Columbia Alpine Escape 550 Omni Heat Jacket

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Columbia Alpine Escape 550 Omni Heat Jacket Review Facts

The Columbia Women’s Alpine Escape 550 Down Long Hooded Omni Heat Winter Jacket has several protective warming features to keep the user gloriously toasty warm inside. It is comfortable, waterproof, warm, and fashionable. It is modeled like a trench coat but has a fixed hood with a detachable ruff of faux fur. When the waist belt is cinched, it shows off the beautiful feminine silhouette of the jacket style. To hold in the body heat of the wearer, this excellent jacket has an interior Omni-Heat reflective lining of small silver dots, TurboDown 550-level insulation, and 450-fill power down. The warm insulation is also in a puffed collar that surrounds the neck to defend against the cold, wind, and precipitation. The sleeves have comfort cuffs of ribbed material that help seal out the weather elements also. The waterproof characteristics of the Alpine Escape 550 are waterproof seams and outer shell fabric plus the double front closure. There is a full-frontal double-slider zipper that can be used for venting as well as sealing the jacket closed, in addition to a length of waterproof fabric that closes over the zipper with snaps. This provides a highly protective barrier to moisture, wind, and cold temperatures from entering the garment. The rear length of this Columbia product is longer to aid with protection also. There are also several pockets on the interior and exterior to give you the flexibility you desire in an outer garment. We discuss all of these features and much more in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has pockets both inside and outside
  • Rear of the jacket is longer for protection
  • Synthetic fur is foldable and removable
  • Hood and belt are both adjustable
  • Lightweight and incredibly warm
  • Aids with regulating body temperature
  • Quilted jacket designed like a trench coat
  • Waterproof to keep out sleet, snow, and rain
  • Sleeves can be too long on some people
  • The cut is straight and not suited for those with full figures
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  • Buyers like the insulated warmth this coat provides.
  • The pockets are thoughtfully placed with warm fleece lining.
  • The collar fits nicely against the neck without being restrictive.
  • This coat can stand up to freezing temperatures.
  • Most reviewers like the fit.
  • On snowy and wet days, this coat keeps buyers warm and dry.
  • The style is simple and classic. It's a style that will last a long time.
  • For the amount of protection it offers, most buyers say that it doesn't feel too heavy while on.
  • There are plenty of pockets. The deep pockets make it easy to carry a phone and other necessities without struggle.
  • This coat eliminates the need for multiple layers to stay warm.
  • The Omni-heat technology helps to hold in heat even for a little time after the coat is taken off.
  • There are positive reviews about the rich colors.
  • The length adds to the protection.
  • A few reviewers say there are easy fixes to the zipper problems that some complain about.
  • The fur lining on the hood is removable.
  • The most common complaints are about the zipper. Many reviewers say that it is difficult to zip while on because of the length and alignment of the zipper.
  • Reviewers under 5'3" say this coat is a little too long for them.
  • Some reviewers say this coat isn't protective enough against negative temperatures and severe windchill.
  • Feathers can escape through the outside of the coat.
  • The fur lining on the hood sheds.
  • The shape is not super form fitting. Some say it looks bulky.
  • The length restricts leg movement when sitting or getting in and out of a vehicle.
  • If you prefer layering, it's important to check sizing. This coat is not designed to be worn over thick layers so it might be necessary to size up.
  • Some sizes are sold out.
  • The hood is a bit big.
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Columbia is an American sportswear company that was founded in 1938. It makes and distributes ski apparel, camping equipment, outerwear accessories, headgear, footwear, and sportswear globally to many highly-satisfied customers. This Women’s Long Hooded Jacket is just one of its many excellent products that have customers excited about its technology and innovative ideas. It remains on the cutting edge of the trends and fashions that its customer base wants and desires in its sportswear and accessories.


The many comforts of the Alpine Escape 550 are apparent by simply looking at it. Besides its excellent insulation and reflective lining features that we discuss later, it includes adjustable comfort cuffs, hand pockets with zipper closures, and a security pocket on the inside. The cuffs are to cut off the cold air and moisture from entering the sleeve area. With zippers on the hand pockets, anything you store in them will be protected well from precipitation and wind. The security pocket on the interior is for small valuable things you want to keep track of such as keys, money, cards, or your smartphone. There is also a fixed hood with detachable faux fur lining and two small waist pockets in the sides. Although the fur is removable, the hood is not. For extreme cold weather with snow, the fur is beneficial in keeping the snow and wind away from the face. The waist pockets are for small items that you cannot put anywhere else. Jackets with plenty of pockets, such as this one, are quite comfortable and flexible for the user.


The many pockets on the inside and outside make this jacket very flexible in what you bring with you. It also features synthetic fur that is foldable and removable on the fixed hood that is adjustable. The outer belt is another adjustable item on this jacket that you can wear loose or tighten to flatter the feminine shape. The rear of this lovely garment is longer to compensate for the wind that can get caught under a jacket. It is long already, but with this added length, you will be protected even more from the cold weather elements. The front closure of the Alpine Escape 550 is unique in that it is both a zipper and a flap with snaps. First, there is the full-length, double-slider, central closure zipper that can be open at the bottom even when the top is closed. This permits some freedom for the legs when sitting, walking, and driving. On top of the zipper is a fabric flap with snaps to seal off the metal teeth of the zipper and make a more secure seal against the cold and dampness. As you can see, the versatility of this terrific garment is amazing.

