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Never Summer Proto Type Two Snowboard Review Facts

The Never Summer Proto Type Two Snowboard is best used by intermediate and advanced riders in all-mountain and freestyle terrains. It is great for the park, tricks, and speed as well as in powder. You can expect a smooth ride in the rough snow with this excellent board because of the outstanding way it is crafted. Unique to the Never Summer line of terrific boards is a small flat transition area in the profile of the board. It is between the tail and nose and the camber sections. This enhances the performance level of both the board and the user in the many types of terrains and snow surfaces. The Proto Type Two has a low profile in the tail that allows increased snow contact. It also makes landings more stable and secure and boosts the pop. You will experience less nose plowing, increased glide, and enhanced float in the deeper snow because of this low tail profile. The one feature that online customers commented on the most was the speed of this amazing board. It is incredibly fast on many surface types and will give you a superb ride. While other boards can perform better for some of the Proto Type Two’s capabilities, overall this board outperforms them all. Buyers were unanimous in saying that of this impressive Never Summer product. It is versatile with a medium flex and a twin shape that is asymmetrical. This remarkable board is super-light because of the light woods used in the wood core, as the durable and fast sintered base. Never Summer uses the best fiberglass possible for their snowboards that give the user terrific edge hold, enriched performance, and superior strength. Unlike most boards on the market today, this ideal product will surprise you will its many thrilling traits. It has some of the highest ratings of any snowboard online currently from buyers who love their purchase. We will now take a closer look at these characteristics and features in greater detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Wood core is a blend of wood types
  • Made of the best fiberglass for snowboards
  • Is fast, flexible, tough, stable, and well-balanced
  • Gives you a smooth ride in the rough snow
  • Features decreased nose plowing
  • Includes increased glide and float
  • The twin shape is asymmetrical
  • Has a durable and fast sintered base
  • Includes a small flat transition area
  • Performs well in powder and in the parks
  • Is not offered in many length sizes for a wide variety of users
  • Available in just the one color choice


The outstanding boards of Never Summer are well-known for their toughness and stability. This one is no exception. The Proto Type Two is a continuation of this version line that snowboarders love and cannot stop raving about online. These boards are unique in their build, exceptional materials, and magnificent high-quality. The materials the company uses to craft these incredible boards is impressive. They choose only the best substances they can find to assembly their products to keep their buyers satisfied and truly happy. This wonderful board uses only the best fiberglass and the lightest blend of woods for an impressive base that gives the Proto Type Two its magnificent possibilities on the snow.


The wood core of the Proto Type Two is super-light because it is made of a blend of wood types that are light and durable. Made of the best fiberglass for snowboards providing the user edge hold, enhanced performance, and unmatched strength, this splendid board has incredible stamina and toughness. The top sheet is a fiber-backed thermoplastic that is lightweight, durable, and resistant to chips and scratches. It gives additional grip, unlike some other materials for top sheets, so it is much like a stomp pad built into the board for the rider. Because of this superior grip, you can do many moves, tricks, and turns on this superb board. It is built to last and will give you awesome rides for many years to come.


Not only is the board remarkably flexible, but so are your opportunities and chances to build your skills with this outstanding piece of snowboarding gear. It is versatile with the medium flex and rocker pads that are perforated. This perforation decreases weight in the middle of the board and soaks up the vibrations of the feet, giving a buffer in the rocker region. This Never Summer board is super-fast, has excellent carving ability, and great flexibility. You will experience lots of pop and smooth stability on this well-balanced board. This is a tough board that can take plenty of punishment from the terrain and the user and still remains in pristine condition for years to come. Part of its flexibility also lies in the many different terrains that it can be used also. Whether you like the parks or the mountain, you will be pleased with this outstanding ride.


This is one of the most responsive boards to the rider that you will ever encounter. All the board traits were designed to be more user-friendly for increased performance and fun. The profile is a hybrid rocker Ripsaw Rocker Camber that mixes playfulness and power. The response and pop are enhanced with the carbon laminates and the core of NS SuperLight wood. The Proto Type Two gives you a smooth ride in the rough snow with the RDS 2 system and P-Tex sintered sidewalls. It is the excellent materials the manufacturer uses that give this terrific board its outstanding performance. Only the best woods and fiberglass go into the base of the Proto Type Two Snowboard to create an amazingly long-lasting durable product that you can count on wherever you like to ride.


