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The North Face Aconcagua Jacket Review Facts

The North Face Men’s Aconcagua Jacket was created for the activity of hiking but is an all-around warm and weather-resistant jacket that has many uses. Whether you need it for casual wear, sports, activities, city life, or rugged use, this tough garment does not disappoint. It has a finish on the exterior of Durable Water Repellent (DWR), which makes it resistant to water and wind. In addition, it has hybrid filling in the baffles for the insulation. In the shoulders and sides, there is a synthetic filler, but in the arms and body core, the jacket is filled with fluffy, lightweight, and warm goose down. This relaxed-fit garment is well-insulated and is made up of polyester and down materials. Offered in seven solid vivid colors, it contains over 50% recycled substances. There are hand pockets on the exterior and a chest pocket on the interior that all have secure zipper closures. The full-frontal zipper allows easy access for quick venting and simplicity in taking the garment off and putting it on. We do address a few customer concerns in this full review, but the Aconcagua Jacket is one of the fine high-quality products that you would expect from such a popular company as The North Face. We now explore the features and qualities of this outstanding jacket in this full review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Is water- and wind-resistant
  • Is a relaxed fit jacket
  • Has no cold spots in the garment
  • Is well-insulated with goose down and synthetic filler
  • Available in seven solid vibrant colors
  • Has an easily accessible full-frontal zipper
  • Made of durable polyester, nylon, and down
  • Contains over 50% recycled substances
  • Can be machine washed
  • Created for hiking and other outdoor activities in winter

  • Some say the neckline looks dirty after wearing it a couple of times
  • Some experienced down feathers sticking out from the seams


The comfort level is high for this outstanding jacket because it is from a well-known company that knows exactly how to make very comfortable and durable products. The Aconcagua is comfortable because of the several pockets it allows the user for carrying things, as well as the full-frontal zipper for easy access in putting it on and taking it off. A full zipper in the front also allows the wearer immediate ventilation if the situation arises when the jacket becomes too hot. There is ribbing on the cuffs to seal out the cold air and precipitation from creeping up the sleeves. The front zipper extends to the neck of the jacket giving the wearer protection in the neck area as well. the baffles filled with the lightweight and warm goose down is the most comfortable of all because it keeps you warm in some of the coldest and wettest weather you may experience. A few people said their movements were restricted with this item and that it was a poor fit for them. Making sure you get the proper size when ordering jackets are crucial to the comfort level you will have when wearing it. Some people did not like the zippers saying they pucker or are not good. This was not a widespread comment among the buyers for this garment, but we thought we would just mention it for this review. It is better to be aware of the issues that others had with the same item. Aside from these few problems, the comfort of the Aconcagua is high.


This wonderful garment is just as durable as any other North Face product that you would come to expect. However, we did notice some unusual comments in our research of customer feedback online from customers who were unhappy with their purchase of the Aconcagua. A few of them stated that the neckline looks dirty after wearing it a couple of times. This is strange for a jacket made of durable polyester and nylon material. it might not be so noticeable on the black model, but possibly the lighter colors would have this problem. Some experienced down feathers sticking out from the seams also. The sewing of The North Face products is normally top-quality, so this really surprised us. The baffles should be tightly sewn, so you never see or feel the insulation coming out. This is the first time we have seen multiple comments of these two concerns for a North Face item.


The Aconcagua is flexible with the several pockets, relaxed fit, and filled baffle system of insulation. There are a chest pocket and two hand pockets on the exterior of this terrific garment. They all have secure zipper closures, which allows you to seal them off tightly when needed. It is a relaxed fit jacket, so it will not be too snug on the body. It should not fit too loose for multiple layers underneath, but a good base layer should fit comfortably. The Aconcagua has a baffled construction which eliminates cold spots in the garment. The core is filled with goose down, and the sides and shoulders have a synthetic filler. The greatest flexibility of this jacket for the user is when and how it can be worn. Being that it is wind and water-resistant, its use is very versatile as far as climate and environment.

Key Features

-Chest and hand pockets have secure zippers
-Has a baffled construction and is mid-weight
-Includes Heatseeker insulation on the sides and shoulders
-Features 550-fill down for the body core insulation
-Has a full-frontal zipper that extends to the neck
-Includes a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish


The Aconcagua offers wind and water protection because it is a well-insulated jacket. The sides and shoulders are insulated with Heatseeker insulation which is synthetic insulation. It aids in trapping body heat for the cold backcountry nights and days. The remainder of the jacket has 550-fill down for the insulation. This is goose down that is lightweight, fluffy, and warm. Although no reason for this hybrid insulation system was given by the manufacturer, our best guess is that the synthetic filler will stay in place better in the shoulder area than goose down would. In the sides, where there will be plenty of action in twisting and turning of the body and the motion of the arms, it seems best to go with a synthetic filler that would not be crushed as much as the goose down would be. This hybrid-filler technique is most likely in response to previous buyers complaining of the down moving in jackets the longer they wear them. Because the baffles are just like open tunnels that run horizontally, there is nothing to keep the down from moving in the jacket. With the synthetic filler in the shoulders and sides, it will not be so compelled to travel down from a gravitational pull or be crushed by the body.


