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Osprey Xenith 75 Review Facts

If you are a lover of hiking and backpacking, finding the best gear for your adventures is an ongoing search. Whether it’s the best portable stoves on the market, or a great tent to keep you protected at night, knowing you have everything you need makes a trip more enjoyable. All the gear, including food and clothing, needs a place to be stored. This is where the Osprey Xenith 75 comes in. This high-capacity backpack is perfect for your multi-day excursions.

The Osprey Xenith 75 is widely considered one of the most comfortable packs on the market with some of the best features available. With superior quality, the pockets and attachments needed and space yearned for by every long trip hiker, the Xenith 75 may be the next backpack on your shopping list. In this review, we will discuss some of the best pros and cons of this Osprey bag to help you decide whether it’s the one you’ve been searching for.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Spacious enough for long trips
  • Lots of pockets for organizing
  • Comfortable
  • Removable top lid for day trips
  • Price
  • Weight
  • Does not come with included rain cover

Key Features

When talking about the Osprey Xenith 75, the features are quite abundant. This pack features the space you need to carry enough gear for a lengthy trip. While offering all this space, this bag still stays quite comfortable. Made from bioform material the adjustable hip belt allows for easy fitting and will mold to any body type. A large number of pockets and zippers give you the compartments you need for storing important gear and personal items that make any trip more accommodating. The Xenith 75 has its own compartment for sleeping bags with enough room to also carry a sleeping pad. The external hydration reservoir sleeve even allows easy access for your water while out and about. With all these features its easy to see why many people are finding the Osprey Xenith 75 one of the favorite packs for hiking and backpacking.

Pockets and Attachments

If you are a fan of keeping your gear and tools safely tucked away while you’re hiking, the Osprey Xenith 75 offers you all the pockets you need. Whether you carry great deals of items on your trips or are one of the few that only takes the necessities, this pack has what you need. The abundance of pockets allows all the space you require while leaving the bag sleek and trim looking.

The front of the pack offers two zippered pockets. The size and shape of these pockets make them great for extra storage and the organization of small items you may need on your trip. When keeping your cell phone, multi-tool, and other items tucked away, these pockets are ideal.
On the hip belt, you’ll find two more small pockets that can be used for carrying smaller accessories or items you need to reach quickly. Lip balms, nail clippers, and bottle openers can be stashed where they can be grabbed when needed.
The front stretch mesh pocket offers access to gear easily. Carrying the necessities like your rain jacket, extra clothes, or even sandals for your downtime is made easy with this pocket thanks to the space it allows.
The removable top lid also features pockets. Under the lid, you’ll find pockets that can easily carry the gear you need for your day trips. This feature is one of the most useful the Xenith offers.
The dual side zippers offer easy access to your main compartment. This allows you to grab the gear you need from this area without having to remove the top lid to gain access. When using a fully packed bag, this saves not only time but a great deal of effort.
A large zippered compartment is located at the base of the bag. This compartment is intended for your sleeping bag but easily has enough room to add a sleeping pad as well. This compartment also comes with a removable divider that is used for helping the bag maintain its balance. The room in this compartment allows you to carry an additional sleeping pad if you choose.
The external hydration sleeve allows for easy access when your pack is full. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the water you need without having to remove your pack or the top lid for access. This sleeve will hold up to a 3-liter reservoir, but the reservoir must be purchased separately as the Xenith 75 doesn’t come equipped with its own.
On the sides of the bag, there are stretch pockets that are great for holding additional water bottles. These pockets also offer easy access and can help save the water you have in your reservoir.
The Xenith 75 also features integrated pole loops for trekking, removable sleeping pad straps, and ice ax loops with tie-offs to avoid snags and damage to your bag. These loops and additions make carrying your gear much easier.
With all these attachments and storage areas its easy to see why lovers of gear are fans of this bag. The Osprey Xenith 75 offers features and attachments to make this bag a favorite for those who own it.


Although a bit weighty for some, the Osprey Xenith 75 is one of the most comfortable bags available. This comes from the quality moisture wicking mesh material used in production. This material allows for great breathability. The adjustable hip belt allows for a perfect fit. It allows the bag to be form fitted to the body giving the wearer great movement capabilities. The internal frame and support straps make add to the comfort of this bag by making hoisting simpler and easier.


The dual side compression straps offer both load stability and balance. When not full, these straps also allow the bag a less bulky look and lessening of the weight involved in carrying. This compact look and feel ensures this pack sits securely on your back without balance issues, no matter how full it is. Keep in mind, this bag can carry loads between 40 and 70 pounds which adds to the versatility it offers.


