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The North Face Freedom Insulated Pant Review Facts

With strategic venting on the inner thighs, a Chimney Venting System, and a two-layer DryVent outer shell, The North Face Men’s Freedom Insulated Pants permit free movement and are best for extreme cold weather conditions. They are waterproof, insulated, and warm with a great fit that will accommodate layers underneath for additional warmth and body heat retention. Made of 100% woven nylon DryVent fabric, they are treated with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to ensure the most outstanding protection for you and your clothes from the winter weather elements. This excellent coating gives you the best windproof and waterproof pants that have a full seal against any outdoor environment you encounter. They were created for the winter sports of skiing and snowboarding but can be used for any winter outdoor chore, duty, or activity that requires an insulated pant or one that will permit layering underneath. You will think these are a bit baggy at first if you are unfamiliar with this type of pant. However, when you realize the protective potential and the layering possibilities that you have, you will love and come to depend on these excellent pants. They are terrific used alone and permit you the free range of movement that you desire even with layers underneath. The flexibility and comfort are increased with the durable belt loops, adjustable waist tabs, cargo pockets, and hand pockets that make this item remarkable. Velcro straps are used on the waist tabs and the cargo pockets, and the hand pockets have sturdy zippers. These features all come together to give you the most comfortable, breathable, flexible, waterproof, windproof, warm pants you have ever experienced. We will now take a look at these features in greater detail.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Includes vents on the inner thighs
  • Are waterproof, insulated, warm and comfortable
  • Permits free movement and body motion
  • Best for extreme cold weather
  • Has a DryVent two-layer shell treated with DWR
  • Has cargo pockets and hand pockets
  • Sizes run large and might be seen as a bit baggy
  • Pants may be too long for some users
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  • The vast majority of reviewers are impressed by the warmth and protection these pants provide.
  • These are reasonably priced for warm winter pants that work for a variety of activities.
  • The relaxed fit doesn't restrict movement.
  • Kick patches add to the durability.
  • The vents are convenient and easily opened and closed depending on how much warmth you need.
  • Reviewers like being able to fine-tune the waist to get the best fit.
  • There are no complaints about the waterproofing. These pants will keep you dry in snowy and wet conditions.
  • Although these have a relaxed fit, most buyers say they aren't overly bulky.
  • The pants are made of high quality material and well-constructed seams.
  • There are plenty of pockets.
  • The gaiters work well to keep snow out of your boots.
  • Durability complaints are very rare.
  • Reviewers are pleased with how these perform during snowboarding, downhill and cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and snow shoveling.
  • A variety of lengths are available.
  • These pants offer a lot of protection on windy days.
  • The fit allows room to comfortably wear a thin underlayer for extra warmth.
  • If you prefer slim fitted pants, then these will feel too baggy.
  • These are insulated for cold weather and can get too warm during early spring days on the slopes.
  • Some note that these are a little heavy compared to other insulated winter pants.
  • The gray is darker than some online photos show.
  • Several buyers had trouble finding the right fit. Some online sizing charts for these pants seem to be inaccurate.
  • The ankles are cut wide.
  • There are complaints of bad customer service experiences with The North Face concerning these pants.
  • Although rare, there are a few quality control complaints from reviewers concerning the buttons and zippers.
  • Reviewers claim these could be improved if the elastic on the gaitors was a bit more snug.
  • Not all colors are offered from every seller.
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The Freedom Insulated Pants are breathable and comfortable with strategic venting for proper airflow. At first thought of when and where these will be used, you would not think that you would need venting in extremely cold conditions. However, winter gear can get quite warm and cause moisture buildup, which can be just as uncomfortable as being cold. Our bodies are designed to generate heat and with such a durable covering over layers of clothes, the sweat will build up if the material on the outer covering were not well ventilated. This terrific product includes vents on the inner thighs and the Chimney Venting System. Airflow is improved greatly with this feature to keep you cool inside yet warm and toasty in a comfortable balance.


The durability of these insulated pants goes hand in hand with the feature of being waterproof. They have been field- and lab-tested for function and durability to ensure the best piece of equipment for this part of your dependable winter gear. These impressive insulated pants are long-lasting and can take quite a bit of punishment from the elements and from regular and extended wear and tear. The manufacturer uses a polyurethane (PU) coating that is made up of a multi-layer tri-component formula for the best waterproof protection, durability, and moisture permeability you can find. You will not have to worry about becoming soggy or damp in moist conditions since these splendid pants are so breathable with the added venting and amazing fabric. Also included are durable belt loops and a reinforced kick patch to further increase the strength and stability of this tough winter garment. They are long-lasting to provide you with many years of comfortable dependable wear.


With the adjustable waist tabs of Velcro and the StretchVent gaiter with tough elastic, you can customize your fit to be comfortable, loose, and non-conforming. They permit free movement for all of your sports and activities you love to participate in during the colder season. Flexible pants that are not tight and snug can also be an outer shell to several clothes layers underneath for warmth in the most extreme of environments. These do have a layer of insulation, but they are best used as a protective outer covering to keep the underneath layers dry and moisture free. They can be worn alone comfortably but are best used over another pair of pants to give you the best warmth and protection.

