Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 Ski Boots

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Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 Ski Boots Review Facts

The Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 Ski Boot is recommended for all-mountain skiing and backcountry skiing. It is perfect for side country, touring, and alpine regions. This excellent model is loaded with improvements from last season’s item that buyers are already raving about with delight. It is much lighter, stiffer, and narrower than its predecessors and current competitor models. The performance fit is narrow because Atomic made some of the side walls that do not see much stress and made them thinner. This gives the user a fit that is snug and narrow to hug the foot, heel, and ankle much better. The forefoot is moderately narrow also with good volume for the instep. There is also a memory fit liner that is removable, washable, and easily dried for a custom fit you will love and enjoy. For securing the boot, there are four durable and strong buckles and Velcro straps at the top of the boot. With the snug narrow form of the improved boot, the straps and buckles will give you a fit like you have never had before. You will notice that there is no extra room in the boot anymore for those of you with slim ankles and calves. The shell material is Grilamid, and the shoe can be heat molded to fit wider feet if it is needed. Users will also enjoy a 54-degree cuff motion for walking, skiing, and pivot, plus a walk mode range. The flex is stiff and hard-charging for aggressive riders because of the required support and stability for these skiers. This excellent boot has a high approval rating online from thrilled customers. We will now look at some of the features and characteristics of the Atomic Hawx Ultra 130 in greater detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Much lighter, stiffer, and narrower than similar models
  • Has a memory fit liner and Grilamid shell material
  • Flex is for hard-charging aggressive riders
  • Can possibly be heat molded to fit wider feet
  • Includes four buckles and Velcro straps
  • Has a 54-degree cuff motion, pivot, and walk mode range
  • Great for side country, touring, and alpine regions
  • Usable for all-mountain skiing and backcountry skiing
  • Only available currently in the one color of the solid black with the orange trim
  • Did not come in a large variety of foot sizes to fit many skiers


The comfort aim of the Hawx Ultra 130 for Atomic was to create a ski boot that gave the skier plenty of performance capabilities in a lighter than a normal boot. This is an improved model from last season that is noticeably lighter, thinner in some places, and more form-fitting. Some of the thickness was taken out of the walls of the boot to give the skier a snug fit that conforms to the foot better. In this way, there are no gaps in the boot around the ankle and heel that are useless. It is also much stiffer than earlier models to give the support and stability the expert and seasoned user needs. The forefoot is moderately narrow with a good volume for the instep. This greatly enhances and improves the performance level and possibilities on the snow for the knowledgeable skier. It has a memory fit liner for a custom fit that adds a level of comfort to the heel and bottom of the foot. Then there is the lightness that is new for this model series. Buyers say these are unbelievably light for the capabilities of the boot. They are shocked and delighted at how amazingly lightweight this ski boot is when you know all of the features and characteristics it possesses. They cannot wait to get out on the slopes to enjoy their new boots on the slopes.


Even though the flex is stiff for the Atomic Hawx Ultra 130, you do still have some flexibility in wearing and using this incredible piece of ski gear. The many buckles, Velcro straps, and the interior liner give the user many choices as to how form-fitting they want this ski boot to be on their feet. Some people prefer a very tight boot to give them all the support they can get from their equipment. If they are performing in very rough environments, this may be needed to do well and slice through the terrain as they wish. Others, on the other hand, may want a boot that fits snug but does leave them some room for their muscles to expand after a hard day of skiing. This flexibility is important to suit a number of riders with the same boot. Once you have the fit you want, then the choice is up to you in how you will use this boot. Will you push it to the limit just to see what it can do, or will you simply enjoy the usual terrains you love to ski. Whichever, you choose, the Hawx Ultra 130 offers the advanced and expert skier more flexibility than some other popular models on the market currently.

Key Features

-Has a performance fit that is narrow and form-fitting for the best outcomes
-Much lighter and stiffer than other popular competitor models on the market
-Forefoot is moderately narrow and snug with good volume for the instep
-Has a memory fit liner for a custom fit that is removable and washable
-Stiff flex is for hard-charging aggressive riders that need the stability and support
-Can possibly be heat molded to fit wider feet and give added comfort room
-Shell material is Grilamid which is tough, durable, and long-lasting
-Includes four buckles – two across the foot and two across the ankle and shin
-Velcro strap for securing at the top of the boot and handle grips for dressing
-Has a 54-degree cuff motion, pivot, and walk mode range to make it easy for walking
-Great for side country, touring, and alpine regions to improve skills and moves
-Recommended for all-mountain skiing and backcountry skiing and all terrains


