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Editor’s Conclusion
With the grip of a hiking shoe and the flexibility of a running shoe, the Salomon OUTline GTX is well suited to running, walking, sightseeing, and light hiking. Its lightweight design, flexible reaction and GORE-TEX waterproof membrane provide a truly comfortable experience.

A little different from the usual Salomon design, this is a hiking shoe that looks and acts like a running shoe, but with the traction, support, and breathable engineering of a walking shoe. Surprisingly, the integrated technical hiking and running features that make the shoe light, agile and supportive aren't negated by the OUTline GTX's stylish and athletic look.

At half to a third of the price of some of the Salomon range, you can't beat the value that this hiking shoe provides. However, some reviewers did believe it may lack the support needed for arduous and technical hikes.

This waterproof and lightweight trail runner may be more suitable for light hiking or sightseeing. Carry on reading to discover if this shoe is right for you.
Salomon OUTline GTX Hiking Shoes Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons




Terrific for novice hikers

Available in several colors

Great value for money


Runs narrow

Lacks durability

Limited to lighter trails

Key Features


The Salomon OUTline GTX upper sole construction comprises quick-drying abrasion-resistant textile material, combined with the GORE-TEX waterproof liner. This waterproof membrane is ridiculously effective at keeping your feet dry.

In addition, a sturdy protective toe cap and lower sole improve the shoe's durability and comfort against stones and bumps. Further convenience comes from the gusseted tongue, preventing debris from entering the shoe, and the footwear's padded collar.

Ease of Use

I cannot survive without a super comfortable shoe for everyday use, and the OUTline GTX is ideally suited to this need. Having multiple problems with my feet means I can't just wear cheap and unsupportive shoes, even for a walk around the park. So, I would recommend these shoes even if you're not into hiking or running but are just after a good shoe that can make an active person comfortable.

Walking and running the trail is comfortable and easy with a flexible lower and midsole that responds like a running shoe. However, some found this Salomon shoe lacks the support to tackle more rugged or technical terrains compared to other hiking shoes in the Salomon range. The traction also felt slightly flawed on loose or wet terrain, so overall, these shoes may not make hiking or running over vast landscapes so easy.

Nevertheless, the 5mm deep lugs on the outsole and a protective toe cap should make mellow hikes and runs effortlessly. Downhill conditions (although not technical downhill descents) are also improved with the grooves found in the sole's heel section, whereas the front of the toe extends upwards to thwart stubbing.


When doing my research, I was pleased to see these shoes can handle some heavy milage comfortably. It's always nice to find an option that's comfortable right out of the box, and these shoes held up their end of the bargain. My feet were pleasantly surprised by the lack of blisters. In addition, the GORE-TEX membrane appears to be completely genuine, keeping your feet dry and happy no matter how many puddles you step in.

Plenty of other reviewers prefer these shoes for their morning jogs over wet grass (remember, they're waterproof) compared to their running shoes. The grip will help if you run with big dogs that can run faster than you!

Finding a good hiking shoe as a novice hiker can be difficult; trust me, I've been there. Hiking shoes can feel quite a bit heavier than your regular trainers or running shoes, especially if you choose a shoe with the GORE-TEX waterproof membrane. The OUTline GTX is perfect for transitioning from a trainer to a hiking shoe for novices because of its athletic design and lightweight feel.

This is a unique Salomon style that I've not seen before, as it acts and looks like a running shoe. The shoe itself is sleek, stylish and comes in several colors.

Just like a running shoe, it feels light, is low cut, and has flat laces, which are less bulky and challenging to get used to than the Quick lace system found on many hiking shoes.


Salomon is well known for the quality of their hiking shoes and usually heads above the competition. However, I've found minor issues with this shoe.

For example, I was slightly perturbed when getting the Salomon OUTline GTX out of the box, as it was comparably light in its construction compared to other Salomon shoes. But considering the nature of the shoe as a lightweight, flexible trail runner, this was to be expected.

Putting this shoe to the test did find some wear and tear. Although most of the upper sole's protection comes from rubber overlays, those areas not covered show some wear in the material. In addition, the low-profile rubber toe cap has begun to peel slightly, and there is wrinkling in the light EVA soles.

Therefore, it appears that the OUTline GTX hiking shoe may not hold up for many years with constant use on very rugged trails. However, with lightweight shoes, you trade durability for weight, so I'm comfortable that this is standard for this type of shoe.

I also feel I need to mention these shoes are about half the price of a sturdier hiking shoe, so if you're on a budget, this is a perfect shoe.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Shoes

Unfortunately, this shoe is probably not best suited for the wide footed. Many hikers seem to agree - finding the fit, heel, and toe box a little on the narrow side. Being comfortable straight out of the box, if you don't have wide feet, this should be a light and comfortable shoe.

But if you do have wide feet, you'll be glad to know that Salomon does sell an extended version of the Salomon Outline Wide GTX hiking shoe. Other wide-footed hikers also seem to like the La Sportiva Spire GTX, which is of a sturdier design, but at over double the price.

There's no doubt that the OUTline purpose is to be a light and easy-going day hiking shoe, but if you're after something a bit sturdier, you can't beat the Salomon's own X Ultra 4. Although more expensive at around $150, the Ultra 4 gives you better support, cushioning, and protection for technical and rugged housing. You do get a slighter higher weight of around 2.2 ounces more per pair, but it depends on what you need from your shoe.

For a trail-ready shoe, you can't beat the X Ultra 4, but if OUTline beats the competition for a light, flexible, comfortable, yet stylish shoe.


If you're looking for a lightweight, waterproof and grippy shoe that looks cute, then this shoe is perfect. Salomon does comfortable, waterproof, breathable shoes very well. In agreement, many of the hiking community seemed to praise the impressive breathability, responsiveness, and lightweight feel of this shoe.

Keep in mind this shoe's narrow fit and reduced support and traction mean it's more suited to trail running and mellow hikes, not for arduous terrain.

However, at a reasonable price and good value for money, the Salomon OUTline GTX is a good choice for those wanting a very comfortable, lightweight, flexible, and waterproof hiking and trail running shoe.