Key Features

-Hand pockets with zipper closures
-Security pocket on the inside
-Synthetic fur and comfort cuffs
-Fixed hood and outer belt
-Double-slider central closure zipper
-TurboDown 550-level insulation for warmth
-Lining is Omni-Heat reflective polyester
-Insulation is 450-fill power down
-Has a classic cut that is modern
-Seam-sealed waterproof construction


A reflective thermal lining in combination with TurboDown 550-level insulation for superb lightweight warmth will keep the wearer toasty warm even in the coldest of temperatures. These two aspects work together to retain the body heat and ensure that it does not escape through the bottom, sleeves, or neck of the jacket. The Alpine Escape 550 gives superb cold protection with the long flattering length and the adjustable attached hood. With the hood on fully and the jacket zipped and snapped up, you will be completed protected from the outdoor elements the best you can be. It creates an impenetrable barrier to water, wind, and cold. An insulated collar protects the neck and seals off the top of the jacket to the cold. This is snuggled under the zipper flap of the collar and when the hood is on, it folds over this inner protective layer. The comfort cuffs stick out from the ends of the sleeves and are a ribbed material that is meant to seal off the cold and wind from entering the sleeves. Protecting the body core very well, this is a wonderfully comfortable jacket that will keep you warm and dry in very cold temperatures.


The fabric shell of this Columbia women’s jacket is made of Omni-Techtrade nylon and Broken Twill polyester. These superb fabrics give the Alpine Escape 550 its ability to shed rain, sleet, and snow so well. The durable and warm lining is Omni-Heat reflective polyester. This is a warming technology of small silver dots on the interior of the garment that aid with regulating the body temperature. The dots retain and reflect the warmth of the body. This technology decreases the bulk that would normally be experienced from many layers of clothing in order to keep warm. You can still layer clothes underneath this jacket, but not as many are needed because of this warming feature. This incredible lining also wicks away moisture to keep the body comfortable and dry if it should happen to overheat. The lightweight and warm insulation of 450-fill power down and Microtemp XF II polyester also add their warming properties in retaining body heat and warding off the cold and wet weather elements. As you can see the chances of the body overheating in this excellent jacket are far greater than being cold no matter how severe the weather becomes.


In our research of how customers feel about the Alpine Escape 550, we only discovered negative comments referring to the size or shape of the jacket. The sleeves can be too long on some people, making them feel uncomfortable to wear this jacket. A simple fix would be to roll up the sleeve cuffs of a regular jacket, but because of the comfort cuffs of the ribbed material under the outer fabric sleeves, this is not possible. If the sleeves are too long, then the user is stuck with the uncomfortable length. Another buyer issue is that the cut is straight and not suited for those with full figures. If you have a shapely figure, then the jacket may not fit comfortably in the area of the bust or the hips. There is not much point in wearing a long jacket like this one if it does not cover your body completely. Swapping it out for a bigger size is an option, but you must remember that the other parts of the garment will be larger too. The sleeves will be longer, the shoulders will be bigger, and the length will be longer. The straight cut will flatter a woman that is not proportionately large in any area of her body, especially when the belt is tightened on the closed jacket.


Certified to the RDS (Responsible Down Standard) by the Control Union, the source and processing of the down filling is deemed as meeting the industry standards for high-quality down material. The stable performance of this outstanding jacket comes from the heat retention qualities that it has from the insulation, reflective lining, and waterproof fabric. You can trust that you will be very warm in the coldest climates and weather conditions because of these combined technologies. The trench coat style, fur-lined hood, and feminine pattern of the jacket add a touch of modern fashion that looks great anywhere and with almost any type of wardrobe. It is a garment that will last for many years of continued durable wear.


This Columbia winter garment is a women’s, quilted, chic jacket designed after a trench coat that is warm and protective. It has a classic cut that is fashionable and modern to fit in with most any clothing or circumstance. The included waist belt makes a beautiful silhouette, and the hood with detachable synthetic fur makes it a very appealing garment for women. The many features of the interior and exterior pockets, front closures, comfort cuffs, and insulated collar make it an impressive modern piece of gear for the colder climates and seasons. If the sizing suits your body frame, you will never want to be without this incredible jacket. You will almost hate for winter to come to a close because then you will not need it again until the following year.


The protections of the Alpine Escape 550 are so many for the user that being waterproof is just one of them. The breathable, seam-sealed, waterproof construction keeps out sleet, snow, and rain consistently, so you can confidently wear it without worrying about being cold or wet. Even the seams are waterproof, making this lovely garment a strong barrier to the elements. You would not think that such sturdy waterproof fabric could be breathable, but the outer shell of this superb jacket is flexible to keep the cold air out and let the hot body heat out as you need it. this is the reason for the double zipper in the front. It is just as much a heat release as it is a sealant to the cold and precipitation. Chances are greater that you will use it for venting the warm air out of the jacket more than you will use it to hold in the body heat. This jacket is that warm. No matter the type of precipitation, none of it will penetrate this Columbia garment when it is sealed on the body.

Bottom Line

From our extensive research, we could only find that the size and shape of the Alpine Escape 550 was a problem for some full-figured women. The sleeves were longer than needed in some cases too. We all know that when it comes to clothing items, it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time, as there will be a few that are just not accommodated by the fit or cut of the garment. This Columbia winter jacket is well-made to be extra warm, durable, long-lasting, waterproof, and flexible. It will protect the wearer in the coldest weather conditions reliably and comfortably with its many incredible features. We recommend this excellent jacket to those that live in climates where it is necessary for winter outdoor activities and general use.