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Editor’s Conclusion
Jumping jacks, sprints, bike races, and more can all be done comfortably with the Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds. These earbuds are waterproof, sweatproof, and dustproof. There is a great app that allows you to control the EQ controls and even helps you to find misplaced buds.

While they were mainly invented for athletes, they are a great option for anyone. There is Active Noise Canceling technology and SurroundSense technology.

Before you get too excited, I must warn you that not all that glitters is gold. Despite all of these great features, there are a few minor downfalls too. Continue reading to learn more.
Jaybird Vista 2 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Pairs easily

ANC and SurroundSense

3 sizes of ear gels included

8-hour battery (plus 16 more hours from case)


One year warranty

Adjustable EQ


Don’t work well in high-wind areas

Touch controls could be improved

Not ideal for phone conversations

Key Features

Sound Quality

With only 3% total harmonic distortion, you can expect a pretty clear sound from these earbuds.

In the Jaybird app, you can adjust your own EQ controls, or you can browse the settings of other music lovers and download their personalized and preferred settings.

While a 6mm driver might sound less impressive than you are used to, you also must keep in mind the small size of these buds. For their size, a 6mm driver produces great sound.

Two of the most notable features are the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and the SurroundSense. The ANC allows you to focus on the music, or task at hand, without distractions from the outside world. If these earbuds properly fit you, this feature works well.

However, if they are slightly loose or just don’t sit right, you may get wind interference while using this feature outdoors. Even though this feature doesn’t work as well as it does with some other earbuds, it’s still a desirable feature to have here.

The SurroundSense is great for outdoor sports, such as running or cycling. It allows you to hear your music, without putting you in danger of not hearing the traffic of cars, people, and animals around you.

While this is a great feature on paper, it also produces a slight hissing sound while you use it. You can control how much noise comes through in the app. I suggest you turn it down a bit. This feature does not work well while you are on a telephone call.

The two built-in microphones have wind guards. The wind guards are a good idea, but still allow the person on the other end of line to hear the ambient noise and wind wherever you are.


Honestly, earbuds and headphones are like pants. For one person, the fit can be the best thing in the world- for another, it’s terrible.

The Vista 2 comes with three different sized ear gels. Hopefully one of these will fit you perfectly and you’ll be more than comfortable. You might not even notice you have them in!

They have a sports fit and are designed to fit inside your ear and not fall out while you exercise.

With the medium ear gel on, they weigh only 6.7 grams. The sleek case measures 74.6mm by 38.5mm by 25mm. It’s easy to hook on your bag, to throw in your backpack, or even to take in your pocket.


One of the best features is the battery life of these earbuds. Of course, this depends how you use them - the volume, the features, and more.

However, you can enjoy up to 24 hours of battery life. With each full charge, you get eight hours. If you use ANC or SurroundSense, the battery usually lasts around six hours.

The charging case, assuming it is fully charged, packs another 16 hours worth of battery. Each time you charge the buds, it takes only about two hours.The case charges using a USB-C cable. Unfortunately, you can not charge the case and the buds at the same time.

The buds are easily paired to compatible devices using Bluetooth, Google Fast Pair, and Made for iPod Technology. I recommend downloading the Jaybird app to not only control the EQ, but also to use other features, such as Find My Buds. If you lose or misplace your earbuds, this app will help you to locate them.

There is a wireless connection range of about ten meters, or 33 feet. There are a few touch controls on the buds themselves, but a few more additions would be welcome. These are available in three simple colors- blue, black, or gray.

One downside is that there seems to be some issues with maintaining the wireless connection. Many people have had issues with the buds unpairing randomly from their phones. Sometimes, you need to take them off, put them in the case, take them out, and start the process from the beginning.


Jaybird describes these as “earthproof.” They are waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. The buds themselves have an IP68 rating. The case has a rating of IP54.

The first number following the IP signifies its dust resistance. The second number signifies its water resistance. In this case, a rating of 8 means that the buds can survive submersion over one meter and for an extended period of time.

I am not saying you should go swimming with these in, but they will survive an accidental fall in the pool for sure.


These are priced similarly to other quality earbuds. However, I recommend that you keep an eye out for a sale. You can often save about thirty dollars if you search around.

Are they worth the price? I’d say so. While there are a few areas that could be improved, they are generally comfortable, easy to use, and have good sound quality.

Additionally, Jaybird is known for having great customer service and this product is offered with a one year warranty.

Comparison to Similar Earbuds

Perhaps the biggest competition for the Vista 2 is the Apple Airpods Pro. They are both comfortable and have the same wireless range. However, the Airpods have been known to have better noise cancelling technology and a better ambient (SoundSense in the Jaybirds) mode.

The Airpod buds battery lasts for about five hours, with another twenty hours in the charging case. The app controls of the Jaybird are unrivaled by Apple. In terms of price, the Airpods are more expensive. The Jaybirds seem to have a better fit for sports. There is a small wing that really keeps them in place through intense exercise. All in all, if you’re looking for sound quality and not concerned with exercise, the Airpods might have a leg up.

Another common comparison is the Bose Sport Earbuds. These and the Jaybird Vista 2 look strikingly similar and are both made for athletes. These only have an IPX4 rating, which means they have not been tested for dust resistance and can only handle a light shower of water.

They come in at a very similar price point and have similar battery lives, but the Jaybird is slightly better. Again, Jaybird beats out the competition with its great app and EQ controls. One area that the Bose earbuds shine in is comfort. If you have sensitive ears, the Bose buds might be a better option for you.


As you can see, these buds are full of customizable features, are durable, have a great battery life, and are easy to use. While there are a few kinks to work out, there are firmware updates released frequently.

I wouldn’t recommend these for business meetings or exclusively for on-the-go calls, but for exercising or daily transportation, they’re a great option.

You can listen to music and still hear what is going on around you with SoundSense. Alternatively, you can activate the ANC technology to block out external noise.

All in all, I expect them to make it to your top three options when choosing a pair or earbuds. Maybe they’ll even take the number one spot.