Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Helmet

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Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Helmet Review Facts

[easyazon_link identifier="B00UMB338I" locale="US" title="Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage MIPS Snow Sports Helmet - Matte Black XLarge" tag="gearweare-20" local-identifier-CA="B00UMB3BM6" local-tag-CA="gearweareca-20" local-identifier-UK="B00YNK9Y14" local-tag-UK="gearweare-21"]Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage MIPS Snow Sports Helmet - Matte Black XLarge (63-67CM)[/easyazon_link]The Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Helmet is a hybrid snow helmet best used for high-impact snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding. It was created for demanding hardcore riders and skiers with its tough durable construction and MIPS layering feature. Twenty-one vents are included in this excellent ski helmet to provide a customized airflow to keep you comfortable and your goggles free from fog. It pairs well with many styles and brands of goggles to give you just the right fit for a great air-tight seal without any gaps. There is a clip on the back to secure the goggles and removable ear pads to keep you warm. They are not needed in milder weather or calmer climates, so they can be taken out according to your tastes. This incredible helmet features a 360-degree system of fitting that is snug but not tight. It will not move around on your head even as you move about quickly during sports and activities. Added weather and sun protection are provided for the user with the low sleek profile brim. As you know, most ski helmets do not usually have a large selection of color options available to choose from, but this one has nineteen choices of dual color combinations sure to match any ski outfit or personal style. Pick your favorite or one that will make you stand out from the crowd. For durability, protection, flexibility, and breathability, the Smith Vantage is one of the best ski helmets offered currently. Let’s take a look now at these magnificent features in further detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Includes 21 vents to get the right airflow amount
  • Has removable ear pads to control the internal warmth
  • Creates a snug fit with goggles to omit space
  • Includes MIPS to protect the brain and skull for impacts
  • Available in nineteen dual-color combinations
  • Will not move on the head as you move your body
  • Pairs well with many goggle brands and styles
  • Has a 360-degree system of fitting
  • Some people had trouble getting the correct sizes
  • Earpads can be a bit rough on the ears after a day of wearing
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  • Love, love this helmet and I don't know why it took me so long to get one. Thirty years skiing and without a helmet. This helmet fits my head perfectly. Keeps my head warm when it's cold outside and allows a breeze through the vents when it's warm.
  • The pros about this helmet is that is made well, light and fits well. Chin strap is comfortable and the ears are covered. Adjustable. The cons are this helmet is pricey and the sizing runs small at least one size.
  • I broke my helmet in a bad fall and this MIPS Snow Helmet is its replacement. I love this helmet. It has a snug fit and I like that it has vents. The ear coverage is awesome for windy days.
  • I did extensive research and that's how I knew to buy this Smith helmet. The fit is comfortable, warm and snug. Love the color.
  • My previous helmet was a medium, ordered a small in this helmet and it fits perfectly. Wore it recently and had to wonder why I took so long to purchase it. I love this helmet and highly recommend it.
  • My head is big and it has been difficult to find a helmet that didn't cause a headache. But that's not the case with this helmet. It fits great and is comfortable even on for a long time.
  • In the past, I would only use a hat and never a helmet. My excuse was that my ears would be cold in a helmet. But this helmet is warm and the vents are awesome to adjust how much air. The color options are awesome too.
  • Thankfully this helmet was on as it protected a child that might have had a head injury from crashing into a tree had he not been wearing it. Kids wear it without complaints and it's stylish.
  • The Smith Vantage Mips Snow Helmet breathes great and it's comfortable. I advise trying it on before making the purchase to get the right size. My dad and I purchased one each.
  • This helmet could be considered pricey but you really are paying for safety and quality.
  • I have been waiting for the price to become affordable and then I jumped. This helmet is comfortable, light and stylish. I love it.
  • My wife loves her helmet, she says that the helmet isn't noticeable and therefore comfortable. Worth the money.
  • Goes well with goggles and is warm and comfortable.
  • This is a great helmet overall. It is lightweight, warm and fits well. The chin strap has an odd design and there is lots of wind noise.
  • Smith Vantage Mips Snow Helmets wear great and fit well.
  • This helmet is stylish, lightweight, has vents zones, adjustable and warm. You can even use headphones in the ear cups. An amazing helmet!
  • Tons of features on this helmet. Fits great after making a small adjustment. The helmet is outstanding.
  • Hand down this helmet is the best fitting. Warm when you need it to be and vents well too. The best gear to own.
  • I recommend this helmet. It is comfortable and it fits well.
  • The Smith Vantage Mips Snow Helmet is everything I expected.
  • Sizing issues runs small
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The Smith Vantage MIPS has AirEvac 2 ventilation that keeps the goggles clear with internal channels and external vents. These twenty-one terrific vents are great to cool you off and get the correct amount of airflow going. You customize how much air you want with how many of them you leave open. If the day is bitterly cold and windy, then leave them all closed. On milder days you can leave them all open or just close a few. You will no longer have to suffocate in a closed off helmet just to protect your head during the sports and activities you love.