The Osprey Xenith 75 offers a ton of features, but also a bit of weight. Although most of the weight comes from the frame, this bag sports a 7.5-liter size. When fully loaded the Xenith can be quite bulky and be difficult to maneuver. Although the bag is intended to carry great loads, it’s important to remember when on long trips with a full pack it can become uncomfortable to bear with the additional weight. This weight and bulky look are one of the biggest drawbacks of choosing this bag.


The Osprey Xenith 75 is intended to be a high-capacity multi-day backpack. When needed it can be fully loaded to carry all the essentials you need on any trek you’re facing. Fortunately, the Osprey features a removable lid that can be used when you plan on taking short excursions during your time out. If you find yourself hoping to visit a nearby landmark or watering hole, taking the removable lid saves you from having to carry the additional weight of this hefty bag.


The Osprey Xenith 75 is quite pricey when it comes to other backpacks on the market. For dedicated hikers and backpackers, this may not be an issue, however. The price you pay does come with a great number of features and a bag that is intended for extended use. If you find yourself debating whether the Xenith is worth the money, keep in mind the pros and cons you’ll be receiving when purchasing this bag before you make a decision. If weight, lack of an included rain cover, and the price are too much when it comes to downsides, then looking at other bags may be your best option. Keep in mind, however, quality gear is an investment, true outdoorsmen will be proud to pay.


The style of the Osprey Xenith 75 is hit or miss with some. When looking at this backpack you may consider it a bulky piece of equipment. Others will see it as roomy enough to make their trips more comfortable and manageable considering all the equipment and gear that can be carried. This backpack is not considered lightweight or sleek. The additional size and weight are what makes the Xenith a backpack for long journeys instead of quick treks.


When visiting Amazon to look at your options for the Osprey Xenith 75, you’ll find yourself thrilled with the color options available. Unlike more gear made for men, you have the option to choose with color best fits for your hiking style. Choosing between discovery blue, graphite grey, Mediterranean blue, or tektite grey are a few of your choices. Once you’ve decided which one is your favorite, all that is left to do is push the purchase button.

Rain Cover

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors knows the importance of having a rain cover for their gear. Keeping your essentials dry from the possibility of bad weather is a must. The same can be said when speaking about your backpack. Unfortunately, the Osprey Xenith 75 doesn’t come with its own rain cover, but it is possible to attach one. These rain covers can be purchased separately and are a great tool to have for any type of outdoor gear you may purchase.

Hydration Reservoir

When purchasing a backpack for either short or long trips, a hydration reservoir is an important attachment. The ability to have fresh water that is easily accessible not only makes a trip safer but more fun. The Xenith Osprey 75 comes with an attached sleeve to carry your hydration reservoir easily. This is a great addition to any backpack you choose for your adventures.

Lifetime Warranty

When purchasing the Osprey Xenith 75 you’ll find you receive a lifetime warranty as well. With the quality workmanship that goes into the production of this bag, it may be rare that you find yourself needing to cash in on this guarantee. This peace of mind is a great addition that many would consider a bonus feature. If issues occur, Osprey will replace your bag without hassles.

Best Applications

If you are a lover of long hiking trips or camping for days, then the Osprey Xenith 75 is the bag for you. This bag works best when being used for long trips where lots of gear is needed. This pack is spacious enough to allow for extra clothes, food, water, and all the camping and hiking gear you need to make your trip more enjoyable.

Although the Xenith 75 isn’t intended for day trips, it does come with that option. The removable top lid offers enough pockets and accessories to allow you to take it with you for shorter stints. While helping with the versatility of this bag, it is also considered one of its best applications.

The Bottom Line

If you are a lover of the outdoors you know the need to carry multiple items and an extensive amount of gear. This is why so many are turning to the Osprey Xenith 75. This spacious backpack is intended to carry everything you need for long trips. Tents, portable stoves, sleeping bags, compasses, water, food, and of course changes of clothes easily fit into the storage compartments of this backpack without issue and in most cases, with space to spare. This space provided by the extra pockets and attachments is one of the reasons people choose to buy the Xenith.

The Osprey Xenith is easily considered one of the most versatile backpacks on the market. Although it's intended for long trips, the removable lid will allow adventurers the opportunity to enjoy quick hikes and day trips without issue. The other features of this backpack make it a wise choice for any outdoors lover who finds themselves in need of great equipment. If you feel the Osprey Xenith 75 is the back for you, all that’s left is to make that purchase and start enjoying.