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Diamondback Haanjo Trail Review Facts

Go where you wanna go on the Diamondback Haanjo Trail. This is an adventure bike disguised as a gravel bike that can adapt easily to dirt roads, single-lane touring and backpacking rides all with the same idea in mind: exploration. Equipped with an Ultegra 22-speed gear shift with effective hydraulic disc brakes ensure year-round performance and ultimate stopping power. The endurance geometry provides an upright riding position suitable for grinding gravel or dodging traffic and perfect for both long rides and rough roads. There is a clearance for wheels up to 40c with the option to easily swap them out meaning this bike can basically handle all riding surfaces. Designed to deliver a great balance of comfort and durability there are no limits with the Haanjo Trail. If you are looking to make healthier choices or are just looking to get into cycling, the Haanjo / Haanjenn series is an excellent pick for beginners. Whether you are riding along smooth pavements in the city or exploring mountainous terrain, this sturdy and robust machine is a great value for the quality of the materials.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • An excellent all-around package
  • Versatile in use
  • Light alloy frame
  • The sophisticated gearset allows for your riding skills to grow
  • Quality wheels that can be swapped out
  • The frame is not corrosion resistant
  • Drop bars limit with of handlebar bags and gear storage
  • Slightly heavier for a road bike


Originally founded in Southern California, in 1977 Diamondback was run by two different companies producing bikes for countries all over the world. They got their start in the BMX world and offer continuous innovations in the road, triathlon, and mountainous terrain technologies. Diamondback has built a legacy of excellence, next level customer assistance, and inspiration. They design and build performance bicycles for every rider at any level including a successful women's line as well as youth cycles. Today they are based out of Kent, Washington and have branched out of only bicycles to begin producing fitness equipment.


Put together with a lightweight but strong aluminum alloy shape the Haanjo Trail is designed to obtain a focuses alignment of rider and bike. The Haanjo Trail bike drivetrain includes an excellent mix of impressive Shimano and SRAM parts for a ride that rushes through even the toughest of trails with resolution. The front and rear derailleurs are Ultegra and provide cyclists with the high-performance advantages expected from this caliber of a machine. This Haanjo bike features 700c tires that can answer the test of almost any terrain. No matter if gravel, hardpacked dirt, or mud, are underneath these tires were built to succeed with their strengthened walls and smooth line centered tread. At the bottom, a pair of sturdy and responsive Shimano hydraulic disc brakes accent the super grip tires, an upgrade from the mechanical system used on earlier versions of Haanjo bicycles. These features keep the bike light and strong, ideal for extended trail riding.


While not an official racing bike, the Haanjo Trail bicycle can still reach serious speed. Climb mountains faster and uphill on gravel paths with ease because the 22-speed system provides a gear for any situation and. SRAM Rival model, which is race ready, accompanied by the rear and front Shimano derailleurs, provide a smooth gear transition and the FSA crankset allow for a much wider gear range.

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The Haanjo Trail is a tough machine that is built for increased durability all in a thin frame. Although not the most robust cycles currently on the market, aluminum used within the frame is much more resistant to stress fractures than the popular steel alternative. This bike is suitable for all weight bracket riders with the Diamondback size chart that can help you find your exact fit for a more comfortable ride.

While the aluminum frame ensures extensive durability and longevity, it should be noted that this bike does back does pack some extra weight. The men’s Haanjo Trail weighs at around 22 lbs, and when compared to similar models it's not the lightest material. While this can limit the speed to some extent, it does allow for better control and improved downhill handling. One reviewer stated the significant weight of the bike mostly comes from the stock tires that are on this Haanjo classic which can be easily remedied by swapping them out for lighter road tires. The beauty of road bicycles is the easy ability users have to change out for different parts for a more personalized ride.


A relatively simple symmetrical design, with a minimal look that focuses centrally on the minute details of the build. The bike frame is solely available in bright red with black grip handles and saddle. The metal accents give it a modern day feel for an overall great looking machine. The use of aluminum for the frame of the road bike also means that your new machine will not rust, making this a very low-maintenance transport that is ideal for misty mountain biking, touring through a rainstorm or any wet conditions that can surprise you on a long ride. Keep in mind locking a bike regularly in a metropolitan area will take a major toll on the finish. If this happens you can take a bit of polish to the alloy material and it’ll look almost as good as new. This bike will endure all elements and continue to look great for years to come.


The suspension of the front fork, adjustable seat and elevated handlebars ensure excellent riding posture and a smooth ride on the Haanjo Trail bike. The aluminum's stiffness affects the ride's feeling, providing stability during sprinting and climbing. Various stiffness levels are ideal for different riders. Aluminum bike frames are often stiffer than bike frames made from other materials due in part to their thicker tube walls. This can cause an uncomfortable ride if you are used to a normal mountain bike because aluminum frames have less give when cycling over bumpy or rocky ground. However, this stiffness may be an advantage for racing and touring cyclists, as a stiff aluminum frame's low sway allows for more stability and possibly more speed when sprinting.


