Craghoppers Kiwi Trousers

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 SUMMARY: Trousers are, certainly in my wardrobe, the most overlooked but harshest treated garment, so it's nice to find a cheap pair with so many nice features. They come in mens and womens, and a variety of styles and colours. Well worth a look.
Editor's Pros & Cons

9 pockets total, including one that is zippered

Reinforced knees and seat

Durable construction


A little too baggy for some


Whenever I travel I always end up packing at least twice as many tops as trousers, so it's really no surprise that I get through the latter twice as fast. I own very few pairs of trousers without holes in the knees, rips at the ankles or some sort of oil stain on them so when I do buy them, I look for a pair that will work in as many situations as possible.

So thank the gods for Craghoppers and their Kiwi range of trousers.

This review is of the standard trousers, but they also sell zip-off (trousers/shorts), stretch activity trousers and lined winter trousers under the same name with a similar design.

Craghoppers is part of the very large UK-based Regatta group (Craghoppers, Dare2Be, Regatta and Hawkshead) which specialises in dependable, staple travel gear.

The Kiwi trousers are a perfect mix of styling. Not too smart and not too casual. Happy in a restaurant, on a beach or up a mountain and never really out of place.

Made from a poly-cotton and treated with some clever Nano-technology coating, they shed rain-water (and spilled beer) like waterproof trousers, which is very weird since they feel like 'normal' material which you'd imagine would soak water up. Spooky.

I love a pair of trousers with loads of pockets - I secretly enjoy the 30 second long hunt for my mobile phone when it rings - and the Kiwi's don't disappoint. They have normal, and zipped hip-pockets, zipped rear pockets and a leg/cargo pocket which is sized to take an OS map. Clever.

Neat touches include heel tape (webbing reinforcement on the rear at the ankles so it won't fray or rip), a double-layer at the knee and backside and a strong webbing belt included.

They're very comfy, soft and whilst being a relaxed fit, they're not too loose.
If I was going traveling, I'd get a couple of pairs of these as my everyday trousers.

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