The North Face Summit L3 Jacket

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The North Face Summit L3 Jacket Review Facts

When making your way out into the colder air of the winter months, having a great all-around hoody is a must. The right hoody for gear lovers is one that offers a great mix of everything you need while facing whatever mother nature has to throw at you. The North Face Summit L3 offers just that. This hoody offers the warmth, fit, lightweight feel, and packability enthusiasts look for in a jacket. While the Summit L3 may not be at the top of the list in each category, it does combine to offer one of the most versatile, all-around, great hoodies on the market.

If you are a lover of backpacking, hiking, skiing, or cold weather camping then you’ll love what The North Face Summit L3 has to offer. This hoody will keep you cold when the weather turns chilly, help protect you against unexpected rain bursts, and move with you while you are out on the trek all while offering one of the best fits on the market today. In this review, we will discuss some of the best attributes of The North Face Summit L3 while filling you in on the downsides you should keep in mind before purchasing one of these hoodies for yourself and your next adventure.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Warmth
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing fit
  • Packs away easily when not needed
  • Expensive
  • Pack away process can be difficult
  • No cord locks on the cinch cords to keep hem secure


The warmth of The North Face Summit L3 is delivered by a significant amount of 800 fill power down. This down isn’t of the same quality of some of the other jackets available on the market today but considering The North Face has decided to use ample amounts of this fill this jacket exudes a great amount of warmth, even though the added fill pushes its weight up a few ounces. With the addition of the fit adding a bit of warmth and the fitted hood doing the same, this jacket is easily one of the warmest available. If you are looking for a hoody that offers great warmth for those cold days and even colder nights when you need only the best cold weather gear possible, then the Summit L3 is definitely a contender.


The North Face Summit L3 can’t be called the lightest weighing hoody out there. With the amount of fill power down used to provide the warmth needed, the Summit L3 weighs in at almost 11.9 ounces. This is still considered lightweight in comparison to other hoodies on the market. For some, this added weight may be quite noticeable when they are being active. To others, a few ounces may not seem like much, especially when you take into consideration the exceptional warmth and other features you’ll gain by purchasing this jacket.

Water Resistance

When you think of weather protection in a down-filled hoody, loftiness is the key. A jacket that can protect the insulation from being soaked through is one you should consider purchasing. Although the North Face Summit L3 isn’t completely water proof it is treated with exceptional DWR that makes it very weather resistant. This DWR treatment enables the Summit L3 to dry quicker and retain its loftiness even when water has soaked through to the insulation. A jacket that absorbs less water can be quite beneficial when out on a long hike or mountain climb. You never know when a quick shower will pop up and leave you facing off against the elements.


The fit of The North Face Summit L3 is one of its biggest selling points. Reviewers rave about the fit and feel of this hoody when they are out on the trail. The extra long hemline of this jacket adds to the warmth and ease of use when coupling with harnesses or other climbing gear needed when on an adventure. The long sleeves aren’t bulky and don’t ride up when reaching above the head for climbing or other activities. The soft, elastic, cuffs keep out the cold air when needed and can be fit over your gloves to help retain heat. With the room available in this hoody, you’ll find you have no trouble bending, moving, or functioning while still avoiding the bulk. This jacket can also easily be used under an outer shell to offer more protection from elements such as rain and snow.


One thing about The North Face Summit L3 many consumers may enjoy is the fact that it is available in multiple colors. Unlike some other jackets on the market, The North Face has offered up a nice selection of colors to choose from in hopes of providing wearers with a hoody they will love not only for the versatility it offers but the design options they can choose from.


The Summit L3 can easily be considered one of the most versatile, lightweight, hoodies on the market. This jacket offers warmth for those who choose to be out in the cold of the winter while still staying comfortable enough to take part in all the activities you love. Whether you are one of the most active of your friends or the one who wants to sit around the fire and relax, you’ll find this jacket allows you to do either one with ease.


In comparison to other hoodies on the market, The North Face Summit L3 can be considered quite flexible. Even with the amount of power down fill used to provide wearers with the warmth they need, this jacket is still flexible enough to move with you no matter what activities you face. Strenuous mountain climbing, backpacking, and even hiking is a breeze when wearing the Summit L3 due to its ability to move with your body with no restrictions. Many testers considered this to be their favorite jacket to wear when they needed to be light on their feet and move with ease.


