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Jack Wolfskin Gossamer Tent Review Facts

There is nothing quite like pitching up in the great outdoors and getting back in touch with nature. However, choosing the right tent for your trip can be a challenge, as it is difficult to find the perfect blend between weight and protection. Keeping you dry without weighing you down, the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer tent is the ideal solo backpacking tent. Featuring a tunnel design, it is light and robust with a compact pack size. The Gossamer is a tent for three seasons, with reviews highlighting that it is incredibly stable and durable. Providing protection from the elements, you will be able to get the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer tent pitched with ease, even in poor conditions.

This review will focus mainly on the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer 1, which is a one-berth tent that is ideal for solo camping. If you are looking for a larger option, the Gossamer II is also available. The II is extra-large and features increased storage space, and a porch area as well as room for an extra sleeper. If you are considering investing in a new tent, the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer is a reliable, affordable shelter that will provide you with the protection that you need. Want to know more? Check out our extensive review of the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer for a breakdown of everything that you need to consider before purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy to erect
  • Spacious dual construction
  • Minimum fuss
  • Fully Waterproof and wind resistant
  • Great Value Price
  • Lightweight
  • Some issues with damp
  • Lack of storage space
  • Cannot sit up inside the tent
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  • Easy to set-up and take down.
  • Impressively lightweight.
  • The compact size makes this great for cycling trips, minimalist hiking, and wilderness camping.
  • It is durable enough to withstand some heavy rain.
  • It is warm yet has good ventilation.
  • The fly and bug net can be connected as one piece using velcro connectors.
  • The groundsheet is durable and eliminates the need for a footprint or tarp in most conditions.
  • The fly can be rolled up for extra ventilation and star gazing.
  • The bug net provides good protection from insects.
  • It dries out quickly.
  • For the weight and functionality it is reasonably priced.
  • It has a low profile making it easy to set up in tight spaces.
  • It has enough room for one person and gear.
  • Reviewers over 6 feet say they don't feel cramped in it.
  • It is well-sealed and there are no complaints of leaks.
  • It is not self-standing.
  • It is not a spacious tent.
  • One reviewer notes issues with condensation.
  • There is limited availability.
  • It does not have a vestibule.
  • The low profile doesn't allow space to sit up fully.
  • The ropes to secure it when packed down are not very substantial. Stronger straps would be better.
  • It is a little heavier than some similarly sized tents.
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Guided by passion, Jack Wolfskin is dedicated to providing the very best outdoor gear. They are at home outdoors and committed to providing you with the very best of everything that you need for your camping trip or adventure into the great outdoors. Discover clothing, footwear, and equipment that have been designed with the explorer in mind. Jack Wolfskin is also passionate about sustainability, and each of their products has been designed with the environment in mind.

First opened in 1993, there are now 850 Jack Wolfskin stores around the world. They have fast become global leaders, and a firm favorite of hikers, cyclists, fishermen and anyone else who likes to spend time in nature. The Jack Wolfskin Gossamer tent is typical of their range, with a great value price, without compromising on quality.


The Jack Wolfskin Gossamer is a fabulously versatile tent that is easy to erect and provides ultimate protection in variable conditions and terrains. If you are heading out on your outdoor adventure with a new shelter, we always advise practicing putting it up at home so that you are confident with the process. Although out of all of the tents reviewed lately, the Jack Gossamer Wolfskin is definitely the easiest to erect and should take no time at all. With lots of reviews highlighting how quick and easy it was to put the tent up and take it down.

On warmer evenings, you can also pitch the inner tent only. The mesh fabric will provide protection from mosquitoes and other pesky bugs, without restricting your view of the stars. The ability to roll back the outer sheet has to be one of the Gossamer’s best features. To relax under the night sky without being bothered by pesky bugs truly is a luxury. However, this also means that with the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer, you do need to pitch the inner segment of the tent first. Whilst this is not a problem in dry weather, it is not particularly ideal when setting up camp in the rain. Furthermore, the site that you select is always important, and it is vital that you pick the perfect spot with consideration. When you are sliding the tent poles, we advise you to be extra careful and try to find an even pitch with appropriate shelter.


The durability of the Gossamer is exceptional, and many reviews have highlighted that the tent is super affordable when you take this into consideration. The Jack Wolfskin Gossamer tent is light yet durable, with lots of reviewers stating that their tent held its own against the elements, and has lasted for several years with little damage.

The outer material of the tent is made from a 75 Denier fast drying UC resistant fabric with PU coating. The inner mosquito mesh is 40D, and this is a fine gauge mesh. Moreover, the ‘bathtub’ style groundsheet used for this tent has a hydrostatic head rating of 10, 000 mm and been built to last. Additionally, the Twin DAC aluminum poles have been made to last. There have not been any reviews discovered online stating that these have snapped, but we still recommend being careful when you are threading them through.


The Jack Wolfskin Gossamer 1 is a superb one-person tent that will keep you warm and dry. The outer layer of the tent is fully waterproof, with a 4000 mm hydrostatic head. The term hydrostatic head is used as a measurement of a product's waterproofing abilities. It refers to the height of a column of water, which is slowly increased until water penetrates the fabric.

