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Editor’s Conclusion
Sleek, smooth, stylish. That's my first impression of the Vaya GTX. Fans seem to love this nimble, light, and spacious hiking shoe aimed at women. But, of course, it's no surprise with the massive amount of technology that goes into Salomon outdoor gear.

This Salomon lightweight hiker is no different as it boasts a soft collar, SensiFlex technology, a Contragrip rubber outsole and a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane.

Salomon aims to get the outdoorsy woman back on the move again and connect with nature with a fit suited to female feet. This style is a light hiking shoe specifically meant for easy day hikes and light, mixed trails, and that's clear with the shoe's design. Clearly a lightweight shoe, even from a glance, this streamlined look screams light and breezy comfort.

I love a good long mountain hike, but if I plan a nice walk around the park or a local nature reserve, I don't want to wear hot, heavy, sturdy hiking boots. So, this lightweight design works for me. Let's see if it works for you too.
Salomon Vaya Gore-Tex Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons




Great traction

Roomy toe box

All-day comfort

Quality materials


Too wide for narrow feet

Potentially not suitable for strenuous hikes

Key Features


Although this Salomon hiker style is specifically designed for daily use, light hikes and moderate trails, many reviewers brave the Vaya for a mixture of demanding activities, finding the support and performance top-notch.

A Contragrip rubber sole provides excellent grip on usually slippy, mixed landscape trails. With this exceptional rubber grip, soil, hard-packed dirt, forest floors, stones, rocks and even boulders shouldn't fluster the wearer. This rubber compound also works very well in hot weather.

Many reviewers also put the Vaya GTX to the test for all-day mountain hikes and seem pleasantly surprised. Although some questions if the traction, with shallow and standard-sized lugs, is sturdy enough to handle step hill hiking, others seem to disagree. This may be more of a personal choice, but I'm confident these Salomon shoes can handle almost anything.

The EnergyCell, high-performance EVA foam, combined with the OrthoLite® Sockliner provides ample support against shock absorption. This cushioning is still breathable and durable without affecting performance. Of course, this makes it easier to tackle those various terrains.

However, this OrthoLite sole is thinner than other Salomon shoes, probably due to the lightweight design. The arch support is also on the minimal side, making the Vaya GTX challenging for multi-day trips where carrying big packs is an issue, but it is brilliant for those who hate aggressive arch support.

Though, for most hikes, you'll get extra support from the stiff heels, strengthened with a rubber laminate on the outside, providing excellent support around the back of the shoe. Combine this with a lack of heel slipping, and you've got a stable base. Yippee!


From the minute you smoothly slip on the Vaya GTX, you'll be in love. These Salomon outdoors shoes are immediately comfortable and can be worn all day long without compromising comfort. This is primarily due to the highly comfortable upper, synthetic sole and flexible padded collar. In addition, the SensiFlex material allows the Vaya GTX to surround the foot in a secure and comfy fit.

With light support, Salomon doesn't go out of its way to recommend the Vaya GTX for demanding hikes or technical trails. So, there's no surprise the outsole isn't thick or sturdy enough to combat the poke of rocks and stones. Additionally, your feet may begin to tire and become a little sore due to the lack of cushioning.

So, keep the Vaya GTX for what it does best, light and moderate trails where lightweight comfort comes over rugged support, and they'll treat you just fine.


Salomon claims this range to be of the standard fit, but quite a few reviewers seem to find the Vaya on the broader side, especially around the toe box. This can feel a little loose and unsecured for narrower feet, but it often means more flexibility and comfort for those on the broader side.

If you're unsure about the fitting, wear yours in the house before venturing outdoors or ask Salomon for more advice. Their customer service is always seeming happy to help.


With the Salomon brand, you are paying for a whole combination of qualities that make up amazing shoes. Genius, research, experience, and technology, to name a few. The innovative and techy materials that Salomon utilizes rarely leave their customers disappointed.

For example, the famous Gore-Tex (GTX) waterproof membrane means your feet stay dry and comfortable, no matter the trail or weather. In addition, a sink-in and relaxation kind of comfort comes from the soft collar, SensiFlex technology and cushioning EVA foam midsole.

At the same time, your feet stay dry, protected, and grippy with a sturdy, mesh-synthetic upper and Contagrip® outsole. All this happens while the soft textile lining allows your feet to breathe, providing supreme comfort.


Worrying about longevity is never an issue with a Salomon shoe. Salomon kit is just meant to last. As mentioned above, rubber and synthetic materials are commonly used for hiking shoes and with good reason with such durable materials. Rugged materials mean long-lasting wear.

The Vaya also appears to be well constructed and solidly made, even for a lightweight shoe. However, if you have any concerns, you'll be happy to know that Salomon provides a two-year quality warranty, so you'll never be out of pocket.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Shoes

The Salomon via GTX performs on so many levels for a lightweight, low-top hiking shoe. Still, with the question of its ability on steep or incredibly demanding terrain, I can see why some people may prefer a sturdy and more solid shoe.

If saving on weight is not so important to you, I recommend trying out the La Sportiva Spire GTX. Although more expensive at around $190, this Sportiva shoe is an incredibly high-tech shoe that outperforms most shoes in all metrics.

However, if you want to stay on the lighter side, why not try out the Salomon X Ultra 4 Gore-Tex. At only $10 extra, these two shoes are very similar in many ways, but the X Ultra 4 has better coping mechanisms for dealing with ultra-demanding terrain. However, it may not provide the same level of cushioning underfoot.

It all depends on your needs.


Buying from Salomon means buying from an experienced brand with decades of experience. Despite being a light shoe meant for light hikes, this is reflected in the performance and comfort the Vaya GTX brings.

Even light hikes require the right kind of footwear, and this is the only essential footwear women need for short walks, light to moderate all-day hikes, walking your dog, or just for everyday use. Heck, the Vaya GTX has been put to the test over rough and steep ground, with many a customer still smiling.

As Salomon provides a tremendous amount of comfort, durable and grippy traction and long-lasting wear, I think the Vaya GTX is excellent value for money. Plus, with a hiker that looks and feels this sleek, you can wear them with pretty much anything.