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Black Diamond Vector Helmet Review Facts

If your current brain bucket is hot and uncomfortable, it's time for something new. Consider the Black Diamond Vector Helmet for your next climbing adventure and experience its high-quality performance and construction. Made in the USA, this amazing helmet is stylish, modern, comfy, and cool. It is one of the lightest climbing helmets available with a sleek design and appearance.If you want to learn more about climbing helmets take a look at this guide.

Also, terrific airflow is possible with the large ports for ventilation. There are comfort bands inside for padding and to gather perspiration if it occurs. Plus, it has impact foam on the sides for protecting the head.

Made of EPS co-molded foam with a tough polycarbonate shell. The Black Diamond Vector comes in several solid vivid colors . In addition there are two sizes of small/medium and medium/large. This climbing helmet is used for Alpine faces, crumbling cliffs, long routes, sport climbing, and traditional climbing. Keep reading for a more in-depth discussion of the Vector’s fine points and qualities.

We have reviewed the Vapor model so if interested to learn the difference between these 2, take time and read the review.One thing is certain and this is the brand reputation.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Cool, sleek, lightweight, and comfy

Ratchet adjuster and straps pack inside

The GoPro mounts well for a headlamp

Comes in black, white, orange, and blue models

Made in the USA

Stylish and modern in appearance

Best for alpine faces to crumbling cliffs

For sport and traditional climbing and long routes


May scratch easily

The two offered sizes do not fit everyone

Key Features

-Maximum airflow with large ports for ventilation
-Comfort bands for sweat and padding
-Impact foam on the sides
-Sleek design and appearance
-Plastic durable shell and co-molded EPS foam
-Attachment is ultra-secure for headlamps
-Sizes are small/medium and medium/large
-Ratchet adjuster and the push buttons


One aspect of a climbing helmet that you want to have is proper aeration because even in colder weather, the head can become quite hot when enclosed inside a well-cushioned “brain bucket.” With the Black Diamond Vector Helmet, you get fantastic ventilation that is hard to beat.

Even with the online photos, you can see the many open spaces on all sides that give you complete breathability that is so comfortable. Maximum airflow is provided with the large ports for ventilation that are so visible. It is the comfort that makes the helmet feel barely-there.

This is true, according to some of the online feedback from customers. Many said they forgot they had this product on their heads. It was that comfortable and natural feeling. Others stated that it is lightweight with good airflow that is needed, especially for climbing in warm areas.

If the head does not become hot, then it will not sweat. Without the perspiration, you do not have the issue of sweat build-up inside the helmet, which could aggravate you during your climbs. That helps keep the Black Diamond Vector comfortable and more hygienic.


Part of the comfort of this incredible helmet for climbing is the breathability that we just discussed above. However, the comfort level of the Black Diamond Vector goes way beyond ventilation. It is cool and comfy both figuratively and literally, according to customers.

This means that it feels not only functional but also looks good too. This is one of the lightest available helmets for climbing that you can find today.That is not only important for comfort but also for your overall performance.

If your helmet can be lighter, then it should be to help with the weight that must be carried in the total load of gear you carry. No one wants a heavy helmet to hold them back and throw off their climbing game. There are comfort bands on the inside of the Vector that gather sweat that does occur and provide the much-needed padding to protect the head. When you hit against anything with your head, these bands are what cushion the blow to keep you safe.

To hit again upon the aeration of the helmet structure, warm days are not a problem with the increased ventilation holes in this model. Some people are apt to leave a helmet off to keep from having a confined warm head when climbing. This is not a good idea as a warm head is much better than possible head injuries that could result from accidents. Wear that helmet always!


You would not think to look at it, but this Black Diamond Vector is very tough and durable for all kinds of impacts that could affect the head. It looks just like a sizeable soft material foam-type of head covering that would not be able to prevent serious head injuries. However, it is made of a robust EPS co-molded foam with a polycarbonate shell that is long-lasting and strong.

There is also impact foam on the sides of the product and complete ventilation, as we already know. The combination of a well-padded helmet that must also be well-ventilated had to be challenging to balance in a product that was suitable and safe for use. Black Diamond made it happen with the Vector as a result.

Even if it is hit and banged, you will see that it protects your noggin and keeps going strong. One thing that buyers noticed is that it does scratch easily, but this is to be expected if you are using it. A few scratches are not a problem, especially if it keeps your head from that same kind of damage.