Several mechanisms are installed in this helmet to make it more comfortable for the user. There are the Snapfit removable ear pads, the lightweight construction of the overall helmet, and the snug fit from the Boa System feature. You can use the earpads if you want to for added warmth on colder days but can also take them out to just the helmet alone or with a light beanie. The lightweight build of this ideal product comes from the hybrid construction that means less weight and volume but the same excellent protection as a regular ski helmet. With the Boa FS360 System, you get a near perfect fit that is comfortable and snug. The Smith Vantage is a warm, good-looking, and comfy helmet that will protect your head and allow you to tough out cold harsh conditions.


The tough hybrid shell of this terrific helmet makes it extremely durable and capable of taking brutal punishment from use and falls. The added MIPS feature gives it added durability for both the helmet and your head because of the layering system to protect the skull. There is also the high-performance lining of Nanosilver that will keep wetness away from you with its moisture wicking abilities. The back clip of the helmet is for securing the goggles. It will keep the goggles flush with the helmet to leave no spaces in-between. This was commented on many times by customers online because this helmet works well with many types and styles of goggles. It is important that they fit snug to prevent air and wind inside that would hit the face or fog up the goggles. All of these qualities make this ski helmet one of the most durable sold today.


The Smith Vantage is quite flexible in a few ways. It has ear pads that are Snapfit for a strong cold weather seal. They can be detached on warmer days when you do not need the added protection from the cold weather. This great helmet fits snug, but is not too tight, when you have the correct fit. The fit seems to be the most talked-about issue online among buyers. There are only three sizes available, and many people were in-between sizes. This means they either had to go for a regular fit or try for one a bit larger to accommodate an added hat or beanie. Other popular brands do offer an extra-large size, which this model does not. The majority of buyers did find the perfect fit, so this is not a common problem. The size can be adjusted somewhat with the adjustable straps. This model of ski helmet is Skullcandy audio compatible, so you can listen to your favorite tunes as you conquer the slopes.

Key Features

-Has AirEvac 2 ventilation that keeps the goggles clear
-Includes 21 vents to get the right airflow amount
-Snapfit removable ear pads for versatile warmth
-Creates a snug fit with most styles and brands of goggles
-Includes MIPS to protect the brain and skull during impacts
-Offered in nineteen awesome dual color combinations
-Ideal for demanding riders and skiers with the tough construction
-Pairs well with many goggle brands and styles
-Has a 360-degree system to create a snug comfortable fit
-Brim has a low sleek profile for weather and sun protection


Of all the qualities of the Smith Vantage, the best is, as it should be, the protection it can give you for your head. The durable long-lasting outer shell is made of Koroyd material that provides protection that is full coverage. According to satisfied customers, this is one of the best helmets you can purchase currently on the market. Many who were familiar with other brands and styles of helmets were surprised at the protection and comfort level of this outstanding item. The very feature that makes it so incredibly protective of the brain is the MIPS layer. For those who are not very familiar with this quality of helmets, it is a mid-layer of low friction that will slide in all directions to protect the brain and skull for impacts. It is most useful during impacts that are at an angle, thus making the helmet tilt away from the skull. The MIPS layer will keep the tough outer shell of the helmet over the top of the skull where the brain is positioned. Several online customers witnessed firsthand this feature protecting their heads upon impact during bad falls. They had this excellent ski helmet to thank for their safety and continued good health.


