Arc’teryx Gamma Lt Hoody

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Arc’teryx Gamma Lt Hoody Review Facts

Are you tired of jackets that lack full-range of motion? The Arc'teryx Gamma Lt Hoody is a good solution for this problem and discomfort. It's due to its stretchy fabric called a Wee Burly Double Weave, which is breathable.

The Arc'teryx Gamma Lt hoody is athletic and streamlined. Therefore, it is ideal for any activities that require movement flexibility. These include hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, biking, and skiing.

It is a hip-length garment that is lightweight and weather-resistant, thanks to the Arcteryx Nu repellent treatment. The several protective features include an adjustable storm hood with a drawcord and laminated brim, drop back hem with drawcord, tall collar, chin guard, gusseted underarms, and a wind flap on the front full zipper. There are three pockets with No-Slip Zippers just like the front zipper that will not open on their own by accident. Furthermore, the approval rating is high for this Arcteryx product, so customers are mostly happy with their purchases of it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight, breathable, and durable

Gives mobility that is unrestricted

Resistant to abrasions, wind, and weather

Offered in six different sizes

Zippers stay in place

Softshell used as an outer or mid-layer

Fit is streamlined, stretchy, and hip-length


Arms can be too long

Hood is really large; overall fit is big for many buyers

Key Features

-Fabric is Wee Burly Double Weave
-Underarms are gusseted
-Repellent to water with Arcteryx Nu
-Sleeves are tapered; stretch gussets in wrists
-Tall collar and a chin guard that is laminated
-Drop back configured hem that is laminated
-Stormhood compatible for a helmet
- A Laminated brim and hood drawcord
-Made of polyester, nylon, and elastane
-Front zipper closure with protective wind flap
-Two hand pockets and one chest pocket
-Zippers are No Slip Zip brand


It may not look like a breathable garment at first glance, but the Gamma Lt Hoody is highly breathable with its incorporated front zip and terrific stretchy fabric.If the body heat is building up inside the jacket while you are busy with activities or tasks, only one hand is needed to open the front zipper quickly to dump out the heat to relieve you. Try that with any ordinary garment and the zip will snag or just not move at all.

The zippers used for this hoody are No Slip. They will not budge on their own without your knowledge. This also makes them very easy to manipulate when needed.


Lightweight and durable, the Arc'teryx Gamma Lt Hoody will still look new after years of use. Several customers are quite pleased with the performance and the sturdiness of this terrific garment even years later. The Wee Burly Double Weave fabric makes this possible.

It not only is a very stretchy material but also very tough to weather, water, and abrasions,
so it will always be in pristine condition. Arc'teryx is well-known for its long-lasting gear pieces, and this is certainly one of them that lives up to its brand name.


The Arc'teryx Gamma Lt Hoody gives you the versatility and stretchiness you desire from an outer garment for all of your tasks, chores, activities, and sports. It is created with an air-permeable stretch four-way woven textile softshell to provide mobility that is unrestricted. Most of this flexibility comes from the articulated patterning of the garment, but also from the stretch gussets in the wrists and underarms for comfort and mobility.

You can stretch for things high and low and not have to worry about the back of the jacket riding up or having to straighten the arms each time you reach for something. The cuffs are not only stretchy but laminated too for durability and longevity. There are adjustable drawcords on the hood and the bottom hem to further give the user more versatility in how the garment fits them.


Treated to be water-repellant, the Arc'teryx Gamma Lt Hoody can shed light rain. However, it is not completely waterproof. It is just resistant to moisture but also to wind and weather to protect you well.

As a covering for a mid-layer or just a basic layer, it is an essential softshell layer that can keep you dry and safe in adverse weather conditions. In mild weather, only a t-shirt or light sweater would be adequate underneath. This jacket can be used as part of a wonderful layering system, as we will discuss in detail further down.


Arcteryx not only makes superb garments to keep you protected and comfortable when you are out and about but also clothing that works with you. The Arc'teryx Gamma Lt Hoody is such a jacket. The material moves with you and is stretchy to allow a free range of movements not possible with most other outer coverings.

When you become warm inside the garment, the cuffs push up on the arm for ventilation easily even though they are tapered for a terrific fit. The streamline patterning and longer hem of the overall garment will lay comfortably beneath a pack belt or harness when backpacking and hiking too. It is designed to protect while at the same time does not inhibit your movements or your comfort when carrying gear.


We noticed many comments concerning the size of this Arcteryx hoody online. It seems as though the company has made this particular piece much larger than a regular jacket because when the proper jacket size is ordered, it can be huge. The Gamma is offered in six different sizes of extra-small to 2X-large,so there is a wide range of sizes for everyone.

