Osprey Aether Pro 70 Backpack

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Editor’s Conclusion
Backpacking is plain miserable with the wrong equipment. A lousy pack or load hauler can be the worst culprit. Never fear. Osprey knows how to make adventuring enjoyable with the right gear. The years of engineering hiking backpacks for all-purpose destinations are evident in their products, and the Aether Pro 70 is another example of their comfortable and durable purpose-built packs.

Built for all-day hiking, mountaineering or backpacking adventures, there's plenty of space for all your gear or heavy packers. Having been caught out too many times without a raincoat, shelter, enough water, etc., I tend to pack on the heavy side. Packing and organizing all you need is easy with the vast 70-liter capacity and supreme features.

For big backpacking trips, every ounce counts. Osprey is renowned for creating premium, sturdy, versatile packs stripped down and streamlined to create a robust yet light backpack. It's ideally suited for long adventures on anything from alpine climbing expeditions to arduous all-day hikes through undiscovered landscapes.

Let's see if the Aether Pro 70 stands up to the test.
Osprey Aether Pro 70 Backpack Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Huge 70L capacity

Sturdy & durable

Allmighty lifetime warranty

Adjustable harness and hip belt

Balanced & comfortable carry

Hydration sleeve holder included


Quite expensive

Key Features

Ease of Use

Osprey's strong reputation for creating durable, feature-friendly and comfortable packs follows them with every upgrade and a new product they bring out. When spending so much on a pack, you want it to be versatile and usable on various routes. With the Aether Pro 70, you can easily switch between day hikes to weeklong challenging camping trips. This is made easy with a tremendous amount of space to carry all your camping gear. The sizable main compartment allows you to take everything you would need, no matter where you're heading.

The Aether Pro 70 includes all the essential features backpackers will ever need, with a few removable extras in the usual Osprey style. Being able to pick and choose what you need to reduce weight is necessary for long trips and hot all-day hikes.

Most prominent of all the numerous features are the two spacious, removable hip belt pockets sitting loosely on the waist belt. Although this unique feature may seem a bit overkill, these pockets do come in handy for fitting any of your small or medium go-to items, such as a phone, snacks and even a 1-liter Nalgene bottle.

This new and upgraded Aether Pro 70 is bursting at the seams with contemporary design features. I particularly like the addition of the handy top and side zipper to the main compartment. There's nothing worse than having to yank all your gear out of the main compartment when it's dropped to the bottom, so this is a clever addition.

Several other premium features include the hydration reservoir sleeve holder, detachable daypack, integrated flap jacket, sleeping pad straps, removable floating lid with a spindrift collar, flap jacket top cover, and Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment. Everything has its place with this pack.

You can easily adjust the shoulder straps too by sliding the floating Velcro panel up and down to match the backpack to the wearer's height.


Osprey always strikes a strong balance between function and style. The sleek design of the Aether Pro 70 doesn't compromise the technical aspect, still allowing for a practical carry. Osprey's signature firm "Anti-Gravity" suspension provides maximum comfort not sacrificed by heavy loads, even up to 60 pounds maximum weight capacity. This pack should easily support you, especially if you're looking to carry more than 45 pounds.

The striking and ergonomic design also allows for shoulder straps that are some of the most comfortable you'll ever find. Further comfort is added with the dual front compression straps, helping to stabilize a heavy load and keep the profile slim.

The interchangeable hip belt and harness also create extra comfort; this adjustability enables you to mold the pack to your body for a balanced carry. In addition, the AirScape mesh-covered foam back panel should help to keep you cool on hot days.

One of the most significant luxury features is the ability to reduce weight. A pack is never truly suitable for many occasions unless it's versatile or the weight can be reduced. Including many removable features is a genius way to reduce weight.

Some easily detached features include the dual removable compression pads, waist belt pockets, ice tool loops, lid, and sleeping bag.

Sometimes, a stripped-down pack can reduce the suspension, but this didn't seem to be an issue with the Aether Pro 70. The option to remove weight is impressive, but this pack remains one of the lightest in their range and still relatively lightweight for a load hauler.

Materials & Durability

Osprey can offer the Allmighty Lifetime Guarantee because they know their packs will last, which is probably one reason Osprey backpacks cost more than others on the market. The choice of material is always of the long-lasting and durable kind.

Made of NanoFly fabric, the Aether Pro 70 is an excellent example of that durability. This fabric combines ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethene (UHMWPE) ripstop and 210D Nylon and results in a remarkable hardly and abrasion resistance pack with the incredibly light material.

Comparison to Similar Backpacks

The Aether Pro 70, just like most of Osprey's backpacking range, comes in three frame sizes: small, medium, and large. With a specific design aimed at men, the Aether Pro 70 demonstrates how Osprey models their packs to fit the male and female body frames comfortably. You can check out the Ariel 65 women's version if you need a bag to suit a female frame.

I would point out that the foam is slightly stiffer than average and can move with you when navigating uneven terrain, and is more supportive with heavier loads.

If you're after something a bit softer and more cushioned, you can take a look at the Osprey Atmos 65. You'll get a trampoline-style suspension with the Osprey Atmos 65 pack, but you'll lose the extra carrying capacity as it doesn't do well over 40 pounds.


Despite their weighty cost, I am genuinely never disappointed by the Osprey range of backpacks. Superbly geared towards those keen on technical hikes, mountaineering or adventuring, this pack is ideal for those of you looking for a load hauler that's light, comfortable, and packing the suspension.

With a perfect number of removable features, organizational space, and room available to store everything, this is a truly versatile pack. Whether you're off for an all-day hike, off-trail extending a camping expedition or mountaineering, you won't be disappointed.

This pack is no different with its huge 4000+ cubic inches of storage space, comfortable fit, balanced load, anti-gravity suspension, and versatile design.