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Editor’s Conclusion
The Salomon brand confidently steps into 2021 with its Odyssey 1 Advanced hiking shoe. Cleverly mixing technology with an appropriate athletic design, I'm sure this Odyssey update will be flying off the shelves. Buying from an established brand that's been making some of the most popular hiking shoes since 1947, you know you're going to be putting your feet in great footwear!

You'll meet a series of advanced features as you slip your feet into these sturdy beauties, providing you with all the comfort, stability, and robust performance you need. By keeping the best aspects of the original design, plus some slight improvements, the Odyssey 1 Advanced is sure to impress many.

For example, additional durability comes from the upper sole's mixture of synthetic materials, and premium performance emanates from the Contragrip outsole plus Energy Cell+ midsole.

I'm always after a hiking shoe that indeed mixes performance with comfort, durability, and style. This updated Salomon shoe does just that. With a wider, more comfortable metatarsal fit, your feet will be comfortable no matter the distance. Choose from two stylish mesh topped and pastel-colored designs:

Quiet Shade, Lunar Rock and White, or Vintage Kaki, Bleached Sand and Lunar Rock. But, please don't take my word for it; keep reading to see why this is one of Salomon's top high-performance hiking shoes.
Salomon Odyssey 1 Advanced Review Facts
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Versatile use

Performs well

Half sizes available


Not waterproof


Key Features


Don't be deceived by this Odyssey 1 Advanced; its overall look and design may look miles away from Salomon's standard technical methods. But take a second look. In contrast, this Salomon range has plenty to offer, with enough technical features to make defeating challenging trails a breeze.

With a long history of keeping skiers and hikers safely on their feet, Salomon adds plenty of technical ability to this shoe, making it easier to navigate any terrain.

Well-proportioned lugs combine with the Contragrip outsole to allow for excellent grip on most terrain. The thick rubber sole also makes navigating sharp and rocky trails easier, making the little devils harder to dig into your feet.

Lastly, adding the Energy Cell+ midsole means that the wearer moves swiftly and efficiently over most terrain, meaning there's no need to slow down when you want to rack up those miles swiftly.


Salomon provides a hiking shoe that makes use of great design and supports underfoot for unparalleled comfort. This comfort level makes it easier to travel for longer distances with a more generous heel to ankle fit, making multi-day trips a breeze.

The thick, Contragrip outer sole will make traveling over rocky and injury-inducing terrain even more comfortable and more manageable. There's nothing worse than stones and debris digging into your feet due to thin and flimsy soles.

I also like the addition of the padded ankle supports and Energy Cell+ midsole, which adds extra protection and comfort to this hiker. So, Salomon allows you to stay comfortable no matter your journey.


Using the mixed synthetic material is an excellent choice for a hiking shoe and a choice made by many hiking brands as it creates extra durability.

Similarly, rubber for the outer sole is a great, durable choice for hiking soles. Well, if it's not broken, don't fix it, as using rubber for the sole outer leaves us with a comfortable, durable shoe that protects the wearer from injury.

A minor issue with the Odyssey 1 Advanced is the lack of waterproof or GTX membrane. This addition would have made this Salomon shoe even more helpful for traveling over absolutely any terrain.

Still, because of this reason, I would only recommend its use on dry surfaces, although it will probably be suitable for light rain.


As already mentioned, the choice of materials for this Salomon range is one of the reasons it's so durable. Choosing durable and sturdy materials in the form of rubber and mixed synthetics means these shoes should take you the distance.

On first impressions, the Salomon Odyssey 1 Advanced look and feel on the sturdy side, and when coming from a brand that's been serving its loyal customers for decades, I'm sure they build their shoes to last.

But if you are worried if a $165 pair of shoes will last you, remember that Salomon warrants all new hiking shoes to be free from manufacturing or material defects for two years. So, what have you got to lose?

Comparison to Similar Hiking Shoes

The design of the Odyssey 1 Advanced means its wonderfully suited to most terrains and hikes, with the traction and support making it suitable for technical terrain, uphill and downhill descents, or just general sightseeing. In addition, the stylish look of these Salomon hiking shoes means they pair well with shorts and jeans.

However, if you need something that does all that and is waterproof, I recommend the Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX, which provides all the same aspects as the Odyssey but with a little more support and a waterproof GTX membrane.

However, they do weigh in at about 130 grams heavier and are not quite as stylish. But, I suppose it depends on what you need from your walking shoes. If you need a little extra ankle support, Salomon also provides this style in a mid-top shoe.


Salomon's updated take on its original Odyssey Advanced is undoubtedly an advancement that will make its customers happy. Although not a perfect shoe, this Salomon range provides a world of comfort, durability and performance that should pleasantly surprise your feet.

Sporting an understated but classically trendy hiking shoe design, your feet will look as good as they feel. Although on the higher end of the price scale, some may wonder if the Odyssey 1 Advanced is worth the price. But I prefer to trust a French outdoor expert with a long history in making technical outdoor shoes.

So, you're not only paying for the engineering of the Odyssey 1 Advance but for the decades of expertise tough to be rivaled, making this shoe well worth the money.