RAB Women’s Nimbus Jacket

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RAB Women’s Nimbus Jacket Review Facts

The Rab Nimbus Jacket for women has a slim fit and a length that goes to the hips. It is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities, sports, excursions, and daily use in unpredictable weather and adverse backcountry conditions. Compressible, packable, and lightweight, it weighs just 13.8 ounces and stuffs into its own sack that is one of the usable hand pockets when worn. Horizontal, insulation-filled baffles protect the user from cold, wind, and precipitation over the entire jacket and hood. Pertex Quantum fabric is used for the construction of this garment with its abrasion-resistant and quick-drying properties for damp and cold surroundings. It is coated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to make it waterproof against the elements when used as an outer garment. Used as a mid-layer, the Nimbus traps the body heat nicely and adds to the overall protection of the body core. To seal off the adverse weather even further, the manufacturer has added a hem drawcord to the bottom and elastic edging to the cuffs and hood. This eliminates wind, precipitation, and cold drafts from entering the clothing layers. The hood will fit well over or under a helmet if used with the stretch binding material. A full front zipper is in place for great ventilation and ease in putting the Nimbus on and taking it off. The zippered pockets and the front zipper are YKK, which is the best brand on this type of outerwear. For comfort and flexibility, there are two-handed warmer pockets, and one interior security pocket for your valuables. Many buyers love the women’s Rab Nimbus, and maybe you will too!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has a slim fit with a hip length
  • Baffles are stitched through the insulation
  • Quick-drying for damp and cold environments
  • Cuffs and hood are elastic bound
  • Packable, compressible, and lightweight
  • Windproof, waterproof, and abrasion-resistant
  • Good for adverse and unpredictable conditions
  • Hood fits over or under a helmet
  • Left warmer pocket becomes a stuff sack
  • Two hand pockets and one security pocket
  • The fit is slim and not for every build type
  • Can feel bulky under a heavier outer layer garment


The Nimbus has a slim fit and is hip length, making it similar in fit and design to the Nebula Pro Jacket and the Xenon-X Jacket for women from this same company. Made to be a light outer covering or a mid-layer under a heavier outer shell, it is quite protective in harsh weather climates to keep the body core dry, warm, and comfortable. The drawcord on the hem and the elastic cuffs and hood close off the body to the adverse weather elements for maximum comfort. The only ventilation aspect of the Nimbus is the front zipper that runs the length of the jacket. it does not have any other vents or aeration features to cool the body or allow cooler air in the layers when overheated. To make using the jacket more pleasing, it has several pockets incorporated into its design for small items and to warm the hands when it is chilly. As you will see later in this review, a pleasing and fun quality of this item is that one of the hand pockets can actually become a cool stuff sack for the entire garment. The versatility of its use is a strong aspect of the great comfort level of this wonderful jacket for women.


Several technologies are evident from the manufacture of this incredible jacket. The horizontal baffles are stitched through the insulation durably to keep the synthetic fill in place. You will not experience a drift of the fill with this garment, as often happens with jackets of heavy use. Jackets with fill in the baffles are being made this way more and more now because the heavy use areas of the shoulders, sides, and arms often are left without any insulation in them after being used for short periods. The smaller baffles and the horizontal design make this drift much more impossible. With the stitching going through the insulation, it is nearly impossible for you to have sections of the garment that are void of protective fill. The strong lining is comprised of rip-stop nylon to be tough to wear and tear for a jacket that will last for years of use. the Nimbus is also quick-drying for use in cold and damp environments. When it gets wet with precipitation, you will not have long to wait for it to become completely dry again.


The many closure types that are built into this garment make it a flexible item for your outdoor gear. It includes a full front zipper closure and zippered hand pockets on the sides. Only the best YKK zippers were used in the construction of this item, so they do not snag or tear when you need them most. The bottom hem has a drawcord to close the bottom of the jacket to wind and precipitation. Closing this off snug will keep you warm and dry, even in the harshest weather conditions. Elastic-bound are the cuffs and the hood to eliminate drafts from sneaking in the small openings. Interior warmth is increased immensely with the addition of these simple features for the user. Packable, compressible, and lightweight, the Nimbus can be stored and carried in the small stuff sack that is actually one of the hand pockets. This is one of the lightest jackets on the market currently for women that is so protective and comfortable. We discuss the stuff sack and the weight of this item in the Size section.