It is hip-length with tapered sleeves, but several people complained of the arms being too long on them. The hood is enormous for regular wear, possibly because it is designed to fit over a helmet if needed. Depending on the size ordered and the build of the person’s body, this product could fit too big and loose to wear confidently in public. It has a regular fit which is designed to accommodate for base and mid-layers underneath, but it should fit somewhat snug and comfortable to fit on the body nicely.


Some stable features of the Arc'teryx Gamma Lt Hoody are the hood, collar, bottom hem, and chin guard. The storm hood is compatible for a helmet, as we mentioned above. This could be a helmet for biking, climbing, or skiing that would protect you for your activity.

This part of the jacket must be larger than normal to accommodate for the helmet, so expect the hood to be large on the head if no helmet is being worn. The hood has a laminated brim and an adjustable hood drawcord. There are a tall collar and a chin guard that is laminated as well as the drop back configured hem.

This extra protection increases the life of the product and also makes it more durable for you to wear. Nearly every part of this item is versatile and adjustable in some way to best fit the user. It is also easy to care for because it can be easily machine washed.


Made of polyester, nylon, microfiber, and elastane materials, the Arcteryx Gamma Lt Hoody is offered in several striking solid colors. These include black, Robotica, Odyssea, Red Beach, Triton, Yukon, Heron, and Cypress. Choose your favorite hue or be daring and try one of the bolder colors that you would not usually pick to be spontaneous.

This jacket has a disciplined design known from Arc'teryx, advanced materials, exceptional versatility, and proven performance that loyal fans have come to expect from this manufacturer. It is a comforting thing that once you find a maker who uses the sizes and materials people enjoy. That is all so you can depend on their quality and styles for a big chunk of your gear.


Now to the aspect that most people looking for a jacket want to know – How many pockets does it have and how do they close? Well, there are three pockets in all designed into the Gamma, and all have the No-Slip Zip brand of zippers for closures. These fantastic zippers are designed for the best performance for people on the move and on the go because they can be operated with just a single freehand and will not open accidentally by themselves.

Added bumps to the first few top teeth of the zippers stop the carriage from moving on its own. However, it is easily pulled by you to operate it. There are two hand pockets on the exterior and one chest pocket on the interior of this men’s hoody. The full front zippered closure has a protective wind flap to guard against the wind and precipitation from entering the jacket through the metal teeth of the zipper.


There is hardly a place or instance when and where this Arcteryx item would not be suitable to wear, except when a more protective or insulated outer shell is needed.

It is great for backcountry endeavors, active alpine activities, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and mountaineering. Many people listed in their online feedback how they used this product after they purchased it, which includes around town, walking the dog, coaching, skiing, ski touring, sport climbing, and ice climbing.

It is ideal for cold or cool condition aerobic use plus diverse conditions and activities. An added insulation layer can be worn along with it over a base layer for cold weather protection. Even for just doing chores and tasks at work or home, it is perfect to wear for marvelous comfort and fit.

Ease of Use

Just because the Arc'teryx Gamma Lt Hoody is thin, don’t think it cannot be a beneficial part of any clothes layering system. The Gamma makes a wonderful outer or mid-layer since it has a good bit of stretch to it. The regular fit gives the user room for clothing layers and movement freedom.

There is no insulation, so a base layer must be worn of a t-shirt or sweater underneath. The fit is athletic and streamlined but provides room for needed mid-layers.It can be part of a good layering system to keep you warm and dry using energy efficiently.

Layers done right will give good protection from the weather, take moisture from the skin, dissipate or conserve body heat, and all within the shortest time frame. This shell jacket is a central layer that fits over a base layer and a mid-layer and under an insulated jacket or a belay jacket. This is just another component of the versatility you get with this product.

Bottom Line

The only real issue that we came across in buyer feedback and comments online is the fact that the Gamma can be larger than expected overall, especially in some significant body areas. The Arc'teryx Gamma Lt hoody runs big, particularly in the arms and hood. Some claimed they had to return it for a better fit or another jacket option.

The storm hood must be larger than a regular hood on a hoody because this one is suitable for helmets. This makes it big for those not wearing a helmet so that it can seem large. The usual high-quality design, materials, and construction that Arc'teryx products are known for being exhibited in the Arc'teryx Gamma Lt Hoody, too.

You will be hard-pressed to find negative comments about the durability, versatility, or longevity of this company’s items. The flexible qualities of this jacket, along with the stretchy material used, gives the wearer the comfort needed when performing tasks, sports, activities, and chores that require bending, stretching, and reaching often.

No more will you have to keep straightening a jacket that rides up in the back or is out of place on the upper torso. The Arc'teryx Gamma Lt Hoody is an ideal mid-layer or outer garment for your upper core protective needs.