RAB Women’s Electron Jacket

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RAB Women’s Electron Jacket Review Facts

The Rab Electron Jacket for women is perfect for all types of uses, sports, activities, chores, and tasks outdoors in winter. It is perfect for casual wear and everyday use, as well as climbing, hiking, skiing, travel, expedition, winter camping, touring, alpine, and mountaineering. The regular fit is contoured with a length to the hip, and the highly compressible form weighs only 15.4 ounces. Mae with 20D nylon Pertex Endurance material with a DWR finish, its horizontal baffles are filled with a hydrophobic 800-fill down of European goose. This special treatment for the down keeps it from becoming moist which adds a dryness element to the overall garment. The adjustable hood is compatible for helmets and has a Velcro tab for stability plus a wire brim for protecting the face. Cuffs of stretch-woven elastic close off the wrists to cold, drafts, rain, and snow, and the YKK zippers on the front and pockets are top-notch in quality. There are two exterior handwarmer pockets and one internal security pockets for your valuables. One of the hand pockets doubles as a stuff sack for the entire garment to compress and fold up tightly in a small pack to put in a backpack or clip to your gear. Many women are enjoying the Electron Jacket for the superb protection and many features it offers the wearer.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Pertex fabric is light, durable, and highly compressible
  • Material breathes well to prevent sweat build-up
  • Hood is compatible for helmets and adjustable
  • Has mini channels and mid-baffles stitched through
  • Has a regular fit and is hip length
  • Perfect for everyday winter use
  • Good for travel, camping, casual, and mountaineering
  • Used for are alpine touring, climbing, alpine expedition
  • Packs into one of the pockets that is a stuff sack
  • Cuffs have elastic to keep out snow and drafts
  • Even though the fit is regular, some women found it tight in the hips
  • Pockets were not very deep for a few people
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  • This jacket is durable enough to handle hiking, camping, skiing, and other outdoor activities.
  • It is warm and helps regulate body temperature well.
  • Despite the warmth, it isn't excessively bulky or heavy.
  • The shapeable wire on the the brim makes it easy to adjust.
  • It packs down well and comes with its own stuff sack.
  • Reviewers are impressed by the quality.
  • There is a nice amount of stretch to allow for comfortable layering and movement.
  • The hood easily fits over a helmet and provides a lot of warmth.
  • The wrist openings are soft and snug.
  • A drawcord helps adjust the shape and fit.
  • The design and cut are flattering.
  • There is a velcro tab on the collar that allows you to secure the hood.
  • The length provides extra warmth and protection.
  • It lives up to RAB quality standards.
  • The material is breathable.
  • The sizing proportions don't work for every body type. Some reviewers say it is too narrow at the hips.
  • The outside pockets won't hold things securely unless zipped closed.
  • The inside pocket is small.
  • It is not designed to pack into its own pocket like some other jackets.
  • If you are above average height it may be difficult to find a size that fits well.
  • There are mixed reviews on if the fit runs true to size.
  • The zippers are not reinforced which may lead to breakage over time and use.
  • The pockets are not lined.
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In doing our research for this Rab Jacket, we could not get over how incredibly similar it is to the Rab Nimbus that we have reviewed recently. They look so much alike, but when you compare the features and fit, the differences are apparent. The Electron is slightly heavier than the Nimbus and has a regular fit, while the Nimbus has a slim fit. The Nimbus is meant to be worn closer to the body with its slim fit, and the Electron allows a thicker base layer underneath and some added room for movement. A hood with a wire brim is on the Electron Jacket, while the Nimbus has a regular hood with an elastic edge to close around the face. The baffles on the Nimbus are in a diagonal pattern on the body, whereas on the Electron, they are horizontal. The biggest difference between these two terrific jackets is the fill. This is what makes them so very, very different. The Nimbus has synthetic insulation, which in turn makes it a tad lighter than the Electron garment. Goose down with a hydrophobic treatment is used in the Electron Jacket for those that prefer the compressibility of this fill better. Of course, because of the significant variation of the fill, the Electron is twice the price of the Nimbus. The Electron is also similar to the Rab Nebula Pro Jacket and the Microlight Alpine Jacket, but not as much as the Nimbus.


Comfort is key with such a jacket for winter protection. The Electron has a full front zipper for quick ventilation when the body becomes overheated, plus it makes it easier to slip on and off. This impressive garment can be worn under a tougher shell in extreme climates and weather conditions, or as it is best intended as the outer layer over a base layer to keep the body warm and dry. Enjoy the adjustable hem to close out cold drafts and precipitation and the sleeve cuffs that have no extra material on them to get in the way of your activities. One buyer noted this pleasing aspect of the Electron because the extra fabric on the sleeves of jackets often get in the way of what she was trying to accomplish. Keep your hands toasty warm in the side hand warmer pockets that can also be used for small items you want to carry. Many women find this product so comfortable and beneficial that they wear it daily in cold weather.


Made of 20D nylon Pertex Endurance material with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish, this Rab jacket for women is light, durable, and long-lasting. Customers say that it breathes well to prevent heat and sweat build-up on the interior. You will become quite warm at times because the Electron confines body heat efficiently for you. It is like having your own personal heater attached to keep only you warm and snug in the coldest of weather conditions. A lining of ripstop fabric adds to the durability of this item and also the longevity too. The DWR not only makes the garment waterproof but also adds to the sturdiness and helps with the resistance to abrasions. You will not be bothered with snow or rain penetrating this jacket because of this outstanding coating and advantageous fabric.