Key Features

Has strategic venting and airflow on the inner thighs for the escape of body heat
Includes durable belt loops and waist tabs with Velcro straps for easy access
Permits free movement of range for activities, sports, and chores outdoors
-Insulated, waterproof, windproof, breathable, and warm
-Best insulation and layering abilities for extreme cold weather
-A good fit with layers because they can be a bit baggy and roomy
-Cargo pockets are fastened with Velcro straps for easy access
-Hand pockets are secured with zippers to keep small items secure
-Has a two-layer DryVent two-layer shell to be breathable and waterproof
-Treated with a durable water repellent for durability and protection


The Freedom Insulated Pants are insulated as the description states, but it is not a thick layer of insulation that should be used alone in extremely cold weather. These are used for extreme conditions, but as more of a tough outer protective shell to prevent cold air, wind, and moisture from getting to you on the inside. Use them alone without layers underneath for when the weather is mild, as they will provide a good level of insulation from the elements. However, when you must endure colder, wetter climates and environments, layer clothes underneath and put these as the outer layer. You will be toasty warm, comfortable, and still have a full range of motion with all of your activities. They are some of the best-insulated pants currently on the market for extreme cold conditions in tough weather elements. You will be hard pressed to find better protection from cold and wet condition that these Freedom Insulated Pants. Some online customers mentioned that they were a bit baggy, loose-fitting, and long. if they are worn alone, then you will experience that too. However, that extra room is so you can use them comfortably as an outer layer when you bundle up for the cold.


The size and fit are always the main concern with clothing of any type or style. If clothes do not fit right and feel absolutely comfortable, then it does not matter how much they protect you from the elements. You will be miserable just because they do not feel right and allow you the free range of movement that you desire. These incredible pants have a standard fit that does feel loose at first if you are not used to wearing loose-fitting cargo pants. They can seem baggy to those that are not familiar with this style of pant, which was the comment from a few buyers. If these are worn by themselves, then yes, they will feel somewhat baggy and loose on you. That is good because that means that when you want to add warm layers underneath, you will have the room to do that. These are insulated, but not to the point that they should be your only protection for your lower body during your winter sports and outings. The extra material, cut, and style of these pants gives the freedom to layer or not for the best comfort.


The style of these incredible cold weather insulated pants is a loose-fitting insulated form with a durable outer shell to protect in wet and cold conditions of extreme measures. They are stylish to make you look good out on the slopes, at the resort, or the ski and snowboarding parks with the latest fashion. They have cargo pockets that are secure to hold small valuables such as keys, IDs, and phones and are secured with durable Velcro straps for the best seal. The strong hand pockets are fastened with sturdy zippers for a convenient place to quickly warm the hands. These come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to guarantee your satisfaction with their excellent product.


Created for the sports of snowboarding and skiing, these insulated pants from The North Face can be used for all of your outdoor winter weather activities and sports. You want to stay warm and dry, so you wear the best for whatever task, chore, or event you have to do. They are terrific pants to work out in the extreme winter cold in for many occupations and jobs that must be accomplished in the worst of weather. When you need to layer clothes and have a protective durable outer shell to keep in your body heat, you will be glad to have these on. For recreation and sports performance, they work well in skiing and snowboarding parks, backcountry, and on the slopes. They will give you the freedom of movement that you need and desire for the many moves required of outdoor sports. These insulated pants can be machine washed for simple care and cleaning.


The most impressive feature of these marvelous insulated pants from The North Face is their level of waterproofness. Several qualities come together to make them one incredible product well worth having. They are made of a breathable100% woven nylon fabric that is strong and durable with a DryVent shell. This outer layer is waterproof, windproof, and fully-sealed to give the best protection to you and your layers underneath. Dryvent materials are treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) that keeps water from the surface and allows moisture to come through to the outside from the interior. Because of this ideal material and the DWR treatment, you will be warmer and dryer in these remarkable pants than with most other pant brands and models. The best is that moisture that would accumulate because of trapped body heat is allowed to escape from this material to keep you dry and comfortable.

The Bottom Line

We believe that these are excellent pants for all of your outdoor winter needs, sports, and activities this year. They are long-lasting, durable, waterproof, windproof, and warm. Satisfied online customers confirm their incredible features are the best and most comfortable with their highly-positive comments and feedback. The layering of clothes keeps a person the warmest when they have to be outdoors in extremely cold temperatures, and these terrific pants permit that. Not only do they provide a superior outer covering to hold in the body heat and keep out the moisture and cold wind, but they are breathable also letting out the warm air to keep you and your clothes dry and toast. This is possible because of the durable DryVent material used with the DWR coating and the strategic venting on the inner thighs. This combination creates a barrier against wind, rain, sleet, and snow that can not be penetrated by the outer elements. The insulated pants are roomy enough to allow layering if you need it but can be worn alone for superb protection in milder climates and conditions. The many pockets in the legs and for the hands are conveniently placed for optimum placement of items you want to carry with you. These cargo pockets are secured with Velcro straps for the best seal and protection of their contents. Hands will be kept warm and dry in the hand pockets that fasten with strong zippers. These features add to the comfort of the pants in being flexible to your needs. Whether you snowboard or ski for recreation and enjoyment or have tasks and duties to do in the bitter cold, you will be glad to own and wear these outstanding warm insulated pants from The North Face. They allow you the free range of movement you desire and need for the active, fun lifestyle you lead and enjoy.