So with a hydrostatic head of 4000 m, the outer layer of the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer would be able to withstand a column of water that is 4000mm tall before liquid begins to seep through into the inner layer. The groundsheet is also completely waterproof, and is made from Hydrofilm polyester and features an impressive hydrostatic head of 10000 mm.

Wind Protection

The low profile and tunnel design of the tent ensures that it provides exceptional protection from the wind. Several reviewers suggested that this tent stood up to bad weather on their trip and that it remained stable throughout the night. If you are putting the tent up in particularly windy conditions, be aware of the wind direction when you are considering how to position your shelter. Also, in particularly bad gales, consider using additional pegs and guy ropes for extra stability in windier conditions.


Whether you are going on a cycling adventure, hiking through the great outdoors or backpacking on a round-the-world trip of a lifetime, the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer is an affordable shelter that will give you the protection that you need. For a tent with this level of quality and durability, this unit is genuinely an incredible deal. However, if comfort is a key priority, the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer may not be the right choice for you. It is more of a hybrid between a bivi and a more traditional one berth tent, so has not really been designed with comfort in mind.


At 235 cm, the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer tent is relatively long. One reviewer who was 6 foot 3 said that although he managed to sleep comfortably in the tent, his feet did touch the roof area at the bottom of the tunnel. As a result, he opted for the XL version for extra space. Although, this does come with the added weight and increased pack size. The inner tent is around 30 cm high, which means that you will probably not be able to sit up inside. However, despite being relatively small, the Gossamer does feel relatively spacious inside. The small design also means that it is excellently insulated, helping to keep you warm while you sleep. Moreover, the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer features two storage pockets, which are ideally situated so that you have everything to hand.

The small size of the tent does mean that there is a lack of storage inside, and you may wish to take a dry bag to ensure that your belongings are protected from the elements. If you are in the market for a shelter with more storage, the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer II features similar levels of protection but with extra space. This also features a porch area, which can be useful for cooking, dining and relaxing on rainy days.


This tent may not seem like much, yet nearly all of the reviews highlighted the manner in which it performed impeccably well, even in the worst of weather. Overall, the vast majority of the reports indicated that the Gossamer was a well-constructed tent that has been designed to maximize stability and protection.

You can easily adjust the tension, including changing the tension on the doors, without affecting the tension on the rest of the tent. The reflective lines guy lines add increased solidity and the lines also feature plastic tension adjusters. The Gossamer II is definitely better suited for poorer weather conditions as well as being larger, with extra stability and support incorporated into the design

The two pole aluminum frame should keep the tent upright and rigid, but some reviewers did suggest that the tent sagged too much lengthways. However, taking extra pegs and guy ropes could improve the overall stability of the tent, which may be beneficial in more inclement weather conditions. Plus, the guy ropes are not as essential as they are with other models, so on a calm, clear night, you may not require these.


The Jack Wolfskin Gossamer 1 is lightweight, particularly in comparison with other models offering similar levels of protection. At around 1550 g, it packs light and compresses well. Although this may seem more substantial than other options, a lot of this weight does come from the pegs. Experts have suggested that the weight could easily be stripped down if this is an area of concern or you could potentially replace the pegs for a more lightweight option.


Drift off to sleep with the sounds of nature and enjoy the full camping experience with the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer tent. There is effective ventilation created throughout the tent, which helps to ensure breathability and added comfort. As well as providing protection from the bugs, the inner mesh also helps to reduce condensation by increasing ventilation. However, a selection of online reviewers that had used their tent in particularly hot or humid conditions did report some damp on the inner walls.


If you are looking for a little bit more protection than provided with a bivi, but without too much weight, the Jack Wolfskin Gossamer tent could be an excellent choice. As previously mentioned, the tent features exceptional weather-proof protection.

The inner mesh will prevent mosquitoes and other annoying flying bugs from getting into your sleeping quarters. Also, reflectors on the main guy points and zips make it easy to see your way in the dark. Finally, the sack is tight and relatively easy to pack, as well as being fully waterproof; keeping your tent dry even if the sack is submerged in water.

Furthermore, Jack Wolfskin designs all of their products with the environment as their priority. The Gossamer tent will leave behind only a minimal footprint, with little damage to the surrounding area.

Key Features

-Frame: Aluminium 7001
-Flysheet: lightweight resistant fabric with PU coating
-Inner tent: lightweight, 40D Mosquito Mesh
-Groundsheet: durable, 150D Hydrofilm polyester
-Poles: DAC 7001 T6 Aluminium
-Pack Sack

Bottom Line

Pick the perfect spot and experience the outdoors with the Jack Wolfskin! This tent truly offers a great night’s sleep! It is a minimum fuss shelter, but still an upgrade from the traditional bivi. If you are going solo camping, this tent could be the perfect option for you. It is lightweight, features an inconspicuous tunnel design, and offers protection from the weather. Plus, it has a lightweight pack that will fit easily into your bag and suits just about any budget.

Although there have been some concerns noted regarding ventilation and the lack of storage space, it remains that the Gossamer is fundamentally a great value unit. Featuring a modest price tag, a striking design, and an excellent finish, this tent is ideal for anyone who likes to keep things basic. We think that motorcyclists, backpackers, fishermen and women, and hikers alike, will fall in love with the minimum-fuss affordable Gossamer tent from Jack Wolfskin.