Most users easily find a comfortable posture with the well-positioned handlebar design with a shallow drop bar and good leg stance that doesn't require an aggressive race position. The semi-wide outward flare cuts down on shoulder vibration and keeps you locked in and confident on rough terrain. These features make the Haanjo one of the more veritable multi-use bikes on the market. It's a pretty stiff ride, as you would expect from aluminum, although the complementary carbon fork has helped to tame some of the chatter. The alloy on the upside, especially when accelerating and hammering out of the saddle, gives a nice crisp feel. Because of the chunky tires, users favored using the Haanjo it for mixed terrain rides and enjoyed the way it felt on pavement and dirt roads. Whether its a 3-hour roll over a forest road or a favorite high-mountain loop there isn't a path the Haanjo won't like to ride.


Good aluminum can last a lifetime and the frame of the Haanjo is made from reinforced alloy. Despite being so hard working it can fall prey to fatigue and corrosion as most metals do after prolonged exposure to the elements. And even though aluminum bike frames are synonymous with being easy to dent this one you won't have to worry about failing you, making it a good choice for all types of road racers. One user claims even after months of rocky desert track and mountain roads the Haanjo came through without a dent or scratch. So don't believe the hype. Daily use and minor accidents are not the cause of the bicycles declining condition but from poor maintenance and constant negligence by its owner. Luckily the polished raw aluminum is hard-wearing which also adds to aesthetic and complements the hard as nails paint job. It’s good to do your own thorough inspection every once-in-a-while for picking out the problem before it causes any real prolonged damage.


Most users online can't help but note how understatedly fun the Haanjo Trail is to ride around on. It is great on the pavement, in the street, and shows its stripes off the pavement. Compared to other gravel bikes, the Haanjo Trail’s slacker head angle and longer wheelbase make it a more stable and comfortable ride even in dirt and mud for long hours or even all day. The wider drop handlebars also seem to add to the support and stability factor for a lot of first-timers. To boost the performance of this Haanjo you have the ability to run either standard lightweight road wheels or rugged mountain bike wheels, giving it the flexibility to tackle a wide range of adventures. Easily make this bike your daily commuter into the city or while running errands.

The Haanjo Trail bike arrives partially assembled with a set of instructions and instructional videos are also available on the Diamondback website. Although assembling a bike may seem like a complicated task, if you don't feel up to the challenge you can easily take it to your local bike shop and let the professionals take care of the build. In no time you’ll be riding away towards your next adventure.


There are more than 10 Haanjo line bikes including city bikes, gravel racers, and bikes capable of doing all of the best biking tasks with superior design. One of the most versatile families that Diamondback bikes has ever produced. The Haanjos share the signature relaxed geometry, clear space for wide tires, and the classic mounting options for water bottles.


While some may be dissuaded by the price tag of the Haanjo Trail bicycle, considering the caliber materials and ergonomic design giving the rider a comfortable exercise others would say its worth it. The Trail shares the same frame as the Haanjo Comp model but adds Shimano Ultegra front and rear derailleurs with an FSA Pro crank. The bike comes with premium hydraulic disc brakes and shifters for a quick controlled stop on any terrain and crisp, reliable shifting. All of these components are a good value for cyclists who aren't sold on the carbon frame but still want higher-end parts. It is aimed towards the mid to expert level cyclists looking to make an investment in a new go-to bike.


Diamondback stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of all their products and they also realize that sometimes unforeseen problems happen. When these things happen the companies primary goal is to get their customers safely back on the road. However damage from abuse, neglect, and normal wear aren’t covered by the warranty. Nor are damages that do not affect the functionality or safety of the bike. However, if your bike has a manufacturing defect covered by the warranty they seem to always provide prompt customer service.

Bottom Line

There is a wide range of bikes to use for gravel riding and bike packing, from mountain bikes to modified road bike frames, which is how most will classify the Haanjo Trail. Every type of bike, make, model and component configuration will have its advantages and drawbacks, with some issues many cant anticipate before spending a good amount of time riding on rough terrain. Part road bike, part cross bike, and part mountain bike, this top-of-line Haanjo Diamondback Trail is amazing and always ready for an adventure. The full carbon frame and fork are light, tough and designed around the specific geometry of endurance, which puts the rider in the perfect position to hit the pavement , gravel, and dirt comfortably for as long as the road takes you. This truly versatile bike is a welcomed companion by road bike enthusiasts and casual riders alike, and we think you will enjoy it on either end of that spectrum.