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Flylow Foxy Bib Review Facts

The Flylow Foxy Bib – Women’s Pant perform well in all sorts of conditions and are ideal for snow sports such as snowboarding and downhill skiing. They are lightweight, stylish, look nice, and have a great fit. These are high-performance and high-quality ski pants with a bib and a kangaroo-style easy-access chest pouch. You will remain dry and warm with this excellent model of ski pants as they are windproof and waterproof with seams that are fully taped. The zippers on the pockets and vents are YKK and waterproof, plus there is a long side flap zipper that allows easy access for dressing and bathroom trips. The thigh vents are generous in size and allow good airflow when you get too hot and overheated in the pants. When the weather takes a turn for the warmer side, you will be ready to be more comfortable because of these well-made vents. The stretchy Stormshell fabric is three layers of a strong, breathable, and waterproof outer layer that you can depend on to keep you from feeling the weather elements. In addition, it is treated with a layer of Durable Water Repellent (DWR) for even more protection for you and your clothes. The easy-access pockets have strong zippers to seal them and they are strategically placed on the thighs and chest. The positive reviews and feedback from satisfied online buyers are many because of the level of comfort and protection these outstanding pants provide. Those that wear this model all the time tell how they purchase a new pair or two each year to add to their collection of Foxy Bibs. They want more colors to match their skiing and snowboarding outfits. Even those who do not participate in such sports use these pants for their professions as tour guides and instructors. They love these pants and work in them every day for their jobs. With all of the positive reviews, let’s take a detailed view of the terrific qualities and features that make these so superior.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has thigh vents that are generous for great airflow
  • Seams are fully taped for increased protection
  • Includes Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment
  • Includes an exterior zipper that is long for easy access
  • Has four pockets plus the kangaroo-style pocket at top
  • Windproof, waterproof, stylish, and lightweight
  • Keeps you dry and warm Zippers are YKK and waterproof
  • Sizes and cuts of the material are more for slim athletic women
  • Some online complaints about the sizes being really off and too small


These Foxy Bib pants for women have a durable membrane that is breathable and waterproof. There are terrific thigh vents that are generous for great airflow. These vents on the outer and inner thighs permit cooling during warmer conditions when you need it most. This feature even works well when you have clothing layers underneath. You can open the vents for immediate cooling and good airflow to prevent moisture and perspirations from building up inside. These are lightly insulated, so even when worn alone, you will experience plenty of body heat retention. For colder days and areas, layering will provide just the right amount of warmth you will need to be quite comfortable.


Plenty of online buyers confirm the high comfort level of these incredible bib pants. The strong seams are fully taped to prevent any air from seeping through the durable stitching of the pants. This feature also increases the sturdiness of the pants and the stitching, so you can confidently move as you want to without any restrictions. These winter pants are stretchy and comfortable with a flattering fit that moves with your actions. Even if you double up on layers underneath, you will still have the flexibility needed to perform all of your activities and sports well. Online buyers say the colors and comfort are amazing and that they do not want to wear any other type of pants for their winter adventures. They are light and the perfect length, although if you are particularly short, you may have to roll them up a few inches or have the bottom seam altered a bit to be perfect. The cuff reinforcements are seamless, so you will not feel the inseam on your skin.


Having a long life and being extremely durable are the main goals of these incredible Foxy Bib pants, besides being comfortable, breathable, warm, and weatherproof. They have 500 Cordura denier reinforcements and a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating for longevity, durability, and waterproof ability. These highly-functional pants are made of strong polyester material and can take plenty of rough use for long periods of wear. Some women who love the bib-type of ski pants said they love this model and that they live in them every day because of their occupations and cold areas they live. Because they last from year to year and still look stylish, people buy new pairs just to add to their collection and get new colors for their wardrobe. They are durable and dependable to last for many years of chores, tasks, fun, and recreation outdoors in winter.

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There are plenty of stretch and movement possibilities in these excellent bib pants because of the Stormshell fabric that is intuitive, stretchable, and in three layers. For whatever you want and need to do outdoors for sports, activities, and tasks, you can do so with the added flexibility not afforded by other top competitor brands and models. There are four pockets plus the larger kangaroo pocket in the bib of this amazing product. You can bring along plenty of things to make your rides and adventures more comfortable and enjoyable in these sturdy pockets. there are two chest pocket and two pockets at mid-thigh for easy access to what you need. Some potential online buyers asked a question that is surely on the minds of all who have never worn this type of ski pants before. That question is about what you must do to get out of these to answer Mother Nature’s call for the bathroom. Well, never fear, the smart designers with the manufacturer thought of this for you and inserted a long exterior zipper with a flap on the side of the pants. You will not have to remove jackets and coats from the top part of your body to have bathroom access. This in itself is a priceless feature of the Foxy Bib Pants.