Key Features

-Lining of Atmos rip-stop nylon
-Full front zipper closure
-Hem has a drawcord
-Hood and cuffs are elastic bound
-Insulation is 3M Cirrus Featherless
-Entire jacket has horizontal filled baffles
-Made of Pertex Quantum fabric with DWR
-YKK zippers for the front closure and pockets
-Two hand pockets and one security pocket
-Can be clipped to a backpack or harness


Besides the durable and protective fabric that the Nimbus is comprised of, the insulation is the second most important feature that keeps the user dry and warm. The insulation is 3M Cirrus Featherless, which is synthetic to be similar to the structure of goose down and is like the 600-fill of this type. The entire jacket and hood have horizontal filled baffles for insulated warmth and protection. This insulation type makes the garment light and a good barrier to the cold and wind that would harm the body core. You can use this garment as a mid-layer when the weather is extreme or as a cozy outer layer over a simple base layer for milder conditions.


Warm, durable, and highly compressible, the Rab Nimbus is highly responsive to the needs of the woman that must be outdoors in the adverse or harsh weather of winter. The 20D nylon Pertex Quantum fabric is windproof, lightweight, and resistant to abrasions. Because of these incredible qualities, it will last for many years of rugged outdoor use. whether you use it for work, adventures, excursions, chores, general use, sports, or daily activities, you will love the durable and protective aspects of this product. It will maximize loft and protect the insulation, so it traps the warmest air to keep you warm inside.


The size and fit will be the biggest concern when contemplating the purchase of this jacket. It has a slim fit which means that it is clothing made to be worn over a base or mid-layer that is light, so it is closer to the body. It will fit close for enhanced performance during dynamic movements. Since it is for activities, sports, and adventures, the Nimbus was made to move with you and not be a burden to your flexibility of movement. This fit is not ideal for every build type, so some women will find that the cut will not be ideal on their bodies. It may be too tight in the chest for those with large breasts or too small in the waist and hips for those that are of a more robust build. This item weighs only 13.8 ounces, making it perfect for carrying and packing purposes in a backpack. It packs neatly into its own stuff sack, as we discuss in the Ease of Use section more. Because of the baffles and insulation, it can feel bulky under a heavier outer layer garment. This greatly depends on the size of each item and the fit on the person. We do know that purchasing a larger size to accommodate for a larger body build will result in a jacket that may be too long in the arms and the waist. It will not fit or look as it was intended to, nor will it be as functional as you would like because of the added bulk. The sizing charts are provided by the manufacturer for determination of size and fit before purchasing.


To make the durable nylon material of the Rab Nimbus waterproof and suitable for all kinds of weather environments with precipitation, it has a DWR (durable water repellent) coating for protection and longevity. The DWR durable water repellent is a special coating that does not inhibit the breathability of the fabric, so it is ideal for garments used in backcountry adverse conditions. Unpredictable weather environments are also great places where the Nimbus can be used effectively to protect the user. Many high-quality outer garments today use DWR on their products to make them the most waterproof for years and years of rugged wear. Combined with the YKK zippers for functioning, these items can last a wearer an unbelievable number of years in great condition and appearance.

Ease of Use

Several incorporated qualities to the Nimbus make it so pleasing and easy to use. The protective hood with its elastic edging will fit over or under a helmet with the stretch binding. It is easier to use than a drawcord that is usually put on jackets with hoods and more comfortable for the user also. There are YKK zippers for the front closure and the hand pockets, which are the best high-quality zippers one could get on a jacket. buyers love the YKK zippers because they do not snag and will not tear, even with rugged and constant use. When you see that a manufacturer has built this brand of zipper into their product, you know they have done their best to make it long-lasting and durable for your great satisfaction. One of the best features of the Nimbus Jacket is that the left hand warmer pocket becomes a stuff sack for the jacket when storing and carrying it. By having its own sack attached and ready to use, you will never lose it wherever you go. When it is in the stuff sack and not in use, the superb jacket can be clipped to a backpack or harness for easy carrying and storage. to make carrying small items easier, you get an interior security pocket for valuables and two hand warmer pockets with zippers on the outside. these nice qualities of the Nimbus make it appealing to buyers and quite easy to use.

Bottom Line

With its slim fit engineered to be close to the body for protection, comfort, and warmth, the Rab Nimbus jacket can be problematic for those with a more robust body build. Made for the adverse and extreme weather conditions of winter, it will protect against wind, precipitation, and cold drafts from reaching the body core when outdoors. The tough nylon material, DWR coating, and synthetic insulation in the baffles provide outstanding weather defense for the user. This is one garment that is built to last for many years of durable rugged wear, as it is flexible, sturdy, comfortable, compressible, protective, highly-functional, and warm. If you have the ideal body type for the Rab Nimbus, we are sure that you will love it and want to wear it every day in the winter. Its superb design, materials, and construction are evident in its eye-catching appearance and performance.