The stability of the Proto Type Two is in the unique shape of the board. It has a Vario Power grip Side-cut edge that uses several radiuses to make added contact points for greater edge hold. These areas are a deep radius, shallow radius, and a straight section along the length of the board to provide the various contact points for the user and the snow. It has a low profile in the tail and tip, which provides better snow contact and makes your landings more stable with increased pop. This also decreases the nose plowing effect, thus increasing the glide and float in deep snow. The collection of powder and other snow types is a common problem in snowboarding that boards such as this one help you avoid.


With an ATV deck that is highly versatile, the style of this board from Never Summer has a durable and fast Durasurf XT sintered base. The twin shape is asymmetrical and enhances switch riding and control of the heel edge. Offered in the lengths of 152cm, 154cm, 157cm, and 160cm, the Proto Type Two is one of the most incredible boards for advanced and expert snowboard riders. The enhanced features and capabilities give it the style of a fun, yet serious board for both tough and easy terrains. It is capable of incredible speeds, tricks, and pops that will astound you and have you coming back for more. The speed is what online customers are excited about the most because it is so unexpected in all types of snow.


The Proto Type Two board has areas of enhanced camber for aggressive hold and pop. It includes a small flat transition area in the profile between the tail and nose and the camber. This unique is exclusive to Never Summer snowboards. This small piece of additional wood on both ends adds to the incredible performance of the board and allows it to function so well on so many terrain types. The laminates have increased carbon for better performance and power, which ultimately give strength and response where needed. This ideal board is very supportive to the user and all he or she wants to do while snowboarding. Its many capabilities will please the experienced rider on the many surface areas this board can work.


Almost any type of terrain or surface is ideal for the Proto Type Two board. It rips great both outside and inside the park and performs well even in powder. It is amazing for all-mountain snowboarding, freestyle, and tricks. This incredible board with the advanced features is best-suited for the expert or seasoned snowboarder who knows how to handle it well on the multiple terrains with ease. Depending on your skill level and experience, you may want to try the Proto Type Two even if you are not considered an advanced rider. You will not be able to handle it as professionally as someone with years of experience, but it will nonetheless give you an incredible ride that you will truly enjoy.


You can use this highly versatile board on plenty of surface types from powder to hard packed snow. It will provide the traction you need to do well in whatever environment you choose. The enhanced traction comes from the materials the company chooses to make its product from. The edge hold is hard snow and skidded turns are fairly easy to perform. It is ideal for uneven terrain and performs adequately on powder. You will be surprised at the quickness of the turn initiation of this incredible board that feels somewhat stable on the snow. As many online buyers have stated in their feedback and comments, this is one incredibly fast board that can pivot and turn exceptionally well. Such possibilities are what makes it a board for those with plenty of experience because they can make it do what it is truly capable of performing.


There are many uses for such a board as the Proto Type Two. Because of its advanced characteristics and qualities, the capabilities are heightened as well. You can do turning, carving, switch, jumps, jibbing, pip, and buttering with this terrific snowboard in various degrees. It has a centered stance and is best for switch and jumps. This impressive snowboard is great for turning and pipe and is adequate for jibbing, speed, and carving. As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless with such a board that is crafted so splendidly. Although it should be used for all of these possible moves, it can still be utilized for simple dry runs down the mountain or in the parks. When you feel like just riding without all the special pomp, it is a terrific ride that can enjoy immensely.

The Bottom Line

We think for a snowboard that can be used on almost any terrain, you would be hard pressed to find another board as good as the Never Summer Proto Type Two Snowboard. It has high quality materials, the ideal craftsmanship, and the capabilities to give the user an exciting fun ride. The unique blend of superior woods, great fiberglass, and quality finishings make one of the best boards that are being offered today. You can get a smooth ride in rough snow, handle packed snow well, and slice through powder surfaces splendidly. Because of the low profile of the tail and tip, you will not get the snow build up on the board as you would with some other popular brands. This increases the glide and the float, thus enhancing your enjoyable ride. Whether you prefer riding in the parks, freestyle, or on the mountains, you will do equally as well in each type of terrain. The carving and pop abilities are great with this incredible board as are the flexibility, stability, and balance. It is a tough piece of snowboarding gear that is versatile with a medium flex. If you only purchase one board this season, the Proto Type Two should be it. It is best suited for the advanced or intermediate rider because of its fast speed and complex features, but the beginner or novice could do some tricks and ride on it with some ease. It is certainly one of the best boards that has high appeal and satisfaction from its customers. Give this Never Summer product a try this season for your riding pleasure.