Key Features

-Has thigh vents that are generous for superb airflow and easy to access
-Seams are fully taped to increase the durability of the material and product
-Includes Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment for weather protection
-Stormshell fabric is intuitive, stretch, and three-layer for added strength
-Has two chest pockets and two pockets at mid-thigh that are easy to access
-Side-flap zipper allows easy bathroom and dressing access
-Are windproof, waterproof, stretchy, lightweight, and warm
-Zippers are YKK and waterproof to prevent water and snow from entering
-Chest pouch is kangaroo style and roomy for all sorts of items
-Great fit, terrific look, and high performance for any sport or activity
-Perfect for all types of snow sports including skiing and snowboarding
-Performs well in all conditions, terrains, and environments


Windproof and waterproof, these Flylow Foxy Bib pants will keep you warm and dry no matter where you go. They have three-layer intuitive waterproofing with a breathable membrane that will prohibit air and water from entering the material, yet it will let out the warm air that could build up inside. This tough triple layer will protect your lower body like no other pants available on the market today. Snow is prohibited entry with the cuff reinforcements that are seamless on the powder gaiters, and the zippers are YKK and waterproof. This means that snow and water cannot even enter through the strong zipper teeth to get you even the least bit of cold. Seasoned bib wearers affirm the high-quality, comfort, and versatility of these incredible bib pants. They stand by this model and brand with loyalty and satisfaction because they are the best that they have found.


If you have never tried the bib-style of pants before for skiing and snowboarding purposes, then you are in for a treat. Those who have worn them for years love them and do not wear any other type of pant for their activities outdoors. This model is a high-chested bib with a chest pouch that is in kangaroo style. They are high-quality ski pants with plenty of high-end qualities to satisfy even the hardest to satisfy tastes. Buyers always receive lots of compliments about this model of pants, saying that they are cute, nice looking, stylish, and have a fabulous fit. The sizes are true to regular pant sizes, but they do tend to fit the slim athletic build better than body shapes that are full or robust. Other brands have a more generous cut for a woman’s shape, but this model is not, unfortunately. Those that have the slim athletic build truly appreciate the cut and style of these pants because the other models leave them with plenty of extra material leaving them looking baggy. If you have the slimmer build, then you will really love these incredible pants made especially for your body type.


Perfect for all sorts of adventures and activities, the Flylow Foxy Bib Pants for women perform well in all conditions. Mainly used for skiing and snowboarding, they can be worn by those who do not even participate in any sports. The feel and fit are perfect for any activities, tasks, or chores that you may do outdoors. Some customers online put in their highly-positive feedback that they use these on the job as tour guides and ski resort personnel that love wearing these on the job. Purchase a size up for layering and a regular size for normal wear alone. A few people bought different sizes for this reason, so they could be comfortable in any climate and weather condition. These do have a light layer of insulation, so along with the protective outer coating and the durable material, you can be warm and cozy to a certain degree with just these pants and no underlayers.

The Bottom Line

We agree with the online customers who favor these bib-type pants over other popular brands. These are some of the most comfortable and flexible pants that you will find anywhere. They are more geared to the slim athletic type of body, so those with a more robust full figure may not be able to get such a great fit with these. They do not contour like women’s pants usually do to fit larger busts, hips, thighs, and bottoms. These are more of a straight cut and fit for the slimmer body type. They will keep the user warm and dry with the seams that are fully taped, the DWR outer layer, and the breathable membrane of durable material. these amazing pants are stretchy, highly-functional, windproof, waterproof, and lightweight. There are vents in the thighs to aid in cooling you off quickly should the weather be milder than expected. An easy access side zipper allows you a quick exit for bathroom trips without having to remove clothing to get free. Along with the chest pouch that will hold plenty of items, you have two pockets with zippers on the chest and two more on the mid-thighs. All zippers are YKK and waterproof to keep you protected and dry. The Foxy Bib Pants are very stylish to keep you looking fashionable with a wonderful fit that will perform well. Some customers who had never tried this style of ski pants before were highly pleased with how well they adapted to bib-style pants. They do not want to wear other models now because they are so attached to this one. It is perfect for all of your snow sports needs but is ideal in particular for skiing and snowboarding adventures. Ty them out to see if they fit your needs as well. You will have them for years and years of pleasurable wear.