Dynafit Radical Gore-Tex Jacket

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Dynafit Radical Gore-Tex Jacket Review Facts

The Dynafit Radical Gore-Tex Jacket for women is hip length with a regular fit with a flexible hood that fits over any type of ski or snowboarding helmet. Lightweight, breathable, and reflective, it is waterproof and windproof for the toughest winter outdoor conditions. Made of a three-layer C-Knit Gore-Tex material, this excellent garment has taped zippers and seams to make it completely resistant to the weather elements. The main closure is a full front YKK zipper, plus the same type of zipper is used as vents under the arms. The two hand pockets on the outside also close with the high-quality YKK zippers. This type of zipper id water-repellent and the toughest one that is used for outdoor gear. The adjustable cuffs have Velcro straps for closing the sleeve ends and for securing the cuffs of mittens and gloves. For any type of skiing, snowboarding, or mountaineering activity or sport, the Dynafit Radical is one of the best jackets for women on the market. We discuss the details of these features and more in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Vents under the arms with zippers
  • Matches the matching Gore-Tex pants
  • Has cuffs with Velcro for mittens and gloves
  • Is compatible and easy to use with helmets
  • Is a great outer layer or an insulating mid-layer
  • Reflective, windproof, waterproof, and lightweight
  • Has a regular fit to the hip
  • Comes in three bright color combinations
  • Use for skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering
  • Two hand pockets with zipper closures
  • Has taped YKK zippers and seams
  • Does not do much for keeping the body warm
  • Can be thinner than expected


The Dynafit Radical is made for comfort in the form of keeping you protected from the wind and precipitation. It also has venting features to keep you aerated and multiple pockets for toting small items. Ventilation under the arms opens via zippers to prevent overheating on the climb up. Simply unzip them and cooler air will make you feel comfortable. The full zipper in the front of the jacket is also a vent to cool you off even quicker. It is quite easy, especially with layers on to become overheated by simply being outdoors and going up the hills or mountains for skiing and snowboarding. The flexible, protective hood fits over any type of ski helmet easily and can be pulled tight. It gives you the comfort of head and neck protection from the elements quickly. This excellent jacket matches well with the separately offered Gore-Tex pants to create a perfect outfit for ski touring that is casual and functional.


The hood, zippers, sleeve cuffs, and vents are all the flexible parts of the Dynafit Radical Jacket for women. It has cuffs that are adjustable with Velcro for securing mittens and gloves and closing off the cold and wind from entering the sleeves. Compatible with helmets, the flexible hood will fit over any size and type of ski or snowboarding helmet to create a good seal of protection around the head and neck. The full-frontal YKK sturdy and the long-lasting zipper is for venting and closure purposes. These are the best high-quality zippers to have on a garment because of their high0quality aspects. These durable zippers will not snag, tear, or rip because they are the best. Included on this marvelous jacket are two hand pockets with zipper closures. When your hands are not in them keeping warm, the contents will remain dry because of the waterproof material and the sealed zippers. There is also flexibility in the way that you use the Dynafit Radical Jacket. It is best used as an outer layer garment that goes over a heat-retaining base layer but can also be used as a mid-layer piece that would fit under a heavier coat or jacket.


The first glance at the price of this Gore-Tex jacket may surprise you and make you keep searching for another choice. However, you will probably come back to it to look it over again because of the trendy style, beautiful colors, and many exciting aspects. It does carry a hefty price for a thin jacket, but it is a Dynafit model made of the incredible Gore-Tex material that we all love and adore. In addition, the durable construction and layering possibilities make it so desirable that you will find that it is a bargain for the long-lasting protective garment that you will receive. High-quality items, such as this garment, command a higher price because they are worth it in terms of what it can do for you. You can depend on the materials, construction, and features for years and years of reliable wear.


This is a great outer layer for the descent, or it gives protection on windy and wet days. With taped zippers and seams combined with he unwavering Gore-Tex fabric, you will be protected from the strongest wind and the most persistent precipitation. The material is also reflective, so it can be seen in places with low light or at night. This will protect you from other mistaking you for something other than a person and make you highly visible in dark areas. This thin jacket does not do much to keep the body warm with any type of insulation, down, or reflective lining, but it is not made for that purpose. Your base layer should trap the body heat, and a heavier jacket or coat can be an outer shell over this light jacket for additional warmth. It is ideal for its intended purpose of being an excellent barrier to wind and precipitation.