Offered in small, medium, and large sizes, this ski helmet has a hybrid Bombshell ABS build and in-mold superlight technology. This technology combination gives this great model its durability, longevity, and lightness. It also makes the helmet fit perfectly on the head for the majority of riders and skiers. The terrific fit is one of the best qualities of this ideal helmet and one of the most talked about features online. Some users were not able to get a perfect fit because of the few sizes offered and the size of their heads. Just as with clothing, some people will be in-between sizes and not get that ideal fit that is intended by the manufacturer. If an extra-large size was offered, some of these issues would be eliminated for those online customers. The Smith Vantage MIPS has better quality and style than some other popular brands according to advanced skiers and buyers. This particular model is available in nineteen various dual color combinations including, gunmetal, mustard, charcoal, olive, adobe, cargo, citron, and oxide, just to name a few. The colors are bold, bright, and impressive, especially out on the slopes.


Ideal for hardcore riders because of the tough construction, the Smith Vantage is made for demanding riders and skiers. It is best used for snow sports and activities of all sorts because it is a hybrid snow helmet. It is mostly used by skiers and snowboarders because of their high-impact moves and fast speeds. Some people are just now starting to wear helmets for these sports because of the safety features they provide to the user. Many seasoned skiers of many years stated online how they are just now warming up to the idea of wearing a helmet for snowboarding and skiing. They truly appreciate the efforts that manufacturers are making in creating these much-needed helmets for these sometimes dangerous sports. For those that take the daring and challenging paths and slopes, this is the helmet that can keep up with your energy and drive level. It will fit snug, not move on the head during fast movements, and be there to protect you with all it has. It is a low-profile full-coverage helmet that can guard your head during ball falls and spills and keep you comfortable throughout your skiing and snowboarding sessions.

Ease of Use

Compared with other current models of ski helmets, this model is quite easy to use and enjoy. It will not move on the head as your move fast for activities and sports because of the custom snug fit and interior cushioning. That is one distraction that will not bother you as you enjoy your activity with this incredible helmet. It pairs well with many goggle brands and styles, so you will not feel the wind behind the goggles. This is important because the air can fog up the goggles, so you want an air-tight seal of the goggles and the helmet. The 360-degree system of fitting aids with the overall fit of the helmet on the head and with the goggles to create a very comfortable experience. The brim of the Smith Vantage has a low sleek profile for added weather and sun protection. Your eyes will not be bothered as much from the weather elements with this type of splendid brim.

The Bottom Line

We think this is one terrific ski helmet and agree with online customers that it is one of the best you can purchase. The ventilation system of twenty-one vents is incredible to customize the amount of air you have coming in and out of the helmet to keep your head well-ventilated. You can also customize the comfort with the detachable ear pads. Use them when the weather is freezing and windy to keep your ears nice and toasty. However, in milder weather, you will not need them and can easily remove them. Combined with a pair of goggles, you will have a snug fit that keeps out the air from entering behind the goggles. Since this model was designed for hardcore skiers and rider who love to take risks and explore the harder territories, the MIPS layer was added in the construction. This low-friction layer will move in any direction to keep the helmet outer shell directly over the brain during impacts. Many online customers give testimony and gratitude in their feedback to the manufacturer for making such a dependable and sturdy helmet. They learned firsthand how well this ski helmet works because of bad falls they experienced and happily lived to tell about. If you are looking for a great style that looks great on the slopes, while being dependable, highly protective, flexible, breathable, comfortable, and durable, then the Smith Vantage MIPS Snow Helmet is just for you.