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Editor’s Conclusion
La Sportiva ignores the current trend towards creating shoes similar in weight and springiness to trail runners. Instead, it remains a traditional climbing company at its core, evident with the Spire GTX hiking shoe. Sturdy and substantial with a proportional firmness and firm heel counter, this shoe is absolutely made for hiking.

With the La Sportiva's self-professed low-cut hiking boot, you'll get a comfortable shoe with good protection against most rough terrain. The foam underfoot is firm and, combined with a thick midsole, effectively isolates you from rocky and rough terrain. Especially suited to variable and rugged landscapes, this light-duty hiking boot is perfect for backpackers and day-trippers.

Despite being a perfectly apt backpacking shoe with similar performance levels to low-top boots, this shoe does sit a little taller than most of its competition. However, its design is still sturdy, waterproof, comfortable (although moderately stiff) and well equipped to tackle varying terrain.

Wet and muddy hikes, gravelly and rocky ground and general mountain walking or backpacking should be a breeze. Still, you may want to keep the technical terrain or arduous downhill descents to a sturdier shoe.
La Sportiva Spire GTX Hiking Shoe Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons






Low-cut design

Perfect for wide feet



It sits higher than most low-tops

Too flimsy for technical/rigorous terrain

Key Features


The Spire GTX provides superb traction and grip with Vibram XS Trek and Impact Brake System, which is superior to many hiking shoes on the market. This comfortable yet still sturdy design perfectly suits suffers of foot conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Morton's Neuroma and or simply high arches.

Despite owning the sturdiness and protection of a hiking boot, the low-cut design allows for more flexibility, comfort, and less chance for ankle rub. Other reviewers and I also find this shoe blister free from the get-go.

This Vibram rubber outsole allows for decent grip on most uphill and downhill descents due to its well-rounded tread design and substantial lugs that grip. The La Sportiva Spire GTX faired particularly well in wet and muddy weather, with leakage nor cakeage an issue. However, being a light hiking shoe, many found this shoe unsuitable for very technical terrains or serious rock climbing.

This thick midsole can also feel slightly unbalanced on rocky terrains, so that's something to be mindful of. Still, this shoe offers good stability with lightweight protection alongside the foot and a cushioned heel.


Most seemed to find this shoe wider than the average and running a little on the big side. If your feet are on the narrow side, they might be a little too wide for you.

Consider cinching down the laces tightly or wearing a thick pair of socks to avoid slippage or toe smashing on downhill descents.


La Sportiva has worked hard to bring a shoe to the market which is comfortable, snug-fitting, and stable. The STB control system, which integrates the Gore-Tex Surround ventilation outlets, does well to achieve this. In addition, a thick foam underfoot and thick midsole provides adequate firmness and isolation from challenging and rough terrain.

La Sportiva's success in creating a leak-proof shoe with excellent and calm breathability was a pleasant surprise. This shoe keeps your feet surprisingly dry and comfortable despite ankle-deep mud, shallow streams, and heavy rain. So step out into all seasons with this lightweight yet incredibly waterproof hiking show.

If you're looking to transition from a traditional heavier hiking boot, the Spire GTX is a great choice. Backpacking is particularly easy with this shoe, and you might be surprised to find your feet sill comfortable even with a 30-pound load.

In addition, navigating various terrains was easy, including coastal hikes, mud, sand, forest, rocky landscapes. It was nice to lose the weight of a conventional hiking boot and gain the agility of a trainer, but with enough support and durability to tackle various terrains.

Despite being a low-cut hiking shoe, some reviewers seemed to feel that the side of the shoe is a little too high. The sides are nearer the middle of a high top and low top and could result in a bit of rubbing.


Regardless of the season, achieving maximum breathability is easy with the Nano Cell 2.0 structure; it works in conjunction with the Gore-Tex surround aeration channels within the footbed and midsole. So rather than just venting the upper of this shoe, it further releases the air through the footbed and midsole.

Waterproof shoes will always be a little warmer than a non-waterproof shoe, and some found this shoe not any more breathable than other waterproof shoes. However, hikes in cooler temperatures would be perfect with this good upgrade in ventilation. The Gore-Tex does provide a sound reduction in warmth, but it depends on how much you expect from a waterproof shoe.


A trustee waterproof shoe that does what it says. The Gore-Tex membrane is highly efficient in tackling rain and ankle-deep water. My feet were as happy as I at the end of the day, still dry and comfortable. Unlike other low-top hikers, the tongue is cleverly connected to the upper right of the collar, ensuring a waterproof shoe right to the top.

Despite this low-cut design, the Spire Gore-Tex still provides a substantial amount of all-around protection. Rocks, stones, and slips were of little concern to my feet with the thick midsole and TPU inserts. Although not as sturdy as burly rubber, the toe cap's synthetic material is thick and protective but protects the front of the footwell. The durable abrasion resistance mesh upper sole also furthers protection and support from the elements.


La Sportiva shoes are renowned for their durability, with the Spire GTX no exception to the rule. The durability, high-quality materials and excellent design result in a shoe that lasts and is worth the money. At first glance, this low-top hiking shoe looks incredibly sturdy and well made.

Other reviewers and I have put this to the test with hundreds of miles in the first few months, staying in the same condition, The outer and lower sole does not wear quicker than any other shoe, and there are no indications of cracks or breaks. Additionally, the overlaid materials along the upper also seem to have suffered little to no wear.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Shoes

The sturdiness of this Gore-Tex model means it is a little heavier than some low-top shoes. If you're looking for something slightly lighter, you can try out the Salomon X Ultra 4, Adidas Terrex Swift R, or Danner Trail 2650.

Choosing lighter and nimbler shoes is perfect for fastpacking or easy-going day hikes. Still, if you're looking for sturdiness, stability for backpacking or compatibility for various terrains, I wouldn't put the weight at the forefront of your decision. The Spire GTX doesn't feel particularly heavy underfoot anyway, even after a full day of hiking.

As mentioned before, these shoes do run a little wide. However, if your feet tend to run a little narrow, the Salomon's X Ultra 4 is also a good choice with its snug heel.


You do get what you pay for, so if you're looking for something on the sturdier side that can handle many terrains (although not all), then the Spire GTX is a great choice.

Wet and muddy hikes call for a shoe that can handle rain, and you can't get much more efficient of a waterproof shoe than with the La Sportiva Spire GTX.