for the Lone Peak 4s as there have been some inconsistencies reported. Altra has a bit of a reputation for a poor fit, with some suggesting that the spacious shoe does not provide the support that they desire. However, whilst this supposed poor fit does mean that these shoes are restricted when it comes to achieving top speeds, it also means that they are ultra-comfortable.

Furthermore, these are the ideal shoes for anyone who has wider feet and sizing is adapted for the women’s shoes, with Altra’s Fit4Her™ technology. This means that the women’s version of these leading trail shoes has been uniquely customised to suit the anatomy of the female foot.

Bottom Line

The reviews regarding this shoe have differed widely depending on what the user was doing. While technical trail runners have been a little critical, those who run long distances on smoother terrains are much more positive.

They are widely acclaimed as being one of the best for hikers and backpackers, and the comfort on these is truly exceptional mile after mile. Although the Altra Lone Peak 4s have not really been designed to reach optimum speed, they are a great trail shoe for those who go the distance. The Lone Peak 4 has been particularly popular for hikers, providing the perfect balance between ground feel and comfort, and supporting the wearer across difficult terrains.

Overall, the Altra Lone Peak 4’s are reported to offer a comfortable fit, and the spacious design ensures that your foot has enough room to move. They provide excellent responsiveness without being too flimsy, ensuring that your feet are protected without minimalising ground feel. With mid-range price, these runners are considered pretty affordable, and they could be the perfect trail shoe for your running or hiking purposes.