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Lumos Helmet Review Facts

The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet is an in-mold sport biking helmet made of flexible polycarbonate and best used for urban cycling. It is perfect for those that ride on the road early in the morning or late at night when natural lighting is poor or non-existent. With a wireless remote positioned on the handlebars, bikers can signal to others around when they are turning with the two large simple buttons. The 11 orange LED lights on either side of the helmet will flash brightly to signify your intended moves.

The front 10 white LEDs act as headlights to those in front of you, and the 38 red LEDs in the rear let those behind you know that you are slowing down or stopping. Perfect for both men and women, this Lumos product is convenient, rechargeable, removable, and weatherproof. It can take rain or sun and has 22 aeration vents to keep the head cool. Using an app that you put on a smartphone, the remote connects to the helmet. An included magnetic charging cable is used to add battery power to both the remote and the helmet. Comfortable and protective, the Smart Bike Helmet has thousands of customer reviews and an excellent rating from satisfied buyers online.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Withstands any weather your own body can take

Tap the buttons to use the remote

Convenient, intuitive, unisex, and weatherproof

One of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2018

An in-mold sport helmet for urban cycling

Best for people that ride early morning or late at night

Drivers give you more courtesy

Simple to set up on a bike

Battery in flashing mode - 6 hours; solid mode - 3 hours

Takes just two hours to charge


Several people said it was too small for them

Battery did not last long for some users


Besides being a terrific safety mechanism for your head and for visibility, the Smart Bike Helmet is quite comfortable. It is constructed of a flexible material that will stretch a good bit to put it on for a great snug fit. It is a one-size-fits-all item that will fit most people well. at first, you may think that the helmet is too flimsy to do any good for protection, but you soon realize that that is how it is made to be accommodating to many different head sizes and shapes. This is a sturdy piece of biking equipment that does not add a noticeable amount of weight to the head or neck area, so you will soon forget that you even have it on. There are 22 vents throughout this item to aerate the head well while using it. a few online customers complained of the inside material in the forehead section. They said that it was somewhat rough in that area and left a red irritated spot on their forehead after wearing the helmet. This may just be a problem with a helmet that was not sized correctly.


You have the versatility to use the lights and signals as you wish when wearing this incredible helmet, but it is also flexible in the weather it can be used in. it is waterproof, so whatever weather you own body can stand outdoors, this wonderful head protection can take also. The terrific lights can be seen in sunshiny bright days, as well as cloudy rainy days and at night. even if you ride sometimes in the day and do not need the light features, the Smart Bike Helmet is still an amazing protective helmet that you can rely on for comfort and safety for the head. Anyone can wear this biking gear, as it is unisex in shape, style, color, and fit. It is very flexible to your needs and riding style to be one of the best helmets ever for varying biking conditions.


The most interesting and attractive quality of this smart helmet for biking is the excellent lighting system. It is covered with LED lights of three different colors to signal your moves and let others know you are there. There are 38 red lights in the rear, 10 white front lights, and 11 orange lights on each side for turning purposes. Other cyclist, pedestrians, and vehicle drivers will see you very well in poorly lit and nighttime conditions. Many buyers have stated that vehicle drivers seem to be more courteous to them and allow them the freedom and time to make their turns easily. Some were even thanked personally for being so visible on the road. As a biking helmet, this product will also protect your head if you fall or crash too. It is double protection in one incredible piece of gear.


You install a wireless remote on the handlebars of the bike with buttons that make the flashing lights on the helmet work. Just tap the button for right or left on the remote to make the turning signals flash for others on the helmet. The set-up for the installation is quick and easy, according to customers. Even with this very visible lighted helmet, you should still use the normal hand signals for turning as always to be courteous and correct in your bike riding. When you activate the hard brake light, the rear of the helmet lights up in solid red with the 38 LED lights on the back. The pattern is a triangle of red to signify for those in back of you to stop or let them know that you are stopping or slowing down on the bike. This full stop feature defaults to deactivate to save on battery power when not in use.


