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Jetboil Flash Cooking System Review Facts

When you find yourself out on the trail and needing a quick pick me up, the Jetboil Flash cooking system is a dependable, no stress way to quickly heat water and will provide you with peace of mind. Ideal for the traditional or lightweight backpacker, the entire kit fits into a streamlined canister keeping all items securely in one place. Great in any season and ideal for hiking, snow trekking, hunting excursions, kayaking, day camping at the beach, long backpacking trips, and almost any other activity needing you to cook in the great outdoors. This integrated canister system includes a 1 L neoprene cozy lined cooking cup with a FluxRing fastened to the bottom that latches to the stove and the fuel canister is held in place by a newly featured stabilizing tripod. Customers rave in their reviews of this cooking system and its fast set up time that averages about 20 seconds for most. A translucent plastic lid fits snug on top to seal in water and also works as a sip/pour spout, and as a strainer.  Easily set up and broken down for the camper on the go this cooking system is hard to beat. We look at all of the modern features of the JetBoil Flash in our in-depth review below and see how it can make your next outdoor expedition that much more enjoyable!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely efficient and fast boil
  • Easy assembly
  • Superior design
  • Long lasting fuel type
  • Built-in ignition system
  • Recyclable canister
  • Very little flame control
  • Only boils water
  • The base can be unstable in higher wind conditions
  • Flimsy handle


The first of its kind, Jetboil continues to win over customers with their superior outdoor products. Founded in 2001 by two New Hampshire outdoorsmen who understood that a function-specific design is necessary for life on the trail. JetBoil offers not only a water boiling system but an entire line of stoves and precision cookers that can be linked together with a daisy chain (also available online) that would turn any campers base camp into ground zero for homestyle cooking. Portable pots, pans, burner extenders and even camping silverware are available that bear the JetBoil name making this company a truly one stop shop for all outdoor cooking needs. A brand that creates smart, and durable products that users know they can rely on to last a long time and don't exactly the break the bank. You will be sure to see the Flash system and others like it along the many trails to come.


The Flash is an extraordinary value for the amount of use outdoor enthusiasts will get out of this portable system. Many love this canister system for its extra features and accessories compared to other stoves that offer no igniter, and no fuel stabilizer and even require routine maintenance. The Flash has a very high satisfaction rating among online customers with 93% leaving a perfect rating, one user claims it to be the “best overall stove” for the social backpacker. Against other backpacking stoves the Flash may be a little pricier than expected, but for a compact and superior designed no-muss no-fuss cooking system it is for good reason.

Ease of Use

A simple set up process and easy ignition system make this one of the more popular products in the outdoor cooking gear market. This slim, deep cooking vessel does limit the user to simply boiling water up to 4 cups but this feature also adds to the simplicity of the product and can take the guesswork out of what to bring on an expedition resulting in a lighter pack. Lighting the stove is a cinch; open the handily placed gas valve, press the piezo-igniter button, and you’re ready to go. Users testing the system over a period of time all claim to successfully fire up the stove at first or second press each time. While adjusting the cooking cup you will notice the neoprene cozy with heat indicator panel on the side in the shape of a flame. This feature is especially helpful in monitoring the stove while the contents inside are boiling or almost boiling and lets you know when it is time to turn down the flame. The burner and pot easily slide together with a click and the control valve smoothly snaps into place making it so user-friendly that any novice or experienced camper can easily set the Jetboil Flash up.

Another great product we reviewed is the Jetboil Stash Cooking System, so make sure to check it out as well.


Jetboil is a brand you can trust to provide a durable product that will endure the harsh elements of the outdoors. As an explorer you can withstand rain, sleet, snow, or even scorching hot sun rays and dry sand so why not bring along a product that can do the same. Solidly constructed with a long lifespan, each 100g canister of Jetpower that fits under the stove will boil 10L of water. That means you can boil a full pot 10 times with a single canister which saves you room in your pack for other necessities. Packing everything into one portable self-protecting case also frees up space and makes it easier to safely stow in a bag and keep the pieces in order preserving the quality of each piece and extending use. Be aware of the slightly flimsy plastic of the fuel stabilizer that can damage the base and compromise the cup if it is placed on the unstable ground and knocked over.

Weight and Size

User feedback mentions the unexpected lightweight properties of this stove almost as much as the effortless assembly of the Jetboil Flash. We love canister stoves such as the Flash because they have the added benefit of being ultra-light and incredibly portable. At a packed size of 4 by 7 inches, it becomes the size of a reusable water bottle and if you so happen to forget which order the parts go into the cup just refer to the instructions that come with each cooking system. This remote boiling system, weighing in at a maximum of 14 oz, the main components that would normally carry the most weight is instead comprised of aluminum that helps to decrease total mass. If you’re looking to pack even lighter for a faster trek leave the base measuring cup and stabilizer behind and just use the cooking vessel as your cup, this will lower weight by 2 oz.