You are given a couple of choices right off the bat when ordering this Vector model of climbing helmet. One is the color, which we discuss later, and the other is the size. Yes, you get a choice the size of the helmet to find the one that is best for you.

There is a small/medium and a medium/large. The small/medium weighs 8.1 ounces or 231 grams, and the medium/large weighs 8.5 ounces or 240 grams.As you can see there is not much difference in weight, but it is enough of a difference in the fit for those with larger heads to be comfortable.

This climbing helmet has a sleek design and appearance, so it is not cumbersome, nor does it look so when it is worn. It stores away compactly with the suspension that tucks away inside the helmet. This is for when you are not using it and have it in your backpack or bag.

This suspension consists of the ratchet adjuster and straps that fold into the inside, saving backpack space.


Whether you climb in dangerous situations or not, you should always wear a helmet when climbing because you never know what could happen. Rocks overhead could come down on you when you are just standing still. You will be glad in such situations that you have the Vector on.

It gives the user the best protection and comfort for any situation in which the head is in danger of being harmed. We saw in comments online that climbing helmets such as this one are not only used for climbing but also certain occupations and for other outdoor activities. It gives the user the protection needed and the comfort and ventilation desired.

The full range of protection comes from the durable plastic shell and the co-molded geometric EPS foam. They work so well together to give you the dependable cushioning and hard outer layer you need.


You may not always have the pleasure of daylight when you are climbing or wearing your helmet, so there must be options for having a lamp on the head to light the way hands-free. Luckily, the Black Diamond Vector Climbing Helmet has such an option. It has an attachment that is ultra-secure for headlamps with the in-mold clips.

You place the light on the helmet and clamp it on. It is that simple. Of course, you need the mount that goes with the particular light model you want to use, such as the GoPro. The GoPro mount works well with this helmet for a headlamp as so many people online have stated.

It seems to be the headlamp of choice that has the special mount needed for this type of climbing helmet. If you need a headlamp, then the GoPro is one of the best candidates for that. Early morning and late evening climbing will require such an accessory for safety.


Made in the USA, this Black Diamond vector is offered in two sizes as discussed above and a few selections of color. Most people purchase the black model because it does not show signs of dirt as quickly as the other lighter-colored versions, but the choice is yours. There are also white, orange, and blue choices that look and feel great.

One note about the two head sizes – Measure your head as instructed in the product information for the best fit. It is best to know which one you need rather than going through the hassle of returning the first one. Stylish and modern in appearance, you're likely to enjoy how this helmet fits and feels.


A climbing helmet is for rock, Alpine, and mountain climbing, but we will go ahead and say it to be on the same page with everyone. The Vector Helmet can be used for sport and traditional climbing and is best for Alpine faces to crumbling cliffs of the Alpine.This Black Diamond Vector is suitable for missions that are weight-sensitive such as Alpine climbs and long routes.

The activities and sports that take place a long way from home are all about the low weight because you have to carry your gear to where you want to use it. Therefore, it is important to keep it lightweight. The ventilation helps with long-term use too as well as the comfortable padding.

Ease of Use

Some points of how comfortable the Black Diamond Vector is to use in the field include advice about the ratchet adjuster and the back strap for fitting. The ratchet adjuster comes with push buttons that are molded. You fine-tune your particular fit with the ratchet adjuster using the pushbuttons until it is ideal for you.

One observant customer realized that the back strap on this helmet requires both hands for adjusting, making it impossible to change in precarious situations or mid-climb. It is better if this action could be accomplished with one hand. This means that you should get your helmet fit perfect before you start to climb or get in predicaments where your hands cannot do this task.

Bottom Line

When it comes to any sporting or activity gear from Black Diamond, there is never much if any negative feedback from customers who have purchased it.

The Black Diamond Vector falls right in line with this process too. It has a very high approval rating online from those who are currently enjoying it. They comment regarding the excellent construction, materials used, design, and craftsmanship.

The Black Diamond Vector could scratch easily, but for such a helmet, this is not a surprise. If you do not want the scratches to show, then get the lighter colors or the white one. The black model would indicate scratches quicker and more visibly than the others.

Another point of issue for a few people was the size options. Some buyers could not fit into the more significant medium/large option, so they had to return the helmet and not get one. Use the measuring advice in the description of the product, and you will not go wrong. For a well-ventilated, durable, stable, comfortable, secure, protective, and long-lasting climbing helmet, the Black Diamond Vector is a viable choice.