This North Face jacket has a relaxed fit, meaning it should fit most people well provided they purchase the proper size they usually wear. It fits close to the body but is not as snug as a form-fitting jacket would be. The fit is good as is the sleeve length, according to many buyers who are quite happy with this jacket model. The sleeve can sometimes be too long for some wearers, but this does not seem to be a problem for this garment. A few people claimed their movements were restricted because of this jacket and it was not a good fit for them. As we know, everyone has a different body shape and size, so with just basic sizes, not everyone will be accommodated with a perfectly fitting jacket. If you have bigger than normal biceps, forearms, chest, or hips, this jacket will not fit you the best. It is not meant to be a loose-fitting jacket, but it still should not prohibit any movements you would normally make with outerwear on. Most buyers claim that the sizes are true for this model, so you should be able to order the exact size you would normally wear in a mid-weight jacket.


The goose down in the Aconcagua is Control Union certified, as meeting the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). This means that no animals were harmed in the making of this product. The steps of the completed garment are tracked better this way also for quality control. If there is an issue with the production, then the management can go back through the controlled process to find the problem. The fill power of North Face items is highly compressible and have a large ratio of warmth to weight because of the high-quality of the goose down used for the insulation in the baffles. This gives you a very warm jacket that is ideal for hiking, backpacking, and camping because it does not weight much and can pack away in an incredibly small space. You can count on this stability of such item from such a reputable company as The North Face.


Available in seven solid vibrant colors, the Aconcagua has a full frontal zipper that extends to the neck and is made of polyester, nylon, and goose down. Such jackets do not usually come in such an assortment of colors for the buyer to choose from, so this is a wonderful surprise for color choice. It contains over 50% recycled substances and can be machine washed easily for the simplest of care. The majority of the recycled material is the polyester and nylon that constitutes the biggest part of this garment. The Aconcagua is an excellent mid-weight jacket that will suit most tastes and styles. It is a stylish garment that looks great at work, play, and for casual wear. A few buyers were concerned about looking like the Michelin tire man because the baffles go around the body horizontally, but you should not experience that feeling with this incredible winter jacket.


Created for hiking, the uses for this North Face jacket are endless. It is suitable for play, work, sports, activities, rugged wear, and casual use in the city. Many buyers use this jacket for casual wear as it is quite stylish. The activity of running was also another popular use for the Aconcagua because of its versatility, weather-resistance, and high warmth. It is perfect for extreme cold and wet weather because it is wind- and water-resistant. Plus, it is breathable and lightweight when wearing it, according to satisfied customers online. If you live in cold-weather climates and experience winter longer and more brutally than some other areas, you will get plenty of use from this jacket in just one season. Since it is a durable North Face product, expect this sturdy garment to last for many years of rugged and normal wear.


The Aconcagua is water-repellent with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish on the exterior polyester material. this gives it the resistance to water and wind that you need with such a jacket. It is a mid-weight jacket than earns high marks for warmth and wind resistance. The long-lasting coating combined with the strong fabric and warm goose down provides a terrific jacket that will keep the user dry and warm for many types of weather conditions. A larger, heavier coat or jacket could be worn over this garment to give the wearer a waterproof shell in extreme weather environments. The Aconcagua fits close enough to the body to act as a thick mid-layer in this manner if needed.

The Bottom Line

The majority of buyers of The North Face Men’s Aconcagua Jacket are pleased with their purchase and gladly recommend it to others. we agree based on customer feedback that it is an outstanding jacket that is in line with the high-quality of this company’s usual excellence. However, the few remarks from online buyers should concern potential customers because they were expressed by more than one person. Some people noticed goose feathers coming from the seams indicating a problem with the quality of the baffle stitching. Others had problems with the neck of the garment looking like it was dirty after a few times of wearing it. this would be more apparent on the lighter colors that are offered. Other than these issues, the Aconcagua is a well-built, warm, comfortable, and weather-resistant jacket that is ideal for many climates and environments. It is true to size, lightweight, and durable as any North Face product would be.