When choosing the right hoody for your needs, comfort is always at the top of the list of criteria most consumers take into consideration. No one wants to walk around in a jacket that doesn’t feel good. Those who choose the Summit L3 won’t find themselves experiencing that kind of problem. On the contrary, many reviewers consider this to be an overly comfy jacket to wear no matter what they are doing on those cold winter days and nights.


The North Face has always been known for providing their customers with not only great products but durable ones that can stand up to the great outdoors. By combining quality materials and great workmanship, The North Face Summit L3 is durable enough to take whatever you dish out and still be your go-to jacket when the next season rolls around.


Although The North Face Summit L3 is water-resistant, it isn’t completely waterproof. For this reason, it doesn’t offer a complete range of protection when you are facing off against wet weather. If you are a fan of the Summit L3 and want it as your go-to hoody, keep in mind that it can easily be layered with a more protective outer shell due to its naturally great fit. This will give you the benefit of experiencing the outdoors even in wet weather without any issues.


Like many other outdoor centered hoodies on the market, The North Face didn’t design the Summit L3 to be used in upper-class situations. If you are looking for a jacket to wear to dinner parties and business meetings, perhaps you should find another to suit your purposes. If you are interested in a jacket that can be worn around town when there is a chill in the air or out on the trail on cold winter nights, then the Summit L3 is one you should consider.


The North Face Summit L3 is a versatile jacket that can be used in any type of terrain. Whether you are in the alpines or simply in your backyard working in the cold, you’ll find this hoody to be one you can trust. With the quality materials used in construction, you’ll find this hoody is able to stand up to whatever activities you decide you want to embark on.


The features of The North Face Summit L3 are able to stand up to other similar hoodies on the market. Although there aren’t a ton of these features to discuss, each one serves a purpose. Below, we will go over these features and fill you in on both the pros and the cons.

One of the most popular features of the Summit L3 is the fact it is compressible. Like other hoodies on the market, this jacket can be stowed away into one of its handwarmer pockets to be kept out of the way until you find yourself in need of its warmth again. The included clip hook allows you to strap the compressed Summit L3 to your belt or backpack with ease and confidence. Many reviewers did find this process to be more difficult than with other hoodies on the market. Be sure you have ample time to get the compressing process done considering it can be an issue.

Another feature of the Summit L3 is the versatile handwarmer pockets. These zippered pockets are quite large and feature long pulls that make operating them while wearing gloves easier. Also located inside are the elastic cords used to cinch the hemline to protect you from the weather outside. Keep in mind, however, there are no cord locks on these hem cinches, so you will find yourself needing to retighten them as you feel the jacket loosen.

Also featured on the Summit L3 are draw cords to tighten the hood. When the time comes to face off against the coldest of weather, these cords can be drawn tight, allowing you to snug the collar and neck area. These cords come with locks to keep you feeling snug and warm even on the coldest nights. With these features its easy to see why many reviewers consider The North Face Summit L3 one of the most versatile hoodies they’ve reviewed.


When it comes to paying out money for a hoody, it's important to ensure you get what you pay for. The price of The North Face Summit L3 is a bit high, even though there are other hoodies on the market that cost a bit more, but in this case, you definitely get what you pay for. If you are in the market for a puffy jacket that keeps you warm, protected from weather, and moves easily while you adventure, then this is the one you are looking for. If that price is still too expensive for your blood, you’ll find several options available that cost less.

Best Applications

The North Face Summit L3 is best suited for alpine climbing. This puffy jacket will keep you warm while you are facing off against the climb but allows you the easy movement you need for these types of activities. Add in the fact that you can stow it away by compressing it down when not needed and you’ll see why many reviewers loved this jacket. If the ease of stowing is a concern, there are other jackets out there that allow this process to take place easier. The difficulty in packing away this jacket is one of its few downsides.

While it may be intended for climbers, backpackers and hikers can also get use out of the Summit L3. With wet weather protection, warmth, and comfort all included, you’ll find it quite easy to snuggle into the jacket on those cold day hikes and even colder nights.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line on The North Face Summit L3 is that it is a great all-around puffy jacket for outdoor adventurers. This hoody provides ample warmth with its power down filling, while not taking away from the ability to move easily. With the attention paid to keeping it water resistant, you’ll find it to be a great jacket to take on any outing.