The accessories in this all-in-one cooking kit are the way to get a really good on the go meal started. You get a 1L aluminum pot with transparent lid, a cozy that is available in three different colors with a heat indicator logo, a Piezo igniter, a stove burner, fuel canister, plastic cup protecting the burner and seemingly durable tripod stabilizer. The plastic tripod which users note was only recently included in this most recent Jetboil model improves the stability of the fuel canister on uneven surfaces. Another new and noteworthy addition to this model is the strainer imprinted into the lid for improved food and drink preparation. Doubling as a measuring tool, the protective plastic cup has a notch line for 1 cup to take the guesswork out of a pour or use it as an extra drinking cup to share with a friend.

The Flash is a great base system for numerous compatible accessories that include a hanging kit, lightweight coffee press, mesh strainers, replacement lids, support and stabilizer kit, assorted cookware, plastic utensils and plates, and a tool to use for puncturing holes in old fuel canisters prior to recycling. Giving you more cooking options if you have extra storage room to spare.


The Jetboil Flash is designed to boil water in under 100 seconds, beating the original model’s best boil time by almost a minute. Jetboil doubled the BTU’s in the Flash cooking system and made it an even more convenient option for any campsite. Varying temperatures and elevation play a major role in gaging boil times. Users of this system in cold climates note the wait time was anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes and others in milder climates claim wait times were under a minute. Some even experienced rolling water as soon as the flame was lit. The Flash does very well with fuel efficiency and if used correctly one canister of fuel can last longer than average. This little stove will work hard while on all expeditions and its ability to quickly boil water for coffee and dehydrated food is a noted accomplishment within the outdoor community.


Most stoves of this kind are commonly known to be unstable due to canisters having a narrow design and generally unfit to serve as a base, a major flaw considering these systems are considerably tall and are easily pushed around in high winds. Luckily Jetboil has included a tripod stand with the Flash that fits snug onto fuel canisters of all available sizes to take care of this problem. It is important to note that the 100g canister is the only size that will fit packed away inside this cooking system. One solution to avoiding cooking disruption is simply positioning the stove firmly behind a rock or structure nearby if the wind picks up. An updated design feature of the burner in the Flash places the flame lower within the stove so the bottom of the structure aids in blocking the wind. One user commented on their experience using the system on an uneven surface with a potentially fatal tilt and was still able to set it up to boil their needed water without tipping or the flame going out.

Power Source

A mixture of isobutane and propane compressed within a portable canister and button push igniter gives the Flash its powerful ability to boil water at lightning speed. You will know when it’s working as Jetboil is known to roar as loud as ever, a considerable safety feature reminding the camper its on. Boiling at least 40% faster with the usage of 9000 BTU’s this outdoor stove delivers your morning coffee and instant breakfast in a flash you’ll wonder why your stove at home isn't as efficient. Users note over periods of extended use or due to malfunction the igniter may wear out and eventually stop working. Jetboil sells a Replacement Igniter Maintenance Kit so any issues like this can be easily resolved.

The Flash Cooking System is boil-only and does not offer a simmer option which can limit cooking options but also alleviates the need for careful flame tuning. One of the many benefits of canister stoves is that there is no loose liquid to carry or worry about leaking from a tank and they can be recycled after use. When the fuel does go out, the canisters must be carefully punctured with a can opener or CrunchIt before recycling. They are conveniently available online or at your local sporting goods store to be purchased at little cost.


Due to its compact size and one setting burner option, the uses of the Flash system are somewhat limited but as a source for melting snow, disinfecting water, making coffee, rehydrating small meals for two people or more it is far superior to others. Most customers are surprised by the reliability of the tiny 100g canister and how many boils they got out of this lightweight system. Taking it out on the riverside to camp for 5 days or packed safely on your back during a short hike excursion the Flash will hold up strong with each use. Adventurists looking to go backpacking with friends, kayak camping, beach camping and any other activities that require a portable cooking stove the Jetboil Flash is a great choice.

Key Features

-14 oz weight
-100 second boil time for 2 cups of water
-1.0 L FluxRing cooking vessel
-Adjustable steel burner
-Push-button igniter
-Heat indicator logo
-Multi-use lid
-Single metal control valve
-Flexible handle
-Extra measuring cup

Bottom Line

When the weather is just right and you get that itch to explore the great outdoors don't let the worry of food preparation stop you. The Jetboil Flash system not only makes cooking in nature fun but when you pack this lightweight system along on your next adventure you will be completely carefree with its ease of use and powerful boiling properties alone. Instead of spending a lot of time searching for wood to cook over; simply connect the stove, push the button and you’re good to go! If you give this easy to use and sleek looking system available in blue, black, and grey, we almost guarantee you’ll be the friend volunteering to cook for all of your friends out on the trail