The wireless remote is the aspect that controls the whole lighting functionality of this incredible item. It is simple and clear with two operating buttons and an accelerometer built right in, so braking can be sensed. This fantastic system is convenient, intuitive, rechargeable, removable, and weatherproof. There is even an audible beeping sound for the flashing blinker lights, which can be set to beep at different intervals of your choice. You will know when they are on with the beeping because otherwise, you might not know that they are on if turned on accidentally. The fabulous helmet and wireless remote on the bike work together well to keep you safe and well-lit for others to see as you ride.


The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet was one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2018 as stated in The Oprah Magazine. Best used for urban cycling, it is an in-mold sport helmet with a shell of polycarbonate that is very flexible. It is so flexible in fact that some users felt at first that it was too pliable to be able to physically protect the head at all. After getting used to the material, you will like its flexibility and comfort. It does not have a brim or a visor and is unisex for anyone to use it comfortably. A few color choices are available with black being the most popular.


Meeting all CE and CPSC safety standards for biking, this wonderful helmet gives a clear heads-up warning to other bikers, vehicles, and people that are around and, in the area, where you like to ride. The rear lights of red are in a triangular shape on the helmet, so other people can gauge better how far they are from you. The amazing helmet can tell when you are beginning to slow down, so it makes all the rear red lights on the helmet come on for a solid red light for those behind you. This is such a supportive safety product that can prevent many accidents and confused drivers on the road. Many times, it is often too late to see a biker that has no warning lights or reflectors on them or their bikes. Drivers are very grateful for any type of lights that you can provide as a cyclist on the road to keep them from harming you or running you down.


People that must ride their bikes in the early morning or late at night are the best candidates for this type of safety helmet. Many people must ride at these dark times of the day or night because of difficult life or work schedules. Drivers on the road seem to give you more courtesy when they notice the helmet working, according to users. It will probably make drivers yield to you now when they did not before using just hand signals. This Lumos helmet certainly makes you so much more visible on the road than just reflective tape or nothing at all. Even if you have lights already on your bike, this helmet with LED lights adds an extra layer of safety and visibility for drivers and others on the road. It adds to your safety as well as theirs, so there are no collisions or accidents.

Ease of Use

This item is so easy to set up that it only takes seconds to connect it to the bike and the included app. The app connects your smartphone to the helmet and the remote control positioned on the bike. You can use the app to check the level of battery life, update the settings of the helmet, or get battery notifications automatically on the phone. Once the product is set up and ready to be used, it is just a matter of putting the helmet on, getting on the bike, and hitting the road. To use the signals, the remote with the simple two buttons activates everything you need for turning left or right. The red lights in the rear will light up on their own when you slow down or stop. The white lights in the front act as headlights to those in front of you or drivers looking in their rearview mirrors at you behind them. so simple yet so useful – every biker should own such a helmet for the best safety on the road.

Power Source

The battery life from a single charge is another area of concern for users. The manufacturer claims that the battery life in flashing mode is six hours, and on the solid mode, it is three hours. The product comes with one lithium battery that takes just two hours to gain a full charge. It comes with a magnetic charging cable to charge both the remote and the helmet when it is needed. Many people said that the battery did not last long for them, especially if they ride many miles a day for their exercise. Daily charging is most likely in this case, unfortunately. The instructions for charging could be better said some customers.

Bottom Line

Any type of one-size-fits-all product is not going to fit everyone, and that is to be expected. The battery life is not very long on this item, so it must be charged quite often, even daily in most instances. However, when you consider what this remarkable lighted helmet can do for you and the other people and drivers on the road as you ride, these small issues are just that – small. The battery life from a charge is clearly stated by the manufacturer, so that is not a surprise after purchasing. We think that this is one incredible piece of biking gear that every biker who rides at dusk or dawn should have. Thousands of happy customers think so too. Gets your today to have the safest ride possible!