The splendid hood and the marvelous pockets make the Rab Electron very flexible to your needs. The superb hood includes a wire-brim to protect the face from wind and precipitation. It will not block the vision of the user but will protect the face from the weather elements nicely. There is also a Velcro tab on this hood for securing it to the jacket when you are not using it. This keeps it from moving around and flying up in a wind to be problematic to the wearer. Compatible to helmets and being adjustable makes this feature of the Electron tremendously useful. Three well-placed pockets are in the Rab Electron for carrying small items, such as a phone, keys, ID, lip balm, or money. One internal pocket is used for securing your valuable things, and the two external hand pockets are meant to keep the hands warm when outdoors. All of these are zippered with the high-quality YKK zippers that we all know and love. Some comments from buyers about the pockets should be mentioned here. Contradictory remarks can be confusing, as some women say the pockets are not deep enough even for a phone or your hand, but others state that the pockets are large. This may just depend on the user’s perception of appropriate pocket size.

Key Features

-Full front YKK zipper for ventilation
-20D nylon Pertex Endurance material
-Lining of nylon ripstop; DWR finish
-2 external and 1 interior pocket with YKK zippers
-Hood has a Velcro tab and wire brim
-Insulation is 800-fill down of European goose
-Hydrophobic treatment on the goose down
-Total weight is 15.4 ounces
-Zippers are YKK high-quality
-Cuffs are stretch woven elasticated


The greatest protection element of any insulated outerwear garment is, of course, the fill or insulation itself. The Rab Electron Jacket has a fill weight of six ounces of hydrophobic 800-fill down of European goose. As we all know, goose down is possibly the absolute best fill that a jacket, coat, or vest could have to be the lightest and the warmest. Problems arise if the fill becomes moist or wet, so Rab has added a hydrophobic treatment to the down before it is put into the garment. The hydrophobic treatment improves its performance by not allowing the clusters to absorb moisture. This, in turn, helps it keep its loft. If the down does become wet, the time to dry it out is decreased. The fill will not become soggy, so it performs better in wet conditions than a down jacket that is not treated with this technology. This protection by itself does not make the jacket waterproof but combined with the Pertex fabric, the garment becomes waterproof for the user.


How an outer garment responds to the weather elements and delivers protection to the user depends greatly on how it is constructed. The filled baffles of such a jacket as the Electron are its best defense against the wind, cold, rain, sleet, snow, and drafts. On this impressive jacket, the baffles are horizontal for the body but vertical on the shoulders. There are mid-baffles on the back, torso, and hood that are stitched through and mini-channels on the arms and sides that are stitched through. This keeps the fill in place, so it does not drift in the channels to leave empty spots in the jacket. The technical features and lightweight construction make the Electron highly compressible because of the exceptional down fill.


With a regular fit and a length to the hip, this product can be snug in the fit, as it is to be worn close to the body for layering purposes. The total weight is just 15.4 ounces, so the size, compressible fill, and the weight make it so easy to carry and store in a backpack or clipped to gear. The fit is contoured with good movement space for activities, but depending on body shape, some users may not be able to put a thick layer underneath. The regular fit of this item is versatile and should not fit as close to the body as a slim fit. It is good for multi-layering and cross-seasonal use. we found many comments about the size and fit of the Electron online from women who found it not the most ideal for their body type. The hips seem to be the most troublesome part of the jacket for women. The hip area can be tighter than the rest of the jacket because of the cut and regular fit. Unlike most other types of loose-fitting jackets, a regular fit in this style of garment means that it is form-fitting on the body. Ordering a larger size to accommodate for this will only make the rest of the body sections too large and bulky.


Best used for climbing, hiking, and skiing, the activities, sports, and uses of this product are endless. It is perfect for everyday winter use, as well as mixed and ice climbing, travel, expedition, winter camping, casual, alpine and mountaineering. Other recommended uses are alpine touring and alpine expedition. Simply put, any type of adventure or activity that you want to do outdoors in winter will be enjoyed and endured much better with the aid of the Electron Jacket to keep you snug, dry, protected, and warm.

Ease of Use

Using the Electron is just as simple as any other jacket you could wear, except that it has the benefit of its many added features for your comfort and protection. The durable cuffs have stretch-woven elastic to prevent snow and drafts from entering the jacket. this form also makes it much easier to fit under gloves or mittens to seal off the wrists from the elements. The zippers on the pockets and the front access are the well-known superior YKK brand. These will not snag or tear, even with rugged use for prolonged periods. You can generally tell the quality of a garment by the zippers that are used for the construction. YKK zippers are the best. This entire jacket packs into one of the hand pockets that is a stuff sack for storing and carrying when it is not in use. Rab just makes it so easy to compact and store this jacket, much like most of their products of this type. If you are looking for a nice base layer to use with this incredible jacket, Rab offers their long-sleeved Merino Tee for great comfort and protection.

Bottom Line

Possibly tight in the hips and not deep enough pockets are the only substantial negative comments from buyers that we have discovered in our research of the Rab Electron Jacket for women. Although it is quite similar to some other Rab creations, such as it stands alone in its high level of body protection and incredible offered features. This garment is greatly Rab women’s nimbus jacket, protective, durable, lightweight, comfortable, compressible, long-lasting, and flexible to the needs of the user. As you know, we love Rab products because of their excellence in craftsmanship, design, great materials, and terrific construction. Rab does not disappoint with the Electron Jacket. You will love it!