Windproof and with a lightweight shell for touring the backcountry, this Gore-Tex jacket is breathable with the C-Knit technology. It is responsive to the harsh weather elements of precipitation and wind to protect the body core, arms, and head. The Dynafit Radical is not meant to keep the body warm but is a protective outer shell or nice mid-layer. It possesses waterproof zippers and seams, as they are taped for additional security against the elements. In most climates and conditions, this impressive garment alone with a warm base layer will be enough to keep you comfortable all day long on the slopes.


This whole Gore-Tex garment weighs only 12.7 ounces, making it one of the lightest outer shell jackets that you will possibly own. This lightness is quite beneficial on the slopes and climbing with gear in tow. You do not need additional weight from clothing bogging you down during your adventures. It has a regular fit that allows layering underneath of even a thick base layer because of this style. A regular fit means a loose hem, straight waist, and dropped shoulders. Even with a thicker base layer, you should have enough room for any type of movements and superior comfort. The length is to the hip to cover the upper body core well and not get in the way of your activities or sports.


The Dynafit Radical is a trusty jacket that you can depend on for years and years of service. It is durable, flexible, comfortable, breathable, and protective, yet light enough to not be a hindrance to your movements and capabilities. Its best qualities are being waterproof and windproof. It is not too great for the quality of warmth because it was not designed for that. It is neither thick enough or made of the right materials to be a heat-retention garment. That is why layering is important when dressing for outdoor winter activities and sports. It is also the most beneficial because the weather can change so often, making it imperative that you have the ability to remove layers when you need to. If you only wore one solid protective layer, then when the weather became mild, you would have to suffer the consequences of being hot. The Dynafit Radical presents an easy way to cover the neck and head with the flexible hood that covers all but the face, plus the sturdy zipper goes right up to the chin when it is zipped up all the way. You will enjoy the stability of this lovely garment for all of our outdoor winter needs.


Made of a three-layer C-Knit Gore-Tex material, the Dynafit Radical comes in three color combinations of light blue with dark blue, a combo of light blue with light gray and red trim of logo zippers and sleeve attachments, and red with light blue. It is a ski touring jacket that has the Dynafit logo on the chest of the snow leopard, which stands for the alpine agility empress. This durable jacket comes with a warranty from the manufacturer for two years as they stand behind the products they manufacture. With its stylish modern look and outstanding features, it is one of the best light outer shell protective garments on the market currently.


Used to stay dry and out of the wind during skiing and snowboarding, this Gore-Tex jacket is most commonly used for freestyle, touring, and speed mountaineering. Some people use it while enjoying backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering, as any outdoor activity or sport in winter is enhanced with the proper equipment for weather protection. Even if you do not participate in sports outdoors in the colder months, you can still use this marvelous garment for any type of activity. People get them to go outdoors to do chores, duties, work, or to simply walk the dog. It will keep the wind, rain, sleet, and snow from getting to your body, head, and your warm base layer of clothing.


With a waterproof rating of 28,000mm, this terrific Gore-Tex garment is completely waterproof. The factors of the taped zippers and seams and the Gore-Tex fabric ensure that nothing will soak through this thin strong layer of protection. Even the YKK zippers on the front and under the arms are water-repellent, meaning that water will not enter through the metal teeth. When you need guarding against any type of precipitation, this jacket will be just perfect. When the hood is on your head or over a helmet and the front zipper is completely engaged, you have an ideal seal all around your face that keeps any moisture or wind from entering in that area. The Velcro on the cuffs also aids with the garment being waterproof as they seal off the sleeves well.

Ease of Use

Any type of jacket is fairly straight forward and easy to use, but the Dynafit Radical has several characteristics that make it truly special and easy to use. It is flexible to use as an outer layer over a good base layer or as a mid-layer to help with heat retention. This splendid jacket is easy to pull over ski and snowboard helmets, which not only provides full head and neck protection but helps with keeping the helmet on the head. The hand pockets on the exterior can be used to warm the hands or carry the small items you want to have with you. They have zipper closures to make them waterproof and sealed. The easy front zipper runs the full length of the jacket from the bottom seam to the chin and is used for closure or venting. The same type of zipper is present under the arms for very quick venting when overheated. The Velcro cuffs are the easiest to operate to seal off the sleeves and clamp down on the cuffs of gloves or mittens. These features make the Dynafit Radical enjoyable, fun, and easy to use.

Bottom Line

The Dynafit Radical Jacket of Gore-Tex material is an excellent barrier against the weather elements. It is not meant to be warm or heat-retaining for the body, and it is a thin garment. When you layer clothing for outdoor wear in winter, each piece has a purpose. This is the piece that keeps your body from being exposed to what Mother Nature has in store for the day. It is superb at being waterproof and windproof for outdoor activities and sports. If you are in need of this type of layer for your wardrobe, then this Gore-Tex jacket is one of the best currently being offered.