When it comes to a sport such as skiing, you can only be as good as your equipment allows you to be. Luckily for the sport of skiing, we have manufacturers, such as Atomic, who are just as serious about skiing as their customers are. They aim to please, and the proof of that is excellent products like the Hawx Ultra 130. Because it is made for the expert or intermediate skier, it had to have a stiff flex to hold the foot and ankle well. Aggressive skiers take plenty of daring turns and twists that would not be possible in boots of lesser quality of flex. The best performance can be had with such equipment, like this amazing ski boot. Many satisfied buyers have commented on how much they love the way this boot feels on their feet and the many possibilities they now have in advancing their skills. The narrow fit combined with the stiff flex gives the knowledgeable skier the responsiveness they need to perform the harder moves and tackle the more difficult terrains. It is a dependable piece of gear that you will be proud to own.


The terrific stability of this incredible boot will add much to your performance and capabilities on the slopes. for securing it includes four strong and durable buckles, plus Velcro straps to hold the foot securely. Sometimes these strappings do not hold the ankle and foot well because they are designed more for a wider foot and leg. These are much lighter because the manufacturer made some of the walls that are less stressed a bit thinner. This creates an overall lighter model of boot that has a snug fit and is more comfortable for the athletic skier’s build. These can possibly be heat molded to fit wider feet if that is needed to get a more stable fit. The durable cuff and shell materials are Grilamid, and this terrific boot is compatible with multiple types and brands of bindings. You will be hard-pressed to find a more stable boot that the Hawx Ultra XTD 130.


The style of this impressive ski boot is one for advanced and expert skiers that have swift and aggressive moves. It is the most narrow and stiff ski boot from Atomic for touring the backcountry that they have created thus far. The liner closure is a power strap, and the sole is Skywalk WTR. The features include a frictionless pivot, a breathable and washable liner, true flex, an energy backbone, and the legendary feel of Hawx. The features and characteristics of this boot will please many expert and well-seasoned skiers. They will have the freedom to perform the aggressive and harder moves and explore the tougher surroundings in their trips because of its possibilities. This terrific boot is narrower than previous models to cut down on the bulk of the item, thus making it lighter at the same time. You will not be tired or stressed from the climb because of the heaviness of the boots.


The support of the Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 includes a 3D platinum memory fit light liner that is washable, breathable and quick drying. You will certainly appreciate this quality when wearing the boots and when you are finished for the day. They can be washed out quickly and dry fast for more use the very next day. The Tech inserts included are Dynafit Certified, so you know that you are getting high-quality materials to give you the best support and comfort. This boot has a Skywalk WTR Sole, plus a 54-degree cuff motion, pivot, and walk mode range. Together these features combine to provide you the flexibility and support needed to be able to walk well in these boots as well as ski in them too. The motion is just enough to not be too flexible yet give you the security and support for a tight control on the ankles and heel. This is a fine line for a manufacturer for a ski boot because there has to be support and stability, but not too much to prevent flexibility and comfort for the user. Atomic seems to have achieved a nice balance of these characteristics with the incredibly light Hawx Ultra.


Great for side country, touring, and alpine regions, the Hawx Ultra 130 is ideal for all-mountain skiing and backcountry skiing. This gives you the freedom to enjoy the same places you are used to and then possibly try out some new areas to challenge your skill level and capabilities. You could not do this with a lesser boot because it would limit you to certain areas and terrains. Whether you are doing uphill or downhill environments, you will be covered with these incredibly versatile and flexible ski boots from Atomic. Even though they are not the best boot for beginners or novices, they have a flex that will give aggressive riders just what they want. This type of advanced rider loves the medium range of motion, the magnificent fit, and the ideal feel of such a well-formed and well-built boot. When you are touring or going up the mountain, you will be glad you are wearing this model of the ski boot.

The Bottom Line

Even though this new and improved model of the Atomic Hawx Ultra Ski Boot does not fit those with a slightly wider foot or thicker calf, we still think that the advances the company is making to satisfy its customer base are well received and loved by the majority of the buyers. Making the walls thinner on some places, created a form-fitting boot that many muscular, normal foot-sized skiers have been wanting. This process takes away the extra spaces that are usually in the ski boot in the ankle, heel, midfoot, and calf areas, making the boot snug and perfect in fit. The straps and buckles fit much better on such a boot, making the skiing experience and performance so much better. The extra stiffness of the boot material and the flex give the advanced and seasoned skier the support and stability they need to ride the rough terrains and environments. Perfect for touring, alpine regions, and side country, this is one excellent boot that you will want to keep for many years of enjoyable fun. It is possible that with the added capabilities of the boot, you will adventure out into new realms of the sport to increase your skills. The Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 Ski Boot will certainly be one piece of gear that you will be proud to have.